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Enable Code (Must Be On)90A769FC 0C1051FA
Created Character Codes
1st Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C0462D 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C0462E 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C0462F 00000064
Free Throws00C04630 00000064
Layups00C04631 00000064
Dunking00C04632 00000064
Ballhandling00C04635 00000064
Passing00C04636 00000064
Low Post Off.00C0463A 00000064
Low Post Def.00C0463B 00000064
Blocking00C0463C 00000064
Stealing00C0463D 00000064
Speed00C0463E 00000064
Stamina00C0463F 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04641 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04642 00000064
Durability00C04643 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04645 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04646 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C0464A 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C0464B 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C0464C 00000064
Drive Tend.00C0464D 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C0464E 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C0462D 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C0462E 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C0462F 000000FF
Free Throws00C04630 000000FF
Layups00C04631 000000FF
Dunking00C04632 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04635 000000FF
Passing00C04636 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C0463A 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C0463B 000000FF
Blocking00C0463C 000000FF
Stealing00C0463D 000000FF
Speed00C0463E 000000FF
Stamina00C0463F 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04641 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04642 000000FF
Durability00C04643 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04645 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04646 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C0464A 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C0464B 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C0464C 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C0464D 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C0464E 000000FF
2nd Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C046C5 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C046C6 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C046C7 00000064
Free Throws00C046C8 00000064
Layups00C046C9 00000064
Dunking00C046CA 00000064
Ballhandling00C046CD 00000064
Passing00C046CE 00000064
Low Post Off.00C046D2 00000064
Low Post Def.00C046D3 00000064
Blocking00C046D4 00000064
Stealing00C046D5 00000064
Speed00C046D6 00000064
Stamina00C046D7 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C046D9 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C046DA 00000064
Durability00C046DB 00000064
Off. Awareness00C046DD 00000064
Def. Awareness00C046DE 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C046E2 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C046E3 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C046E4 00000064
Drive Tend.00C046E5 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C046E6 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C046C5 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C046C6 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C046C7 000000FF
Free Throws00C046C8 000000FF
Layups00C046C9 000000FF
Dunking00C046CA 000000FF
Ballhandling00C046CD 000000FF
Passing00C046CE 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C046D2 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C046D3 000000FF
Blocking00C046D4 000000FF
Stealing00C046D5 000000FF
Speed00C046D6 000000FF
Stamina00C046D7 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C046D9 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C046DA 000000FF
Durability00C046DB 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C046DD 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C046DE 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C046E2 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C046E3 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C046E4 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C046E5 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C046E6 000000FF
3rd Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C0475D 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C0475E 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C0475F 00000064
Free Throws00C04760 00000064
Layups00C04761 00000064
Dunking00C04762 00000064
Ballhandling00C04765 00000064
Passing00C04766 00000064
Low Post Off.00C0476A 00000064
Low Post Def.00C0476B 00000064
Blocking00C0476C 00000064
Stealing00C0476D 00000064
Speed00C0476E 00000064
Stamina00C0476F 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04771 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04772 00000064
Durability00C04773 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04775 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04776 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C0477A 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C0477B 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C0477C 00000064
Drive Tend.00C0477D 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C0477E 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C0475D 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C0475E 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C0475F 000000FF
Free Throws00C04760 000000FF
Layups00C04761 000000FF
Dunking00C04762 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04765 000000FF
Passing00C04766 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C0476A 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C0476B 000000FF
Blocking00C0476C 000000FF
Stealing00C0476D 000000FF
Speed00C0476E 000000FF
Stamina00C0476F 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04771 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04772 000000FF
Durability00C04773 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04775 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04776 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C0477A 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C0477B 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C0477C 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C0477D 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C0477E 000000FF
4th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C047F5 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C047F6 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C047F7 00000064
Free Throws00C047F8 00000064
Layups00C047F9 00000064
Dunking00C047FA 00000064
Ballhandling00C047FD 00000064
Passing00C047FE 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04802 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04803 00000064
Blocking00C04804 00000064
Stealing00C04805 00000064
Speed00C04806 00000064
Stamina00C04807 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04809 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C0480A 00000064
Durability00C0480B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C0480D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C0480E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04812 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04813 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04814 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04815 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04816 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C047F5 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C047F6 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C047F7 000000FF
Free Throws00C047F8 000000FF
Layups00C047F9 000000FF
Dunking00C047FA 000000FF
Ballhandling00C047FD 000000FF
Passing00C047FE 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04802 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04803 000000FF
Blocking00C04804 000000FF
Stealing00C04805 000000FF
Speed00C04806 000000FF
Stamina00C04807 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04809 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C0480A 000000FF
Durability00C0480B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C0480D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C0480E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04812 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04813 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04814 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04815 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04816 000000FF
5th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C0488D 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C0488E 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C0488F 00000064
Free Throws00C04890 00000064
Layups00C04891 00000064
Dunking00C04892 00000064
Ballhandling00C04895 00000064
Passing00C04896 00000064
Low Post Off.00C0489A 00000064
Low Post Def.00C0489B 00000064
Blocking00C0489C 00000064
Stealing00C0489D 00000064
Speed00C0489E 00000064
Stamina00C0489F 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C048A1 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C048A2 00000064
Durability00C048A3 00000064
Off. Awareness00C048A5 00000064
Def. Awareness00C048A6 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C048AA 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C048AB 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C048AC 00000064
Drive Tend.00C048AD 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C048AE 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C0488D 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C0488E 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C0488F 000000FF
Free Throws00C04890 000000FF
Layups00C04891 000000FF
Dunking00C04892 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04895 000000FF
Passing00C04896 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C0489A 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C0489B 000000FF
Blocking00C0489C 000000FF
Stealing00C0489D 000000FF
Speed00C0489E 000000FF
Stamina00C0489F 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C048A1 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C048A2 000000FF
Durability00C048A3 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C048A5 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C048A6 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C048AA 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C048AB 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C048AC 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C048AD 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C048AE 000000FF
6th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04925 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04926 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04927 00000064
Free Throws00C04928 00000064
Layups00C04929 00000064
Dunking00C0492A 00000064
Ballhandling00C0492D 00000064
Passing00C0492E 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04932 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04933 00000064
Blocking00C04934 00000064
Stealing00C04935 00000064
Speed00C04936 00000064
Stamina00C04937 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04939 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C0493A 00000064
Durability00C0493B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C0493D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C0493E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04942 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04943 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04944 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04945 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04946 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04925 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04926 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04927 000000FF
Free Throws00C04928 000000FF
Layups00C04929 000000FF
Dunking00C0492A 000000FF
Ballhandling00C0492D 000000FF
Passing00C0492E 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04932 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04933 000000FF
Blocking00C04934 000000FF
Stealing00C04935 000000FF
Speed00C04936 000000FF
Stamina00C04937 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04939 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C0493A 000000FF
Durability00C0493B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C0493D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C0493E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04942 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04943 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04944 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04945 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04946 000000FF
7th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C049BD 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C049BE 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C049BF 00000064
Free Throws00C049C0 00000064
Layups00C049C1 00000064
Dunking00C049C2 00000064
Ballhandling00C049C5 00000064
Passing00C049C6 00000064
Low Post Off.00C049CA 00000064
Low Post Def.00C049CB 00000064
Blocking00C049CC 00000064
Stealing00C049CD 00000064
Speed00C049CE 00000064
Stamina00C049CF 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C049D1 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C049D2 00000064
Durability00C049D3 00000064
Off. Awareness00C049D5 00000064
Def. Awareness00C049D6 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C049DA 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C049DB 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C049DC 00000064
Drive Tend.00C049DD 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C049DE 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C049BD 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C049BE 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C049BF 000000FF
Free Throws00C049C0 000000FF
Layups00C049C1 000000FF
Dunking00C049C2 000000FF
Ballhandling00C049C5 000000FF
Passing00C049C6 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C049CA 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C049CB 000000FF
Blocking00C049CC 000000FF
Stealing00C049CD 000000FF
Speed00C049CE 000000FF
Stamina00C049CF 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C049D1 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C049D2 000000FF
Durability00C049D3 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C049D5 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C049D6 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C049DA 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C049DB 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C049DC 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C049DD 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C049DE 000000FF
8th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04A55 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04A56 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04A57 00000064
Free Throws00C04A58 00000064
Layups00C04A59 00000064
Dunking00C04A5A 00000064
Ballhandling00C04A5D 00000064
Passing00C04A5E 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04A62 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04A63 00000064
Blocking00C04A64 00000064
Stealing00C04A65 00000064
Speed00C04A66 00000064
Stamina00C04A67 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04A69 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04A6A 00000064
Durability00C04A6B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04A6D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04A6E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04A72 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04A73 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04A74 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04A75 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04A76 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04A55 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04A56 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04A57 000000FF
Free Throws00C04A58 000000FF
Layups00C04A59 000000FF
Dunking00C04A5A 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04A5D 000000FF
Passing00C04A5E 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04A62 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04A63 000000FF
Blocking00C04A64 000000FF
Stealing00C04A65 000000FF
Speed00C04A66 000000FF
Stamina00C04A67 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04A69 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04A6A 000000FF
Durability00C04A6B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04A6D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04A6E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04A72 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04A73 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04A74 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04A75 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04A76 000000FF
9th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04AED 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04AEE 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04AEF 00000064
Free Throws00C04AF0 00000064
Layups00C04AF1 00000064
Dunking00C04AF2 00000064
Ballhandling00C04AF5 00000064
Passing00C04AF6 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04AFA 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04AFB 00000064
Blocking00C04AFC 00000064
Stealing00C04AFD 00000064
Speed00C04AFE 00000064
Stamina00C04AFF 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04B01 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04B02 00000064
Durability00C04B03 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04B05 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04B06 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04B0A 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04B0B 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04B0C 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04B0D 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04B0E 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04AED 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04AEE 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04AEF 000000FF
Free Throws00C04AF0 000000FF
Layups00C04AF1 000000FF
Dunking00C04AF2 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04AF5 000000FF
Passing00C04AF6 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04AFA 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04AFB 000000FF
Blocking00C04AFC 000000FF
Stealing00C04AFD 000000FF
Speed00C04AFE 000000FF
Stamina00C04AFF 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04B01 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04B02 000000FF
Durability00C04B03 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04B05 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04B06 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04B0A 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04B0B 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04B0C 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04B0D 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04B0E 000000FF
10th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04B85 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04B86 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04B87 00000064
Free Throws00C04B88 00000064
Layups00C04B89 00000064
Dunking00C04B8A 00000064
Ballhandling00C04B8D 00000064
Passing00C04B8E 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04B92 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04B93 00000064
Blocking00C04B94 00000064
Stealing00C04B95 00000064
Speed00C04B96 00000064
Stamina00C04B97 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04B99 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04B9A 00000064
Durability00C04B9B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04B9D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04B9E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04BA2 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04BA3 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04BA4 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04BA5 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04BA6 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04B85 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04B86 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04B87 000000FF
Free Throws00C04B88 000000FF
Layups00C04B89 000000FF
Dunking00C04B8A 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04B8D 000000FF
Passing00C04B8E 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04B92 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04B93 000000FF
Blocking00C04B94 000000FF
Stealing00C04B95 000000FF
Speed00C04B96 000000FF
Stamina00C04B97 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04B99 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04B9A 000000FF
Durability00C04B9B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04B9D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04B9E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04BA2 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04BA3 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04BA4 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04BA5 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04BA6 000000FF
11th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04C1D 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04C1E 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04C1F 00000064
Free Throws00C04C20 00000064
Layups00C04C21 00000064
Dunking00C04C22 00000064
Ballhandling00C04C25 00000064
Passing00C04C26 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04C2A 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04C2B 00000064
Blocking00C04C2C 00000064
Stealing00C04C2D 00000064
Speed00C04C2E 00000064
Stamina00C04C2F 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04C31 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04C32 00000064
Durability00C04C33 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04C35 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04C36 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04C3A 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04C3B 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04C3C 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04C3D 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04C3E 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04C1D 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04C1E 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04C1F 000000FF
Free Throws00C04C20 000000FF
Layups00C04C21 000000FF
Dunking00C04C22 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04C25 000000FF
Passing00C04C26 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04C2A 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04C2B 000000FF
Blocking00C04C2C 000000FF
Stealing00C04C2D 000000FF
Speed00C04C2E 000000FF
Stamina00C04C2F 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04C31 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04C32 000000FF
Durability00C04C33 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04C35 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04C36 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04C3A 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04C3B 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04C3C 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04C3D 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04C3E 000000FF
12th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04CB5 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04CB6 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04CB7 00000064
Free Throws00C04CB8 00000064
Layups00C04CB9 00000064
Dunking00C04CBA 00000064
Ballhandling00C04CBD 00000064
Passing00C04CBE 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04CC2 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04CC3 00000064
Blocking00C04CC4 00000064
Stealing00C04CC5 00000064
Speed00C04CC6 00000064
Stamina00C04CC7 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04CC9 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04CCA 00000064
Durability00C04CCB 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04CCD 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04CCE 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04CD2 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04CD3 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04CD4 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04CD5 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04CD6 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04CB5 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04CB6 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04CB7 000000FF
Free Throws00C04CB8 000000FF
Layups00C04CB9 000000FF
Dunking00C04CBA 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04CBD 000000FF
Passing00C04CBE 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04CC2 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04CC3 000000FF
Blocking00C04CC4 000000FF
Stealing00C04CC5 000000FF
Speed00C04CC6 000000FF
Stamina00C04CC7 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04CC9 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04CCA 000000FF
Durability00C04CCB 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04CCD 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04CCE 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04CD2 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04CD3 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04CD4 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04CD5 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04CD6 000000FF
13th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04D4D 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04D4E 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04D4F 00000064
Free Throws00C04D50 00000064
Layups00C04D51 00000064
Dunking00C04D52 00000064
Ballhandling00C04D55 00000064
Passing00C04D56 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04D5A 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04D5B 00000064
Blocking00C04D5C 00000064
Stealing00C04D5D 00000064
Speed00C04D5E 00000064
Stamina00C04D5F 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04D61 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04D62 00000064
Durability00C04D63 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04D65 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04D66 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04D6A 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04D6B 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04D6C 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04D6D 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04D6E 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04D4D 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04D4E 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04D4F 000000FF
Free Throws00C04D50 000000FF
Layups00C04D51 000000FF
Dunking00C04D52 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04D55 000000FF
Passing00C04D56 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04D5A 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04D5B 000000FF
Blocking00C04D5C 000000FF
Stealing00C04D5D 000000FF
Speed00C04D5E 000000FF
Stamina00C04D5F 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04D61 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04D62 000000FF
Durability00C04D63 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04D65 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04D66 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04D6A 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04D6B 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04D6C 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04D6D 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04D6E 000000FF
14th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04DE5 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04DE6 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04DE7 00000064
Free Throws00C04DE8 00000064
Layups00C04DE9 00000064
Dunking00C04DEA 00000064
Ballhandling00C04DED 00000064
Passing00C04DEE 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04DF2 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04DF3 00000064
Blocking00C04DF4 00000064
Stealing00C04DF5 00000064
Speed00C04DF6 00000064
Stamina00C04DF7 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04DF9 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04DFA 00000064
Durability00C04DFB 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04DFD 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04DFE 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04E02 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04E03 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04E04 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04E05 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04E06 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04DE5 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04DE6 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04DE7 000000FF
Free Throws00C04DE8 000000FF
Layups00C04DE9 000000FF
Dunking00C04DEA 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04DED 000000FF
Passing00C04DEE 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04DF2 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04DF3 000000FF
Blocking00C04DF4 000000FF
Stealing00C04DF5 000000FF
Speed00C04DF6 000000FF
Stamina00C04DF7 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04DF9 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04DFA 000000FF
Durability00C04DFB 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04DFD 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04DFE 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04E02 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04E03 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04E04 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04E05 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04E06 000000FF
15th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04E7D 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04E7E 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04E7F 00000064
Free Throws00C04E80 00000064
Layups00C04E81 00000064
Dunking00C04E82 00000064
Ballhandling00C04E85 00000064
Passing00C04E86 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04E8A 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04E8B 00000064
Blocking00C04E8C 00000064
Stealing00C04E8D 00000064
Speed00C04E8E 00000064
Stamina00C04E8F 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04E91 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04E92 00000064
Durability00C04E93 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04E95 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04E96 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04E9A 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04E9B 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04E9C 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04E9D 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04E9E 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04E7D 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04E7E 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04E7F 000000FF
Free Throws00C04E80 000000FF
Layups00C04E81 000000FF
Dunking00C04E82 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04E85 000000FF
Passing00C04E86 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04E8A 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04E8B 000000FF
Blocking00C04E8C 000000FF
Stealing00C04E8D 000000FF
Speed00C04E8E 000000FF
Stamina00C04E8F 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04E91 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04E92 000000FF
Durability00C04E93 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04E95 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04E96 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04E9A 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04E9B 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04E9C 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04E9D 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04E9E 000000FF
16th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04F15 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04F16 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04F17 00000064
Free Throws00C04F18 00000064
Layups00C04F19 00000064
Dunking00C04F1A 00000064
Ballhandling00C04F1D 00000064
Passing00C04F1E 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04F22 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04F23 00000064
Blocking00C04F24 00000064
Stealing00C04F25 00000064
Speed00C04F26 00000064
Stamina00C04F27 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04F29 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04F2A 00000064
Durability00C04F2B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04F2D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04F2E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04F32 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04F33 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04F34 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04F35 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04F36 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04F15 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04F16 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04F17 000000FF
Free Throws00C04F18 000000FF
Layups00C04F19 000000FF
Dunking00C04F1A 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04F1D 000000FF
Passing00C04F1E 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04F22 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04F23 000000FF
Blocking00C04F24 000000FF
Stealing00C04F25 000000FF
Speed00C04F26 000000FF
Stamina00C04F27 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04F29 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04F2A 000000FF
Durability00C04F2B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04F2D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04F2E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04F32 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04F33 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04F34 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04F35 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04F36 000000FF
17th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04FAD 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C04FAE 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04FAF 00000064
Free Throws00C04FB0 00000064
Layups00C04FB1 00000064
Dunking00C04FB2 00000064
Ballhandling00C04FB5 00000064
Passing00C04FB6 00000064
Low Post Off.00C04FBA 00000064
Low Post Def.00C04FBB 00000064
Blocking00C04FBC 00000064
Stealing00C04FBD 00000064
Speed00C04FBE 00000064
Stamina00C04FBF 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C04FC1 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C04FC2 00000064
Durability00C04FC3 00000064
Off. Awareness00C04FC5 00000064
Def. Awareness00C04FC6 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C04FCA 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C04FCB 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04FCC 00000064
Drive Tend.00C04FCD 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C04FCE 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C04FAD 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C04FAE 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C04FAF 000000FF
Free Throws00C04FB0 000000FF
Layups00C04FB1 000000FF
Dunking00C04FB2 000000FF
Ballhandling00C04FB5 000000FF
Passing00C04FB6 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C04FBA 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C04FBB 000000FF
Blocking00C04FBC 000000FF
Stealing00C04FBD 000000FF
Speed00C04FBE 000000FF
Stamina00C04FBF 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C04FC1 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C04FC2 000000FF
Durability00C04FC3 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C04FC5 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C04FC6 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C04FCA 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C04FCB 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C04FCC 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C04FCD 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C04FCE 000000FF
18th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C05045 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C05046 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C05047 00000064
Free Throws00C05048 00000064
Layups00C05049 00000064
Dunking00C0504A 00000064
Ballhandling00C0504D 00000064
Passing00C0504E 00000064
Low Post Off.00C05052 00000064
Low Post Def.00C05053 00000064
Blocking00C05054 00000064
Stealing00C05055 00000064
Speed00C05056 00000064
Stamina00C05057 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C05059 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C0505A 00000064
Durability00C0505B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C0505D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C0505E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C05062 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C05063 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C05064 00000064
Drive Tend.00C05065 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C05066 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C05045 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C05046 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C05047 000000FF
Free Throws00C05048 000000FF
Layups00C05049 000000FF
Dunking00C0504A 000000FF
Ballhandling00C0504D 000000FF
Passing00C0504E 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C05052 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C05053 000000FF
Blocking00C05054 000000FF
Stealing00C05055 000000FF
Speed00C05056 000000FF
Stamina00C05057 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C05059 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C0505A 000000FF
Durability00C0505B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C0505D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C0505E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C05062 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C05063 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C05064 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C05065 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C05066 000000FF
19th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C050DD 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C050DE 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C050DF 00000064
Free Throws00C050E0 00000064
Layups00C050E1 00000064
Dunking00C050E2 00000064
Ballhandling00C050E5 00000064
Passing00C050E6 00000064
Low Post Off.00C050EA 00000064
Low Post Def.00C050EB 00000064
Blocking00C050EC 00000064
Stealing00C050ED 00000064
Speed00C050EE 00000064
Stamina00C050EF 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C050F1 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C050F2 00000064
Durability00C050F3 00000064
Off. Awareness00C050F5 00000064
Def. Awareness00C050F6 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C050FA 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C050FB 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C050FC 00000064
Drive Tend.00C050FD 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C050FE 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C050DD 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C050DE 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C050DF 000000FF
Free Throws00C050E0 000000FF
Layups00C050E1 000000FF
Dunking00C050E2 000000FF
Ballhandling00C050E5 000000FF
Passing00C050E6 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C050EA 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C050EB 000000FF
Blocking00C050EC 000000FF
Stealing00C050ED 000000FF
Speed00C050EE 000000FF
Stamina00C050EF 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C050F1 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C050F2 000000FF
Durability00C050F3 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C050F5 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C050F6 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C050FA 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C050FB 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C050FC 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C050FD 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C050FE 000000FF
20th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C05175 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C05176 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C05177 00000064
Free Throws00C05178 00000064
Layups00C05179 00000064
Dunking00C0517A 00000064
Ballhandling00C0517D 00000064
Passing00C0517E 00000064
Low Post Off.00C05182 00000064
Low Post Def.00C05183 00000064
Blocking00C05184 00000064
Stealing00C05185 00000064
Speed00C05186 00000064
Stamina00C05187 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C05189 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C0518A 00000064
Durability00C0518B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C0518D 00000064
Def. Awareness00C0518E 00000064
Shot Close Tend.00C05192 00000064
Shot Med Tend.00C05193 00000064
Shot 3PT Tend.00C05194 00000064
Drive Tend.00C05195 00000064
Dunk Tend.00C05196 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C05175 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C05176 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C05177 000000FF
Free Throws00C05178 000000FF
Layups00C05179 000000FF
Dunking00C0517A 000000FF
Ballhandling00C0517D 000000FF
Passing00C0517E 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C05182 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C05183 000000FF
Blocking00C05184 000000FF
Stealing00C05185 000000FF
Speed00C05186 000000FF
Stamina00C05187 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C05189 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C0518A 000000FF
Durability00C0518B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C0518D 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C0518E 000000FF
Shot Close Tend.00C05192 000000FF
Shot Med Tend.00C05193 000000FF
Shot 3PT Tend.00C05194 000000FF
Drive Tend.00C05195 000000FF
Dunk Tend.00C05196 000000FF
Other Codes
Away Team Energy Codes
P1 Scores 1002090D4A4 00000064
P1 Scores 502090D4A4 00000032
P1 Scores 202090D4A4 00000014
P1 Scores 02090D4A4 00000000
P2 Scores 1002090D790 00000064
P2 Scores 502090D790 00000032
P2 Scores 202090D790 00000014
P2 Scores 02090D790 00000000
P3 Scores 1002090DA7C 00000064
P3 Scores 502090DA7C 00000032
P3 Scores 202090DA7C 00000014
P3 Scores 02090DA7C 00000000
P4 Scores 1002090DD68 00000064
P4 Scores 502090DD68 00000032
P4 Scores 202090DD68 00000014
P4 Scores 02090DD68 00000000
P5 Scores 1002090E054 00000064
P5 Scores 502090E054 00000032
P5 Scores 202090E054 00000014
P5 Scores 02090E054 00000000
P6 Scores 1002090E340 00000064
P6 Scores 502090E340 00000032
P6 Scores 202090E340 00000014
P6 Scores 02090E340 00000000
P7 Scores 1002090E62C 00000064
P7 Scores 502090E62C 00000032
P7 Scores 202090E62C 00000014
P7 Scores 02090E62C 00000000
P8 Scores 1002090E918 00000064
P8 Scores 502090E918 00000032
P8 Scores 202090E918 00000014
P8 Scores 02090E918 00000000
P9 Scores 1002090EC04 00000064
P9 Scores 502090EC04 00000032
P9 Scores 202090EC04 00000014
P9 Scores 02090EC04 00000000
P10 Scores 1002090EEF0 00000064
P10 Scores 502090EEF0 00000032
P10 Scores 202090EEF0 00000014
P10 Scores 02090EEF0 00000000
P11 Scores 1002090F1DC 00000064
P11 Scores 502090F1DC 00000032
P11 Scores 202090F1DC 00000014
P11 Scores 02090F1DC 00000000
P12 Scores 1002090F4C8 00000064
P12 Scores 502090F4C8 00000032
P12 Scores 202090F4C8 00000014
P12 Scores 02090F4C8 00000000
Away Team Score Codes
Infinite Turbo Codes
P12090D6EC 3F800000
P22090D9D8 3F800000
P32090DCC4 3F800000
P42090DFB0 3F800000
P52090E29C 3F800000
P62090E588 3F800000
P72090E874 3F800000
P82090EB60 3F800000
P92090EE4C 3F800000
P102090F138 3F800000
P112090F424 3F800000
P122090F710 3F800000
All Players4090D6EC 000C00BB
3F800000 00000000
No Turbo Codes
P12090D6EC 00000000
P22090D9D8 00000000
P32090DCC4 00000000
P42090DFB0 00000000
P52090E29C 00000000
P62090E588 00000000
P72090E874 00000000
P82090EB60 00000000
P92090EE4C 00000000
P102090F138 00000000
P112090F424 00000000
P122090F710 00000000
All Players4090D6EC 000C00BB
00000000 00000000
Away Team Turbo Codes
Infinite Energy Codes
P12090D6F0 3F800000
P22090D9DC 3F800000
P32090DCC8 3F800000
P42090DFB4 3F800000
P52090E2A0 3F800000
P62090E58C 3F800000
P72090E878 3F800000
P82090EB64 3F800000
P92090EE50 3F800000
P102090F13C 3F800000
P112090F428 3F800000
P122090F714 3F800000
All Players4090D6F0 000C00BB
3F800000 00000000
No Energy Codes
P12090D6F0 00000000
P22090D9DC 00000000
P32090DCC8 00000000
P42090DFB4 00000000
P52090E2A0 00000000
P62090E58C 00000000
P72090E878 00000000
P82090EB64 00000000
P92090EE50 00000000
P102090F13C 00000000
P112090F428 00000000
P122090F714 00000000
All Players4090D6F0 000C00BB
00000000 00000000
Home Team Energy Codes
P1 Scores 1002090B194 00000064
P1 Scores 502090B194 00000032
P1 Scores 202090B194 00000014
P1 Scores 02090B194 00000000
P2 Scores 1002090B480 00000064
P2 Scores 502090B480 00000032
P2 Scores 202090B480 00000014
P2 Scores 02090B480 00000000
P3 Scores 1002090B76C 00000064
P3 Scores 502090B76C 00000032
P3 Scores 202090B76C 00000014
P3 Scores 02090B76C 00000000
P4 Scores 1002090BA58 00000064
P4 Scores 502090BA58 00000032
P4 Scores 202090BA58 00000014
P4 Scores 02090BA58 00000000
P5 Scores 1002090BD44 00000064
P5 Scores 502090BD44 00000032
P5 Scores 202090BD44 00000014
P5 Scores 02090BD44 00000000
P6 Scores 1002090C030 00000064
P6 Scores 502090C030 00000032
P6 Scores 202090C030 00000014
P6 Scores 02090C030 00000000
P7 Scores 1002090C31C 00000064
P7 Scores 502090C31C 00000032
P7 Scores 202090C31C 00000014
P7 Scores 02090C31C 00000000
P8 Scores 1002090C608 00000064
P8 Scores 502090C608 00000032
P8 Scores 202090C608 00000014
P8 Scores 02090C608 00000000
P9 Scores 1002090C8F4 00000064
P9 Scores 502090C8F4 00000032
P9 Scores 202090C8F4 00000014
P9 Scores 02090C8F4 00000000
P10 Scores 1002090CBE0 00000064
P10 Scores 502090CBE0 00000032
P10 Scores 202090CBE0 00000014
P10 Scores 02090CBE0 00000000
P11 Scores 1002090CECC 00000064
P11 Scores 502090CECC 00000032
P11 Scores 202090CECC 00000014
P11 Scores 02090CECC 00000000
P12 Scores 1002090D1B8 00000064
P12 Scores 502090D1B8 00000032
P12 Scores 202090D1B8 00000014
P12 Scores 02090D1B8 00000000
Home Team Score Codes
Infinite Turbo Codes
P12090B3DC 3F800000
P22090B6C8 3F800000
P32090B9B4 3F800000
P42090BCA0 3F800000
P52090BF8C 3F800000
P62090C278 3F800000
P72090C564 3F800000
P82090C850 3F800000
P92090CB3C 3F800000
P102090CE28 3F800000
P112090D114 3F800000
P122090D400 3F800000
All Players4090B3DC 000C00BB
3F800000 00000000
No Turbo Codes
P12090B3DC 00000000
P22090B6C8 00000000
P32090B9B4 00000000
P42090BCA0 00000000
P52090BF8C 00000000
P62090C278 00000000
P72090C564 00000000
P82090C850 00000000
P92090CB3C 00000000
P102090CE28 00000000
P112090D114 00000000
P122090D400 00000000
All Players4090B3DC 000C00BB
00000000 00000000
Home Team Turbo Codes
Infinite Energy Codes
P12090B3E0 3F800000
P22090B6CC 3F800000
P32090B9B8 3F800000
P42090BCA4 3F800000
P52090BF90 3F800000
P62090C27C 3F800000
P72090C568 3F800000
P82090C854 3F800000
P92090CB40 3F800000
P102090CE2C 3F800000
P112090D118 3F800000
P122090D404 3F800000
All Players4090B3E0 000C00BB
3F800000 00000000
No Energy Codes
P12090B3E0 00000000
P22090B6CC 00000000
P32090B9B8 00000000
P42090BCA4 00000000
P52090BF90 00000000
P62090C27C 00000000
P72090C568 00000000
P82090C854 00000000
P92090CB40 00000000
P102090CE2C 00000000
P112090D118 00000000
P122090D404 00000000
All Players4090B3E0 000C00BB
00000000 00000000
Misc. Codes
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs20B3242C 00000006
Home Team No Time-Outs20B3242C 00000000
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs20B32440 00000006
Away Team No Time-Outs20B32440 00000000
Infinite Time-Outs (Both Teams)202D5804 00000000
Only Allowed 1 Time-Out (Both Teams)202D5804 AC600004
3-Pointer's Score 10 Points20959EFC 0000000A
3-Pointer's Score 5 Points20959EFC 00000005
3-Pointer's Score 1 Point20959EFC 00000001
2-Pointer's Score 10 Points20959F00 0000000A
2-Pointer's Score 5 Points20959F00 00000005
2-Pointer's Score 1 Point20959F00 00000001
Free Throw's Score 10 Points20959F04 0000000A
Free Throw's Score 5 Points20959F04 00000005
Free Throw's Score 1 Point20959F04 00000001
P1 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A60542 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P1 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A60542 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P2 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A608C2 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P2 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A608C2 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P3 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A60C42 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P3 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A60C42 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P4 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A60FC2 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P4 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A60FC2 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P5 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A61342 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P5 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A61342 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P6 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A61342 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P6 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A61342 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P7 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A61342 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P7 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A61342 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
P8 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0A61342 0000FAFF
20959BE4 43960000
P8 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0A61342 0000F5FF
20959BE4 00000000
Infinite Shot Clock20959C00 41C00000
P1 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A60542 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P1 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A60542 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P2 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A608C2 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P2 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A608C2 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P3 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A60C42 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P3 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A60C42 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P4 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A60FC2 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P4 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A60FC2 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P5 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P5 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P6 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P6 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P7 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P7 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
P8 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000F3FF
20959C00 41C00000
P8 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0A61342 0000FCFF
20959C00 00000000
Start On 2nd QuarterD0959BD0 00000001
20959BD0 00000002
Start On 3rd QuarterD0959BD0 00000001
20959BD0 00000003
Start On 4th QuarterD0959BD0 00000001
20959BD0 00000004
The Crib Codes
Infinite Credits10A0F4D4 0000FFFF
Max Credits20A0F4D4 05F5E0FF
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Credits2033CF7C 00000000
Buying Items Increases Credits2033CF74 00451021
Unlock All Standees70A0F4DC 0010FFFE
70A0F4DE 00107FFF
Unlock All Plaques70A0F4DF 00000080
10A0F4E0 0000FFFF
70A0F4E2 00101FFF
Unlock All Busts70A0F4E3 000000E0
70A0F4E4 00000007
Unlock All Game Balls70A0F4E4 0010FFF8
10A0F4E6 0000FFFF
70A0F4E8 00000001
Unlock All Team Photos70A0F4E8 0010FFFE
70A0F4EA 00107FFF
Unlock All Posters70A0F4EF 000000E0
10A0F4F4 0000FFFF
70A0F4F6 001001FF
Unlock All Banners70A0F4F7 000000FE
10A0F500 0000FFFF
70A0F502 00000007
Unlock Baby Shoes Codes70A0F502 0010FFF8
10A0F504 0000FFFF
70A0F506 00000001
Unlock Framed Jerseys70A0F506 0010FFFE
70A0F510 0000001F
Unlock All Pennants70A0F510 0010FFE0
10A0F512 0000FFFF
70A0F514 0000001F
Unlock All Bobbleheads70A0F51B 000000FE
70A0F520 00101FFF
Unlock All Snow Globes70A0F521 00000060
Unlock All Mini Ball's70A0F521 00000080
70A0F522 001007FF
Unlock All Minigames70A0F523 00000018