Nascar Thunder 2003

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002D51D7
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902D51D4 0C09D3F2
Have Thunder Plate Codes
Have Thunder Plate Codes (Part 1)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.

ALSO NOTE: The codes are Select button activated. You need to enter the Thunder Plates screen, Press Select, then press Triangle to leave. Then it will ask you to save your game, save your game and then re-enter the Thunder Plates screen and you should have all of the Plates.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21FDE470 000000AB
Plate 1D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4C0 00100001
Plate 2D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4C8 00100002
Plate 3D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4D0 00100003
Plate 4D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4D8 00100004
Plate 5D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4E0 00100005
Plate 6D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4E8 00100006
Plate 7D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4F0 00100007
Plate 8D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE4F8 00100008
Plate 9D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE500 00100009
Plate 10D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE508 0010000A
Plate 11D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE510 0010000B
Plate 12D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE518 0010000C
Plate 13D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE520 0010000D
Plate 14D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE528 0010000E
Plate 15D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE530 0010000F
Plate 16D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE538 00100010
Plate 17D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE540 00100011
Plate 18D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE548 00100012
Plate 19D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE550 00100013
Plate 20D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE558 00100014
Plate 21D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE560 00100015
Plate 22D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE568 00100016
Plate 23D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE570 00100017
Plate 24D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE578 00100018
Plate 25D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE580 00100019
Plate 26D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE588 0010001A
Plate 27D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE590 0010001B
Plate 28D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE598 0010001C
Plate 29D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5A0 0010001D
Plate 30D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5A8 0010001E
Plate 31D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5B0 0010001F
Plate 32D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5B8 00100020
Plate 33D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5C0 00100021
Plate 34D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5C8 00100022
Plate 35D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5D0 00100023
Plate 36D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5D8 00100024
Plate 37D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5E0 00100025
Plate 38D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5E8 00100026
Plate 39D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5F0 00100027
Plate 40D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE5F8 00100028
Plate 41D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE600 00100029
Plate 42D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE608 0010002A
Plate 43D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE610 0010002B
Plate 44D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE618 0010002C
Plate 45D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE620 0010002D
Plate 46D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE628 0010002E
Plate 47D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE630 0010002F
Plate 48D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE638 00100030
Plate 49D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE640 00100031
Plate 50D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE648 00100032
Plate 51D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE650 00100033
Plate 52D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE658 00100034
Plate 53D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE660 00100035
Plate 54D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE668 00100036
Plate 55D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE670 00100037
Plate 56D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE678 00100038
Plate 57D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE680 00100039
Plate 58D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE688 0010003A
Plate 59D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE690 0010003B
Plate 60D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE698 0010003C
Plate 61D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6A0 0010003D
Plate 62D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6A8 0010003E
Plate 63D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6B0 0010003F
Plate 64D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6B8 00100040
Plate 65D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6C0 00100041
Plate 66D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6C8 00100042
Plate 67D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6D0 00100044
Plate 68D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6D8 00100045
Plate 69D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6E0 00100046
Plate 70D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6E8 00100047
Plate 71D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6F0 00100048
Plate 72D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE6F8 00100049
Plate 73D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE700 0010004A
Plate 74D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE708 0010004B
Plate 75D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE710 0010004C
Plate 76D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE718 0010004D
Plate 77D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE720 0010004E
Plate 78D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE728 0010004F
Plate 79D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE730 00100050
Plate 80D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE738 00100051
Plate 81D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE740 00100052
Plate 82D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE748 00100053
Plate 83D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE750 00100054
Plate 84D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE758 00100055
Plate 85D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE760 00100056
Plate 86D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE768 00100057
Plate 87D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE770 00100058
Plate 88D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE778 00100059
Plate 89D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE780 0010005A
Plate 90D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE788 0010005B
Plate 91D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE790 0010005C
Plate 92D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE798 0010005D
Plate 93D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7A0 0010005E
Plate 94D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7A8 0010005F
Plate 95D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7B0 00100060
Plate 96D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7B8 00100061
Plate 97D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7C0 00100062
Plate 98D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7C8 00100063
Plate 99D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7D0 00100064
Plate 100D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7D8 00100065
Have Thunder Plate Codes (Part 2)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.

ALSO NOTE: The codes are Select button activated. You need to enter the Thunder Plates screen, Press Select, then press Triangle to leave. Then it will ask you to save your game, save your game and then re-enter the Thunder Plates screen and you should have all of the Plates.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21FDE470 000000AB
Plate 101D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7E0 00100066
Plate 102D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7E8 00100067
Plate 103D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7F0 00100068
Plate 104D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE7F8 00100069
Plate 105D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE800 0010006A
Plate 106D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE808 0010006B
Plate 107D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE810 0010006C
Plate 108D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE818 0010006D
Plate 109D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE820 0010006E
Plate 110D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE828 0010006F
Plate 111D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE830 00100070
Plate 112D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE838 00100071
Plate 113D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE840 00100072
Plate 114D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE848 00100073
Plate 115D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE850 00100074
Plate 116D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE858 00100075
Plate 117D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE860 00100076
Plate 118D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE868 00100077
Plate 119D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE870 00100078
Plate 120D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE878 00100079
Plate 121D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE880 0010007A
Plate 122D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE888 0010007B
Plate 123D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE890 0010007C
Plate 124D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE898 0010007D
Plate 125D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8A0 0010007E
Plate 126D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8A8 0010007F
Plate 127D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8B0 00100080
Plate 128D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8B8 00100081
Plate 129D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8C0 00100082
Plate 130D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8C8 00100083
Plate 131D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8D0 00100084
Plate 132D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8D8 00100085
Plate 133D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8E0 00100086
Plate 134D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8E8 00100087
Plate 135D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8F0 00100088
Plate 136D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE8F8 00100089
Plate 137D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE900 0010008A
Plate 138D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE908 0010008B
Plate 139D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE910 0010008C
Plate 140D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE918 0010008D
Plate 141D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE920 0010008E
Plate 142D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE928 0010008F
Plate 143D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE930 00100090
Plate 144D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE938 00100091
Plate 145D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE940 00100092
Plate 146D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE948 00100093
Plate 147D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE950 00100094
Plate 148D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE958 00100095
Plate 149D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE960 00100096
Plate 150D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE968 00100097
Plate 151D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE970 00100098
Plate 152D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE978 00100099
Plate 153D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE980 0010009A
Plate 154D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE988 0010009B
Plate 155D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE990 0010009C
Plate 156D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE998 0010009D
Plate 157D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9A0 0010009E
Plate 158D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9A8 0010009F
Plate 159D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9B0 001000A0
Plate 160D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9B8 001000A1
Plate 161D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9C0 001000A2
Plate 162D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9C8 001000A3
Plate 163D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9D0 001000A4
Plate 164D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9D8 001000A5
Plate 165D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9E0 001000A6
Plate 166D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9E8 001000A7
Plate 167D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9F0 001000A8
Plate 168D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDE9F8 001000A9
Plate 169D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDEA00 001000AA
Plate 170D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDEA08 001000AB
Plate 171D04D9702 0000FFFE
21FDEA10 001000AC
All Plates200C0220 3C0101FD
200C0224 3421E470
200C0228 240200AB
200C022C AC220000
200C0230 3C030010
200C0234 24640043
200C0238 24630001
200C023C 50640001
200C0240 24630001
200C0244 AC230050
200C0248 24210008
200C024C 1C40FFFA
200C0250 2442FFFF
200C0254 03E00008
200C0258 00000000
D04D9702 0000FFFE
202D51EC 08030088
D04D9702 0010FFFE
202D51EC 03E00008
Thunder Plate Type Modifier Codes
With these codes, you must have a plate in this slot to change the plate type. Only the first 23 plates have the ability to change the Plate Type.

ALSO NOTE: The codes are Select button activated. You need to enter the Thunder Plates screen, Press Select, then press Triangle to leave. Then it will ask you to save your game, save your game and then re-enter the Thunder Plates screen and you should have all of the Plates.

ALSO: Dont use these codes with the codes to have the plate, save with all the plates, then use these codes.
Plate 1D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4C3 000000??
Plate 2D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4CB 000000??
Plate 3D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4D3 000000??
Plate 4D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4DB 000000??
Plate 5D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4E3 000000??
Plate 6D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4EB 000000??
Plate 7D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4F3 000000??
Plate 8D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE4FB 000000??
Plate 9D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE503 000000??
Plate 10D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE50B 000000??
Plate 11D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE513 000000??
Plate 12D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE51B 000000??
Plate 13D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE523 000000??
Plate 14D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE52B 000000??
Plate 15D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE533 000000??
Plate 16D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE53B 000000??
Plate 17D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE543 000000??
Plate 18D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE54B 000000??
Plate 19D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE553 000000??
Plate 20D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE55B 000000??
Plate 21D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE563 000000??
Plate 22D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE56B 000000??
Plate 23D04D9702 0000FFFE
01FDE573 000000??
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Tire Wear20117D70 10000068
Infinite Fuel201B61C0 00000000
2017680C 00000000
Max Money (Career Mode)D1F55420 000051AC
21F55454 0098967F
Unlock Driver Codes
George Dennis01F627D6 00000001
Richard Petty01F62986 00000001
Jim Hannigan01F629AA 00000001
Crissy Hillsworth01F62AEE 00000001
Jay Sauter01F62B12 00000001
Troi Hayes01F62B36 00000001
Johnny Sauter01F62B5A 00000001
Benny Parsons01F62B7E 00000001
Audrey Clark01F62BA2 00000001
Daryl Wolfe01F62BC6 00000001
Sasha Soares01F62BEA 00000001
Dick Paysor01F62C0E 00000001
Rick Edwards01F62C32 00000001
Chuck Spicer01F62C56 00000001
Kristi Jones01F62C7A 00000001
Dave Nichols01F62C9E 00000001
Josh Neelon01F62CC2 00000001
Katrina Goode01F62CE6 00000001
Scott Brewer01F62D0A 00000001
Dave Alpern01F62D2E 00000001
Cheryl King01F62D52 00000001
Joey Joulwan01F62D76 00000001
Mandy Misiak01F62D9A 00000001
Ken Patterson01F62DBE 00000001
Rick Humphrey01F62DE2 00000001
Dale Earnhardt01F62E4E 00000001
Greg Biffle #60 Taurus01F62E72 00000001
Jeff Purvis01F62E96 00000001
Shane Hall01F62EBA 00000001
Jamie McMurray01F62F02 00000001
Mike McLaughlin01F62F26 00000001
Michael Waltrip01F62F6E 00000001
Dale Earnhardt Jr. #3 Monte Carlo01F62F92 00000001
Kasey Kahne01F62FB6 00000001
Scott Wimmer01F62FDA 00000001
Kitt Paint01F62FFE 00000001
James Finch01F63046 00000001
Buster Auton01F6306A 00000001
Barney Hall01F630D6 00000001
Linda Latiuk01F630FA 00000001
Amy Hicks01F6311E 00000001
BC Vaught01F63142 00000001
Mike Brown01F63166 00000001
Tom Smith01F6318A 00000001
Mark Jacobs01F631AE 00000001
Bill Sanders01F631D2 00000001
Jeff Jarvis01F631F6 00000001
Robin Wawak01F6321A 00000001
George Williams01F6323E 00000001
Tim Sullivan01F63262 00000001
Pete Cook01F63286 00000001
Jack Rivers01F632AA 00000001
Dave Clark01F632CE 00000001
Trey North01F632F2 00000001
Eli Gold01F63316 00000001
Joe Moore01F6333A 00000001
Al Smith01F6335E 00000001
Junior Johnson01F63382 00000001
Bobby Allison01F633A6 00000001
Tiny Lund01F633CA 00000001
Alan Kulwicki01F633EE 00000001
Elmo Langley01F63412 00000001
Cale Yarborough01F63436 00000001
Jeff Burton #9 Taurus01F6350E 00000001
Coy Gibbs01F63532 00000001
Chad Chaffin01F63556 00000001
Tim Sauter01F6357A 00000001
Ron Hornaday01F6359E 00000001
Kevin Harvick #43 Dodge R/T01F635C2 00000001
Dan Pardus01F635E6 00000001
Brian Vickers01F6360A 00000001
Ashton Lewis Jr.01F6362E 00000001
Sue Finch01F6369A 00000001
Winston Kelley01F636BE 00000001
Scott Hammonds01F636E2 00000001
Joe Killen01F63706 00000001