Nascar 2005-Chase For The Cup

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90338864 0C0AD4D0
Infinite Tire Wear20119E3C 00000000
Infinite Fuel20192FAC 00000000
DFE34310 00000000
Max Skill Points200C0220 2402270F
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 AC820004
2019FB18 08030088
Total Laps Always 5001048625E 000001F4
Total Laps Always 2501048625E 000000FA
Total Laps Always 1001048625E 00000064
Total Laps Always 501048625E 00000032
Total Laps Always 201048625E 00000014
Total Laps Always 101048625E 0000000A
Total Laps Always 51048625E 00000005
Total Laps Always 21048625E 00000002
Total Laps Always 11048625E 00000001
Start On Lap 100D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000064
Start On Lap 50D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000032
Start On Lap 25D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000019
Start On Lap 10D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 0000000A
Start On Lap 5D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000005
Start On Lap 4D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000004
Start On Lap 3D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000003
Start On Lap 2D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000002
Start On Last Lap (10 Lap Race)1048625E 0000000A
D04D2944 00000000
104D2944 00000009
Never Fail Challenge For Out Of Contention102640BE 00001000
Never Fail Challenge For Wreckless Driving10264156 00001000
Never Fail Challenge For Leaving Racing Surfaces10264246 00001000
Max Skill Points Current Total21FCA280 05F5E0FF
Infinite Available Skill Points11FCA284 0000FFFF
Max Available Skill Points21FCA284 05F5E0FF
Have Thunder Plate Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)21FD2494 00000091
Plate 121FD24E0 000100C8
Plate 221FD24E8 000100C9
Plate 321FD24F0 000100CA
Plate 421FD24F8 000100CB
Plate 521FD2500 000100CC
Plate 621FD2508 000100CD
Plate 721FD2510 000100CE
Plate 821FD2518 000100CF
Plate 921FD2520 000100D0
Plate 1021FD2528 000100D1
Plate 1121FD2530 000100D2
Plate 1221FD2538 000100D3
Plate 1321FD2540 000100D4
Plate 1421FD2548 000100D5
Plate 1521FD2550 000100D6
Plate 1621FD2558 000100D7
Plate 1721FD2560 000100D8
Plate 1821FD2568 000100D9
Plate 1921FD2570 000100DA
Plate 2021FD2578 000100DB
Plate 2121FD2580 000100DC
Plate 2221FD2588 000100DD
Plate 2321FD2590 00010028
Plate 2421FD2598 0001002B
Plate 2521FD25A0 0001002C
Plate 2621FD25A8 0001002D
Plate 2721FD25B0 0001002E
Plate 2821FD25B8 0001002F
Plate 2921FD25C0 00010030
Plate 3021FD25C8 00010031
Plate 3121FD25D0 00010032
Plate 3221FD25D8 00010033
Plate 3321FD25E0 00010034
Plate 3421FD25E8 00010038
Plate 3521FD25F0 00010041
Plate 3621FD25F8 00010042
Plate 3721FD2600 00010043
Plate 3821FD2608 00010044
Plate 3921FD2610 00010045
Plate 4021FD2618 00010046
Plate 4121FD2620 00010047
Plate 4221FD2628 00010048
Plate 4321FD2630 00010049
Plate 4421FD2638 0001004A
Plate 4521FD2640 0001004B
Plate 4621FD2648 0001004C
Plate 4721FD2650 0001004D
Plate 4821FD2658 0001004E
Plate 4921FD2660 0001004F
Plate 5021FD2668 00010050
Plate 5121FD2670 00010051
Plate 5221FD2678 00010052
Plate 5321FD2680 00010053
Plate 5421FD2688 00010054
Plate 5521FD2690 00010055
Plate 5621FD2698 0001000C
Plate 5721FD26A0 0001000D
Plate 5821FD26A8 0001000E
Plate 5921FD26B0 0001000F
Plate 6021FD26B8 00010010
Plate 6121FD26C0 00010011
Plate 6221FD26C8 00010012
Plate 6321FD26D0 00010013
Plate 6421FD26D8 00010014
Plate 6521FD26E0 00010015
Plate 6621FD26E8 00010016
Plate 6721FD26F0 00010017
Plate 6821FD26F8 00010018
Plate 6921FD2700 00010019
Plate 7021FD2708 0001001A
Plate 7121FD2710 0001001B
Plate 7221FD2718 0001001C
Plate 7321FD2720 0001001D
Plate 7421FD2728 0001001E
Plate 7521FD2730 0001001F
Plate 7621FD2738 00010020
Plate 7721FD2740 00010021
Plate 7821FD2748 00010131
Plate 7921FD2750 00010132
Plate 8021FD2758 00010133
Plate 8121FD2760 00010134
Plate 8221FD2768 00010135
Plate 8321FD2770 00010136
Plate 8421FD2778 00010137
Plate 8521FD2780 00010138
Plate 8621FD2788 00010139
Plate 8721FD2790 0001013B
Plate 8821FD2798 0001013C
Plate 8921FD27A0 0001013D
Plate 9021FD27A8 0001013E
Plate 9121FD27B0 0001013F
Plate 9221FD27B8 00010140
Plate 9321FD27C0 00010141
Plate 9421FD27C8 00010142
Plate 9521FD27D0 00010143
Plate 9621FD27D8 00010144
Plate 9721FD27E0 00010145
Plate 9821FD27E8 00010146
Plate 9921FD27F0 00010147
Plate 10021FD27F8 00010148
Plate 10121FD2800 00010149
Plate 10221FD2808 0001014D
Plate 10321FD2810 0001014E
Plate 10421FD2818 0001014F
Plate 10521FD2820 00010150
Plate 10621FD2828 00010151
Plate 10721FD2830 00010152
Plate 10821FD2838 00010153
Plate 10921FD2840 00010154
Plate 11021FD2848 00010158
Plate 11121FD2850 0001015A
Plate 11221FD2858 0001015B
Plate 11321FD2860 0001015D
Plate 11421FD2868 0001015E
Plate 11521FD2870 00010177
Plate 11621FD2878 0001018A
Plate 11721FD2880 0001018B
Plate 11821FD2888 0001018C
Plate 11921FD2890 0001018D
Plate 12021FD2898 0001018E
Plate 12121FD28A0 00010064
Plate 12221FD28A8 00010065
Plate 12321FD28B0 00010066
Plate 12421FD28B8 00010067
Plate 12521FD28C0 00010068
Plate 12621FD28C8 00010069
Plate 12721FD28D0 0001006A
Plate 12821FD28D8 0001006B
Plate 12921FD28E0 0001006C
Plate 13021FD28E8 0001006D
Plate 13121FD28F0 0001006E
Plate 13221FD28F8 0001006F
Plate 13321FD2900 0001007A
Plate 13421FD2908 0001007B
Plate 13521FD2910 0001007C
Plate 13621FD2918 0001007D
Plate 13721FD2920 0001012C
Plate 13821FD2928 00010004
Plate 13921FD2930 00010005
Plate 14021FD2938 00010006
Plate 14121FD2940 00010007
Plate 14221FD2948 00010008
Plate 14321FD2950 00010009
Plate 14421FD2958 0001000A
Plate 14521FD2960 0001000B