Naruto-Ultimate Ninja 4-Shippuden

🇺🇸 • Credit: Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)9017B308 00832021
200C0220 3C013F80
200C0224 52400001
200C022C 56400001
200C0240 3C014170
200C0244 52400001
200C024C 56400001
200C0254 0808DB24
200C0258 00000000
20236C88 08030088
P1 Press Select To Skip FMV2015F0A0 8C620000
D060AD42 0000FFFE
2015F0A0 24020001
Infinite Health P1200C0228 AE21006C
No Health P1200C0228 AE20006C
Infinite Special P1200C0248 AE210070
No Special P1200C0248 AE200070
P1 Press L1+Select Infinite Health P2 OnD060AD42 0000FBFE
200C0230 AE21006C
P1 Press L2+Select For Instant Kill P2D060AD42 0000FEFE
200C0230 AE20006C
P1 Press R1+Select For Normal Health P2D060AD42 0000F7FE
200C0230 00000000
P1 Press R3+L1 To Infinite Special P2D060AD42 0000FBFB
200C0250 AE210070
P1 Press R3+L2 To No Special P2D060AD42 0000FEFB
200C0250 AE200070
P1 Press R3+R1 For Normal Special P2D060AD42 0000F7FB
200C0250 00000000
Infinite Health Master ModeE00202C8 006CF92C
206CF92C C44102CC
206CF934 E44102C8
Infinite Special Master ModeD071B8D0 000002D0
2071B8D0 C64002D4
P1 Press R3+Up To Disable TimerD060AD42 0000FFEB
2032304C 00000000
P1 Press R3+Down To Enable TimerD060AD42 0000FFBB
2032304C AE0304E0
Infinite Money Ryo20324ADC 00000000
Max Infinite Money Ryo20324B0C 3C0205F5
20324B14 3442E0FF
20324B1C AC420034
Have All Max Purchased Attack Items2039D814 24020063
Infinite Item UsageD06EFA8C 0000000C
206EFA94 00000000
Max Infinite Item UsageD06EFA8C 0000000C
206EFA90 24030063
Extra ItemsD06EFA8C 0000000C
106EFA90 00000001
Have Unlockables Codes
Unlock All Characters2039CF34 24020003
Unlock All In Hero Mode2039D5B8 240200FF
Have Collection Codes
Character2039CF34 2402FFFF
Figure2039D2D4 24020003
Ultimate Justu2039D304 24020003
Voice2039D2F4 24020003
Movie2039D314 24020003
Music2039D2E4 24020003