🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90300638 0C0D5AF3
Infinite Health201A76AC 3C013F80
201A76B4 AC410004
101A76BA 00001000
Always 100 Badge Rating20188CE4 3C013F80
20188CEC AC61000C
Always 200 Badge Rating20188CE4 3C014000
20188CEC AC61000C
Infinite Clips2029B3EC 00000000
Max Infinite Clips2029B3E0 24030063
Never Reload2029B434 00000000
2029B474 00000000
Quick Cash Gain11E403B0 0000FFFF
Max Cash21E403B0 05F5E0FF
Quick Pot Gain11E403B4 0000FFFF
Max Pot21E403B4 05F5E0FF
Quick Speed Gain11E403B8 0000FFFF
Max Speed21E403B8 05F5E0FF
Quick LSD Gain11E403BC 0000FFFF
Max LSD21E403BC 05F5E0FF
Quick Crack Gain11E403C0 0000FFFF
Max Crack21E403C0 05F5E0FF
Quick Liquid Soul Gain11E403C4 0000FFFF
Max Liquid Soul21E403C4 05F5E0FF
Quick Protodone Gain11E403C8 0000FFFF
Max Protodone21E403C8 05F5E0FF
Quick Quaaludes Gain11E403CC 0000FFFF
Max Quaaludes21E403CC 05F5E0FF
Quick Ecstasy Gain11E403D0 0000FFFF
Max Ecstasy21E403D0 05F5E0FF
Have All Stashes Found-USA01E404C0 00000019
Need 1 Stash Found For All-USAD1E404C0 00200018
01E404C0 00000018
Have All Stashes Found-Hong Kong01E404CC 00000019
Need 1 Stash Found For All-Hong KongD1E404CC 00200018
01E404CC 00000018
Stats Codes
Have All Hidden Hong Kong Stashes107751C4 00000019
Have All Hidden USA Stashes107751C6 00000019
Max Officer Rank-Avg Badge107751C8 0000270F
No Officer Rank-Avg Badge107751C8 00000000
Max Civilians Busted11E403FE 0000270F
No Civilians Busted11E403FE 00000000
Max Civilians Killed11E40400 0000270F
No Civilians Killed11E40400 00000000
Max Cops Killed11E40402 0000270F
No Cops Killed11E40402 00000000
Max Criminals Busted11E40404 0000270F
No Criminals Busted11E40404 00000000
Max Criminals Killed11E40406 0000270F
No Criminals killed11E40406 00000000
Max Cash21E40408 05F5E0FF
No Cash21E40408 00000000
Max Cash Seized21E4040C 05F5E0FF
No Cash Seized21E4040C 00000000
Max Cash Desposited21E40410 05F5E0FF
No Cash Desposited21E40410 00000000
Max Cash From Sales21E40414 05F5E0FF
No Cash From Sales21E40414 00000000
Max Cash Spent On Drugs21E40418 05F5E0FF
No Cash Spent On Drugs21E40418 00000000
Max Shots Fired21E4041C 05F5E0FF
No Shots Fired21E4041C 00000000
Max Shots Hit21E40420 05F5E0FF
No Shots Hit21E40420 00000000
Max Head Shots21E40424 05F5E0FF
No Head Shots21E40424 00000000
Max Body Shots21E40428 05F5E0FF
No Body Shots21E40428 00000000
Max Limb Shots21E4042C 05F5E0FF
No Limb Shots21E4042C 00000000
Max Pot Seized11E40430 0000270F
No Pot Seized11E40430 00000000
Max Pot Deposited11E40450 0000270F
No Pot Deposited11E40450 00000000
Max Pot Sold11E40470 0000270F
No Pot Sold11E40470 00000000
Max Speed Seized11E40434 0000270F
No Speed Seized11E40434 00000000
Max Speed Deposited11E40454 0000270F
No Speed Deposited11E40454 00000000
Max Speed Sold11E40474 0000270F
No Speed Sold11E40474 00000000
Max LSD Seized11E40438 0000270F
No LSD Seized11E40438 00000000
Max LSD Deposited11E40458 0000270F
No LSD Deposited11E40458 00000000
Max LSD Sold11E40478 0000270F
No LSD Sold11E40478 00000000
Max Crack Seized11E4043C 0000270F
No Crack Seized11E4043C 00000000
Max Crack Deposited11E4045C 0000270F
No Crack Deposited11E4045C 00000000
Max Crack Sold11E4047C 0000270F
No Crack Sold11E4047C 00000000
Max Liquid Soul Seized11E40440 0000270F
No Liquid Soul Seized11E40440 00000000
Max Liquid Soul Deposited11E40460 0000270F
No Liquid Soul Deposited11E40460 00000000
Max Liquid Soul Sold11E40480 0000270F
No Liquid Soul Sold11E40480 00000000
Max Protodone Seized11E40444 0000270F
No Protodone Seized11E40444 00000000
Max Protodone Deposited11E40464 0000270F
No Protodone Deposited11E40464 00000000
Max Protodone Sold11E40484 0000270F
No Protodone Sold11E40484 00000000
Max Quaaludes Seized11E40448 0000270F
No Quaaludes Seized11E40448 00000000
Max Quaaludes Deposited11E40468 0000270F
No Quaaludes Deposited11E40468 00000000
Max Quaaludes Sold11E40488 0000270F
No Quaaludes Sold11E40488 00000000
Max Ecstacy Seized11E4044C 0000270F
No Ecstacy Seized11E4044C 00000000
Max Ecstacy Deposited11E4046C 0000270F
No Ecstacy Deposited11E4046C 00000000
Max Ecstacy Sold11E4048C 0000270F
No Ecstacy Sold11E4048C 00000000
Max Addictions11E404B0 0000270F
No Addictions11E404B0 00000000
Max Blackouts11E404B2 0000270F
No Blackouts11E404B2 00000000
Max Withdrawals11E404B4 0000270F
No Withdrawals11E404B4 00000000
Max Officer Rank-Beat Cop11E404B6 0000270F
No Officer Rank-Beat Cop11E404B6 00000000
Max Officer Rank-Badge Revoked11E404B8 0000270F
No Officer Rank-Badge Revoked11E404B8 00000000