Nano Breaker

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9011C120 0C101A54
Max Life Gauge204CF610 4479C000
Max Booster Gauge204CF614 4479C000
Infinite Life Gauge204CF618 4479C000
Infinite Booster Gauge204CF61C 4479C000
Infinite Health (Michelle)204A8AB8 4479C000
1-Hit Death (Enemies)200C0220 080EFC33
200C0224 AC400168
203BF09C 08030088
Infinite Combo Chip Codes
Blue-Lv. 11061570C 00000009
Turquoise-Lv. 21061570E 00000009
Green-Lv. 310615710 00000009
Orange Lv. 410615712 00000009
Red Lv. 510615714 00000009
Silver-Lv. X10615716 00000009
All Chips4061570C 00030001
00090009 00000000
Info Codes
Always Low Play Time20616B28 00000000
Max Total Gallons20616B2C 05F5E0FF
No Total Gallons20616B2C 00000000
Max Continues20616B38 05F5E0FF
No Continues20616B38 00000000
Max Saves20616B3C 05F5E0FF
No Saves20616B3C 00000000
Max Enemies Defeated204BFC64 05F5E0FF
No Enemies Defeated204BFC64 00000000
Max Enemies Sliced-Horizontal204BFC68 05F5E0FF
No Enemies Sliced-Horizontal204BFC68 00000000
Max Enemies Sliced-Vertical204BFC6C 05F5E0FF
No Enemies Sliced-Vertical204BFC6C 00000000
Max Enemies Smashed204BFC70 05F5E0FF
No Enemies Smashed204BFC70 00000000
Max Laser Reflects204CF654 0001869F
No Laser Reflects204CF654 00000000
Max Capture-Counters204CF658 0001869F
No Capture-Counters204CF658 00000000
Unlock Splatter Mode704CB5DC 00000008
Unlock Movie Viewer704CB5DC 00000010
Unlock All Movies (In Movie Viewer)204CB5D0 FFFFFFFF
Have Keith Playable704CB5DD 00000001
Have Jaguar Playable704CB5DD 00000002
Have Booster Codes
Fauchard Rampage-Slot 1204CF68C 00010014
Plasma Storm-Slot 2204CF690 00010015
Plasma Orbs-Slot 3204CF694 00010016
Aut-Laser Reflect-Slot 4204CF698 00010017
Capture Critical-Slot 5204CF69C 00010018
Speed Up-Slot 6204CF6A0 00010019
Status Boost-Slot 7204CF6A4 0001001B
Laser Shower-Slot 8204CF6A8 0001001C
Gatling Gun-Slot 9204CF6AC 0001001D
Max Booster Level Codes
Plasma Storm204CF6B8 00000046
Plasma Orbs204CF6BC 00000046
Aut-Laser Reflect204CF6C0 00000046
Capture Critical204CF6C4 00000046
Speed Up204CF6C8 00000046
Status Boost204CF6D0 00000046
All Booster Levels404CF6B8 00070001
00000046 00000000