Mystic Heroes

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002F2687
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902F2684 0C0BEFED
Max Health P11078EC50 0000270F
Infinite Health P11078EC52 0000270F
Max Infinite Health P12078EC50 270F270F
No Health P12078EC50 0000270F
Infinite Magic P11078EC8C 0000270F
Max Magic P11078EC8E 0000270F
Max Infinite Magic P12078EC8C 270F270F
No Magic P12078EC8C 270F0000
Max Health P21078ED40 0000270F
Infinite Health P21078ED42 0000270F
Max Infinite Health P22078ED40 270F270F
No Health P22078ED40 0000270F
Infinite Magic P21078ED7C 0000270F
Max Magic P21078ED7E 0000270F
Max Infinite Magic P22078ED7C 270F270F
No Magic P22078ED7C 270F0000
Max Health P31078EE30 0000270F
Infinite Health P31078EE32 0000270F
Max Infinite Health P32078EE30 270F270F
No Health P32078EE30 0000270F
Infinite Magic P31078EE6C 0000270F
Max Magic P31078EE6E 0000270F
Max Infinite Magic P32078EE6C 270F270F
No Magic P32078EE6C 270F0000
Max Health P41078EF20 0000270F
Infinite Health P41078EF22 0000270F
Max Infinite Health P42078EF20 270F270F
No Health P42078EF20 0000270F
Infinite Magic P41078EF5C 0000270F
Max Magic P41078EF5E 0000270F
Max Infinite Magic P42078EF5C 270F270F
No Magic P42078EF5C 270F0000
Hero Story Mode Codes (Before & After Levels)
Max Health1031E2B4 0000270F
Max Magic1031E2B6 0000270F
Max Att.1031E2B8 000003E7
Max Def.1031E2BA 000003E7
Max RA1031E2BC 000003E7
Max RD1031E2BE 000003E7
Direct Max Lv. 40031E2D4 00000004
Target Max Lv. 40031E2D5 00000004
Jump Max Lv. 40031E2D6 00000004
Sword Max Lv. 40031E2D7 00000004
Rune 1 Equipped Modifier1031E2D8 000000??
Rune 2 Equipped Modifier1031E2DA 000000??
Always Low Play Time2031E28C 00000000
Max Enemies Defeated2031E2A8 0001869F
No Allies Defeated1031E2AC 00000000
Max Best Combo1031E2AE 0000270F
Have All Runes2031E2F4 FFFFFFFF
Start On Stage Modifier (Start A New Game)D031E286 00000000
1031E286 0000????
Always Play Stage Modifier1031E286 0000????