MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Nachbrenner

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001E4217
Max Race Points10342A8C 000003E7
Max Stunt ScoreD0432448 00000000
20432448 05F5E0FF
Idiot AI201539E0 03E00008
201539E4 00000000
Have All Challenges Completed20353B14 FFFFFFFF
Total Laps Modifier (01-09)204328C0 000000??
Number Of Opponents Modifier204328D0 000000??
Disable FMV201F74F8 24020001
Unlock All Tracks20353B00 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Modes20353B04 FFFFFFFF
Start On Lap Modifier200C0220 50400001
200C0224 240200??
200C0228 24460001
200C022C 03E00008
200C0230 AE220014
20121558 0C030088
Always Place 1st2038BEE8 00000001
Turbo Torque Bonus Modifier (Default 40800000)20306638 ????????
Turbo Rpm Bonus Modifier (Default 3F99999A)20306640 ????????
Turbo Min Boost Modifier (Default 3DCCCCCD)20306648 ????????
Turbo Max Boost Modifier (Default 3ECCCCCD)20306650 ????????
Turbo Use Rate Modifier (Default 3F000000)20306658 ????????
Slope Drag Modifier (Default 3DCCCCCD)20306660 ????????
Preload Min Hop Modifier (Default 3E4CCCCD)20306668 ????????
Preload Max Hop Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306670 ????????
Engine Braking Mag Modifier (Default 3E800000)20306678 ????????
Max Bike Speed Modifier (Default 41F00000)20306680 ????????
Max Bike Speed Exponent Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306688 ????????
Control Turn Fract Modifier (Default 3F000000)20306690 ????????
Bike Lean Stability Fract Modifier (Default 3F000000)20306698 ????????
Min Hog Pitch Modifier (Default 3EDF66F3)203066A0 ????????
Max Hog Pitch Modifier (Default 3F490FDB)203066A8 ????????
Max Hog Speed Modifier (Default 4132CFDF)203066B0 ????????
Max Hog Ratio Modifier (Default 3F4CCCCD)203066B8 ????????
STANDARD SAFE ANGLE Modifier (Default 3F490FDB)203066C0 ????????
MAX SAFE CENTER Modifier (Default 3E685696)203066C8 ????????
MAX SAFE ANGLE Modifier (Default 3F860A92)203066D0 ????????
MAX ROLL Modifier (Default 3FA31564)203066D8 ????????
MIN BIKE SPEED Modifier (Default 3F800000)203066E0 ????????
HIGH BIKE SPEED Modifier (Default 41D80000)203066E8 ????????
HIGH SPEED FRICTION Modifier (Default 40A00000)203066F0 ????????
MAX CRASH TIME Modifier (Default 40500000)203066F8 ????????
MAX AIRBORNE TIME Modifier (Default 41100000)20306700 ????????
IDLE RPM Modifier (Default 447A0000)20306708 ????????
LOW RPM Modifier (Default 44898000)20306710 ????????
HOLD ON FORCE Modifier (Default 41C80000)20306718 ????????
EXTRA TRACTION Modifier (Default 3F4CCCCD)20306720 ????????
MAX SLIDING FRACT Modifier (Default 3ECCCCCD)20306728 ????????
POWERSLIDE SLIDING FRACT Modifier (Default 3F4CCCCD)20306730 ????????
LOCKED SLIDING FRACT Modifier (Default 3F4CCCCD)20306738 ????????
OO MIN TURN RADIUS Modifier (Default 3EA8F5C3)20306740 ????????
TURBO BOOST FWD Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306748 ????????
PRELOAD BOOST UP Modifier (Default 40000000)20306750 ????????
PRELOAD BOOST FWD Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306758 ????????
PRELOAD HOLD MULT Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306760 ????????
PRELOAD DECAY RATE Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306768 ????????
PRELOAD AIR MULT Modifier (Default 40000000)20306770 ????????
SLIDE WHIP TIME Modifier (Default 3F000000)20306778 ????????
STUNT_AIR_MULT Modifier (Default 3FC00000)20306780 ????????
GHOST TIME LIMIT Modifier (Default 40000000)20306788 ????????
Avg Rpm Ratio Modifier (Default 3EB33333)20306838 ????????
Avg Rpm Clip Modifier (Default 44FA0000)20306840 ????????
Max Jump Length Modifier (Default 41200000)20306848 ????????
Gravity Mod Modifier (Default 3FA66666)20306850 ????????
Air Gravity Mod Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306858 ????????
Centripetal Accel Mod Modifier (Default 3FC00000)20306860 ????????
Max Crash Speed Modifier (Default 41A00000)20306868 ????????
Min Crash Speed Modifier (Default 41200000)20306870 ????????
Max Start Speed Modifier (Default 41A00000)20306878 ????????
Min Start Speed Modifier (Default 40A00000)20306880 ????????
Overrev Modifier (Default 447A0000)20306888 ????????
Powerslide Angle Modifier (Default 3F3BA866)20306890 ????????
Powerslide Damping Modifier (Default 3E000000)20306898 ????????
AIR ANGULAR DAMPING Modifier (Default 3E800000)203068B0 ????????
Fakie Brake Modifier (Default 3ECCCCCD)20306900 ????????
Min Hog Limit Pitch Modifier (Default 3F9C61AA)20306D20 ????????
Max Hog Limit Pitch Modifier (Default 3FA78D36)20306D28 ????????
Roost Max Theta Modifier (Default 3F20D97C)20306D40 ????????
Roost Max Theta Speed Modifier (Default 408F0CB3)20306D48 ????????
Roost Spread Modifier (Default 3E123A14)20306D50 ????????
Roost Max Volume Modifier (Default 42C80000)20306D58 ????????
Exhaust Max Volume Modifier (Default 428C0000)20306D60 ????????
Dust Amount Factor Modifier (Default 40000000)20306D68 ????????
Dirt Clod Amount Factor Modifier (Default 3E4CCCCD)20306D70 ????????
Exhaust Amount Factor Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306D78 ????????
Dust Average Lifetime Modifier (Default 3F800000)20306D80 ????????
Dirt Clod Average Lifetime Modifier (Default 3F000000)20306D88 ????????
Exhaust Average Lifetime Modifier (Default 3F400000)20306D90 ????????
Bike Type Modifier (Default BF800000)20306E20 ????????
Dust Initial Size Modifier (Default 3DCCCCCD)20306E80 ????????
Dust Final Size Modifier (Default 3F400000)20306E88 ????????
Dust Event Time Factor Modifier (Default 3E800000)20306E90 ????????
Exhaust Initial Size Modifier (Default 3D4CCCCD)20306E98 ????????
Exhaust Final Size Modifier (Default 3E800000)20306EA0 ????????
Exhaust Event Time Factor Modifier (Default 3E6147AE)20306EA8 ????????