Monster Rancher 3 (Version 1.1)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

With this game, if these codes dont work, Try These!
Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 002DD9CF
Max Money2037BEAC 000F423F
In-Battle Codes
Max HP P110374B20 000003E7
Max Pow P110374B22 000003E7
Max Int P110374B24 000003E7
Max Spd P110374B26 000003E7
Max Def P110374B28 000003E7
Infinite HP P110374B2A 000003E7
Max Gauge P110374B2C 00000064
Low Max HP P110374B20 0000000A
No Pow P110374B22 00000000
No Int P110374B24 00000000
No Spd P110374B26 00000000
No Def P110374B28 00000000
No HP P110374B2A 00000000
No Gauge P110374B2C 00000000
Max HP P210374DF8 000003E7
Max Pow P210374DFA 000003E7
Max Int P210374DFC 000003E7
Max Spd P210374DFE 000003E7
Max Def P210374E00 000003E7
Infinite HP P210374E02 000003E7
Max Gauge P210374E04 00000064
Low Max HP P210374E02 0000000A
No Pow P210374DFA 00000000
No Int P210374DFC 00000000
No Spd P210374DFE 00000000
No Def P210374E00 00000000
No HP P210374E02 00000000
No Gauge P210374E04 00000000