Monster Jam-Maximum Destruction

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001BFD67
Truck Codes
Truck Max Stats Codes (Part 1)
Airborne Ranger Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1E40 3F800000
Acceleration201F1E44 3F800000
Cornering201F1E48 3F800000
Traction201F1E4C 3F800000
All Stats401F1E40 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Airborne Ranger Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1E50 3F800000
Acceleration201F1E54 3F800000
Cornering201F1E58 3F800000
Traction201F1E5C 3F800000
All Stats401F1E50 00040001
3F800000 00000000
American Guardian Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1E60 3F800000
Acceleration201F1E64 3F800000
Cornering201F1E68 3F800000
Traction201F1E6C 3F800000
All Stats401F1E60 00040001
3F800000 00000000
American Guardian Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1E70 3F800000
Acceleration201F1E74 3F800000
Cornering201F1E78 3F800000
Traction201F1E7C 3F800000
All Stats401F1E70 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Avenger Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1E80 3F800000
Acceleration201F1E84 3F800000
Cornering201F1E88 3F800000
Traction201F1E8C 3F800000
All Stats401F1E80 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Avenger Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1E90 3F800000
Acceleration201F1E94 3F800000
Cornering201F1E98 3F800000
Traction201F1E9C 3F800000
All Stats401F1E90 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Blacksmith Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1EA0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1EA4 3F800000
Cornering201F1EA8 3F800000
Traction201F1EAC 3F800000
All Stats401F1EA0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Blacksmith Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1EB0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1EB4 3F800000
Cornering201F1EB8 3F800000
Traction201F1EBC 3F800000
All Stats401F1EB0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Bulldozer Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1EC0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1EC4 3F800000
Cornering201F1EC8 3F800000
Traction201F1ECC 3F800000
All Stats401F1EC0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Bulldozer Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1ED0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1ED4 3F800000
Cornering201F1ED8 3F800000
Traction201F1EDC 3F800000
All Stats401F1ED0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Bustin' Loose Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1EE0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1EE4 3F800000
Cornering201F1EE8 3F800000
Traction201F1EEC 3F800000
All Stats401F1EE0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Bustin' Loose Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1EF0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1EF4 3F800000
Cornering201F1EF8 3F800000
Traction201F1EFC 3F800000
All Stats401F1EF0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Destroyer Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F00 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F04 3F800000
Cornering201F1F08 3F800000
Traction201F1F0C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F00 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Destroyer Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F10 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F14 3F800000
Cornering201F1F18 3F800000
Traction201F1F1C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F10 00040001
3F800000 00000000
El Toro Loco Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F20 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F24 3F800000
Cornering201F1F28 3F800000
Traction201F1F2C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F20 00040001
3F800000 00000000
El Toro Loco Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F30 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F34 3F800000
Cornering201F1F38 3F800000
Traction201F1F3C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F30 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Eradigator Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F40 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F44 3F800000
Cornering201F1F48 3F800000
Traction201F1F4C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F40 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Eradigator Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F50 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F54 3F800000
Cornering201F1F58 3F800000
Traction201F1F5C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F50 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Goldberg Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F60 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F64 3F800000
Cornering201F1F68 3F800000
Traction201F1F6C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F60 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Goldberg Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F70 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F74 3F800000
Cornering201F1F78 3F800000
Traction201F1F7C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F70 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Grave Digger Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F80 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F84 3F800000
Cornering201F1F88 3F800000
Traction201F1F8C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F80 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Grave Digger Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1F90 3F800000
Acceleration201F1F94 3F800000
Cornering201F1F98 3F800000
Traction201F1F9C 3F800000
All Stats401F1F90 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Gun Slinger Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1FA0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1FA4 3F800000
Cornering201F1FA8 3F800000
Traction201F1FAC 3F800000
All Stats401F1FA0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Truck Max Stats Codes (Part 2)
Gun Slinger Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1FB0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1FB4 3F800000
Cornering201F1FB8 3F800000
Traction201F1FBC 3F800000
All Stats401F1FB0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
King Krunch Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1FC0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1FC4 3F800000
Cornering201F1FC8 3F800000
Traction201F1FCC 3F800000
All Stats401F1FC0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
King Krunch Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1FD0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1FD4 3F800000
Cornering201F1FD8 3F800000
Traction201F1FDC 3F800000
All Stats401F1FD0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Madusa Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1FE0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1FE4 3F800000
Cornering201F1FE8 3F800000
Traction201F1FEC 3F800000
All Stats401F1FE0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Madusa Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F1FF0 3F800000
Acceleration201F1FF4 3F800000
Cornering201F1FF8 3F800000
Traction201F1FFC 3F800000
All Stats401F1FF0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Mountaineer Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2000 3F800000
Acceleration201F2004 3F800000
Cornering201F2008 3F800000
Traction201F200C 3F800000
All Stats401F2000 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Mountaineer Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2010 3F800000
Acceleration201F2014 3F800000
Cornering201F2018 3F800000
Traction201F201C 3F800000
All Stats401F2010 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Predator Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2020 3F800000
Acceleration201F2024 3F800000
Cornering201F2028 3F800000
Traction201F202C 3F800000
All Stats401F2020 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Predator Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2030 3F800000
Acceleration201F2034 3F800000
Cornering201F2038 3F800000
Traction201F203C 3F800000
All Stats401F2030 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Prowler Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2040 3F800000
Acceleration201F2044 3F800000
Cornering201F2048 3F800000
Traction201F204C 3F800000
All Stats401F2040 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Prowler Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2050 3F800000
Acceleration201F2054 3F800000
Cornering201F2058 3F800000
Traction201F205C 3F800000
All Stats401F2050 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Reptoid Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2060 3F800000
Acceleration201F2064 3F800000
Cornering201F2068 3F800000
Traction201F206C 3F800000
All Stats401F2060 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Reptoid Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2070 3F800000
Acceleration201F2074 3F800000
Cornering201F2078 3F800000
Traction201F207C 3F800000
All Stats401F2070 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Spider-Man Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2080 3F800000
Acceleration201F2084 3F800000
Cornering201F2088 3F800000
Traction201F208C 3F800000
All Stats401F2080 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Spider-Man Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2090 3F800000
Acceleration201F2094 3F800000
Cornering201F2098 3F800000
Traction201F209C 3F800000
All Stats401F2090 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Blue Thunder Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F20A0 3F800000
Acceleration201F20A4 3F800000
Cornering201F20A8 3F800000
Traction201F20AC 3F800000
All Stats401F20A0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Blue Thunder Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F20B0 3F800000
Acceleration201F20B4 3F800000
Cornering201F20B8 3F800000
Traction201F20BC 3F800000
All Stats401F20B0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Sting Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F20C0 3F800000
Acceleration201F20C4 3F800000
Cornering201F20C8 3F800000
Traction201F20CC 3F800000
All Stats401F20C0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Sting Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F20D0 3F800000
Acceleration201F20D4 3F800000
Cornering201F20D8 3F800000
Traction201F20DC 3F800000
All Stats401F20D0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Sudden Impact Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F20E0 3F800000
Acceleration201F20E4 3F800000
Cornering201F20E8 3F800000
Traction201F20EC 3F800000
All Stats401F20E0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Sudden Impact Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F20F0 3F800000
Acceleration201F20F4 3F800000
Cornering201F20F8 3F800000
Traction201F20FC 3F800000
All Stats401F20F0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Survivor Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2100 3F800000
Acceleration201F2104 3F800000
Cornering201F2108 3F800000
Traction201F210C 3F800000
All Stats401F2100 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Survivor Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2110 3F800000
Acceleration201F2114 3F800000
Cornering201F2118 3F800000
Traction201F211C 3F800000
All Stats401F2110 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Truck Max Stats Codes (Part 3)
Thrasher Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2120 3F800000
Acceleration201F2124 3F800000
Cornering201F2128 3F800000
Traction201F212C 3F800000
All Stats401F2120 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Thrasher Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2130 3F800000
Acceleration201F2134 3F800000
Cornering201F2138 3F800000
Traction201F213C 3F800000
All Stats401F2130 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Wild Thang Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2140 3F800000
Acceleration201F2144 3F800000
Cornering201F2148 3F800000
Traction201F214C 3F800000
All Stats401F2140 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Wild Thang Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2150 3F800000
Acceleration201F2154 3F800000
Cornering201F2158 3F800000
Traction201F215C 3F800000
All Stats401F2150 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Wolverine Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2160 3F800000
Acceleration201F2164 3F800000
Cornering201F2168 3F800000
Traction201F216C 3F800000
All Stats401F2160 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Wolverine Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2170 3F800000
Acceleration201F2174 3F800000
Cornering201F2178 3F800000
Traction201F217C 3F800000
All Stats401F2170 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Grave Digger 2 Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2180 3F800000
Acceleration201F2184 3F800000
Cornering201F2188 3F800000
Traction201F218C 3F800000
All Stats401F2180 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Grave Digger 2 Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2190 3F800000
Acceleration201F2194 3F800000
Cornering201F2198 3F800000
Traction201F219C 3F800000
All Stats401F2190 00040001
3F800000 00000000
The Incredible Hulk Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F21A0 3F800000
Acceleration201F21A4 3F800000
Cornering201F21A8 3F800000
Traction201F21AC 3F800000
All Stats401F21A0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
IP Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F21B0 3F800000
Acceleration201F21B4 3F800000
Cornering201F21B8 3F800000
Traction201F21BC 3F800000
All Stats401F21B0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Big Yellow Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F21C0 3F800000
Acceleration201F21C4 3F800000
Cornering201F21C8 3F800000
Traction201F21CC 3F800000
All Stats401F21C0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Hooch Wagon Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F21D0 3F800000
Acceleration201F21D4 3F800000
Cornering201F21D8 3F800000
Traction201F21DC 3F800000
All Stats401F21D0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Dog Pound Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F21E0 3F800000
Acceleration201F21E4 3F800000
Cornering201F21E8 3F800000
Traction201F21EC 3F800000
All Stats401F21E0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Bull Dog Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F21F0 3F800000
Acceleration201F21F4 3F800000
Cornering201F21F8 3F800000
Traction201F21FC 3F800000
All Stats401F21F0 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Armored Force Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2200 3F800000
Acceleration201F2204 3F800000
Cornering201F2208 3F800000
Traction201F220C 3F800000
All Stats401F2200 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Paddy Wagon Champ Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2210 3F800000
Acceleration201F2214 3F800000
Cornering201F2218 3F800000
Traction201F221C 3F800000
All Stats401F2210 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Rayman Max Stats Codes
Horse Power201F2220 3F800000
Acceleration201F2224 3F800000
Cornering201F2228 3F800000
Traction201F222C 3F800000
All Stats401F2220 00040001
3F800000 00000000
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Idiot AI201A68C8 00000000
20111DE8 03E00008
20111DEC 00000000
Infinite Money (Season Mode In Garage)1035718C 0000FFFF
Max Money (Season Mode In Garage)2035718C 05F5E0FF
Gravity Modifier (Default 40000000)202186B4 ????????
Unlock Truck Codes
Airborne Ranger Champ001F1DC1 00000002
American Guardian Champ001F1DC3 00000002
Avenger Champ001F1DC5 00000002
Blacksmith Champ001F1DC7 00000002
Bulldozer Champ001F1DC9 00000002
Bustin' Loose Champ001F1DCB 00000002
Destroyer Champ001F1DCD 00000002
El Toro Loco Champ001F1DCF 00000002
Eradigator Champ001F1DD1 00000002
Goldberg Champ001F1DD3 00000002
Grave Digger Champ001F1DD5 00000002
Gun Slinger Champ001F1DD7 00000002
King Krunch Champ001F1DD9 00000002
Madusa Champ001F1DDB 00000002
Mountaineer Champ001F1DDD 00000002
Predator Champ001F1DDF 00000002
Prowler Champ001F1DE1 00000002
Reptoid Champ001F1DE3 00000002
Spider-Man Champ001F1DE5 00000002
Blue Thunder Champ001F1DE7 00000002
Sting Champ001F1DE9 00000002
Sudden Impact Champ001F1DEB 00000002
Survivor Champ001F1DED 00000002
Thrasher Champ001F1DEF 00000002
Wild Thang Champ001F1DF1 00000002
Wolverine Champ001F1DF3 00000002
Grave Digger 2001F1DF4 00000001
Grave Digger 2 Champ001F1DF5 00000002
The Incredible Hulk001F1DF6 00000001
IP Champ001F1DF7 00000002
Big Yellow001F1DF8 00000001
Hooch Wagon001F1DF9 00000002
Dog Pound001F1DFA 00000001
Bull Dog Champ001F1DFB 00000002
Armored Force001F1DFC 00000001
Paddy Wagon Champ001F1DFD 00000002
Rayman001F1DFE 00000001
All Trucks401F1DC0 00100001
02010201 00000000
Weapon Codes
Flamer Damage Modifier (Default 3C23D70A)20218868 ????????
Machine Gun Damage Modifier (Default 3CA3D70A)20218880 ????????
Pulse Damage Modifier (Default 3C23D70A)20218894 ????????
Lighting Damage Modifier (Default 3C23D70A)202188A8 ????????
Shotgun Damage Modifier (Default 3F800000)202188BC ????????
Railgun Damage Modifier (Default 3F800000)202188D0 ????????
Flamer Distance Modifier (Default 42C80000)20218858 ????????
Flamer CH Distance Modifier (Default 42C80000)2021885C ????????
Machine Gun Distance Modifier (Default 437A0000)20218870 ????????
Machine Gun CH Distance Modifier (Default 437A0000)20218874 ????????
Pulse Distance Modifier (Default 43160000)20218884 ????????
Pulse CH Distance Modifier (Default 43160000)20218888 ????????
Lightning Distance Modifier (Default 43160000)2021889C ????????
Lightning CH Distance Modifier (Default 43160000)202188A0 ????????
Shotgun Distance Modifier (Default 43480000)202188AC ????????
Shotgun CH Distance Modifier (Default 43480000)202188B0 ????????
Railgun Distance Modifier (Default 43960000)202188C0 ????????
Railgun CH Distance Modifier (Default 43960000)202188C4 ????????