Mister Mosquito

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 0010B68F
Have All Colors1038B4D8 0000FFFF
Max Extra Tanks1038B610 0000000F
Max Ex. B1038B654 00000050
Infinite Health103992FC 00000028
Max Health10399300 00000014
Suck Blood Quicker2039931C 42C80000
Reckless Cyclist Codes
Max Rocket Gauge P12066AA14 42C80000
No Rocket Gauge P12066AA10 00000000
P1 Press X For Hover ModeD038DEC2 0000BFFF
20707456 C3FA0000
Start With Wins Modifier P1D07085C0 00000000
107085C0 000000??
Never Gain Wins P1D07085C0 00200002
107085C0 00000000
Max Rocket Gauge P22066AA18 42C80000
No Rocket Gauge P22066AA18 00000000
P2 Press X For Hover ModeD0391EC2 0000BFFF
207079D4 C3FA0000
Start With Wins Modifier P2D07085C4 00000000
107085C4 000000??
Never Gain Wins P2D07085C4 00200002
107085C4 00000000