Metal Gear Solid 2-Sons Of Liberty

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Viper187

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100010 00167387
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90167384 0C05BCA8
Never ReloadD028DF86 0000AC62
2028DF84 00000000
Infinite HealthE0020782 0026B660
2026B664 24020096
2026B668 A6020782
With some of these weapons/items they will crash the system when playing as Snake. These were thought to have been able to be used after beating Olga, but this has been proven false.

If you have Snake codes for the following weapons: SOCOM, PSG1, RGB6, NIKITA, Stinger, Claymores, C4, AKS-74u, M4 & PSG1-T

And the following items: D Microphone, Book, Field Uniform & NVG

(NO permanent damage is done.)
Snake Codes
Infinite Rations101E6E7E 0000270F
Infinite Bandages101E6E84 0000270F
Max Rations001E6EDE 0000270F
Max Bandages001E6EE4 0000270F
Max Pentazemin001E6EE6 0000270F
1st Pullup For Grip Level 2D01E6DBE 00200063
101E6DBE 00000063
2nd Pullup For Grip Level 3D01E6DBE 00300063
D01E6DBE 002000C7
101E6DBE 000000C7
Infinite Ammo Codes
M9101E6DEE 0000270F
USP101E6DF0 0000270F
Chaff Grenades101E6E00 0000270F
Stun Grenades101E6E02 0000270F
Magazines101E6E0C 0000270F
Frag Grenades101E6E0E 0000270F
Max Ammo Codes
M9001E6E36 0000270F
USP001E6E38 0000270F
SOCOM001E6E3A 0000270F
PSG1001E6E3C 0000270F
RGB6001E6E3E 0000270F
NIKITA001E6E40 0000270F
Stinger001E6E42 0000270F
C4001E6E46 0000270F
Claymores001E6E44 0000270F
Chaff Grenades001E6E48 0000270F
Stun Grenades001E6E4A 0000270F
AKS-74u001E6E52 0000270F
Magazines001E6E54 0000270F
Frag Grenades001E6E56 0000270F
M4001E6E58 0000270F
PSG1-T001E6E5A 0000270F
Have Item Codes
Binoculars101E6E80 00000001
Medicine101E6E82 00000001
Pentazemin101E6E86 00000001
Body Armor101E6E8A 00000001
Stealth101E6E8C 00000001
Mine Detector101E6E8E 00000001
Sensor A101E6E90 00000001
Sensor B101E6E92 00000001
Thermal Goggles101E6E96 00000001
Digital Camera101E6E9A 00000001
Cigs101E6E9E 00000001
Shaver101E6EA2 00000001
Phone101E6EA4 00000001
SOCOM Suppressor101E6EB6 00000001
AK Suppressor101E6EB8 00000001
Bandana101E6EBC 00000001
Dog Tags101E6EBE 00000063
MO Disc101E6EC0 00000001
Raiden Codes
Infinite Rations001E6FCE 0000270F
Infinite Bandages001E6FD4 0000270F
Max Rations001E702E 0000270F
Max Bandages001E7034 0000270F
Max Pentazemin001E7036 0000270F
1st Pullup For Grip Level 2D01E6DC0 00200063
101E6DC0 00000063
2nd Pullup For Grip Level 3D01E6DC0 00300063
D01E6DC0 002000C7
101E6DC0 000000C7
Infinite Ammo Codes
M9101E6F3E 0000270F
USP101E6F40 0000270F
SOCOM101E6F42 0000270F
PSG1101E6F44 0000270F
RGB6101E6F46 0000270F
NIKITA101E6F48 0000270F
Stinger101E6F4A 0000270F
Claymores101E6F4C 0000270F
C4101E6F4E 0000270F
Chaff Grenades101E6F50 0000270F
Stun Grenades101E6F52 0000270F
AKS-74u101E6F5A 0000270F
Magazines101E6F5C 0000270F
Frag Grenades101E6F5E 0000270F
M4101E6F60 0000270F
PSG1-T101E6F62 0000270F
Max Ammo Codes
M9001E6F86 0000270F
USP001E6F88 0000270F
SOCOM001E6F8A 0000270F
PSG1001E6F8C 0000270F
RGB6001E6F8E 0000270F
NIKITA001E6F90 0000270F
Stinger001E6F92 0000270F
C4001E6F96 0000270F
Claymores001E6F94 0000270F
Chaff Grenades001E6F98 0000270F
Stun Grenades001E6F9A 0000270F
AKS-74u001E6FA2 0000270F
Magazines001E6FA4 0000270F
Frag Grenades001E6FA6 0000270F
M4001E6FA8 0000270F
PSG1-T001E6FAA 0000270F
Have Item Codes
D Microphone101E6F64 00000001
Book101E6F66 00000001
Binoculars101E6FD0 00000001
Medicine101E6FD2 00000001
Pentazemin101E6FD6 00000001
Field Uniform101E6FD8 00000001
Body Armor101E6FDA 00000001
Stealth101E6FDC 00000001
Mine Detector101E6FDE 00000001
Sensor A101E6FE0 00000001
Sensor B101E6FE2 00000001
NVG101E6FE4 00000001
Thermal Goggles101E6FE6 00000001
Digital Camera101E6FEA 00000001
Cigs101E6FEE 00000001
Security Card (Level Modifier 00-FF)101E6FF0 000000??
Shaver101E6FF2 00000001
Phone101E6FF4 00000001
Box 2101E6FF8 00000001
Box 3101E6FFA 00000001
Wet Box101E6FFC 00000001
Box 4101E7000 00000001
Box 5101E7002 00000001
SOCOM Suppressor101E7006 00000001
AK Suppressor101E7008 00000001
Bandana101E700C 00000001
Dog Tags101E700E 00000063
MO Disc101E7010 00000001
Wig A101E7016 00000001
Wig B101E7018 00000001
Wig C101E701A 00000001
Wig D101E701C 00000001