Metal Gear Solid 2-Sons Of Liberty (European)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100010 001650DF
E006001D 00080050
200800D0 8D840000
200800D4 000D0C03
200800D8 00812021
200800DC 1000003B
200800E0 A48D0000
10080050 0000001F
Snake Codes
Infinite M92018F6D4 015603E7
Infinite USP2018F6D4 015803E7
Infinite Chaff Grenades2018F6D4 016803E7
Infinite Stun Grenades2018F6D4 016A03E7
Infinite Magazine2018F6D4 017403E7
Infinite Grenades2018F6D4 017603E7
Max M92018F6D4 019E03E7
Max USP2018F6D4 01A003E7
Max Chaff Grenades2018F6D4 01B003E7
Max Stun Grenades2018F6D4 01B203E7
Max Magazine2018F6D4 01BC03E7
Max Grenades2018F6D4 01BE03E7
Infinite Ration2018F6D4 01E603E7
Infinite Bandage2018F6D4 01EC03E7
Infinite Pentazemin2018F6D4 01EE03E7
Have Body Armor2018F6D4 01F20001
Have Stealth2018F6D4 01F40001
Have Thermal Camera2018F6D4 01FE0001
Have DG Camera2018F6D4 02020001
Have Bandana2018F6D4 02240001
Max Ration2018F6D4 024603E7
Max Bandage2018F6D4 024C03E7
Max Pentazemin2018F6D4 024E03E7
Raiden Codes
Infinite M92018F6D4 02A603E7
Infinite SOCOM2018F6D4 02AA03E7
Infinite PSG12018F6D4 02AC03E7
Infinite RGB62018F6D4 02AE03E7
Infinite Nikita2018F6D4 02B003E7
Infinite Stinger2018F6D4 02B203E7
Infinite Claymore2018F6D4 02B403E7
Infinite C42018F6D4 02B603E7
Infinite Chaff Grenade2018F6D4 02B803E7
Infinite Stun Grenade2018F6D4 02BA03E7
Infinite AKS-74U2018F6D4 02C203E7
Infinite Magazine2018F6D4 02C403E7
Infinite Grenades2018F6D4 02C603E7
Infinite M42018F6D4 02C803E7
Infinite PSG1-T2018F6D4 02CA03E7
Have D.Mic2018F6D4 02CC0001
Infinite Adult Mags2018F6D4 02CE03E7
Max M92018F6D4 02EE03E7
Max SOCOM2018F6D4 02F203E7
Max PSG12018F6D4 02F403E7
Max RGB62018F6D4 02F603E7
Max Nikita2018F6D4 02F803E7
Max Stinger2018F6D4 02FA03E7
Max Claymore2018F6D4 02FC03E7
Max C42018F6D4 02FE03E7
Max Chaff Grenade2018F6D4 030003E7
Max Stun Grenade2018F6D4 030203E7
Max AKS-74U2018F6D4 030A03E7
Max Magazine2018F6D4 030C03E7
Max Grenades2018F6D4 030E03E7
Max M42018F6D4 031003E7
Max PSG1-T2018F6D4 031203E7
Max Adult Mags2018F6D4 031603E7
Infinite Ration2018F6D4 033603E7
Have Scope2018F6D4 03380001
Have Medicine2018F6D4 033A0001
Infinite Bandages2018F6D4 033C03E7
Infinite Pentazemin2018F6D4 033E03E7
Have Body Armor2018F6D4 03420001
Have Stealth2018F6D4 03440001
Have Mine Detector2018F6D4 03460001
Have Sensor A2018F6D4 03480001
Have Sensor B2018F6D4 034A0001
Have NVG2018F6D4 034C0001
Have Thermal G.2018F6D4 034E0001
Have DG Camera2018F6D4 03520001
Have Cigs2018F6D4 03560001
Have Shaver2018F6D4 035A0001
Have Phone2018F6D4 035C0001
Have SCM Supressor2018F6D4 036E0001
Have AK Supressor2018F6D4 03700001
Have MO Disc2018F6D4 03780001
Max Ration2018F6D4 039603E7
Max Bandages2018F6D4 039C03E7
Max Pentazemin2018F6D4 039E03E7