Mercenaries-Playground Of Destruction

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)9043CE20 0C0F466F
Infinite Health200C0220 3C014448
200C0224 0804C383
200C0228 AE010094
20130D00 08030088
Infinite Grenades2012363C 00000000
Extra Grenades2012362C 00441021
Infinite Ammo/Never Reload20124E5C 00000000
Max Funds200C0230 3C014CBE
200C0234 3421BC20
200C0238 AC410B60
200C023C 03E00008
200C0240 8E020044
2026BCB4 0C03008C
Always Low Total Play Time205A7B9C 00000000
Have All Items For Sale In Shop4051EE7C 003F0003
00000000 00000001
2051F47C 0000003F
2051F694 00000001
All Items In Shop Are Dirt Cheap4051EE80 003F0003
00000001 00000000
Activate Cheat Codes
Infinite Health200C0250 96010110
200C0254 34210004
200C0258 A6010110
200C025C 03E00008
200C0260 46000834
2012FF08 0C030094
Infinite Ammo/Grenades (All Weapons)205153F0 00000001
Always Good Faction Codes
South Korea20553194 3F800000
Russian Mafia205531B4 3F800000
China205531D4 3F800000
Allies205531F4 3F800000
Statistics Codes
Max K1025 Vehicles Destroyed205A7284 4B189680
No K1025 Vehicles Destroyed205A7284 00000000
Max BJ2020 Vehicles Destroyed205A7290 4B189680
No BJ2020 Vehicles Destroyed205A7290 00000000
Max Jaju Vehicles Destroyed205A72AC 4B189680
No Jaju Vehicles Destroyed205A72AC 00000000
Max M1027 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A72CC 4B189680
No M1027 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A72CC 00000000
Max UH-60 Transport Vehicles Destroyed205A72D0 4B189680
No UH-60 Transport Vehicles Destroyed205A72D0 00000000
Max Type 95 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A72F0 4B189680
No Type 95 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A72F0 00000000
Max M3 APC Vehicles Destroyed205A72F4 4B189680
No M3 APC Vehicles Destroyed205A72F4 00000000
Max Sungri Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A72FC 4B189680
No Sungri Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A72FC 00000000
Max K956 Vehicles Destroyed205A7300 4B189680
No K956 Vehicles Destroyed205A7300 00000000
Max MG Technical Vehicles Destroyed205A7308 4B189680
No MG Technical Vehicles Destroyed205A7308 00000000
Max Control Vehicle Vehicles Destroyed205A7310 4B189680
No Control Vehicle Vehicles Destroyed205A7310 00000000
Max SA-8 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A736C 4B189680
No SA-8 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A736C 00000000
Max Transport Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A73A4 4B189680
No Transport Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A73A4 00000000
Max Mi-2 Light Attack Vehicles Destroyed205A73BC 4B189680
No Mi-2 Light Attack Vehicles Destroyed205A73BC 00000000
Max YAH-56 Gunship Vehicles Destroyed205A73F4 4B189680
No YAH-56 Gunship Vehicles Destroyed205A73F4 00000000
Max Type 89 APC Vehicles Destroyed205A73FC 4B189680
No Type 89 APC Vehicles Destroyed205A73FC 00000000
Max SMC 2200 Vehicles Destroyed205A7408 4B189680
No SMC 2200 Vehicles Destroyed205A7408 00000000
Max Type 96 Tank Vehicles Destroyed205A740C 4B189680
No Type 96 Tank Vehicles Destroyed205A740C 00000000
Max S70 Transport Vehicles Destroyed205A7410 4B189680
No S70 Transport Vehicles Destroyed205A7410 00000000
Max SMC 2100 Vehicles Destroyed205A7420 4B189680
No SMC 2100 Vehicles Destroyed205A7420 00000000
Max Ka-50 Attack Vehicles Destroyed205A7438 4B189680
No Ka-50 Attack Vehicles Destroyed205A7438 00000000
Max FROG 7 Vehicles Destroyed205A743C 4B189680
No FROG 7 Vehicles Destroyed205A743C 00000000
Max BTR APC Vehicles Destroyed205A7440 4B189680
No BTR APC Vehicles Destroyed205A7440 00000000
Max T-62 Tank Vehicles Destroyed205A7450 4B189680
No T-62 Tank Vehicles Destroyed205A7450 00000000
Max Type 80 Tank Vehicles Destroyed205A7480 4B189680
No Type 80 Tank Vehicles Destroyed205A7480 00000000
Max T-54 TankVehicles Destroyed205A7494 4B189680
No T-54 TankVehicles Destroyed205A7494 00000000
Max MD-500 Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A74D0 4B189680
No MD-500 Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A74D0 00000000
Max ZSU-57 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A750C 4B189680
No ZSU-57 Anti-Air Vehicles Destroyed205A750C 00000000
Max K-60 Transport Vehicles Destroyed205A751C 4B189680
No K-60 Transport Vehicles Destroyed205A751C 00000000
Max Mi-35 Gunship Vehicles Destroyed205A754C 4B189680
No Mi-35 Gunship Vehicles Destroyed205A754C 00000000
Max BRDM Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A7550 4B189680
No BRDM Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A7550 00000000
Max K200 Surveillance Vehicles Destroyed205A7588 4B189680
No K200 Surveillance Vehicles Destroyed205A7588 00000000
Max M1025 Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A75A4 4B189680
No M1025 Scout Vehicles Destroyed205A75A4 00000000
Max Fuel Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A75AC 4B189680
No Fuel Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A75AC 00000000
Max K200 APC Vehicles Destroyed205A75BC 4B189680
No K200 APC Vehicles Destroyed205A75BC 00000000
Max Cargo Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A75DC 4B189680
No Cargo Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A75DC 00000000
Max SMC 2300 Vehicles Destroyed205A75EC 4B189680
No SMC 2300 Vehicles Destroyed205A75EC 00000000
Max LHX Light Attack Vehicles Destroyed205A75F0 4B189680
No LHX Light Attack Vehicles Destroyed205A75F0 00000000
Max GL Technical Vehicles Destroyed205A75F4 4B189680
No GL Technical Vehicles Destroyed205A75F4 00000000
Max BMP APC Vehicles Destroyed205A75F8 4B189680
No BMP APC Vehicles Destroyed205A75F8 00000000
Max Cargo Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A762C 4B189680
No Cargo Truck Vehicles Destroyed205A762C 00000000
Max Russian Mafia Humans Killed205A7A8C 4B189680
No Russian Mafia Humans Killed205A7A8C 00000000
Max Allies Humans Killed205A7ACC 4B189680
No Allies Humans Killed205A7ACC 00000000
Max South Korean Humans Killed205A7ADC 4B189680
No South Korean Humans Killed205A7ADC 00000000
Max Chinese Humans Killed205A7AE0 4B189680
No Chinse Korean Humans Killed205A7AE0 00000000
Max Civilian Humans Killed205A7AE8 4B189680
No Civilian Humans Killed205A7AE8 00000000
Max North Korean Humans Killed205A7AF0 4B189680
No North Korean Humans Killed205A7AF0 00000000
Max Retries205A7B7C 05F5E0FF
No Retries205A7B7C 00000000
Max Deaths205A7B80 05F5E0FF
No Deaths205A7B80 00000000
Max Medivacs205A7B84 05F5E0FF
No Medivacs205A7B84 00000000
Max Saves205A7B88 05F5E0FF
No Saves205A7B88 00000000
Max Number Of Bullets Fired205A7B8C 05F5E0FF
No Number Of Bullets Fired205A7B8C 00000000
Max Critical Hits205A7B90 05F5E0FF
No Critical Hits205A7B90 00000000
Max Special Bonus205A7B98 05F5E0FF
No Special Bonus205A7B98 00000000
Always Low Total Play Time205A7B9C 00000000