Mercenaries 2-World In Flames

🇺🇸 • Credit: Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)904903A8 0C109375
2012EF74 00441021
P1 Press Select To Skip FMV2049B128 24020001
D0A83D1C 0000FFFE
2049B128 8C620000
Infinite Health200C0220 3C014448
200C0224 0804E1C7
200C0228 AE010098
20138610 08030088
Infinite Grenades2012A054 00000000
Extra Grenades2012A044 00441021
Infinite Ammo/Never Reload2012BEC8 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo200C0230 240103E7
200C0234 4481A000
200C0238 080577D7
200C023C E454022C
2015DF58 0803008C
Max Infinite Funds200C0240 3C014CBE
200C0244 3421BC20
200C0248 AC4112B0
200C024C 03E00008
200C0250 8E020044
2029EAC4 0C030090
Infinite Fuel Reserves2017BA54 00000000
Max Infinite Fuel Reserves200C0260 C4401678
200C0264 E4401674
200C0268 03E00008
200C026C 8E020044
2029F3E4 0C030098
Max All Stockpile Items2020D5A0 24010009
2020D5A4 AC41025C
P1 Press R3+Left Disable Mission TimerD0A83D1C 0000FF7B
2032F390 00000000
P1 Press R3+Right Enable Mission TimerD0A83D1C 0000FFDB
2032F390 C44C002C
P1 Press Circle To Moon JumpD0A83D1C 0000DFFF
204FB760 30000000
D0A83D1C 0000FFFF
204FB760 40200000
Always Good Faction Codes
Univ. Petroleum205C8504 3F800000
Pirates205C8534 3F800000
Guerrillas205C8564 3F800000
Allies205C8594 3F800000
Chinese205C85C4 3F800000
P1 Press L3+Left To All Good FactionsE005FF7D 00A83D1C
205C8504 3F800000
205C8594 3F800000
205C8534 3F800000
205C8564 3F800000
205C85C4 3F800000
P1 Press L3+Right Reset To All Neutral FactionsE005FFDD 00A83D1C
205C8504 3DCCCCCD
205C8594 3DCCCCCD
205C8534 3DCCCCCD
205C8564 3DCCCCCD
Change Player Character Codes
Jen205C8714 707E723D
Mattias205C8714 C3C67997
Chris205C8714 B5D9D774
Activate Cheat Codes
Infinite Ammo/Grenades (All Weapons)20575898 00000001
God Mode605CEFCC 00000006
60000001 00000110
P1 Press L2+Left Display Factions EnableE005FE7F 00A83D1C
205CC35C 00000001
205CC39C 00000001
205CC3FC 00000001
205CC45C 00000001
205CC4BC 00000001
P1 Press L2+Right Display Factions DisableE005FEDF 00A83D1C
205CC35C 00000000
205CC39C 00000000
205CC3FC 00000000
205CC45C 00000000
205CC4BC 00000000
P1 Press R2+Left Big Map Onscreen EnableD0A83D1C 0000FD7F
205310A8 42F40000
P1 Press R2+Right Big Map Onscreen DisableD0A83D1C 0000FDDF
205310A8 42240000
P1 Press Select+Up No Texture EnableD0A83D1C 0000FFEE
20620EE9 00000000
P1 Press Select+Down No Texture DisableD0A83D1C 0000FFBE
20620EE9 00000001
Statistics Codes
Total Play Time 0:00:002061FE40 00000000
Always 1st Save2061FE18 00000000
Max Number Of Grenades Thrown2061FE24 05F5E0FF
No Number Of Grenades Thrown2061FE24 00000000
Max Number Of C4 Cgarges Placed2061FE20 05F5E0FF
No Number Of C4 Cgarges Placed2061FE20 00000000
Max Number Of Rockets Fired2061FE28 05F5E0FF
No Number Of Rockets Fired2061FE28 00000000
Max Number Of Bullets Fired2061FE1C 05F5E0FF
No Number Of Bullets Fired2061FE1C 00000000
Max Medevacs2061FE14 05F5E0FF
No Medevacs2061FE14 00000000
Max Critical Hits2061FE2C 05F5E0FF
No Critical Hits2061FE2C 00000000
Max Deaths2061FE10 05F5E0FF
No Deaths2061FE10 00000000
Max Retries2061FE0C 05F5E0FF
No Retries2061FE0C 00000000
Humans Killed Codes
Max Universal Petroleum Killed2061FD14 4CBEBC20
No Universal Petroleum Killed2061FD14 00000000
Max Pirates Killed2061FD40 4CBEBC20
No Venezuelan Army Killed2061FD40 00000000
Max Pirates Killed2061FD54 4CBEBC20
No Venezuelan Army Killed2061FD54 00000000
Vehicles Destroyed Codes
Max Manley SAM Destroyed2061F504 4CBEBC20
No Manley SAM Destroyed2061F504 00000000
Max SM Cargo Destroyed2061F6B0 4CBEBC20
No SM Cargo Destroyed2061F6B0 00000000
Max Gunney Bird Destroyed2061F6D4 4CBEBC20
No Gunney Bird Destroyed2061F6D4 00000000
Max Brigante Destroyed2061F774 4CBEBC20
No Brigante Destroyed2061F774 00000000
Max Serrano Light Tank Destroyed2061F860 4CBEBC20
No Serrano Light Tank Destroyed2061F860 00000000
Max Bashy Scout Destroyed2061F8A0 4CBEBC20
No Bashy Scout Destroyed2061F8A0 00000000
Have All Max Collectibles Items Codes
Fuel Cans20A1B778 00000019
Crash Pallets20A1B774 00000019
Dogtags20A1B77C 0000000A
Briefcases20A1B780 0000000A
Pirate Chests20A1B784 0000000A
Schematics20A1B788 0000000A
Propagande Materials20A1B78C 0000000A