Medal Of Honor-Rising Sun

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F1C00A20 0035327F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9035327C 0C0C9CCD
Infinite Ammo20250680 00000000
Extra Ammo1025067C 00000001
Infinite Health203CB9F0 00000001
Infinite Ammo (Alternate)203CB9F4 00000001
Always Sniper203CB9F8 00000001
Matrix Jumping (Slow Motion)203CB9FC 00000001
Bullet Shield203CBA04 00000001
Men With Hats203CBA08 00000001
Rubber Grenades203CBA0C 00000001
Silver Bullet203CBA10 00000001
Achilles Head203CBA14 00000001
Perfectionist Mode203CBA18 00000001
Invisible Soldiers203CBA1C 00000001
All Replay Items203CBA24 00000001
Disable HUD203CBB7C 00000000
Guards Have No Ammo201C38D8 00000000
Press L1+Select For Super Game SpeedD04D1FC2 0000FBFE
20359DDC 41000000
Press L2+Select For Ultra Game SpeedD04D1FC2 0000FEFE
20359DDC 42C80000
Press R1+Select For Normal Game SpeedD04D1FC2 0000F7FE
20359DDC 3F800000
Press R2+Select For Slower Game SpeedD04D1FC2 0000FDFE
20359DDC 3F400000
Have All Medals2010BF50 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Levels2010BF54 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Valor In History2010BF58 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Storyboards2010BF5C FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Bonus2010BF64 FFFFFFFF
Unlock Movie Codes
Pearl Harbor0010C4F2 00000001
Fall Of The Philippines0010C4FA 00000001
Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal0010C502 00000001
Pistol Pete Showdown0010C50A 00000001
Singapore Sling0010C512 00000001
In Search Of Yamashita's Gold0010C522 00000001
A Bridge On The River Kwai0010C52A 00000001
Supercarrier Sabotage0010C532 00000001