Medal Of Honor-European Assault

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9047FC04 0C110A93
Disable FMV2045F6F0 24020001
Infinite Health201D9920 3C014348
201D9924 AC8103D0
101D992A 00001000
Infinite Ammo20198C8C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo20198C88 240203E7
Extra Ammo20198C84 01071021
Never Reload2019A5A8 00000000
Infinite Med Kits201D0940 00000000
Max Infinite Med Kits201D0934 24040009
Extra Med Kits201D0934 00852021
Infinite Revives201E7684 00000000
Max Infinite Revives201E7678 24040009
Extra Revives201E7678 00852021
Max Infinite Revives (Alternate)200C0220 24060009
200C0224 0811106E
200C0228 AC461460
2026527C 0C030088
P1 Press L1+Select For Super Game SpeedD05FDE82 0000FBFE
20497E00 41000000
P1 Press L2+Select For Ultra Game SpeedD05FDE82 0000FEFE
20497E00 42C80000
P1 Press R1+Select For Normal Game SpeedD05FDE82 0000F7FE
20497E00 3F800000
P1 Press R2+Select For Slower Game SpeedD05FDE82 0000FDFE
20497E00 3F400000
P1 Press L1+L2 For Max Adrenaline200C0220 3C0142C8
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 AC8113FC
D05FDE82 0000FAFF
20277DDC 08030088
D05FDE82 0000FFFF
20277DDC 03E00008
Activate Cheat Codes
Infinite Health2056D018 00000001
Infinite Ammo2056D020 00000001
Have Mission Completed Codes
St. Nazairie-1-Operation-Chariot70100714 00000001
St. Nazairie-2-Raid On St. Nazaire70100764 00000001
St. Nazairie-3-Lights OUt In The Port City701007B4 00000001
St. Nazairie-4-Escape At Dawn70100804 00000001
North Africa-1-Operation-Blindfold70100854 00000001
North Africa-2-Operation-V2 Silence701008A4 00000001
Russia-1-Road To Stalingrad701008F4 00000001
Russia-2-Climbing Mamayev Hill70100944 00000001
Battle Of The Bulge-1-Mission To Rocherath70100994 00000001
Battle Of The Bulge-2-Farmhouse Liberation701009E4 00000001
Battle Of The Bulge-3-Operation-Virus House70100A34 00000001
Have Service Record Medal Codes
St. Nazairie-1-Operation-Chariot70100748 00000003
St. Nazairie-2-Raid On St. Nazaire70100798 00000003
St. Nazairie-3-Lights OUt In The Port City701007E8 00000003
St. Nazairie-4-Escape At Dawn70100838 00000003
North Africa-1-Operation-Blindfold70100888 00000003
North Africa-2-Operation-V2 Silence701008D8 00000003
Russia-1-Road To Stalingrad70100928 00000003
Russia-2-Climbing Mamayev Hill70100978 00000003
Battle Of The Bulge-1-Mission To Rocherath701009C8 00000003
Battle Of The Bulge-2-Farmhouse Liberation70100A18 00000003
Battle Of The Bulge-3-Operation-Virus House70100A68 00000003