Maximo-Ghosts To Glory

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Jackel

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0014EB9F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9014EB9C 0C046C46
Unlock Mastery101CF904 00000001
Unlock Gallery101CF914 00000001
Unlock Play Story Sequences101CF954 00000001
Have Most Powerups1025CE76 0000FFFF
1025CEBC 0000EFFF
Infinite Gold Armor (Upon Pickup)2025CE88 44A00000
Tiny Mode2025CE90 3E800000
Huge Mode2025CE90 40000000
Have Flame Tongue (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CE9C 00000001
Have Frostbiter (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CE9C 00000002
Have Pure Blade (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CE9C 00000003
Have Armageddon (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CE9C 00000004
Infinite Health1025CEA0 00000010
Have Normal Boxers (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000001
Have Normal Armor (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000002
Have Gold Armor (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000003
Infinite Lives1025CEA8 00000063
Max Gold Koins1025CEAC 000003E7
Max Spirits1025CEB0 00000063
Max Red Keys1025CEB4 00000063
Max Red Coins1025CEB8 00000063
Infinite Shield1025CEC0 0000000A
Infinite Sword Energy1025CEC4 00000014
Have Gold Key1025CECC 00000001
Have Normal Shield (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CED0 00000002
Have Silver Shield (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CED0 00000003
Have Gold Shield (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)0025CED0 00000004
Have White M Boxers (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000001
1025CED8 00000001
Have Blue Pow Boxers (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000001
1025CED8 00000002
Have Heart Boxers (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000001
1025CED8 00000003
Have Cow Boxers (Upon Weapon/Armor Pickup)1025CEA4 00000001
1025CED8 00000004
Always Double Jump1025CF00 00000000
Easier Kills1025CF06 00000005