Marc Ecko's Getting Up-Contents Under Pressure

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90120724 0C0417C4
Infinite HealthE002282D 009498E8
209498FC C6620138
20949910 E6620134
Max HealthE002282D 009498E8
20949914 3C014596
20949920 AE610138
Infinite Stamina200C0280 8C410A80
200C0284 03E00008
200C0288 AC410A7C
207EFCE8 080300A0
Max Stamina200C0290 3C014596
200C0294 03E00008
200C0298 AC410A80
207EFCF8 080300A4
View Unlock List For Max Total ReputationE0051021 0092CA38
200C0200 2403270F
200C0204 A4430938
200C0208 0824B290
200C020C 24C60001
2092CA3C 08030080
View Ipod Songs To Unlock AllE0021821 0024ABDC
2024ABE0 A0600724
2024ABE4 00000000
View Mission Select To Unlock All LevelsE0021021 0092C404
2092C408 A0400934
2092C410 00000000
View Movies To Unlock All MoviesE002182D 0092CEE4
2092CEE8 A0600934
2092CEF0 00000000
View Graffiti Legends To Unlock AllE002182D 0092CF64
2092CF6C A0400564
1092CF72 00001000
Activate Cheat Codes
Activation Code (Must Be On)200C0220 8F83A6F8
200C0224 54600001
200C0228 8C630000
200C022C 10600012
200C0230 24010001
200C0278 03E00008
200C027C 00000000
2012075C 08030088
Unlock All Movies200C0234 A06102D2
Unlock All Concept Art200C0238 A06102D3
Unlock All Versus Arenas200C023C A06102D4
Unlock All Versus Characters200C0240 A06102D5
Unlock All Black Book200C0244 A06102D6
Unlock All Combat Upgrades200C0248 A06102D7
Unlock All Levels200C024C A06102D8
Unlock All Legends200C0250 A06102D9
Unlock All Ipod Songs200C0254 A06102DA
Max Health200C0258 A06102DB
Max Skills200C025C A06102DC
Infinite Health200C0260 A06102DD
Infinite Skills200C0264 A06102DE