Makai Kingdom-Chronicles Of The Sacred Tome

🇺🇸 • Credit: Pyriel, Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90118DB8 00832021
2013AF50 00000000
Character Codes
Character 1 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E7B10 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E7B10 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E7B6C 0098967F
Infinite SP202E7B70 0098967F
Max HP202E7B94 0098967F
Max SP202E7B98 0098967F
Max ATK202E7B9C 0098967F
Max DEF202E7BA0 0098967F
Max INT202E7BA4 0098967F
Max RES202E7BA8 0098967F
Max TEC202E7BAC 0098967F
Max Mana202E7BBC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E7BD0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E7BD1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E7BD2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E7BD3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E7BD4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E7BD5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E7BD6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E7BF0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E7BF2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E7BF4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E7D18 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E7C18 0000????
Skill 2102E7C20 0000????
Skill 3102E7C28 0000????
Skill 4102E7C30 0000????
Skill 5102E7C38 0000????
Skill 6102E7C40 0000????
Skill 7102E7C48 0000????
Skill 8102E7C50 0000????
Skill 9102E7C58 0000????
Skill 10102E7C60 0000????
Skill 11102E7C68 0000????
Skill 12102E7C70 0000????
Skill 13102E7C78 0000????
Skill 14102E7C80 0000????
Skill 15102E7C88 0000????
Skill 16102E7C90 0000????
Skill 17102E7C98 0000????
Skill 18102E7CA0 0000????
Skill 19102E7CA8 0000????
Skill 20102E7CB0 0000????
Skill 21102E7CB8 0000????
Skill 22102E7CC0 0000????
Skill 23102E7CC8 0000????
Skill 24102E7CD0 0000????
Skill 25102E7CD8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E7C1A 000000FF
Skill 2102E7C22 000000FF
Skill 3102E7C2A 000000FF
Skill 4102E7C32 000000FF
Skill 5102E7C3A 000000FF
Skill 6102E7C42 000000FF
Skill 7102E7C4A 000000FF
Skill 8102E7C52 000000FF
Skill 9102E7C5A 000000FF
Skill 10102E7C62 000000FF
Skill 11102E7C6A 000000FF
Skill 12102E7C72 000000FF
Skill 13102E7C7A 000000FF
Skill 14102E7C82 000000FF
Skill 15102E7C8A 000000FF
Skill 16102E7C92 000000FF
Skill 17102E7C9A 000000FF
Skill 18102E7CA2 000000FF
Skill 19102E7CAA 000000FF
Skill 20102E7CB2 000000FF
Skill 21102E7CBA 000000FF
Skill 22102E7CC2 000000FF
Skill 23102E7CCA 000000FF
Skill 24102E7CD2 000000FF
Skill 25102E7CDA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E7C18 00FF????
Skill 2202E7C20 00FF????
Skill 3202E7C28 00FF????
Skill 4202E7C30 00FF????
Skill 5202E7C38 00FF????
Skill 6202E7C40 00FF????
Skill 7202E7C48 00FF????
Skill 8202E7C50 00FF????
Skill 9202E7C58 00FF????
Skill 10202E7C60 00FF????
Skill 11202E7C68 00FF????
Skill 12202E7C70 00FF????
Skill 13202E7C78 00FF????
Skill 14202E7C80 00FF????
Skill 15202E7C88 00FF????
Skill 16202E7C90 00FF????
Skill 17202E7C98 00FF????
Skill 18202E7CA0 00FF????
Skill 19202E7CA8 00FF????
Skill 20202E7CB0 00FF????
Skill 21202E7CB8 00FF????
Skill 22202E7CC0 00FF????
Skill 23202E7CC8 00FF????
Skill 24202E7CD0 00FF????
Skill 25202E7CD8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E7C1C 00078600
Skill 2202E7C24 00078600
Skill 3202E7C2C 00078600
Skill 4202E7C34 00078600
Skill 5202E7C3C 00078600
Skill 6202E7C44 00078600
Skill 7202E7C4C 00078600
Skill 8202E7C54 00078600
Skill 9202E7C5C 00078600
Skill 10202E7C64 00078600
Skill 11202E7C6C 00078600
Skill 12202E7C74 00078600
Skill 13202E7C7C 00078600
Skill 14202E7C84 00078600
Skill 15202E7C8C 00078600
Skill 16202E7C94 00078600
Skill 17202E7C9C 00078600
Skill 18202E7CA4 00078600
Skill 19202E7CAC 00078600
Skill 20202E7CB4 00078600
Skill 21202E7CBC 00078600
Skill 22202E7CC4 00078600
Skill 23202E7CCC 00078600
Skill 24202E7CD4 00078600
Skill 25202E7CDC 00078600
Character 2 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E7DE8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E7DE8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E7E44 0098967F
Infinite SP202E7E48 0098967F
Max HP202E7E6C 0098967F
Max SP202E7E70 0098967F
Max ATK202E7E74 0098967F
Max DEF202E7E78 0098967F
Max INT202E7E7C 0098967F
Max RES202E7E80 0098967F
Max TEC202E7E84 0098967F
Max Mana202E7E94 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E7EA8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E7EA9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E7EAA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E7EAB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E7EAC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E7EAD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E7EAE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E7EC8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E7ECA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E7ECC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E7FF0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E7EF0 0000????
Skill 2102E7EF8 0000????
Skill 3102E7F00 0000????
Skill 4102E7F08 0000????
Skill 5102E7F10 0000????
Skill 6102E7F18 0000????
Skill 7102E7F20 0000????
Skill 8102E7F28 0000????
Skill 9102E7F30 0000????
Skill 10102E7F38 0000????
Skill 11102E7F40 0000????
Skill 12102E7F48 0000????
Skill 13102E7F50 0000????
Skill 14102E7F58 0000????
Skill 15102E7F60 0000????
Skill 16102E7F68 0000????
Skill 17102E7F70 0000????
Skill 18102E7F78 0000????
Skill 19102E7F80 0000????
Skill 20102E7F88 0000????
Skill 21102E7F90 0000????
Skill 22102E7F98 0000????
Skill 23102E7FA0 0000????
Skill 24102E7FA8 0000????
Skill 25102E7FB0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E7EF2 000000FF
Skill 2102E7EFA 000000FF
Skill 3102E7F02 000000FF
Skill 4102E7F0A 000000FF
Skill 5102E7F12 000000FF
Skill 6102E7F1A 000000FF
Skill 7102E7F22 000000FF
Skill 8102E7F2A 000000FF
Skill 9102E7F32 000000FF
Skill 10102E7F3A 000000FF
Skill 11102E7F42 000000FF
Skill 12102E7F4A 000000FF
Skill 13102E7F52 000000FF
Skill 14102E7F5A 000000FF
Skill 15102E7F62 000000FF
Skill 16102E7F6A 000000FF
Skill 17102E7F72 000000FF
Skill 18102E7F7A 000000FF
Skill 19102E7F82 000000FF
Skill 20102E7F8A 000000FF
Skill 21102E7F92 000000FF
Skill 22102E7F9A 000000FF
Skill 23102E7FA2 000000FF
Skill 24102E7FAA 000000FF
Skill 25102E7FB2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E7EF0 00FF????
Skill 2202E7EF8 00FF????
Skill 3202E7F00 00FF????
Skill 4202E7F08 00FF????
Skill 5202E7F10 00FF????
Skill 6202E7F18 00FF????
Skill 7202E7F20 00FF????
Skill 8202E7F28 00FF????
Skill 9202E7F30 00FF????
Skill 10202E7F38 00FF????
Skill 11202E7F40 00FF????
Skill 12202E7F48 00FF????
Skill 13202E7F50 00FF????
Skill 14202E7F58 00FF????
Skill 15202E7F60 00FF????
Skill 16202E7F68 00FF????
Skill 17202E7F70 00FF????
Skill 18202E7F78 00FF????
Skill 19202E7F80 00FF????
Skill 20202E7F88 00FF????
Skill 21202E7F90 00FF????
Skill 22202E7F98 00FF????
Skill 23202E7FA0 00FF????
Skill 24202E7FA8 00FF????
Skill 25202E7FB0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E7EF4 00078600
Skill 2202E7EFC 00078600
Skill 3202E7F04 00078600
Skill 4202E7F0C 00078600
Skill 5202E7F14 00078600
Skill 6202E7F1C 00078600
Skill 7202E7F24 00078600
Skill 8202E7F2C 00078600
Skill 9202E7F34 00078600
Skill 10202E7F3C 00078600
Skill 11202E7F44 00078600
Skill 12202E7F4C 00078600
Skill 13202E7F54 00078600
Skill 14202E7F5C 00078600
Skill 15202E7F64 00078600
Skill 16202E7F6C 00078600
Skill 17202E7F74 00078600
Skill 18202E7F7C 00078600
Skill 19202E7F84 00078600
Skill 20202E7F8C 00078600
Skill 21202E7F94 00078600
Skill 22202E7F9C 00078600
Skill 23202E7FA4 00078600
Skill 24202E7FAC 00078600
Skill 25202E7FB4 00078600
Character 3 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E80C0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E80C0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E811C 0098967F
Infinite SP202E8120 0098967F
Max HP202E8144 0098967F
Max SP202E8148 0098967F
Max ATK202E814C 0098967F
Max DEF202E8150 0098967F
Max INT202E8154 0098967F
Max RES202E8158 0098967F
Max TEC202E815C 0098967F
Max Mana202E816C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E8180 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E8181 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E8182 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E8183 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E8184 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E8185 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E8186 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E81A0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E81A2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E81A4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E82C8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E81C8 0000????
Skill 2102E81D0 0000????
Skill 3102E81D8 0000????
Skill 4102E81E0 0000????
Skill 5102E81E8 0000????
Skill 6102E81F0 0000????
Skill 7102E81F8 0000????
Skill 8102E8200 0000????
Skill 9102E8208 0000????
Skill 10102E8210 0000????
Skill 11102E8218 0000????
Skill 12102E8220 0000????
Skill 13102E8228 0000????
Skill 14102E8230 0000????
Skill 15102E8238 0000????
Skill 16102E8240 0000????
Skill 17102E8248 0000????
Skill 18102E8250 0000????
Skill 19102E8258 0000????
Skill 20102E8260 0000????
Skill 21102E8268 0000????
Skill 22102E8270 0000????
Skill 23102E8278 0000????
Skill 24102E8280 0000????
Skill 25102E8288 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E81CA 000000FF
Skill 2102E81D2 000000FF
Skill 3102E81DA 000000FF
Skill 4102E81E2 000000FF
Skill 5102E81EA 000000FF
Skill 6102E81F2 000000FF
Skill 7102E81FA 000000FF
Skill 8102E8202 000000FF
Skill 9102E820A 000000FF
Skill 10102E8212 000000FF
Skill 11102E821A 000000FF
Skill 12102E8222 000000FF
Skill 13102E822A 000000FF
Skill 14102E8232 000000FF
Skill 15102E823A 000000FF
Skill 16102E8242 000000FF
Skill 17102E824A 000000FF
Skill 18102E8252 000000FF
Skill 19102E825A 000000FF
Skill 20102E8262 000000FF
Skill 21102E826A 000000FF
Skill 22102E8272 000000FF
Skill 23102E827A 000000FF
Skill 24102E8282 000000FF
Skill 25102E828A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E81C8 00FF????
Skill 2202E81D0 00FF????
Skill 3202E81D8 00FF????
Skill 4202E81E0 00FF????
Skill 5202E81E8 00FF????
Skill 6202E81F0 00FF????
Skill 7202E81F8 00FF????
Skill 8202E8200 00FF????
Skill 9202E8208 00FF????
Skill 10202E8210 00FF????
Skill 11202E8218 00FF????
Skill 12202E8220 00FF????
Skill 13202E8228 00FF????
Skill 14202E8230 00FF????
Skill 15202E8238 00FF????
Skill 16202E8240 00FF????
Skill 17202E8248 00FF????
Skill 18202E8250 00FF????
Skill 19202E8258 00FF????
Skill 20202E8260 00FF????
Skill 21202E8268 00FF????
Skill 22202E8270 00FF????
Skill 23202E8278 00FF????
Skill 24202E8280 00FF????
Skill 25202E8288 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E81CC 00078600
Skill 2202E81D4 00078600
Skill 3202E81DC 00078600
Skill 4202E81E4 00078600
Skill 5202E81EC 00078600
Skill 6202E81F4 00078600
Skill 7202E81FC 00078600
Skill 8202E8204 00078600
Skill 9202E820C 00078600
Skill 10202E8214 00078600
Skill 11202E821C 00078600
Skill 12202E8224 00078600
Skill 13202E822C 00078600
Skill 14202E8234 00078600
Skill 15202E823C 00078600
Skill 16202E8244 00078600
Skill 17202E824C 00078600
Skill 18202E8254 00078600
Skill 19202E825C 00078600
Skill 20202E8264 00078600
Skill 21202E826C 00078600
Skill 22202E8274 00078600
Skill 23202E827C 00078600
Skill 24202E8284 00078600
Skill 25202E828C 00078600
Character 4 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E8398 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E8398 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E83F4 0098967F
Infinite SP202E83F8 0098967F
Max HP202E841C 0098967F
Max SP202E8420 0098967F
Max ATK202E8424 0098967F
Max DEF202E8428 0098967F
Max INT202E842C 0098967F
Max RES202E8430 0098967F
Max TEC202E8434 0098967F
Max Mana202E8444 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E8458 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E8459 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E845A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E845B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E845C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E845D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E845E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E8478 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E847A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E847C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E85A0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E84A0 0000????
Skill 2102E84A8 0000????
Skill 3102E84B0 0000????
Skill 4102E84B8 0000????
Skill 5102E84C0 0000????
Skill 6102E84C8 0000????
Skill 7102E84D0 0000????
Skill 8102E84D8 0000????
Skill 9102E84E0 0000????
Skill 10102E84E8 0000????
Skill 11102E84F0 0000????
Skill 12102E84F8 0000????
Skill 13102E8500 0000????
Skill 14102E8508 0000????
Skill 15102E8510 0000????
Skill 16102E8518 0000????
Skill 17102E8520 0000????
Skill 18102E8528 0000????
Skill 19102E8530 0000????
Skill 20102E8538 0000????
Skill 21102E8540 0000????
Skill 22102E8548 0000????
Skill 23102E8550 0000????
Skill 24102E8558 0000????
Skill 25102E8560 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E84A2 000000FF
Skill 2102E84AA 000000FF
Skill 3102E84B2 000000FF
Skill 4102E84BA 000000FF
Skill 5102E84C2 000000FF
Skill 6102E84CA 000000FF
Skill 7102E84D2 000000FF
Skill 8102E84DA 000000FF
Skill 9102E84E2 000000FF
Skill 10102E84EA 000000FF
Skill 11102E84F2 000000FF
Skill 12102E84FA 000000FF
Skill 13102E8502 000000FF
Skill 14102E850A 000000FF
Skill 15102E8512 000000FF
Skill 16102E851A 000000FF
Skill 17102E8522 000000FF
Skill 18102E852A 000000FF
Skill 19102E8532 000000FF
Skill 20102E853A 000000FF
Skill 21102E8542 000000FF
Skill 22102E854A 000000FF
Skill 23102E8552 000000FF
Skill 24102E855A 000000FF
Skill 25102E8562 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E84A0 00FF????
Skill 2202E84A8 00FF????
Skill 3202E84B0 00FF????
Skill 4202E84B8 00FF????
Skill 5202E84C0 00FF????
Skill 6202E84C8 00FF????
Skill 7202E84D0 00FF????
Skill 8202E84D8 00FF????
Skill 9202E84E0 00FF????
Skill 10202E84E8 00FF????
Skill 11202E84F0 00FF????
Skill 12202E84F8 00FF????
Skill 13202E8500 00FF????
Skill 14202E8508 00FF????
Skill 15202E8510 00FF????
Skill 16202E8518 00FF????
Skill 17202E8520 00FF????
Skill 18202E8528 00FF????
Skill 19202E8530 00FF????
Skill 20202E8538 00FF????
Skill 21202E8540 00FF????
Skill 22202E8548 00FF????
Skill 23202E8550 00FF????
Skill 24202E8558 00FF????
Skill 25202E8560 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E84A4 00078600
Skill 2202E84AC 00078600
Skill 3202E84B4 00078600
Skill 4202E84BC 00078600
Skill 5202E84C4 00078600
Skill 6202E84CC 00078600
Skill 7202E84D4 00078600
Skill 8202E84DC 00078600
Skill 9202E84E4 00078600
Skill 10202E84EC 00078600
Skill 11202E84F4 00078600
Skill 12202E84FC 00078600
Skill 13202E8504 00078600
Skill 14202E850C 00078600
Skill 15202E8514 00078600
Skill 16202E851C 00078600
Skill 17202E8524 00078600
Skill 18202E852C 00078600
Skill 19202E8534 00078600
Skill 20202E853C 00078600
Skill 21202E8544 00078600
Skill 22202E854C 00078600
Skill 23202E8554 00078600
Skill 24202E855C 00078600
Skill 25202E8564 00078600
Character 5 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E8670 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E8670 FFFFFFFF
202E8674 7FFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E86CC 0098967F
Infinite SP202E86D0 0098967F
Max HP202E86F4 0098967F
Max SP202E86F8 0098967F
Max ATK202E86FC 0098967F
Max DEF202E8700 0098967F
Max INT202E8704 0098967F
Max RES202E8708 0098967F
Max TEC202E870C 0098967F
Max Mana202E871C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E8730 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E8731 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E8732 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E8733 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E8734 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E8735 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E8736 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E8750 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E8752 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E8754 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E8878 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E8778 0000????
Skill 2102E8780 0000????
Skill 3102E8788 0000????
Skill 4102E8790 0000????
Skill 5102E8798 0000????
Skill 6102E87A0 0000????
Skill 7102E87A8 0000????
Skill 8102E87B0 0000????
Skill 9102E87B8 0000????
Skill 10102E87C0 0000????
Skill 11102E87C8 0000????
Skill 12102E87D0 0000????
Skill 13102E87D8 0000????
Skill 14102E87E0 0000????
Skill 15102E87E8 0000????
Skill 16102E87F0 0000????
Skill 17102E87F8 0000????
Skill 18102E8800 0000????
Skill 19102E8808 0000????
Skill 20102E8810 0000????
Skill 21102E8818 0000????
Skill 22102E8820 0000????
Skill 23102E8828 0000????
Skill 24102E8830 0000????
Skill 25102E8838 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E877A 000000FF
Skill 2102E8782 000000FF
Skill 3102E878A 000000FF
Skill 4102E8792 000000FF
Skill 5102E879A 000000FF
Skill 6102E87A2 000000FF
Skill 7102E87AA 000000FF
Skill 8102E87B2 000000FF
Skill 9102E87BA 000000FF
Skill 10102E87C2 000000FF
Skill 11102E87CA 000000FF
Skill 12102E87D2 000000FF
Skill 13102E87DA 000000FF
Skill 14102E87E2 000000FF
Skill 15102E87EA 000000FF
Skill 16102E87F2 000000FF
Skill 17102E87FA 000000FF
Skill 18102E8802 000000FF
Skill 19102E880A 000000FF
Skill 20102E8812 000000FF
Skill 21102E881A 000000FF
Skill 22102E8822 000000FF
Skill 23102E882A 000000FF
Skill 24102E8832 000000FF
Skill 25102E883A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E8778 00FF????
Skill 2202E8780 00FF????
Skill 3202E8788 00FF????
Skill 4202E8790 00FF????
Skill 5202E8798 00FF????
Skill 6202E87A0 00FF????
Skill 7202E87A8 00FF????
Skill 8202E87B0 00FF????
Skill 9202E87B8 00FF????
Skill 10202E87C0 00FF????
Skill 11202E87C8 00FF????
Skill 12202E87D0 00FF????
Skill 13202E87D8 00FF????
Skill 14202E87E0 00FF????
Skill 15202E87E8 00FF????
Skill 16202E87F0 00FF????
Skill 17202E87F8 00FF????
Skill 18202E8800 00FF????
Skill 19202E8808 00FF????
Skill 20202E8810 00FF????
Skill 21202E8818 00FF????
Skill 22202E8820 00FF????
Skill 23202E8828 00FF????
Skill 24202E8830 00FF????
Skill 25202E8838 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E877C 00078600
Skill 2202E8784 00078600
Skill 3202E878C 00078600
Skill 4202E8794 00078600
Skill 5202E879C 00078600
Skill 6202E87A4 00078600
Skill 7202E87AC 00078600
Skill 8202E87B4 00078600
Skill 9202E87BC 00078600
Skill 10202E87C4 00078600
Skill 11202E87CC 00078600
Skill 12202E87D4 00078600
Skill 13202E87DC 00078600
Skill 14202E87E4 00078600
Skill 15202E87EC 00078600
Skill 16202E87F4 00078600
Skill 17202E87FC 00078600
Skill 18202E8804 00078600
Skill 19202E880C 00078600
Skill 20202E8814 00078600
Skill 21202E881C 00078600
Skill 22202E8824 00078600
Skill 23202E882C 00078600
Skill 24202E8834 00078600
Skill 25202E883C 00078600
Character 6 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E8948 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E8948 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E89A4 0098967F
Infinite SP202E89A8 0098967F
Max HP202E89CC 0098967F
Max SP202E89D0 0098967F
Max ATK202E89D4 0098967F
Max DEF202E89D8 0098967F
Max INT202E89DC 0098967F
Max RES202E89E0 0098967F
Max TEC202E89E4 0098967F
Max Mana202E89F4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E8A08 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E8A09 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E8A0A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E8A0B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E8A0C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E8A0D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E8A0E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E8A28 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E8A2A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E8A2C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E8B50 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E8A50 0000????
Skill 2102E8A58 0000????
Skill 3102E8A60 0000????
Skill 4102E8A68 0000????
Skill 5102E8A70 0000????
Skill 6102E8A78 0000????
Skill 7102E8A80 0000????
Skill 8102E8A88 0000????
Skill 9102E8A90 0000????
Skill 10102E8A98 0000????
Skill 11102E8AA0 0000????
Skill 12102E8AA8 0000????
Skill 13102E8AB0 0000????
Skill 14102E8AB8 0000????
Skill 15102E8AC0 0000????
Skill 16102E8AC8 0000????
Skill 17102E8AD0 0000????
Skill 18102E8AD8 0000????
Skill 19102E8AE0 0000????
Skill 20102E8AE8 0000????
Skill 21102E8AF0 0000????
Skill 22102E8AF8 0000????
Skill 23102E8B00 0000????
Skill 24102E8B08 0000????
Skill 25102E8B10 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E8A52 000000FF
Skill 2102E8A5A 000000FF
Skill 3102E8A62 000000FF
Skill 4102E8A6A 000000FF
Skill 5102E8A72 000000FF
Skill 6102E8A7A 000000FF
Skill 7102E8A82 000000FF
Skill 8102E8A8A 000000FF
Skill 9102E8A92 000000FF
Skill 10102E8A9A 000000FF
Skill 11102E8AA2 000000FF
Skill 12102E8AAA 000000FF
Skill 13102E8AB2 000000FF
Skill 14102E8ABA 000000FF
Skill 15102E8AC2 000000FF
Skill 16102E8ACA 000000FF
Skill 17102E8AD2 000000FF
Skill 18102E8ADA 000000FF
Skill 19102E8AE2 000000FF
Skill 20102E8AEA 000000FF
Skill 21102E8AF2 000000FF
Skill 22102E8AFA 000000FF
Skill 23102E8B02 000000FF
Skill 24102E8B0A 000000FF
Skill 25102E8B12 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E8A50 00FF????
Skill 2202E8A58 00FF????
Skill 3202E8A60 00FF????
Skill 4202E8A68 00FF????
Skill 5202E8A70 00FF????
Skill 6202E8A78 00FF????
Skill 7202E8A80 00FF????
Skill 8202E8A88 00FF????
Skill 9202E8A90 00FF????
Skill 10202E8A98 00FF????
Skill 11202E8AA0 00FF????
Skill 12202E8AA8 00FF????
Skill 13202E8AB0 00FF????
Skill 14202E8AB8 00FF????
Skill 15202E8AC0 00FF????
Skill 16202E8AC8 00FF????
Skill 17202E8AD0 00FF????
Skill 18202E8AD8 00FF????
Skill 19202E8AE0 00FF????
Skill 20202E8AE8 00FF????
Skill 21202E8AF0 00FF????
Skill 22202E8AF8 00FF????
Skill 23202E8B00 00FF????
Skill 24202E8B08 00FF????
Skill 25202E8B10 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E8A54 00078600
Skill 2202E8A5C 00078600
Skill 3202E8A64 00078600
Skill 4202E8A6C 00078600
Skill 5202E8A74 00078600
Skill 6202E8A7C 00078600
Skill 7202E8A84 00078600
Skill 8202E8A8C 00078600
Skill 9202E8A94 00078600
Skill 10202E8A9C 00078600
Skill 11202E8AA4 00078600
Skill 12202E8AAC 00078600
Skill 13202E8AB4 00078600
Skill 14202E8ABC 00078600
Skill 15202E8AC4 00078600
Skill 16202E8ACC 00078600
Skill 17202E8AD4 00078600
Skill 18202E8ADC 00078600
Skill 19202E8AE4 00078600
Skill 20202E8AEC 00078600
Skill 21202E8AF4 00078600
Skill 22202E8AFC 00078600
Skill 23202E8B04 00078600
Skill 24202E8B0C 00078600
Skill 25202E8B14 00078600
Character 7 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E8C20 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E8C20 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E8C7C 0098967F
Infinite SP202E8C80 0098967F
Max HP202E8CA4 0098967F
Max SP202E8CA8 0098967F
Max ATK202E8CAC 0098967F
Max DEF202E8CB0 0098967F
Max INT202E8CB4 0098967F
Max RES202E8CB8 0098967F
Max TEC202E8CBC 0098967F
Max Mana202E8CCC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E8CE0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E8CE1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E8CE2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E8CE3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E8CE4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E8CE5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E8CE6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E8D00 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E8D02 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E8D04 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E8E28 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E8D28 0000????
Skill 2102E8D30 0000????
Skill 3102E8D38 0000????
Skill 4102E8D40 0000????
Skill 5102E8D48 0000????
Skill 6102E8D50 0000????
Skill 7102E8D58 0000????
Skill 8102E8D60 0000????
Skill 9102E8D68 0000????
Skill 10102E8D70 0000????
Skill 11102E8D78 0000????
Skill 12102E8D80 0000????
Skill 13102E8D88 0000????
Skill 14102E8D90 0000????
Skill 15102E8D98 0000????
Skill 16102E8DA0 0000????
Skill 17102E8DA8 0000????
Skill 18102E8DB0 0000????
Skill 19102E8DB8 0000????
Skill 20102E8DC0 0000????
Skill 21102E8DC8 0000????
Skill 22102E8DD0 0000????
Skill 23102E8DD8 0000????
Skill 24102E8DE0 0000????
Skill 25102E8DE8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E8D2A 000000FF
Skill 2102E8D32 000000FF
Skill 3102E8D3A 000000FF
Skill 4102E8D42 000000FF
Skill 5102E8D4A 000000FF
Skill 6102E8D52 000000FF
Skill 7102E8D5A 000000FF
Skill 8102E8D62 000000FF
Skill 9102E8D6A 000000FF
Skill 10102E8D72 000000FF
Skill 11102E8D7A 000000FF
Skill 12102E8D82 000000FF
Skill 13102E8D8A 000000FF
Skill 14102E8D92 000000FF
Skill 15102E8D9A 000000FF
Skill 16102E8DA2 000000FF
Skill 17102E8DAA 000000FF
Skill 18102E8DB2 000000FF
Skill 19102E8DBA 000000FF
Skill 20102E8DC2 000000FF
Skill 21102E8DCA 000000FF
Skill 22102E8DD2 000000FF
Skill 23102E8DDA 000000FF
Skill 24102E8DE2 000000FF
Skill 25102E8DEA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E8D28 00FF????
Skill 2202E8D30 00FF????
Skill 3202E8D38 00FF????
Skill 4202E8D40 00FF????
Skill 5202E8D48 00FF????
Skill 6202E8D50 00FF????
Skill 7202E8D58 00FF????
Skill 8202E8D60 00FF????
Skill 9202E8D68 00FF????
Skill 10202E8D70 00FF????
Skill 11202E8D78 00FF????
Skill 12202E8D80 00FF????
Skill 13202E8D88 00FF????
Skill 14202E8D90 00FF????
Skill 15202E8D98 00FF????
Skill 16202E8DA0 00FF????
Skill 17202E8DA8 00FF????
Skill 18202E8DB0 00FF????
Skill 19202E8DB8 00FF????
Skill 20202E8DC0 00FF????
Skill 21202E8DC8 00FF????
Skill 22202E8DD0 00FF????
Skill 23202E8DD8 00FF????
Skill 24202E8DE0 00FF????
Skill 25202E8DE8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E8D2C 00078600
Skill 2202E8D34 00078600
Skill 3202E8D3C 00078600
Skill 4202E8D44 00078600
Skill 5202E8D4C 00078600
Skill 6202E8D54 00078600
Skill 7202E8D5C 00078600
Skill 8202E8D64 00078600
Skill 9202E8D6C 00078600
Skill 10202E8D74 00078600
Skill 11202E8D7C 00078600
Skill 12202E8D84 00078600
Skill 13202E8D8C 00078600
Skill 14202E8D94 00078600
Skill 15202E8D9C 00078600
Skill 16202E8DA4 00078600
Skill 17202E8DAC 00078600
Skill 18202E8DB4 00078600
Skill 19202E8DBC 00078600
Skill 20202E8DC4 00078600
Skill 21202E8DCC 00078600
Skill 22202E8DD4 00078600
Skill 23202E8DDC 00078600
Skill 24202E8DE4 00078600
Skill 25202E8DEC 00078600
Character 8 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E8EF8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E8EF8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E8F54 0098967F
Infinite SP202E8F58 0098967F
Max HP202E8F7C 0098967F
Max SP202E8F80 0098967F
Max ATK202E8F84 0098967F
Max DEF202E8F88 0098967F
Max INT202E8F8C 0098967F
Max RES202E8F90 0098967F
Max TEC202E8F94 0098967F
Max Mana202E8FA4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E8FB8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E8FB9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E8FBA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E8FBB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E8FBC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E8FBD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E8FBE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E8FD8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E8FDA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E8FDC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E9100 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E9000 0000????
Skill 2102E9008 0000????
Skill 3102E9010 0000????
Skill 4102E9018 0000????
Skill 5102E9020 0000????
Skill 6102E9028 0000????
Skill 7102E9030 0000????
Skill 8102E9038 0000????
Skill 9102E9040 0000????
Skill 10102E9048 0000????
Skill 11102E9050 0000????
Skill 12102E9058 0000????
Skill 13102E9060 0000????
Skill 14102E9068 0000????
Skill 15102E9070 0000????
Skill 16102E9078 0000????
Skill 17102E9080 0000????
Skill 18102E9088 0000????
Skill 19102E9090 0000????
Skill 20102E9098 0000????
Skill 21102E90A0 0000????
Skill 22102E90A8 0000????
Skill 23102E90B0 0000????
Skill 24102E90B8 0000????
Skill 25102E90C0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E9002 000000FF
Skill 2102E900A 000000FF
Skill 3102E9012 000000FF
Skill 4102E901A 000000FF
Skill 5102E9022 000000FF
Skill 6102E902A 000000FF
Skill 7102E9032 000000FF
Skill 8102E903A 000000FF
Skill 9102E9042 000000FF
Skill 10102E904A 000000FF
Skill 11102E9052 000000FF
Skill 12102E905A 000000FF
Skill 13102E9062 000000FF
Skill 14102E906A 000000FF
Skill 15102E9072 000000FF
Skill 16102E907A 000000FF
Skill 17102E9082 000000FF
Skill 18102E908A 000000FF
Skill 19102E9092 000000FF
Skill 20102E909A 000000FF
Skill 21102E90A2 000000FF
Skill 22102E90AA 000000FF
Skill 23102E90B2 000000FF
Skill 24102E90BA 000000FF
Skill 25102E90C2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E9000 00FF????
Skill 2202E9008 00FF????
Skill 3202E9010 00FF????
Skill 4202E9018 00FF????
Skill 5202E9020 00FF????
Skill 6202E9028 00FF????
Skill 7202E9030 00FF????
Skill 8202E9038 00FF????
Skill 9202E9040 00FF????
Skill 10202E9048 00FF????
Skill 11202E9050 00FF????
Skill 12202E9058 00FF????
Skill 13202E9060 00FF????
Skill 14202E9068 00FF????
Skill 15202E9070 00FF????
Skill 16202E9078 00FF????
Skill 17202E9080 00FF????
Skill 18202E9088 00FF????
Skill 19202E9090 00FF????
Skill 20202E9098 00FF????
Skill 21202E90A0 00FF????
Skill 22202E90A8 00FF????
Skill 23202E90B0 00FF????
Skill 24202E90B8 00FF????
Skill 25202E90C0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E9004 00078600
Skill 2202E900C 00078600
Skill 3202E9014 00078600
Skill 4202E901C 00078600
Skill 5202E9024 00078600
Skill 6202E902C 00078600
Skill 7202E9034 00078600
Skill 8202E903C 00078600
Skill 9202E9044 00078600
Skill 10202E904C 00078600
Skill 11202E9054 00078600
Skill 12202E905C 00078600
Skill 13202E9064 00078600
Skill 14202E906C 00078600
Skill 15202E9074 00078600
Skill 16202E907C 00078600
Skill 17202E9084 00078600
Skill 18202E908C 00078600
Skill 19202E9094 00078600
Skill 20202E909C 00078600
Skill 21202E90A4 00078600
Skill 22202E90AC 00078600
Skill 23202E90B4 00078600
Skill 24202E90BC 00078600
Skill 25202E90C4 00078600
Character 9 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E91D0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E91D0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E922C 0098967F
Infinite SP202E9230 0098967F
Max HP202E9254 0098967F
Max SP202E9258 0098967F
Max ATK202E925C 0098967F
Max DEF202E9260 0098967F
Max INT202E9264 0098967F
Max RES202E9268 0098967F
Max TEC202E926C 0098967F
Max Mana202E927C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E9290 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E9291 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E9292 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E9293 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E9294 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E9295 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E9296 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E92B0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E92B2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E92B4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E93D8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E92D8 0000????
Skill 2102E92E0 0000????
Skill 3102E92E8 0000????
Skill 4102E92F0 0000????
Skill 5102E92F8 0000????
Skill 6102E9300 0000????
Skill 7102E9308 0000????
Skill 8102E9310 0000????
Skill 9102E9318 0000????
Skill 10102E9320 0000????
Skill 11102E9328 0000????
Skill 12102E9330 0000????
Skill 13102E9338 0000????
Skill 14102E9340 0000????
Skill 15102E9348 0000????
Skill 16102E9350 0000????
Skill 17102E9358 0000????
Skill 18102E9360 0000????
Skill 19102E9368 0000????
Skill 20102E9370 0000????
Skill 21102E9378 0000????
Skill 22102E9380 0000????
Skill 23102E9388 0000????
Skill 24102E9390 0000????
Skill 25102E9398 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E92DA 000000FF
Skill 2102E92E2 000000FF
Skill 3102E92EA 000000FF
Skill 4102E92F2 000000FF
Skill 5102E92FA 000000FF
Skill 6102E9302 000000FF
Skill 7102E930A 000000FF
Skill 8102E9312 000000FF
Skill 9102E931A 000000FF
Skill 10102E9322 000000FF
Skill 11102E932A 000000FF
Skill 12102E9332 000000FF
Skill 13102E933A 000000FF
Skill 14102E9342 000000FF
Skill 15102E934A 000000FF
Skill 16102E9352 000000FF
Skill 17102E935A 000000FF
Skill 18102E9362 000000FF
Skill 19102E936A 000000FF
Skill 20102E9372 000000FF
Skill 21102E937A 000000FF
Skill 22102E9382 000000FF
Skill 23102E938A 000000FF
Skill 24102E9392 000000FF
Skill 25102E939A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E92D8 00FF????
Skill 2202E92E0 00FF????
Skill 3202E92E8 00FF????
Skill 4202E92F0 00FF????
Skill 5202E92F8 00FF????
Skill 6202E9300 00FF????
Skill 7202E9308 00FF????
Skill 8202E9310 00FF????
Skill 9202E9318 00FF????
Skill 10202E9320 00FF????
Skill 11202E9328 00FF????
Skill 12202E9330 00FF????
Skill 13202E9338 00FF????
Skill 14202E9340 00FF????
Skill 15202E9348 00FF????
Skill 16202E9350 00FF????
Skill 17202E9358 00FF????
Skill 18202E9360 00FF????
Skill 19202E9368 00FF????
Skill 20202E9370 00FF????
Skill 21202E9378 00FF????
Skill 22202E9380 00FF????
Skill 23202E9388 00FF????
Skill 24202E9390 00FF????
Skill 25202E9398 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E92DC 00078600
Skill 2202E92E4 00078600
Skill 3202E92EC 00078600
Skill 4202E92F4 00078600
Skill 5202E92FC 00078600
Skill 6202E9304 00078600
Skill 7202E930C 00078600
Skill 8202E9314 00078600
Skill 9202E931C 00078600
Skill 10202E9324 00078600
Skill 11202E932C 00078600
Skill 12202E9334 00078600
Skill 13202E933C 00078600
Skill 14202E9344 00078600
Skill 15202E934C 00078600
Skill 16202E9354 00078600
Skill 17202E935C 00078600
Skill 18202E9364 00078600
Skill 19202E936C 00078600
Skill 20202E9374 00078600
Skill 21202E937C 00078600
Skill 22202E9384 00078600
Skill 23202E938C 00078600
Skill 24202E9394 00078600
Skill 25202E939C 00078600
Character 10 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E94A8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E94A8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E9504 0098967F
Infinite SP202E9508 0098967F
Max HP202E952C 0098967F
Max SP202E9530 0098967F
Max ATK202E9534 0098967F
Max DEF202E9538 0098967F
Max INT202E953C 0098967F
Max RES202E9540 0098967F
Max TEC202E9544 0098967F
Max Mana202E9554 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E9568 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E9569 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E956A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E956B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E956C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E956D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E956E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E9588 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E958A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E958C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E96B0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E95B0 0000????
Skill 2102E95B8 0000????
Skill 3102E95C0 0000????
Skill 4102E95C8 0000????
Skill 5102E95D0 0000????
Skill 6102E95D8 0000????
Skill 7102E95E0 0000????
Skill 8102E95E8 0000????
Skill 9102E95F0 0000????
Skill 10102E95F8 0000????
Skill 11102E9600 0000????
Skill 12102E9608 0000????
Skill 13102E9610 0000????
Skill 14102E9618 0000????
Skill 15102E9620 0000????
Skill 16102E9628 0000????
Skill 17102E9630 0000????
Skill 18102E9638 0000????
Skill 19102E9640 0000????
Skill 20102E9648 0000????
Skill 21102E9650 0000????
Skill 22102E9658 0000????
Skill 23102E9660 0000????
Skill 24102E9668 0000????
Skill 25102E9670 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E95B2 000000FF
Skill 2102E95BA 000000FF
Skill 3102E95C2 000000FF
Skill 4102E95CA 000000FF
Skill 5102E95D2 000000FF
Skill 6102E95DA 000000FF
Skill 7102E95E2 000000FF
Skill 8102E95EA 000000FF
Skill 9102E95F2 000000FF
Skill 10102E95FA 000000FF
Skill 11102E9602 000000FF
Skill 12102E960A 000000FF
Skill 13102E9612 000000FF
Skill 14102E961A 000000FF
Skill 15102E9622 000000FF
Skill 16102E962A 000000FF
Skill 17102E9632 000000FF
Skill 18102E963A 000000FF
Skill 19102E9642 000000FF
Skill 20102E964A 000000FF
Skill 21102E9652 000000FF
Skill 22102E965A 000000FF
Skill 23102E9662 000000FF
Skill 24102E966A 000000FF
Skill 25102E9672 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E95B0 00FF????
Skill 2202E95B8 00FF????
Skill 3202E95C0 00FF????
Skill 4202E95C8 00FF????
Skill 5202E95D0 00FF????
Skill 6202E95D8 00FF????
Skill 7202E95E0 00FF????
Skill 8202E95E8 00FF????
Skill 9202E95F0 00FF????
Skill 10202E95F8 00FF????
Skill 11202E9600 00FF????
Skill 12202E9608 00FF????
Skill 13202E9610 00FF????
Skill 14202E9618 00FF????
Skill 15202E9620 00FF????
Skill 16202E9628 00FF????
Skill 17202E9630 00FF????
Skill 18202E9638 00FF????
Skill 19202E9640 00FF????
Skill 20202E9648 00FF????
Skill 21202E9650 00FF????
Skill 22202E9658 00FF????
Skill 23202E9660 00FF????
Skill 24202E9668 00FF????
Skill 25202E9670 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E95B4 00078600
Skill 2202E95BC 00078600
Skill 3202E95C4 00078600
Skill 4202E95CC 00078600
Skill 5202E95D4 00078600
Skill 6202E95DC 00078600
Skill 7202E95E4 00078600
Skill 8202E95EC 00078600
Skill 9202E95F4 00078600
Skill 10202E95FC 00078600
Skill 11202E9604 00078600
Skill 12202E960C 00078600
Skill 13202E9614 00078600
Skill 14202E961C 00078600
Skill 15202E9624 00078600
Skill 16202E962C 00078600
Skill 17202E9634 00078600
Skill 18202E963C 00078600
Skill 19202E9644 00078600
Skill 20202E964C 00078600
Skill 21202E9654 00078600
Skill 22202E965C 00078600
Skill 23202E9664 00078600
Skill 24202E966C 00078600
Skill 25202E9674 00078600
Character 11 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E9780 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E9780 FFFFFFFF
202E9784 7FFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E97DC 0098967F
Infinite SP202E97E0 0098967F
Max HP202E9804 0098967F
Max SP202E9808 0098967F
Max ATK202E980C 0098967F
Max DEF202E9810 0098967F
Max INT202E9814 0098967F
Max RES202E9818 0098967F
Max TEC202E981C 0098967F
Max Mana202E982C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E9840 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E9841 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E9842 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E9843 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E9844 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E9845 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E9846 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E9860 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E9862 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E9864 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E9988 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E9888 0000????
Skill 2102E9890 0000????
Skill 3102E9898 0000????
Skill 4102E98A0 0000????
Skill 5102E98A8 0000????
Skill 6102E98B0 0000????
Skill 7102E98B8 0000????
Skill 8102E98C0 0000????
Skill 9102E98C8 0000????
Skill 10102E98D0 0000????
Skill 11102E98D8 0000????
Skill 12102E98E0 0000????
Skill 13102E98E8 0000????
Skill 14102E98F0 0000????
Skill 15102E98F8 0000????
Skill 16102E9900 0000????
Skill 17102E9908 0000????
Skill 18102E9910 0000????
Skill 19102E9918 0000????
Skill 20102E9920 0000????
Skill 21102E9928 0000????
Skill 22102E9930 0000????
Skill 23102E9938 0000????
Skill 24102E9940 0000????
Skill 25102E9948 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E988A 000000FF
Skill 2102E9892 000000FF
Skill 3102E989A 000000FF
Skill 4102E98A2 000000FF
Skill 5102E98AA 000000FF
Skill 6102E98B2 000000FF
Skill 7102E98BA 000000FF
Skill 8102E98C2 000000FF
Skill 9102E98CA 000000FF
Skill 10102E98D2 000000FF
Skill 11102E98DA 000000FF
Skill 12102E98E2 000000FF
Skill 13102E98EA 000000FF
Skill 14102E98F2 000000FF
Skill 15102E98FA 000000FF
Skill 16102E9902 000000FF
Skill 17102E990A 000000FF
Skill 18102E9912 000000FF
Skill 19102E991A 000000FF
Skill 20102E9922 000000FF
Skill 21102E992A 000000FF
Skill 22102E9932 000000FF
Skill 23102E993A 000000FF
Skill 24102E9942 000000FF
Skill 25102E994A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E9888 00FF????
Skill 2202E9890 00FF????
Skill 3202E9898 00FF????
Skill 4202E98A0 00FF????
Skill 5202E98A8 00FF????
Skill 6202E98B0 00FF????
Skill 7202E98B8 00FF????
Skill 8202E98C0 00FF????
Skill 9202E98C8 00FF????
Skill 10202E98D0 00FF????
Skill 11202E98D8 00FF????
Skill 12202E98E0 00FF????
Skill 13202E98E8 00FF????
Skill 14202E98F0 00FF????
Skill 15202E98F8 00FF????
Skill 16202E9900 00FF????
Skill 17202E9908 00FF????
Skill 18202E9910 00FF????
Skill 19202E9918 00FF????
Skill 20202E9920 00FF????
Skill 21202E9928 00FF????
Skill 22202E9930 00FF????
Skill 23202E9938 00FF????
Skill 24202E9940 00FF????
Skill 25202E9948 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E988C 00078600
Skill 2202E9894 00078600
Skill 3202E989C 00078600
Skill 4202E98A4 00078600
Skill 5202E98AC 00078600
Skill 6202E98B4 00078600
Skill 7202E98BC 00078600
Skill 8202E98C4 00078600
Skill 9202E98CC 00078600
Skill 10202E98D4 00078600
Skill 11202E98DC 00078600
Skill 12202E98E4 00078600
Skill 13202E98EC 00078600
Skill 14202E98F4 00078600
Skill 15202E98FC 00078600
Skill 16202E9904 00078600
Skill 17202E990C 00078600
Skill 18202E9914 00078600
Skill 19202E991C 00078600
Skill 20202E9924 00078600
Skill 21202E992C 00078600
Skill 22202E9934 00078600
Skill 23202E993C 00078600
Skill 24202E9944 00078600
Skill 25202E994C 00078600
Character 12 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E9A58 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E9A58 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E9AB4 0098967F
Infinite SP202E9AB8 0098967F
Max HP202E9ADC 0098967F
Max SP202E9AE0 0098967F
Max ATK202E9AE4 0098967F
Max DEF202E9AE8 0098967F
Max INT202E9AEC 0098967F
Max RES202E9AF0 0098967F
Max TEC202E9AF4 0098967F
Max Mana202E9B04 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E9B18 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E9B19 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E9B1A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E9B1B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E9B1C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E9B1D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E9B1E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E9B38 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E9B3A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E9B3C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E9C60 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E9B60 0000????
Skill 2102E9B68 0000????
Skill 3102E9B70 0000????
Skill 4102E9B78 0000????
Skill 5102E9B80 0000????
Skill 6102E9B88 0000????
Skill 7102E9B90 0000????
Skill 8102E9B98 0000????
Skill 9102E9BA0 0000????
Skill 10102E9BA8 0000????
Skill 11102E9BB0 0000????
Skill 12102E9BB8 0000????
Skill 13102E9BC0 0000????
Skill 14102E9BC8 0000????
Skill 15102E9BD0 0000????
Skill 16102E9BD8 0000????
Skill 17102E9BE0 0000????
Skill 18102E9BE8 0000????
Skill 19102E9BF0 0000????
Skill 20102E9BF8 0000????
Skill 21102E9C00 0000????
Skill 22102E9C08 0000????
Skill 23102E9C10 0000????
Skill 24102E9C18 0000????
Skill 25102E9C20 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E9B62 000000FF
Skill 2102E9B6A 000000FF
Skill 3102E9B72 000000FF
Skill 4102E9B7A 000000FF
Skill 5102E9B82 000000FF
Skill 6102E9B8A 000000FF
Skill 7102E9B92 000000FF
Skill 8102E9B9A 000000FF
Skill 9102E9BA2 000000FF
Skill 10102E9BAA 000000FF
Skill 11102E9BB2 000000FF
Skill 12102E9BBA 000000FF
Skill 13102E9BC2 000000FF
Skill 14102E9BCA 000000FF
Skill 15102E9BD2 000000FF
Skill 16102E9BDA 000000FF
Skill 17102E9BE2 000000FF
Skill 18102E9BEA 000000FF
Skill 19102E9BF2 000000FF
Skill 20102E9BFA 000000FF
Skill 21102E9C02 000000FF
Skill 22102E9C0A 000000FF
Skill 23102E9C12 000000FF
Skill 24102E9C1A 000000FF
Skill 25102E9C22 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E9B60 00FF????
Skill 2202E9B68 00FF????
Skill 3202E9B70 00FF????
Skill 4202E9B78 00FF????
Skill 5202E9B80 00FF????
Skill 6202E9B88 00FF????
Skill 7202E9B90 00FF????
Skill 8202E9B98 00FF????
Skill 9202E9BA0 00FF????
Skill 10202E9BA8 00FF????
Skill 11202E9BB0 00FF????
Skill 12202E9BB8 00FF????
Skill 13202E9BC0 00FF????
Skill 14202E9BC8 00FF????
Skill 15202E9BD0 00FF????
Skill 16202E9BD8 00FF????
Skill 17202E9BE0 00FF????
Skill 18202E9BE8 00FF????
Skill 19202E9BF0 00FF????
Skill 20202E9BF8 00FF????
Skill 21202E9C00 00FF????
Skill 22202E9C08 00FF????
Skill 23202E9C10 00FF????
Skill 24202E9C18 00FF????
Skill 25202E9C20 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E9B64 00078600
Skill 2202E9B6C 00078600
Skill 3202E9B74 00078600
Skill 4202E9B7C 00078600
Skill 5202E9B84 00078600
Skill 6202E9B8C 00078600
Skill 7202E9B94 00078600
Skill 8202E9B9C 00078600
Skill 9202E9BA4 00078600
Skill 10202E9BAC 00078600
Skill 11202E9BB4 00078600
Skill 12202E9BBC 00078600
Skill 13202E9BC4 00078600
Skill 14202E9BCC 00078600
Skill 15202E9BD4 00078600
Skill 16202E9BDC 00078600
Skill 17202E9BE4 00078600
Skill 18202E9BEC 00078600
Skill 19202E9BF4 00078600
Skill 20202E9BFC 00078600
Skill 21202E9C04 00078600
Skill 22202E9C0C 00078600
Skill 23202E9C14 00078600
Skill 24202E9C1C 00078600
Skill 25202E9C24 00078600
Character 13 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102E9D30 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202E9D30 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202E9D8C 0098967F
Infinite SP202E9D90 0098967F
Max HP202E9DB4 0098967F
Max SP202E9DB8 0098967F
Max ATK202E9DBC 0098967F
Max DEF202E9DC0 0098967F
Max INT202E9DC4 0098967F
Max RES202E9DC8 0098967F
Max TEC202E9DCC 0098967F
Max Mana202E9DDC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002E9DF0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002E9DF1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002E9DF2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002E9DF3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002E9DF4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002E9DF5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002E9DF6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102E9E10 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102E9E12 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102E9E14 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202E9F38 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102E9E38 0000????
Skill 2102E9E40 0000????
Skill 3102E9E48 0000????
Skill 4102E9E50 0000????
Skill 5102E9E58 0000????
Skill 6102E9E60 0000????
Skill 7102E9E68 0000????
Skill 8102E9E70 0000????
Skill 9102E9E78 0000????
Skill 10102E9E80 0000????
Skill 11102E9E88 0000????
Skill 12102E9E90 0000????
Skill 13102E9E98 0000????
Skill 14102E9EA0 0000????
Skill 15102E9EA8 0000????
Skill 16102E9EB0 0000????
Skill 17102E9EB8 0000????
Skill 18102E9EC0 0000????
Skill 19102E9EC8 0000????
Skill 20102E9ED0 0000????
Skill 21102E9ED8 0000????
Skill 22102E9EE0 0000????
Skill 23102E9EE8 0000????
Skill 24102E9EF0 0000????
Skill 25102E9EF8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102E9E3A 000000FF
Skill 2102E9E42 000000FF
Skill 3102E9E4A 000000FF
Skill 4102E9E52 000000FF
Skill 5102E9E5A 000000FF
Skill 6102E9E62 000000FF
Skill 7102E9E6A 000000FF
Skill 8102E9E72 000000FF
Skill 9102E9E7A 000000FF
Skill 10102E9E82 000000FF
Skill 11102E9E8A 000000FF
Skill 12102E9E92 000000FF
Skill 13102E9E9A 000000FF
Skill 14102E9EA2 000000FF
Skill 15102E9EAA 000000FF
Skill 16102E9EB2 000000FF
Skill 17102E9EBA 000000FF
Skill 18102E9EC2 000000FF
Skill 19102E9ECA 000000FF
Skill 20102E9ED2 000000FF
Skill 21102E9EDA 000000FF
Skill 22102E9EE2 000000FF
Skill 23102E9EEA 000000FF
Skill 24102E9EF2 000000FF
Skill 25102E9EFA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202E9E38 00FF????
Skill 2202E9E40 00FF????
Skill 3202E9E48 00FF????
Skill 4202E9E50 00FF????
Skill 5202E9E58 00FF????
Skill 6202E9E60 00FF????
Skill 7202E9E68 00FF????
Skill 8202E9E70 00FF????
Skill 9202E9E78 00FF????
Skill 10202E9E80 00FF????
Skill 11202E9E88 00FF????
Skill 12202E9E90 00FF????
Skill 13202E9E98 00FF????
Skill 14202E9EA0 00FF????
Skill 15202E9EA8 00FF????
Skill 16202E9EB0 00FF????
Skill 17202E9EB8 00FF????
Skill 18202E9EC0 00FF????
Skill 19202E9EC8 00FF????
Skill 20202E9ED0 00FF????
Skill 21202E9ED8 00FF????
Skill 22202E9EE0 00FF????
Skill 23202E9EE8 00FF????
Skill 24202E9EF0 00FF????
Skill 25202E9EF8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202E9E3C 00078600
Skill 2202E9E44 00078600
Skill 3202E9E4C 00078600
Skill 4202E9E54 00078600
Skill 5202E9E5C 00078600
Skill 6202E9E64 00078600
Skill 7202E9E6C 00078600
Skill 8202E9E74 00078600
Skill 9202E9E7C 00078600
Skill 10202E9E84 00078600
Skill 11202E9E8C 00078600
Skill 12202E9E94 00078600
Skill 13202E9E9C 00078600
Skill 14202E9EA4 00078600
Skill 15202E9EAC 00078600
Skill 16202E9EB4 00078600
Skill 17202E9EBC 00078600
Skill 18202E9EC4 00078600
Skill 19202E9ECC 00078600
Skill 20202E9ED4 00078600
Skill 21202E9EDC 00078600
Skill 22202E9EE4 00078600
Skill 23202E9EEC 00078600
Skill 24202E9EF4 00078600
Skill 25202E9EFC 00078600
Character 14 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EA008 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EA008 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EA064 0098967F
Infinite SP202EA068 0098967F
Max HP202EA08C 0098967F
Max SP202EA090 0098967F
Max ATK202EA094 0098967F
Max DEF202EA098 0098967F
Max INT202EA09C 0098967F
Max RES202EA0A0 0098967F
Max TEC202EA0A4 0098967F
Max Mana202EA0B4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EA0C8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EA0C9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EA0CA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EA0CB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EA0CC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EA0CD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EA0CE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EA0E8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EA0EA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EA0EC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EA210 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EA110 0000????
Skill 2102EA118 0000????
Skill 3102EA120 0000????
Skill 4102EA128 0000????
Skill 5102EA130 0000????
Skill 6102EA138 0000????
Skill 7102EA140 0000????
Skill 8102EA148 0000????
Skill 9102EA150 0000????
Skill 10102EA158 0000????
Skill 11102EA160 0000????
Skill 12102EA168 0000????
Skill 13102EA170 0000????
Skill 14102EA178 0000????
Skill 15102EA180 0000????
Skill 16102EA188 0000????
Skill 17102EA190 0000????
Skill 18102EA198 0000????
Skill 19102EA1A0 0000????
Skill 20102EA1A8 0000????
Skill 21102EA1B0 0000????
Skill 22102EA1B8 0000????
Skill 23102EA1C0 0000????
Skill 24102EA1C8 0000????
Skill 25102EA1D0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EA112 000000FF
Skill 2102EA11A 000000FF
Skill 3102EA122 000000FF
Skill 4102EA12A 000000FF
Skill 5102EA132 000000FF
Skill 6102EA13A 000000FF
Skill 7102EA142 000000FF
Skill 8102EA14A 000000FF
Skill 9102EA152 000000FF
Skill 10102EA15A 000000FF
Skill 11102EA162 000000FF
Skill 12102EA16A 000000FF
Skill 13102EA172 000000FF
Skill 14102EA17A 000000FF
Skill 15102EA182 000000FF
Skill 16102EA18A 000000FF
Skill 17102EA192 000000FF
Skill 18102EA19A 000000FF
Skill 19102EA1A2 000000FF
Skill 20102EA1AA 000000FF
Skill 21102EA1B2 000000FF
Skill 22102EA1BA 000000FF
Skill 23102EA1C2 000000FF
Skill 24102EA1CA 000000FF
Skill 25102EA1D2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EA110 00FF????
Skill 2202EA118 00FF????
Skill 3202EA120 00FF????
Skill 4202EA128 00FF????
Skill 5202EA130 00FF????
Skill 6202EA138 00FF????
Skill 7202EA140 00FF????
Skill 8202EA148 00FF????
Skill 9202EA150 00FF????
Skill 10202EA158 00FF????
Skill 11202EA160 00FF????
Skill 12202EA168 00FF????
Skill 13202EA170 00FF????
Skill 14202EA178 00FF????
Skill 15202EA180 00FF????
Skill 16202EA188 00FF????
Skill 17202EA190 00FF????
Skill 18202EA198 00FF????
Skill 19202EA1A0 00FF????
Skill 20202EA1A8 00FF????
Skill 21202EA1B0 00FF????
Skill 22202EA1B8 00FF????
Skill 23202EA1C0 00FF????
Skill 24202EA1C8 00FF????
Skill 25202EA1D0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EA114 00078600
Skill 2202EA11C 00078600
Skill 3202EA124 00078600
Skill 4202EA12C 00078600
Skill 5202EA134 00078600
Skill 6202EA13C 00078600
Skill 7202EA144 00078600
Skill 8202EA14C 00078600
Skill 9202EA154 00078600
Skill 10202EA15C 00078600
Skill 11202EA164 00078600
Skill 12202EA16C 00078600
Skill 13202EA174 00078600
Skill 14202EA17C 00078600
Skill 15202EA184 00078600
Skill 16202EA18C 00078600
Skill 17202EA194 00078600
Skill 18202EA19C 00078600
Skill 19202EA1A4 00078600
Skill 20202EA1AC 00078600
Skill 21202EA1B4 00078600
Skill 22202EA1BC 00078600
Skill 23202EA1C4 00078600
Skill 24202EA1CC 00078600
Skill 25202EA1D4 00078600
Character 15 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EA2E0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EA2E0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EA33C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EA340 0098967F
Max HP202EA364 0098967F
Max SP202EA368 0098967F
Max ATK202EA36C 0098967F
Max DEF202EA370 0098967F
Max INT202EA374 0098967F
Max RES202EA378 0098967F
Max TEC202EA37C 0098967F
Max Mana202EA38C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EA3A0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EA3A1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EA3A2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EA3A3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EA3A4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EA3A5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EA3A6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EA3C0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EA3C2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EA3C4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EA4E8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EA3E8 0000????
Skill 2102EA3F0 0000????
Skill 3102EA3F8 0000????
Skill 4102EA400 0000????
Skill 5102EA408 0000????
Skill 6102EA410 0000????
Skill 7102EA418 0000????
Skill 8102EA420 0000????
Skill 9102EA428 0000????
Skill 10102EA430 0000????
Skill 11102EA438 0000????
Skill 12102EA440 0000????
Skill 13102EA448 0000????
Skill 14102EA450 0000????
Skill 15102EA458 0000????
Skill 16102EA460 0000????
Skill 17102EA468 0000????
Skill 18102EA470 0000????
Skill 19102EA478 0000????
Skill 20102EA480 0000????
Skill 21102EA488 0000????
Skill 22102EA490 0000????
Skill 23102EA498 0000????
Skill 24102EA4A0 0000????
Skill 25102EA4A8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EA3EA 000000FF
Skill 2102EA3F2 000000FF
Skill 3102EA3FA 000000FF
Skill 4102EA402 000000FF
Skill 5102EA40A 000000FF
Skill 6102EA412 000000FF
Skill 7102EA41A 000000FF
Skill 8102EA422 000000FF
Skill 9102EA42A 000000FF
Skill 10102EA432 000000FF
Skill 11102EA43A 000000FF
Skill 12102EA442 000000FF
Skill 13102EA44A 000000FF
Skill 14102EA452 000000FF
Skill 15102EA45A 000000FF
Skill 16102EA462 000000FF
Skill 17102EA46A 000000FF
Skill 18102EA472 000000FF
Skill 19102EA47A 000000FF
Skill 20102EA482 000000FF
Skill 21102EA48A 000000FF
Skill 22102EA492 000000FF
Skill 23102EA49A 000000FF
Skill 24102EA4A2 000000FF
Skill 25102EA4AA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EA3E8 00FF????
Skill 2202EA3F0 00FF????
Skill 3202EA3F8 00FF????
Skill 4202EA400 00FF????
Skill 5202EA408 00FF????
Skill 6202EA410 00FF????
Skill 7202EA418 00FF????
Skill 8202EA420 00FF????
Skill 9202EA428 00FF????
Skill 10202EA430 00FF????
Skill 11202EA438 00FF????
Skill 12202EA440 00FF????
Skill 13202EA448 00FF????
Skill 14202EA450 00FF????
Skill 15202EA458 00FF????
Skill 16202EA460 00FF????
Skill 17202EA468 00FF????
Skill 18202EA470 00FF????
Skill 19202EA478 00FF????
Skill 20202EA480 00FF????
Skill 21202EA488 00FF????
Skill 22202EA490 00FF????
Skill 23202EA498 00FF????
Skill 24202EA4A0 00FF????
Skill 25202EA4A8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EA3EC 00078600
Skill 2202EA3F4 00078600
Skill 3202EA3FC 00078600
Skill 4202EA404 00078600
Skill 5202EA40C 00078600
Skill 6202EA414 00078600
Skill 7202EA41C 00078600
Skill 8202EA424 00078600
Skill 9202EA42C 00078600
Skill 10202EA434 00078600
Skill 11202EA43C 00078600
Skill 12202EA444 00078600
Skill 13202EA44C 00078600
Skill 14202EA454 00078600
Skill 15202EA45C 00078600
Skill 16202EA464 00078600
Skill 17202EA46C 00078600
Skill 18202EA474 00078600
Skill 19202EA47C 00078600
Skill 20202EA484 00078600
Skill 21202EA48C 00078600
Skill 22202EA494 00078600
Skill 23202EA49C 00078600
Skill 24202EA4A4 00078600
Skill 25202EA4AC 00078600
Character 16 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EA5B8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EA5B8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EA614 0098967F
Infinite SP202EA618 0098967F
Max HP202EA63C 0098967F
Max SP202EA640 0098967F
Max ATK202EA644 0098967F
Max DEF202EA648 0098967F
Max INT202EA64C 0098967F
Max RES202EA650 0098967F
Max TEC202EA654 0098967F
Max Mana202EA664 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EA678 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EA679 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EA67A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EA67B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EA67C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EA67D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EA67E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EA698 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EA69A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EA69C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EA7C0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EA6C0 0000????
Skill 2102EA6C8 0000????
Skill 3102EA6D0 0000????
Skill 4102EA6D8 0000????
Skill 5102EA6E0 0000????
Skill 6102EA6E8 0000????
Skill 7102EA6F0 0000????
Skill 8102EA6F8 0000????
Skill 9102EA700 0000????
Skill 10102EA708 0000????
Skill 11102EA710 0000????
Skill 12102EA718 0000????
Skill 13102EA720 0000????
Skill 14102EA728 0000????
Skill 15102EA730 0000????
Skill 16102EA738 0000????
Skill 17102EA740 0000????
Skill 18102EA748 0000????
Skill 19102EA750 0000????
Skill 20102EA758 0000????
Skill 21102EA760 0000????
Skill 22102EA768 0000????
Skill 23102EA770 0000????
Skill 24102EA778 0000????
Skill 25102EA780 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EA6C2 000000FF
Skill 2102EA6CA 000000FF
Skill 3102EA6D2 000000FF
Skill 4102EA6DA 000000FF
Skill 5102EA6E2 000000FF
Skill 6102EA6EA 000000FF
Skill 7102EA6F2 000000FF
Skill 8102EA6FA 000000FF
Skill 9102EA702 000000FF
Skill 10102EA70A 000000FF
Skill 11102EA712 000000FF
Skill 12102EA71A 000000FF
Skill 13102EA722 000000FF
Skill 14102EA72A 000000FF
Skill 15102EA732 000000FF
Skill 16102EA73A 000000FF
Skill 17102EA742 000000FF
Skill 18102EA74A 000000FF
Skill 19102EA752 000000FF
Skill 20102EA75A 000000FF
Skill 21102EA762 000000FF
Skill 22102EA76A 000000FF
Skill 23102EA772 000000FF
Skill 24102EA77A 000000FF
Skill 25102EA782 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EA6C0 00FF????
Skill 2202EA6C8 00FF????
Skill 3202EA6D0 00FF????
Skill 4202EA6D8 00FF????
Skill 5202EA6E0 00FF????
Skill 6202EA6E8 00FF????
Skill 7202EA6F0 00FF????
Skill 8202EA6F8 00FF????
Skill 9202EA700 00FF????
Skill 10202EA708 00FF????
Skill 11202EA710 00FF????
Skill 12202EA718 00FF????
Skill 13202EA720 00FF????
Skill 14202EA728 00FF????
Skill 15202EA730 00FF????
Skill 16202EA738 00FF????
Skill 17202EA740 00FF????
Skill 18202EA748 00FF????
Skill 19202EA750 00FF????
Skill 20202EA758 00FF????
Skill 21202EA760 00FF????
Skill 22202EA768 00FF????
Skill 23202EA770 00FF????
Skill 24202EA778 00FF????
Skill 25202EA780 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EA6C4 00078600
Skill 2202EA6CC 00078600
Skill 3202EA6D4 00078600
Skill 4202EA6DC 00078600
Skill 5202EA6E4 00078600
Skill 6202EA6EC 00078600
Skill 7202EA6F4 00078600
Skill 8202EA6FC 00078600
Skill 9202EA704 00078600
Skill 10202EA70C 00078600
Skill 11202EA714 00078600
Skill 12202EA71C 00078600
Skill 13202EA724 00078600
Skill 14202EA72C 00078600
Skill 15202EA734 00078600
Skill 16202EA73C 00078600
Skill 17202EA744 00078600
Skill 18202EA74C 00078600
Skill 19202EA754 00078600
Skill 20202EA75C 00078600
Skill 21202EA764 00078600
Skill 22202EA76C 00078600
Skill 23202EA774 00078600
Skill 24202EA77C 00078600
Skill 25202EA784 00078600
Character 17 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EA890 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EA890 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EA8EC 0098967F
Infinite SP202EA8F0 0098967F
Max HP202EA914 0098967F
Max SP202EA918 0098967F
Max ATK202EA91C 0098967F
Max DEF202EA920 0098967F
Max INT202EA924 0098967F
Max RES202EA928 0098967F
Max TEC202EA92C 0098967F
Max Mana202EA93C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EA950 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EA951 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EA952 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EA953 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EA954 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EA955 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EA956 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EA970 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EA972 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EA974 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EAA98 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EA998 0000????
Skill 2102EA9A0 0000????
Skill 3102EA9A8 0000????
Skill 4102EA9B0 0000????
Skill 5102EA9B8 0000????
Skill 6102EA9C0 0000????
Skill 7102EA9C8 0000????
Skill 8102EA9D0 0000????
Skill 9102EA9D8 0000????
Skill 10102EA9E0 0000????
Skill 11102EA9E8 0000????
Skill 12102EA9F0 0000????
Skill 13102EA9F8 0000????
Skill 14102EAA00 0000????
Skill 15102EAA08 0000????
Skill 16102EAA10 0000????
Skill 17102EAA18 0000????
Skill 18102EAA20 0000????
Skill 19102EAA28 0000????
Skill 20102EAA30 0000????
Skill 21102EAA38 0000????
Skill 22102EAA40 0000????
Skill 23102EAA48 0000????
Skill 24102EAA50 0000????
Skill 25102EAA58 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EA99A 000000FF
Skill 2102EA9A2 000000FF
Skill 3102EA9AA 000000FF
Skill 4102EA9B2 000000FF
Skill 5102EA9BA 000000FF
Skill 6102EA9C2 000000FF
Skill 7102EA9CA 000000FF
Skill 8102EA9D2 000000FF
Skill 9102EA9DA 000000FF
Skill 10102EA9E2 000000FF
Skill 11102EA9EA 000000FF
Skill 12102EA9F2 000000FF
Skill 13102EA9FA 000000FF
Skill 14102EAA02 000000FF
Skill 15102EAA0A 000000FF
Skill 16102EAA12 000000FF
Skill 17102EAA1A 000000FF
Skill 18102EAA22 000000FF
Skill 19102EAA2A 000000FF
Skill 20102EAA32 000000FF
Skill 21102EAA3A 000000FF
Skill 22102EAA42 000000FF
Skill 23102EAA4A 000000FF
Skill 24102EAA52 000000FF
Skill 25102EAA5A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EA998 00FF????
Skill 2202EA9A0 00FF????
Skill 3202EA9A8 00FF????
Skill 4202EA9B0 00FF????
Skill 5202EA9B8 00FF????
Skill 6202EA9C0 00FF????
Skill 7202EA9C8 00FF????
Skill 8202EA9D0 00FF????
Skill 9202EA9D8 00FF????
Skill 10202EA9E0 00FF????
Skill 11202EA9E8 00FF????
Skill 12202EA9F0 00FF????
Skill 13202EA9F8 00FF????
Skill 14202EAA00 00FF????
Skill 15202EAA08 00FF????
Skill 16202EAA10 00FF????
Skill 17202EAA18 00FF????
Skill 18202EAA20 00FF????
Skill 19202EAA28 00FF????
Skill 20202EAA30 00FF????
Skill 21202EAA38 00FF????
Skill 22202EAA40 00FF????
Skill 23202EAA48 00FF????
Skill 24202EAA50 00FF????
Skill 25202EAA58 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EA99C 00078600
Skill 2202EA9A4 00078600
Skill 3202EA9AC 00078600
Skill 4202EA9B4 00078600
Skill 5202EA9BC 00078600
Skill 6202EA9C4 00078600
Skill 7202EA9CC 00078600
Skill 8202EA9D4 00078600
Skill 9202EA9DC 00078600
Skill 10202EA9E4 00078600
Skill 11202EA9EC 00078600
Skill 12202EA9F4 00078600
Skill 13202EA9FC 00078600
Skill 14202EAA04 00078600
Skill 15202EAA0C 00078600
Skill 16202EAA14 00078600
Skill 17202EAA1C 00078600
Skill 18202EAA24 00078600
Skill 19202EAA2C 00078600
Skill 20202EAA34 00078600
Skill 21202EAA3C 00078600
Skill 22202EAA44 00078600
Skill 23202EAA4C 00078600
Skill 24202EAA54 00078600
Skill 25202EAA5C 00078600
Character 18 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EAB68 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EAB68 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EABC4 0098967F
Infinite SP202EABC8 0098967F
Max HP202EABEC 0098967F
Max SP202EABF0 0098967F
Max ATK202EABF4 0098967F
Max DEF202EABF8 0098967F
Max INT202EABFC 0098967F
Max RES202EAC00 0098967F
Max TEC202EAC04 0098967F
Max Mana202EAC14 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EAC28 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EAC29 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EAC2A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EAC2B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EAC2C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EAC2D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EAC2E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EAC48 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EAC4A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EAC4C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EAD70 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EAC70 0000????
Skill 2102EAC78 0000????
Skill 3102EAC80 0000????
Skill 4102EAC88 0000????
Skill 5102EAC90 0000????
Skill 6102EAC98 0000????
Skill 7102EACA0 0000????
Skill 8102EACA8 0000????
Skill 9102EACB0 0000????
Skill 10102EACB8 0000????
Skill 11102EACC0 0000????
Skill 12102EACC8 0000????
Skill 13102EACD0 0000????
Skill 14102EACD8 0000????
Skill 15102EACE0 0000????
Skill 16102EACE8 0000????
Skill 17102EACF0 0000????
Skill 18102EACF8 0000????
Skill 19102EAD00 0000????
Skill 20102EAD08 0000????
Skill 21102EAD10 0000????
Skill 22102EAD18 0000????
Skill 23102EAD20 0000????
Skill 24102EAD28 0000????
Skill 25102EAD30 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EAC72 000000FF
Skill 2102EAC7A 000000FF
Skill 3102EAC82 000000FF
Skill 4102EAC8A 000000FF
Skill 5102EAC92 000000FF
Skill 6102EAC9A 000000FF
Skill 7102EACA2 000000FF
Skill 8102EACAA 000000FF
Skill 9102EACB2 000000FF
Skill 10102EACBA 000000FF
Skill 11102EACC2 000000FF
Skill 12102EACCA 000000FF
Skill 13102EACD2 000000FF
Skill 14102EACDA 000000FF
Skill 15102EACE2 000000FF
Skill 16102EACEA 000000FF
Skill 17102EACF2 000000FF
Skill 18102EACFA 000000FF
Skill 19102EAD02 000000FF
Skill 20102EAD0A 000000FF
Skill 21102EAD12 000000FF
Skill 22102EAD1A 000000FF
Skill 23102EAD22 000000FF
Skill 24102EAD2A 000000FF
Skill 25102EAD32 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EAC70 00FF????
Skill 2202EAC78 00FF????
Skill 3202EAC80 00FF????
Skill 4202EAC88 00FF????
Skill 5202EAC90 00FF????
Skill 6202EAC98 00FF????
Skill 7202EACA0 00FF????
Skill 8202EACA8 00FF????
Skill 9202EACB0 00FF????
Skill 10202EACB8 00FF????
Skill 11202EACC0 00FF????
Skill 12202EACC8 00FF????
Skill 13202EACD0 00FF????
Skill 14202EACD8 00FF????
Skill 15202EACE0 00FF????
Skill 16202EACE8 00FF????
Skill 17202EACF0 00FF????
Skill 18202EACF8 00FF????
Skill 19202EAD00 00FF????
Skill 20202EAD08 00FF????
Skill 21202EAD10 00FF????
Skill 22202EAD18 00FF????
Skill 23202EAD20 00FF????
Skill 24202EAD28 00FF????
Skill 25202EAD30 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EAC74 00078600
Skill 2202EAC7C 00078600
Skill 3202EAC84 00078600
Skill 4202EAC8C 00078600
Skill 5202EAC94 00078600
Skill 6202EAC9C 00078600
Skill 7202EACA4 00078600
Skill 8202EACAC 00078600
Skill 9202EACB4 00078600
Skill 10202EACBC 00078600
Skill 11202EACC4 00078600
Skill 12202EACCC 00078600
Skill 13202EACD4 00078600
Skill 14202EACDC 00078600
Skill 15202EACE4 00078600
Skill 16202EACEC 00078600
Skill 17202EACF4 00078600
Skill 18202EACFC 00078600
Skill 19202EAD04 00078600
Skill 20202EAD0C 00078600
Skill 21202EAD14 00078600
Skill 22202EAD1C 00078600
Skill 23202EAD24 00078600
Skill 24202EAD2C 00078600
Skill 25202EAD34 00078600
Character 19 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EAE40 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EAE40 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EAE9C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EAEA0 0098967F
Max HP202EAEC4 0098967F
Max SP202EAEC8 0098967F
Max ATK202EAECC 0098967F
Max DEF202EAED0 0098967F
Max INT202EAED4 0098967F
Max RES202EAED8 0098967F
Max TEC202EAEDC 0098967F
Max Mana202EAEEC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EAF00 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EAF01 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EAF02 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EAF03 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EAF04 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EAF05 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EAF06 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EAF20 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EAF22 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EAF24 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EB048 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EAF48 0000????
Skill 2102EAF50 0000????
Skill 3102EAF58 0000????
Skill 4102EAF60 0000????
Skill 5102EAF68 0000????
Skill 6102EAF70 0000????
Skill 7102EAF78 0000????
Skill 8102EAF80 0000????
Skill 9102EAF88 0000????
Skill 10102EAF90 0000????
Skill 11102EAF98 0000????
Skill 12102EAFA0 0000????
Skill 13102EAFA8 0000????
Skill 14102EAFB0 0000????
Skill 15102EAFB8 0000????
Skill 16102EAFC0 0000????
Skill 17102EAFC8 0000????
Skill 18102EAFD0 0000????
Skill 19102EAFD8 0000????
Skill 20102EAFE0 0000????
Skill 21102EAFE8 0000????
Skill 22102EAFF0 0000????
Skill 23102EAFF8 0000????
Skill 24102EB000 0000????
Skill 25102EB008 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EAF4A 000000FF
Skill 2102EAF52 000000FF
Skill 3102EAF5A 000000FF
Skill 4102EAF62 000000FF
Skill 5102EAF6A 000000FF
Skill 6102EAF72 000000FF
Skill 7102EAF7A 000000FF
Skill 8102EAF82 000000FF
Skill 9102EAF8A 000000FF
Skill 10102EAF92 000000FF
Skill 11102EAF9A 000000FF
Skill 12102EAFA2 000000FF
Skill 13102EAFAA 000000FF
Skill 14102EAFB2 000000FF
Skill 15102EAFBA 000000FF
Skill 16102EAFC2 000000FF
Skill 17102EAFCA 000000FF
Skill 18102EAFD2 000000FF
Skill 19102EAFDA 000000FF
Skill 20102EAFE2 000000FF
Skill 21102EAFEA 000000FF
Skill 22102EAFF2 000000FF
Skill 23102EAFFA 000000FF
Skill 24102EB002 000000FF
Skill 25102EB00A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EAF48 00FF????
Skill 2202EAF50 00FF????
Skill 3202EAF58 00FF????
Skill 4202EAF60 00FF????
Skill 5202EAF68 00FF????
Skill 6202EAF70 00FF????
Skill 7202EAF78 00FF????
Skill 8202EAF80 00FF????
Skill 9202EAF88 00FF????
Skill 10202EAF90 00FF????
Skill 11202EAF98 00FF????
Skill 12202EAFA0 00FF????
Skill 13202EAFA8 00FF????
Skill 14202EAFB0 00FF????
Skill 15202EAFB8 00FF????
Skill 16202EAFC0 00FF????
Skill 17202EAFC8 00FF????
Skill 18202EAFD0 00FF????
Skill 19202EAFD8 00FF????
Skill 20202EAFE0 00FF????
Skill 21202EAFE8 00FF????
Skill 22202EAFF0 00FF????
Skill 23202EAFF8 00FF????
Skill 24202EB000 00FF????
Skill 25202EB008 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EAF4C 00078600
Skill 2202EAF54 00078600
Skill 3202EAF5C 00078600
Skill 4202EAF64 00078600
Skill 5202EAF6C 00078600
Skill 6202EAF74 00078600
Skill 7202EAF7C 00078600
Skill 8202EAF84 00078600
Skill 9202EAF8C 00078600
Skill 10202EAF94 00078600
Skill 11202EAF9C 00078600
Skill 12202EAFA4 00078600
Skill 13202EAFAC 00078600
Skill 14202EAFB4 00078600
Skill 15202EAFBC 00078600
Skill 16202EAFC4 00078600
Skill 17202EAFCC 00078600
Skill 18202EAFD4 00078600
Skill 19202EAFDC 00078600
Skill 20202EAFE4 00078600
Skill 21202EAFEC 00078600
Skill 22202EAFF4 00078600
Skill 23202EAFFC 00078600
Skill 24202EB004 00078600
Skill 25202EB00C 00078600
Character 20 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EB118 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EB118 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EB174 0098967F
Infinite SP202EB178 0098967F
Max HP202EB19C 0098967F
Max SP202EB1A0 0098967F
Max ATK202EB1A4 0098967F
Max DEF202EB1A8 0098967F
Max INT202EB1AC 0098967F
Max RES202EB1B0 0098967F
Max TEC202EB1B4 0098967F
Max Mana202EB1C4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EB1D8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EB1D9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EB1DA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EB1DB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EB1DC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EB1DD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EB1DE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EB1F8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EB1FA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EB1FC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EB320 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EB220 0000????
Skill 2102EB228 0000????
Skill 3102EB230 0000????
Skill 4102EB238 0000????
Skill 5102EB240 0000????
Skill 6102EB248 0000????
Skill 7102EB250 0000????
Skill 8102EB258 0000????
Skill 9102EB260 0000????
Skill 10102EB268 0000????
Skill 11102EB270 0000????
Skill 12102EB278 0000????
Skill 13102EB280 0000????
Skill 14102EB288 0000????
Skill 15102EB290 0000????
Skill 16102EB298 0000????
Skill 17102EB2A0 0000????
Skill 18102EB2A8 0000????
Skill 19102EB2B0 0000????
Skill 20102EB2B8 0000????
Skill 21102EB2C0 0000????
Skill 22102EB2C8 0000????
Skill 23102EB2D0 0000????
Skill 24102EB2D8 0000????
Skill 25102EB2E0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EB222 000000FF
Skill 2102EB22A 000000FF
Skill 3102EB232 000000FF
Skill 4102EB23A 000000FF
Skill 5102EB242 000000FF
Skill 6102EB24A 000000FF
Skill 7102EB252 000000FF
Skill 8102EB25A 000000FF
Skill 9102EB262 000000FF
Skill 10102EB26A 000000FF
Skill 11102EB272 000000FF
Skill 12102EB27A 000000FF
Skill 13102EB282 000000FF
Skill 14102EB28A 000000FF
Skill 15102EB292 000000FF
Skill 16102EB29A 000000FF
Skill 17102EB2A2 000000FF
Skill 18102EB2AA 000000FF
Skill 19102EB2B2 000000FF
Skill 20102EB2BA 000000FF
Skill 21102EB2C2 000000FF
Skill 22102EB2CA 000000FF
Skill 23102EB2D2 000000FF
Skill 24102EB2DA 000000FF
Skill 25102EB2E2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EB220 00FF????
Skill 2202EB228 00FF????
Skill 3202EB230 00FF????
Skill 4202EB238 00FF????
Skill 5202EB240 00FF????
Skill 6202EB248 00FF????
Skill 7202EB250 00FF????
Skill 8202EB258 00FF????
Skill 9202EB260 00FF????
Skill 10202EB268 00FF????
Skill 11202EB270 00FF????
Skill 12202EB278 00FF????
Skill 13202EB280 00FF????
Skill 14202EB288 00FF????
Skill 15202EB290 00FF????
Skill 16202EB298 00FF????
Skill 17202EB2A0 00FF????
Skill 18202EB2A8 00FF????
Skill 19202EB2B0 00FF????
Skill 20202EB2B8 00FF????
Skill 21202EB2C0 00FF????
Skill 22202EB2C8 00FF????
Skill 23202EB2D0 00FF????
Skill 24202EB2D8 00FF????
Skill 25202EB2E0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EB224 00078600
Skill 2202EB22C 00078600
Skill 3202EB234 00078600
Skill 4202EB23C 00078600
Skill 5202EB244 00078600
Skill 6202EB24C 00078600
Skill 7202EB254 00078600
Skill 8202EB25C 00078600
Skill 9202EB264 00078600
Skill 10202EB26C 00078600
Skill 11202EB274 00078600
Skill 12202EB27C 00078600
Skill 13202EB284 00078600
Skill 14202EB28C 00078600
Skill 15202EB294 00078600
Skill 16202EB29C 00078600
Skill 17202EB2A4 00078600
Skill 18202EB2AC 00078600
Skill 19202EB2B4 00078600
Skill 20202EB2BC 00078600
Skill 21202EB2C4 00078600
Skill 22202EB2CC 00078600
Skill 23202EB2D4 00078600
Skill 24202EB2DC 00078600
Skill 25202EB2E4 00078600
Character 21 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EB3F0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EB3F0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EB44C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EB450 0098967F
Max HP202EB474 0098967F
Max SP202EB478 0098967F
Max ATK202EB47C 0098967F
Max DEF202EB480 0098967F
Max INT202EB484 0098967F
Max RES202EB488 0098967F
Max TEC202EB48C 0098967F
Max Mana202EB49C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EB4B0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EB4B1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EB4B2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EB4B3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EB4B4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EB4B5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EB4B6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EB4D0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EB4D2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EB4D4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EB5F8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EB4F8 0000????
Skill 2102EB500 0000????
Skill 3102EB508 0000????
Skill 4102EB510 0000????
Skill 5102EB518 0000????
Skill 6102EB520 0000????
Skill 7102EB528 0000????
Skill 8102EB530 0000????
Skill 9102EB538 0000????
Skill 10102EB540 0000????
Skill 11102EB548 0000????
Skill 12102EB550 0000????
Skill 13102EB558 0000????
Skill 14102EB560 0000????
Skill 15102EB568 0000????
Skill 16102EB570 0000????
Skill 17102EB578 0000????
Skill 18102EB580 0000????
Skill 19102EB588 0000????
Skill 20102EB590 0000????
Skill 21102EB598 0000????
Skill 22102EB5A0 0000????
Skill 23102EB5A8 0000????
Skill 24102EB5B0 0000????
Skill 25102EB5B8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EB4FA 000000FF
Skill 2102EB502 000000FF
Skill 3102EB50A 000000FF
Skill 4102EB512 000000FF
Skill 5102EB51A 000000FF
Skill 6102EB522 000000FF
Skill 7102EB52A 000000FF
Skill 8102EB532 000000FF
Skill 9102EB53A 000000FF
Skill 10102EB542 000000FF
Skill 11102EB54A 000000FF
Skill 12102EB552 000000FF
Skill 13102EB55A 000000FF
Skill 14102EB562 000000FF
Skill 15102EB56A 000000FF
Skill 16102EB572 000000FF
Skill 17102EB57A 000000FF
Skill 18102EB582 000000FF
Skill 19102EB58A 000000FF
Skill 20102EB592 000000FF
Skill 21102EB59A 000000FF
Skill 22102EB5A2 000000FF
Skill 23102EB5AA 000000FF
Skill 24102EB5B2 000000FF
Skill 25102EB5BA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EB4F8 00FF????
Skill 2202EB500 00FF????
Skill 3202EB508 00FF????
Skill 4202EB510 00FF????
Skill 5202EB518 00FF????
Skill 6202EB520 00FF????
Skill 7202EB528 00FF????
Skill 8202EB530 00FF????
Skill 9202EB538 00FF????
Skill 10202EB540 00FF????
Skill 11202EB548 00FF????
Skill 12202EB550 00FF????
Skill 13202EB558 00FF????
Skill 14202EB560 00FF????
Skill 15202EB568 00FF????
Skill 16202EB570 00FF????
Skill 17202EB578 00FF????
Skill 18202EB580 00FF????
Skill 19202EB588 00FF????
Skill 20202EB590 00FF????
Skill 21202EB598 00FF????
Skill 22202EB5A0 00FF????
Skill 23202EB5A8 00FF????
Skill 24202EB5B0 00FF????
Skill 25202EB5B8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EB4FC 00078600
Skill 2202EB504 00078600
Skill 3202EB50C 00078600
Skill 4202EB514 00078600
Skill 5202EB51C 00078600
Skill 6202EB524 00078600
Skill 7202EB52C 00078600
Skill 8202EB534 00078600
Skill 9202EB53C 00078600
Skill 10202EB544 00078600
Skill 11202EB54C 00078600
Skill 12202EB554 00078600
Skill 13202EB55C 00078600
Skill 14202EB564 00078600
Skill 15202EB56C 00078600
Skill 16202EB574 00078600
Skill 17202EB57C 00078600
Skill 18202EB584 00078600
Skill 19202EB58C 00078600
Skill 20202EB594 00078600
Skill 21202EB59C 00078600
Skill 22202EB5A4 00078600
Skill 23202EB5AC 00078600
Skill 24202EB5B4 00078600
Skill 25202EB5BC 00078600
Character 22 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EB6C8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EB6C8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EB724 0098967F
Infinite SP202EB728 0098967F
Max HP202EB74C 0098967F
Max SP202EB750 0098967F
Max ATK202EB754 0098967F
Max DEF202EB758 0098967F
Max INT202EB75C 0098967F
Max RES202EB760 0098967F
Max TEC202EB764 0098967F
Max Mana202EB774 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EB788 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EB789 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EB78A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EB78B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EB78C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EB78D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EB78E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EB7A8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EB7AA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EB7AC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EB8D0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EB7D0 0000????
Skill 2102EB7D8 0000????
Skill 3102EB7E0 0000????
Skill 4102EB7E8 0000????
Skill 5102EB7F0 0000????
Skill 6102EB7F8 0000????
Skill 7102EB800 0000????
Skill 8102EB808 0000????
Skill 9102EB810 0000????
Skill 10102EB818 0000????
Skill 11102EB820 0000????
Skill 12102EB828 0000????
Skill 13102EB830 0000????
Skill 14102EB838 0000????
Skill 15102EB840 0000????
Skill 16102EB848 0000????
Skill 17102EB850 0000????
Skill 18102EB858 0000????
Skill 19102EB860 0000????
Skill 20102EB868 0000????
Skill 21102EB870 0000????
Skill 22102EB878 0000????
Skill 23102EB880 0000????
Skill 24102EB888 0000????
Skill 25102EB890 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EB7D2 000000FF
Skill 2102EB7DA 000000FF
Skill 3102EB7E2 000000FF
Skill 4102EB7EA 000000FF
Skill 5102EB7F2 000000FF
Skill 6102EB7FA 000000FF
Skill 7102EB802 000000FF
Skill 8102EB80A 000000FF
Skill 9102EB812 000000FF
Skill 10102EB81A 000000FF
Skill 11102EB822 000000FF
Skill 12102EB82A 000000FF
Skill 13102EB832 000000FF
Skill 14102EB83A 000000FF
Skill 15102EB842 000000FF
Skill 16102EB84A 000000FF
Skill 17102EB852 000000FF
Skill 18102EB85A 000000FF
Skill 19102EB862 000000FF
Skill 20102EB86A 000000FF
Skill 21102EB872 000000FF
Skill 22102EB87A 000000FF
Skill 23102EB882 000000FF
Skill 24102EB88A 000000FF
Skill 25102EB892 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EB7D0 00FF????
Skill 2202EB7D8 00FF????
Skill 3202EB7E0 00FF????
Skill 4202EB7E8 00FF????
Skill 5202EB7F0 00FF????
Skill 6202EB7F8 00FF????
Skill 7202EB800 00FF????
Skill 8202EB808 00FF????
Skill 9202EB810 00FF????
Skill 10202EB818 00FF????
Skill 11202EB820 00FF????
Skill 12202EB828 00FF????
Skill 13202EB830 00FF????
Skill 14202EB838 00FF????
Skill 15202EB840 00FF????
Skill 16202EB848 00FF????
Skill 17202EB850 00FF????
Skill 18202EB858 00FF????
Skill 19202EB860 00FF????
Skill 20202EB868 00FF????
Skill 21202EB870 00FF????
Skill 22202EB878 00FF????
Skill 23202EB880 00FF????
Skill 24202EB888 00FF????
Skill 25202EB890 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EB7D4 00078600
Skill 2202EB7DC 00078600
Skill 3202EB7E4 00078600
Skill 4202EB7EC 00078600
Skill 5202EB7F4 00078600
Skill 6202EB7FC 00078600
Skill 7202EB804 00078600
Skill 8202EB80C 00078600
Skill 9202EB814 00078600
Skill 10202EB81C 00078600
Skill 11202EB824 00078600
Skill 12202EB82C 00078600
Skill 13202EB834 00078600
Skill 14202EB83C 00078600
Skill 15202EB844 00078600
Skill 16202EB84C 00078600
Skill 17202EB854 00078600
Skill 18202EB85C 00078600
Skill 19202EB864 00078600
Skill 20202EB86C 00078600
Skill 21202EB874 00078600
Skill 22202EB87C 00078600
Skill 23202EB884 00078600
Skill 24202EB88C 00078600
Skill 25202EB894 00078600
Character 23 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EB9A0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EB9A0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EB9FC 0098967F
Infinite SP202EBA00 0098967F
Max HP202EBA24 0098967F
Max SP202EBA28 0098967F
Max ATK202EBA2C 0098967F
Max DEF202EBA30 0098967F
Max INT202EBA34 0098967F
Max RES202EBA38 0098967F
Max TEC202EBA3C 0098967F
Max Mana202EBA4C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EBA60 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EBA61 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EBA62 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EBA63 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EBA64 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EBA65 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EBA66 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EBA80 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EBA82 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EBA84 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EBBA8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EBAA8 0000????
Skill 2102EBAB0 0000????
Skill 3102EBAB8 0000????
Skill 4102EBAC0 0000????
Skill 5102EBAC8 0000????
Skill 6102EBAD0 0000????
Skill 7102EBAD8 0000????
Skill 8102EBAE0 0000????
Skill 9102EBAE8 0000????
Skill 10102EBAF0 0000????
Skill 11102EBAF8 0000????
Skill 12102EBB00 0000????
Skill 13102EBB08 0000????
Skill 14102EBB10 0000????
Skill 15102EBB18 0000????
Skill 16102EBB20 0000????
Skill 17102EBB28 0000????
Skill 18102EBB30 0000????
Skill 19102EBB38 0000????
Skill 20102EBB40 0000????
Skill 21102EBB48 0000????
Skill 22102EBB50 0000????
Skill 23102EBB58 0000????
Skill 24102EBB60 0000????
Skill 25102EBB68 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EBAAA 000000FF
Skill 2102EBAB2 000000FF
Skill 3102EBABA 000000FF
Skill 4102EBAC2 000000FF
Skill 5102EBACA 000000FF
Skill 6102EBAD2 000000FF
Skill 7102EBADA 000000FF
Skill 8102EBAE2 000000FF
Skill 9102EBAEA 000000FF
Skill 10102EBAF2 000000FF
Skill 11102EBAFA 000000FF
Skill 12102EBB02 000000FF
Skill 13102EBB0A 000000FF
Skill 14102EBB12 000000FF
Skill 15102EBB1A 000000FF
Skill 16102EBB22 000000FF
Skill 17102EBB2A 000000FF
Skill 18102EBB32 000000FF
Skill 19102EBB3A 000000FF
Skill 20102EBB42 000000FF
Skill 21102EBB4A 000000FF
Skill 22102EBB52 000000FF
Skill 23102EBB5A 000000FF
Skill 24102EBB62 000000FF
Skill 25102EBB6A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EBAA8 00FF????
Skill 2202EBAB0 00FF????
Skill 3202EBAB8 00FF????
Skill 4202EBAC0 00FF????
Skill 5202EBAC8 00FF????
Skill 6202EBAD0 00FF????
Skill 7202EBAD8 00FF????
Skill 8202EBAE0 00FF????
Skill 9202EBAE8 00FF????
Skill 10202EBAF0 00FF????
Skill 11202EBAF8 00FF????
Skill 12202EBB00 00FF????
Skill 13202EBB08 00FF????
Skill 14202EBB10 00FF????
Skill 15202EBB18 00FF????
Skill 16202EBB20 00FF????
Skill 17202EBB28 00FF????
Skill 18202EBB30 00FF????
Skill 19202EBB38 00FF????
Skill 20202EBB40 00FF????
Skill 21202EBB48 00FF????
Skill 22202EBB50 00FF????
Skill 23202EBB58 00FF????
Skill 24202EBB60 00FF????
Skill 25202EBB68 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EBAAC 00078600
Skill 2202EBAB4 00078600
Skill 3202EBABC 00078600
Skill 4202EBAC4 00078600
Skill 5202EBACC 00078600
Skill 6202EBAD4 00078600
Skill 7202EBADC 00078600
Skill 8202EBAE4 00078600
Skill 9202EBAEC 00078600
Skill 10202EBAF4 00078600
Skill 11202EBAFC 00078600
Skill 12202EBB04 00078600
Skill 13202EBB0C 00078600
Skill 14202EBB14 00078600
Skill 15202EBB1C 00078600
Skill 16202EBB24 00078600
Skill 17202EBB2C 00078600
Skill 18202EBB34 00078600
Skill 19202EBB3C 00078600
Skill 20202EBB44 00078600
Skill 21202EBB4C 00078600
Skill 22202EBB54 00078600
Skill 23202EBB5C 00078600
Skill 24202EBB64 00078600
Skill 25202EBB6C 00078600
Character 24 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EBC78 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EBC78 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EBCD4 0098967F
Infinite SP202EBCD8 0098967F
Max HP202EBCFC 0098967F
Max SP202EBD00 0098967F
Max ATK202EBD04 0098967F
Max DEF202EBD08 0098967F
Max INT202EBD0C 0098967F
Max RES202EBD10 0098967F
Max TEC202EBD14 0098967F
Max Mana202EBD24 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EBD38 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EBD39 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EBD3A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EBD3B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EBD3C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EBD3D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EBD3E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EBD58 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EBD5A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EBD5C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EBE80 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EBD80 0000????
Skill 2102EBD88 0000????
Skill 3102EBD90 0000????
Skill 4102EBD98 0000????
Skill 5102EBDA0 0000????
Skill 6102EBDA8 0000????
Skill 7102EBDB0 0000????
Skill 8102EBDB8 0000????
Skill 9102EBDC0 0000????
Skill 10102EBDC8 0000????
Skill 11102EBDD0 0000????
Skill 12102EBDD8 0000????
Skill 13102EBDE0 0000????
Skill 14102EBDE8 0000????
Skill 15102EBDF0 0000????
Skill 16102EBDF8 0000????
Skill 17102EBE00 0000????
Skill 18102EBE08 0000????
Skill 19102EBE10 0000????
Skill 20102EBE18 0000????
Skill 21102EBE20 0000????
Skill 22102EBE28 0000????
Skill 23102EBE30 0000????
Skill 24102EBE38 0000????
Skill 25102EBE40 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EBD82 000000FF
Skill 2102EBD8A 000000FF
Skill 3102EBD92 000000FF
Skill 4102EBD9A 000000FF
Skill 5102EBDA2 000000FF
Skill 6102EBDAA 000000FF
Skill 7102EBDB2 000000FF
Skill 8102EBDBA 000000FF
Skill 9102EBDC2 000000FF
Skill 10102EBDCA 000000FF
Skill 11102EBDD2 000000FF
Skill 12102EBDDA 000000FF
Skill 13102EBDE2 000000FF
Skill 14102EBDEA 000000FF
Skill 15102EBDF2 000000FF
Skill 16102EBDFA 000000FF
Skill 17102EBE02 000000FF
Skill 18102EBE0A 000000FF
Skill 19102EBE12 000000FF
Skill 20102EBE1A 000000FF
Skill 21102EBE22 000000FF
Skill 22102EBE2A 000000FF
Skill 23102EBE32 000000FF
Skill 24102EBE3A 000000FF
Skill 25102EBE42 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EBD80 00FF????
Skill 2202EBD88 00FF????
Skill 3202EBD90 00FF????
Skill 4202EBD98 00FF????
Skill 5202EBDA0 00FF????
Skill 6202EBDA8 00FF????
Skill 7202EBDB0 00FF????
Skill 8202EBDB8 00FF????
Skill 9202EBDC0 00FF????
Skill 10202EBDC8 00FF????
Skill 11202EBDD0 00FF????
Skill 12202EBDD8 00FF????
Skill 13202EBDE0 00FF????
Skill 14202EBDE8 00FF????
Skill 15202EBDF0 00FF????
Skill 16202EBDF8 00FF????
Skill 17202EBE00 00FF????
Skill 18202EBE08 00FF????
Skill 19202EBE10 00FF????
Skill 20202EBE18 00FF????
Skill 21202EBE20 00FF????
Skill 22202EBE28 00FF????
Skill 23202EBE30 00FF????
Skill 24202EBE38 00FF????
Skill 25202EBE40 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EBD84 00078600
Skill 2202EBD8C 00078600
Skill 3202EBD94 00078600
Skill 4202EBD9C 00078600
Skill 5202EBDA4 00078600
Skill 6202EBDAC 00078600
Skill 7202EBDB4 00078600
Skill 8202EBDBC 00078600
Skill 9202EBDC4 00078600
Skill 10202EBDCC 00078600
Skill 11202EBDD4 00078600
Skill 12202EBDDC 00078600
Skill 13202EBDE4 00078600
Skill 14202EBDEC 00078600
Skill 15202EBDF4 00078600
Skill 16202EBDFC 00078600
Skill 17202EBE04 00078600
Skill 18202EBE0C 00078600
Skill 19202EBE14 00078600
Skill 20202EBE1C 00078600
Skill 21202EBE24 00078600
Skill 22202EBE2C 00078600
Skill 23202EBE34 00078600
Skill 24202EBE3C 00078600
Skill 25202EBE44 00078600
Character 25 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EBF50 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EBF50 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EBFAC 0098967F
Infinite SP202EBFB0 0098967F
Max HP202EBFD4 0098967F
Max SP202EBFD8 0098967F
Max ATK202EBFDC 0098967F
Max DEF202EBFE0 0098967F
Max INT202EBFE4 0098967F
Max RES202EBFE8 0098967F
Max TEC202EBFEC 0098967F
Max Mana202EBFFC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EC010 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EC011 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EC012 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EC013 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EC014 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EC015 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EC016 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EC030 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EC032 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EC034 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EC158 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EC058 0000????
Skill 2102EC060 0000????
Skill 3102EC068 0000????
Skill 4102EC070 0000????
Skill 5102EC078 0000????
Skill 6102EC080 0000????
Skill 7102EC088 0000????
Skill 8102EC090 0000????
Skill 9102EC098 0000????
Skill 10102EC0A0 0000????
Skill 11102EC0A8 0000????
Skill 12102EC0B0 0000????
Skill 13102EC0B8 0000????
Skill 14102EC0C0 0000????
Skill 15102EC0C8 0000????
Skill 16102EC0D0 0000????
Skill 17102EC0D8 0000????
Skill 18102EC0E0 0000????
Skill 19102EC0E8 0000????
Skill 20102EC0F0 0000????
Skill 21102EC0F8 0000????
Skill 22102EC100 0000????
Skill 23102EC108 0000????
Skill 24102EC110 0000????
Skill 25102EC118 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EC05A 000000FF
Skill 2102EC062 000000FF
Skill 3102EC06A 000000FF
Skill 4102EC072 000000FF
Skill 5102EC07A 000000FF
Skill 6102EC082 000000FF
Skill 7102EC08A 000000FF
Skill 8102EC092 000000FF
Skill 9102EC09A 000000FF
Skill 10102EC0A2 000000FF
Skill 11102EC0AA 000000FF
Skill 12102EC0B2 000000FF
Skill 13102EC0BA 000000FF
Skill 14102EC0C2 000000FF
Skill 15102EC0CA 000000FF
Skill 16102EC0D2 000000FF
Skill 17102EC0DA 000000FF
Skill 18102EC0E2 000000FF
Skill 19102EC0EA 000000FF
Skill 20102EC0F2 000000FF
Skill 21102EC0FA 000000FF
Skill 22102EC102 000000FF
Skill 23102EC10A 000000FF
Skill 24102EC112 000000FF
Skill 25102EC11A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EC058 00FF????
Skill 2202EC060 00FF????
Skill 3202EC068 00FF????
Skill 4202EC070 00FF????
Skill 5202EC078 00FF????
Skill 6202EC080 00FF????
Skill 7202EC088 00FF????
Skill 8202EC090 00FF????
Skill 9202EC098 00FF????
Skill 10202EC0A0 00FF????
Skill 11202EC0A8 00FF????
Skill 12202EC0B0 00FF????
Skill 13202EC0B8 00FF????
Skill 14202EC0C0 00FF????
Skill 15202EC0C8 00FF????
Skill 16202EC0D0 00FF????
Skill 17202EC0D8 00FF????
Skill 18202EC0E0 00FF????
Skill 19202EC0E8 00FF????
Skill 20202EC0F0 00FF????
Skill 21202EC0F8 00FF????
Skill 22202EC100 00FF????
Skill 23202EC108 00FF????
Skill 24202EC110 00FF????
Skill 25202EC118 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EC05C 00078600
Skill 2202EC064 00078600
Skill 3202EC06C 00078600
Skill 4202EC074 00078600
Skill 5202EC07C 00078600
Skill 6202EC084 00078600
Skill 7202EC08C 00078600
Skill 8202EC094 00078600
Skill 9202EC09C 00078600
Skill 10202EC0A4 00078600
Skill 11202EC0AC 00078600
Skill 12202EC0B4 00078600
Skill 13202EC0BC 00078600
Skill 14202EC0C4 00078600
Skill 15202EC0CC 00078600
Skill 16202EC0D4 00078600
Skill 17202EC0DC 00078600
Skill 18202EC0E4 00078600
Skill 19202EC0EC 00078600
Skill 20202EC0F4 00078600
Skill 21202EC0FC 00078600
Skill 22202EC104 00078600
Skill 23202EC10C 00078600
Skill 24202EC114 00078600
Skill 25202EC11C 00078600
Character 26 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EC228 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EC228 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EC284 0098967F
Infinite SP202EC288 0098967F
Max HP202EC2AC 0098967F
Max SP202EC2B0 0098967F
Max ATK202EC2B4 0098967F
Max DEF202EC2B8 0098967F
Max INT202EC2BC 0098967F
Max RES202EC2C0 0098967F
Max TEC202EC2C4 0098967F
Max Mana202EC2D4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EC2E8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EC2E9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EC2EA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EC2EB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EC2EC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EC2ED 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EC2EE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EC308 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EC30A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EC30C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EC430 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EC330 0000????
Skill 2102EC338 0000????
Skill 3102EC340 0000????
Skill 4102EC348 0000????
Skill 5102EC350 0000????
Skill 6102EC358 0000????
Skill 7102EC360 0000????
Skill 8102EC368 0000????
Skill 9102EC370 0000????
Skill 10102EC378 0000????
Skill 11102EC380 0000????
Skill 12102EC388 0000????
Skill 13102EC390 0000????
Skill 14102EC398 0000????
Skill 15102EC3A0 0000????
Skill 16102EC3A8 0000????
Skill 17102EC3B0 0000????
Skill 18102EC3B8 0000????
Skill 19102EC3C0 0000????
Skill 20102EC3C8 0000????
Skill 21102EC3D0 0000????
Skill 22102EC3D8 0000????
Skill 23102EC3E0 0000????
Skill 24102EC3E8 0000????
Skill 25102EC3F0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EC332 000000FF
Skill 2102EC33A 000000FF
Skill 3102EC342 000000FF
Skill 4102EC34A 000000FF
Skill 5102EC352 000000FF
Skill 6102EC35A 000000FF
Skill 7102EC362 000000FF
Skill 8102EC36A 000000FF
Skill 9102EC372 000000FF
Skill 10102EC37A 000000FF
Skill 11102EC382 000000FF
Skill 12102EC38A 000000FF
Skill 13102EC392 000000FF
Skill 14102EC39A 000000FF
Skill 15102EC3A2 000000FF
Skill 16102EC3AA 000000FF
Skill 17102EC3B2 000000FF
Skill 18102EC3BA 000000FF
Skill 19102EC3C2 000000FF
Skill 20102EC3CA 000000FF
Skill 21102EC3D2 000000FF
Skill 22102EC3DA 000000FF
Skill 23102EC3E2 000000FF
Skill 24102EC3EA 000000FF
Skill 25102EC3F2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EC330 00FF????
Skill 2202EC338 00FF????
Skill 3202EC340 00FF????
Skill 4202EC348 00FF????
Skill 5202EC350 00FF????
Skill 6202EC358 00FF????
Skill 7202EC360 00FF????
Skill 8202EC368 00FF????
Skill 9202EC370 00FF????
Skill 10202EC378 00FF????
Skill 11202EC380 00FF????
Skill 12202EC388 00FF????
Skill 13202EC390 00FF????
Skill 14202EC398 00FF????
Skill 15202EC3A0 00FF????
Skill 16202EC3A8 00FF????
Skill 17202EC3B0 00FF????
Skill 18202EC3B8 00FF????
Skill 19202EC3C0 00FF????
Skill 20202EC3C8 00FF????
Skill 21202EC3D0 00FF????
Skill 22202EC3D8 00FF????
Skill 23202EC3E0 00FF????
Skill 24202EC3E8 00FF????
Skill 25202EC3F0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EC334 00078600
Skill 2202EC33C 00078600
Skill 3202EC344 00078600
Skill 4202EC34C 00078600
Skill 5202EC354 00078600
Skill 6202EC35C 00078600
Skill 7202EC364 00078600
Skill 8202EC36C 00078600
Skill 9202EC374 00078600
Skill 10202EC37C 00078600
Skill 11202EC384 00078600
Skill 12202EC38C 00078600
Skill 13202EC394 00078600
Skill 14202EC39C 00078600
Skill 15202EC3A4 00078600
Skill 16202EC3AC 00078600
Skill 17202EC3B4 00078600
Skill 18202EC3BC 00078600
Skill 19202EC3C4 00078600
Skill 20202EC3CC 00078600
Skill 21202EC3D4 00078600
Skill 22202EC3DC 00078600
Skill 23202EC3E4 00078600
Skill 24202EC3EC 00078600
Skill 25202EC3F4 00078600
Character 27 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EC500 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EC500 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EC55C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EC560 0098967F
Max HP202EC584 0098967F
Max SP202EC588 0098967F
Max ATK202EC58C 0098967F
Max DEF202EC590 0098967F
Max INT202EC594 0098967F
Max RES202EC598 0098967F
Max TEC202EC59C 0098967F
Max Mana202EC5AC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EC5C0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EC5C1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EC5C2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EC5C3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EC5C4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EC5C5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EC5C6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EC5E0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EC5E2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EC5E4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EC708 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EC608 0000????
Skill 2102EC610 0000????
Skill 3102EC618 0000????
Skill 4102EC620 0000????
Skill 5102EC628 0000????
Skill 6102EC630 0000????
Skill 7102EC638 0000????
Skill 8102EC640 0000????
Skill 9102EC648 0000????
Skill 10102EC650 0000????
Skill 11102EC658 0000????
Skill 12102EC660 0000????
Skill 13102EC668 0000????
Skill 14102EC670 0000????
Skill 15102EC678 0000????
Skill 16102EC680 0000????
Skill 17102EC688 0000????
Skill 18102EC690 0000????
Skill 19102EC698 0000????
Skill 20102EC6A0 0000????
Skill 21102EC6A8 0000????
Skill 22102EC6B0 0000????
Skill 23102EC6B8 0000????
Skill 24102EC6C0 0000????
Skill 25102EC6C8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EC60A 000000FF
Skill 2102EC612 000000FF
Skill 3102EC61A 000000FF
Skill 4102EC622 000000FF
Skill 5102EC62A 000000FF
Skill 6102EC632 000000FF
Skill 7102EC63A 000000FF
Skill 8102EC642 000000FF
Skill 9102EC64A 000000FF
Skill 10102EC652 000000FF
Skill 11102EC65A 000000FF
Skill 12102EC662 000000FF
Skill 13102EC66A 000000FF
Skill 14102EC672 000000FF
Skill 15102EC67A 000000FF
Skill 16102EC682 000000FF
Skill 17102EC68A 000000FF
Skill 18102EC692 000000FF
Skill 19102EC69A 000000FF
Skill 20102EC6A2 000000FF
Skill 21102EC6AA 000000FF
Skill 22102EC6B2 000000FF
Skill 23102EC6BA 000000FF
Skill 24102EC6C2 000000FF
Skill 25102EC6CA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EC608 00FF????
Skill 2202EC610 00FF????
Skill 3202EC618 00FF????
Skill 4202EC620 00FF????
Skill 5202EC628 00FF????
Skill 6202EC630 00FF????
Skill 7202EC638 00FF????
Skill 8202EC640 00FF????
Skill 9202EC648 00FF????
Skill 10202EC650 00FF????
Skill 11202EC658 00FF????
Skill 12202EC660 00FF????
Skill 13202EC668 00FF????
Skill 14202EC670 00FF????
Skill 15202EC678 00FF????
Skill 16202EC680 00FF????
Skill 17202EC688 00FF????
Skill 18202EC690 00FF????
Skill 19202EC698 00FF????
Skill 20202EC6A0 00FF????
Skill 21202EC6A8 00FF????
Skill 22202EC6B0 00FF????
Skill 23202EC6B8 00FF????
Skill 24202EC6C0 00FF????
Skill 25202EC6C8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EC60C 00078600
Skill 2202EC614 00078600
Skill 3202EC61C 00078600
Skill 4202EC624 00078600
Skill 5202EC62C 00078600
Skill 6202EC634 00078600
Skill 7202EC63C 00078600
Skill 8202EC644 00078600
Skill 9202EC64C 00078600
Skill 10202EC654 00078600
Skill 11202EC65C 00078600
Skill 12202EC664 00078600
Skill 13202EC66C 00078600
Skill 14202EC674 00078600
Skill 15202EC67C 00078600
Skill 16202EC684 00078600
Skill 17202EC68C 00078600
Skill 18202EC694 00078600
Skill 19202EC69C 00078600
Skill 20202EC6A4 00078600
Skill 21202EC6AC 00078600
Skill 22202EC6B4 00078600
Skill 23202EC6BC 00078600
Skill 24202EC6C4 00078600
Skill 25202EC6CC 00078600
Character 28 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EC7D8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EC7D8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EC834 0098967F
Infinite SP202EC838 0098967F
Max HP202EC85C 0098967F
Max SP202EC860 0098967F
Max ATK202EC864 0098967F
Max DEF202EC868 0098967F
Max INT202EC86C 0098967F
Max RES202EC870 0098967F
Max TEC202EC874 0098967F
Max Mana202EC884 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EC898 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EC899 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EC89A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EC89B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EC89C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EC89D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EC89E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EC8B8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EC8BA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EC8BC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EC9E0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EC8E0 0000????
Skill 2102EC8E8 0000????
Skill 3102EC8F0 0000????
Skill 4102EC8F8 0000????
Skill 5102EC900 0000????
Skill 6102EC908 0000????
Skill 7102EC910 0000????
Skill 8102EC918 0000????
Skill 9102EC920 0000????
Skill 10102EC928 0000????
Skill 11102EC930 0000????
Skill 12102EC938 0000????
Skill 13102EC940 0000????
Skill 14102EC948 0000????
Skill 15102EC950 0000????
Skill 16102EC958 0000????
Skill 17102EC960 0000????
Skill 18102EC968 0000????
Skill 19102EC970 0000????
Skill 20102EC978 0000????
Skill 21102EC980 0000????
Skill 22102EC988 0000????
Skill 23102EC990 0000????
Skill 24102EC998 0000????
Skill 25102EC9A0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EC8E2 000000FF
Skill 2102EC8EA 000000FF
Skill 3102EC8F2 000000FF
Skill 4102EC8FA 000000FF
Skill 5102EC902 000000FF
Skill 6102EC90A 000000FF
Skill 7102EC912 000000FF
Skill 8102EC91A 000000FF
Skill 9102EC922 000000FF
Skill 10102EC92A 000000FF
Skill 11102EC932 000000FF
Skill 12102EC93A 000000FF
Skill 13102EC942 000000FF
Skill 14102EC94A 000000FF
Skill 15102EC952 000000FF
Skill 16102EC95A 000000FF
Skill 17102EC962 000000FF
Skill 18102EC96A 000000FF
Skill 19102EC972 000000FF
Skill 20102EC97A 000000FF
Skill 21102EC982 000000FF
Skill 22102EC98A 000000FF
Skill 23102EC992 000000FF
Skill 24102EC99A 000000FF
Skill 25102EC9A2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EC8E0 00FF????
Skill 2202EC8E8 00FF????
Skill 3202EC8F0 00FF????
Skill 4202EC8F8 00FF????
Skill 5202EC900 00FF????
Skill 6202EC908 00FF????
Skill 7202EC910 00FF????
Skill 8202EC918 00FF????
Skill 9202EC920 00FF????
Skill 10202EC928 00FF????
Skill 11202EC930 00FF????
Skill 12202EC938 00FF????
Skill 13202EC940 00FF????
Skill 14202EC948 00FF????
Skill 15202EC950 00FF????
Skill 16202EC958 00FF????
Skill 17202EC960 00FF????
Skill 18202EC968 00FF????
Skill 19202EC970 00FF????
Skill 20202EC978 00FF????
Skill 21202EC980 00FF????
Skill 22202EC988 00FF????
Skill 23202EC990 00FF????
Skill 24202EC998 00FF????
Skill 25202EC9A0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EC8E4 00078600
Skill 2202EC8EC 00078600
Skill 3202EC8F4 00078600
Skill 4202EC8FC 00078600
Skill 5202EC904 00078600
Skill 6202EC90C 00078600
Skill 7202EC914 00078600
Skill 8202EC91C 00078600
Skill 9202EC924 00078600
Skill 10202EC92C 00078600
Skill 11202EC934 00078600
Skill 12202EC93C 00078600
Skill 13202EC944 00078600
Skill 14202EC94C 00078600
Skill 15202EC954 00078600
Skill 16202EC95C 00078600
Skill 17202EC964 00078600
Skill 18202EC96C 00078600
Skill 19202EC974 00078600
Skill 20202EC97C 00078600
Skill 21202EC984 00078600
Skill 22202EC98C 00078600
Skill 23202EC994 00078600
Skill 24202EC99C 00078600
Skill 25202EC9A4 00078600
Character 29 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102ECAB0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202ECAB0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202ECB0C 0098967F
Infinite SP202ECB10 0098967F
Max HP202ECB34 0098967F
Max SP202ECB38 0098967F
Max ATK202ECB3C 0098967F
Max DEF202ECB40 0098967F
Max INT202ECB44 0098967F
Max RES202ECB48 0098967F
Max TEC202ECB4C 0098967F
Max Mana202ECB5C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002ECB70 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002ECB71 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002ECB72 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002ECB73 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002ECB74 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002ECB75 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002ECB76 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102ECB90 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102ECB92 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102ECB94 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202ECCB8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102ECBB8 0000????
Skill 2102ECBC0 0000????
Skill 3102ECBC8 0000????
Skill 4102ECBD0 0000????
Skill 5102ECBD8 0000????
Skill 6102ECBE0 0000????
Skill 7102ECBE8 0000????
Skill 8102ECBF0 0000????
Skill 9102ECBF8 0000????
Skill 10102ECC00 0000????
Skill 11102ECC08 0000????
Skill 12102ECC10 0000????
Skill 13102ECC18 0000????
Skill 14102ECC20 0000????
Skill 15102ECC28 0000????
Skill 16102ECC30 0000????
Skill 17102ECC38 0000????
Skill 18102ECC40 0000????
Skill 19102ECC48 0000????
Skill 20102ECC50 0000????
Skill 21102ECC58 0000????
Skill 22102ECC60 0000????
Skill 23102ECC68 0000????
Skill 24102ECC70 0000????
Skill 25102ECC78 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102ECBBA 000000FF
Skill 2102ECBC2 000000FF
Skill 3102ECBCA 000000FF
Skill 4102ECBD2 000000FF
Skill 5102ECBDA 000000FF
Skill 6102ECBE2 000000FF
Skill 7102ECBEA 000000FF
Skill 8102ECBF2 000000FF
Skill 9102ECBFA 000000FF
Skill 10102ECC02 000000FF
Skill 11102ECC0A 000000FF
Skill 12102ECC12 000000FF
Skill 13102ECC1A 000000FF
Skill 14102ECC22 000000FF
Skill 15102ECC2A 000000FF
Skill 16102ECC32 000000FF
Skill 17102ECC3A 000000FF
Skill 18102ECC42 000000FF
Skill 19102ECC4A 000000FF
Skill 20102ECC52 000000FF
Skill 21102ECC5A 000000FF
Skill 22102ECC62 000000FF
Skill 23102ECC6A 000000FF
Skill 24102ECC72 000000FF
Skill 25102ECC7A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202ECBB8 00FF????
Skill 2202ECBC0 00FF????
Skill 3202ECBC8 00FF????
Skill 4202ECBD0 00FF????
Skill 5202ECBD8 00FF????
Skill 6202ECBE0 00FF????
Skill 7202ECBE8 00FF????
Skill 8202ECBF0 00FF????
Skill 9202ECBF8 00FF????
Skill 10202ECC00 00FF????
Skill 11202ECC08 00FF????
Skill 12202ECC10 00FF????
Skill 13202ECC18 00FF????
Skill 14202ECC20 00FF????
Skill 15202ECC28 00FF????
Skill 16202ECC30 00FF????
Skill 17202ECC38 00FF????
Skill 18202ECC40 00FF????
Skill 19202ECC48 00FF????
Skill 20202ECC50 00FF????
Skill 21202ECC58 00FF????
Skill 22202ECC60 00FF????
Skill 23202ECC68 00FF????
Skill 24202ECC70 00FF????
Skill 25202ECC78 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202ECBBC 00078600
Skill 2202ECBC4 00078600
Skill 3202ECBCC 00078600
Skill 4202ECBD4 00078600
Skill 5202ECBDC 00078600
Skill 6202ECBE4 00078600
Skill 7202ECBEC 00078600
Skill 8202ECBF4 00078600
Skill 9202ECBFC 00078600
Skill 10202ECC04 00078600
Skill 11202ECC0C 00078600
Skill 12202ECC14 00078600
Skill 13202ECC1C 00078600
Skill 14202ECC24 00078600
Skill 15202ECC2C 00078600
Skill 16202ECC34 00078600
Skill 17202ECC3C 00078600
Skill 18202ECC44 00078600
Skill 19202ECC4C 00078600
Skill 20202ECC54 00078600
Skill 21202ECC5C 00078600
Skill 22202ECC64 00078600
Skill 23202ECC6C 00078600
Skill 24202ECC74 00078600
Skill 25202ECC7C 00078600
Character 30 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102ECD88 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202ECD88 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202ECDE4 0098967F
Infinite SP202ECDE8 0098967F
Max HP202ECE0C 0098967F
Max SP202ECE10 0098967F
Max ATK202ECE14 0098967F
Max DEF202ECE18 0098967F
Max INT202ECE1C 0098967F
Max RES202ECE20 0098967F
Max TEC202ECE24 0098967F
Max Mana202ECE34 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002ECE48 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002ECE49 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002ECE4A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002ECE4B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002ECE4C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002ECE4D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002ECE4E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102ECE68 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102ECE6A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102ECE6C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202ECF90 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102ECE90 0000????
Skill 2102ECE98 0000????
Skill 3102ECEA0 0000????
Skill 4102ECEA8 0000????
Skill 5102ECEB0 0000????
Skill 6102ECEB8 0000????
Skill 7102ECEC0 0000????
Skill 8102ECEC8 0000????
Skill 9102ECED0 0000????
Skill 10102ECED8 0000????
Skill 11102ECEE0 0000????
Skill 12102ECEE8 0000????
Skill 13102ECEF0 0000????
Skill 14102ECEF8 0000????
Skill 15102ECF00 0000????
Skill 16102ECF08 0000????
Skill 17102ECF10 0000????
Skill 18102ECF18 0000????
Skill 19102ECF20 0000????
Skill 20102ECF28 0000????
Skill 21102ECF30 0000????
Skill 22102ECF38 0000????
Skill 23102ECF40 0000????
Skill 24102ECF48 0000????
Skill 25102ECF50 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102ECE92 000000FF
Skill 2102ECE9A 000000FF
Skill 3102ECEA2 000000FF
Skill 4102ECEAA 000000FF
Skill 5102ECEB2 000000FF
Skill 6102ECEBA 000000FF
Skill 7102ECEC2 000000FF
Skill 8102ECECA 000000FF
Skill 9102ECED2 000000FF
Skill 10102ECEDA 000000FF
Skill 11102ECEE2 000000FF
Skill 12102ECEEA 000000FF
Skill 13102ECEF2 000000FF
Skill 14102ECEFA 000000FF
Skill 15102ECF02 000000FF
Skill 16102ECF0A 000000FF
Skill 17102ECF12 000000FF
Skill 18102ECF1A 000000FF
Skill 19102ECF22 000000FF
Skill 20102ECF2A 000000FF
Skill 21102ECF32 000000FF
Skill 22102ECF3A 000000FF
Skill 23102ECF42 000000FF
Skill 24102ECF4A 000000FF
Skill 25102ECF52 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202ECE90 00FF????
Skill 2202ECE98 00FF????
Skill 3202ECEA0 00FF????
Skill 4202ECEA8 00FF????
Skill 5202ECEB0 00FF????
Skill 6202ECEB8 00FF????
Skill 7202ECEC0 00FF????
Skill 8202ECEC8 00FF????
Skill 9202ECED0 00FF????
Skill 10202ECED8 00FF????
Skill 11202ECEE0 00FF????
Skill 12202ECEE8 00FF????
Skill 13202ECEF0 00FF????
Skill 14202ECEF8 00FF????
Skill 15202ECF00 00FF????
Skill 16202ECF08 00FF????
Skill 17202ECF10 00FF????
Skill 18202ECF18 00FF????
Skill 19202ECF20 00FF????
Skill 20202ECF28 00FF????
Skill 21202ECF30 00FF????
Skill 22202ECF38 00FF????
Skill 23202ECF40 00FF????
Skill 24202ECF48 00FF????
Skill 25202ECF50 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202ECE94 00078600
Skill 2202ECE9C 00078600
Skill 3202ECEA4 00078600
Skill 4202ECEAC 00078600
Skill 5202ECEB4 00078600
Skill 6202ECEBC 00078600
Skill 7202ECEC4 00078600
Skill 8202ECECC 00078600
Skill 9202ECED4 00078600
Skill 10202ECEDC 00078600
Skill 11202ECEE4 00078600
Skill 12202ECEEC 00078600
Skill 13202ECEF4 00078600
Skill 14202ECEFC 00078600
Skill 15202ECF04 00078600
Skill 16202ECF0C 00078600
Skill 17202ECF14 00078600
Skill 18202ECF1C 00078600
Skill 19202ECF24 00078600
Skill 20202ECF2C 00078600
Skill 21202ECF34 00078600
Skill 22202ECF3C 00078600
Skill 23202ECF44 00078600
Skill 24202ECF4C 00078600
Skill 25202ECF54 00078600
Character 31 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102ED060 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202ED060 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202ED0BC 0098967F
Infinite SP202ED0C0 0098967F
Max HP202ED0E4 0098967F
Max SP202ED0E8 0098967F
Max ATK202ED0EC 0098967F
Max DEF202ED0F0 0098967F
Max INT202ED0F4 0098967F
Max RES202ED0F8 0098967F
Max TEC202ED0FC 0098967F
Max Mana202ED10C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002ED120 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002ED121 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002ED122 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002ED123 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002ED124 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002ED125 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002ED126 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102ED140 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102ED142 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102ED144 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202ED268 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102ED168 0000????
Skill 2102ED170 0000????
Skill 3102ED178 0000????
Skill 4102ED180 0000????
Skill 5102ED188 0000????
Skill 6102ED190 0000????
Skill 7102ED198 0000????
Skill 8102ED1A0 0000????
Skill 9102ED1A8 0000????
Skill 10102ED1B0 0000????
Skill 11102ED1B8 0000????
Skill 12102ED1C0 0000????
Skill 13102ED1C8 0000????
Skill 14102ED1D0 0000????
Skill 15102ED1D8 0000????
Skill 16102ED1E0 0000????
Skill 17102ED1E8 0000????
Skill 18102ED1F0 0000????
Skill 19102ED1F8 0000????
Skill 20102ED200 0000????
Skill 21102ED208 0000????
Skill 22102ED210 0000????
Skill 23102ED218 0000????
Skill 24102ED220 0000????
Skill 25102ED228 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102ED16A 000000FF
Skill 2102ED172 000000FF
Skill 3102ED17A 000000FF
Skill 4102ED182 000000FF
Skill 5102ED18A 000000FF
Skill 6102ED192 000000FF
Skill 7102ED19A 000000FF
Skill 8102ED1A2 000000FF
Skill 9102ED1AA 000000FF
Skill 10102ED1B2 000000FF
Skill 11102ED1BA 000000FF
Skill 12102ED1C2 000000FF
Skill 13102ED1CA 000000FF
Skill 14102ED1D2 000000FF
Skill 15102ED1DA 000000FF
Skill 16102ED1E2 000000FF
Skill 17102ED1EA 000000FF
Skill 18102ED1F2 000000FF
Skill 19102ED1FA 000000FF
Skill 20102ED202 000000FF
Skill 21102ED20A 000000FF
Skill 22102ED212 000000FF
Skill 23102ED21A 000000FF
Skill 24102ED222 000000FF
Skill 25102ED22A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202ED168 00FF????
Skill 2202ED170 00FF????
Skill 3202ED178 00FF????
Skill 4202ED180 00FF????
Skill 5202ED188 00FF????
Skill 6202ED190 00FF????
Skill 7202ED198 00FF????
Skill 8202ED1A0 00FF????
Skill 9202ED1A8 00FF????
Skill 10202ED1B0 00FF????
Skill 11202ED1B8 00FF????
Skill 12202ED1C0 00FF????
Skill 13202ED1C8 00FF????
Skill 14202ED1D0 00FF????
Skill 15202ED1D8 00FF????
Skill 16202ED1E0 00FF????
Skill 17202ED1E8 00FF????
Skill 18202ED1F0 00FF????
Skill 19202ED1F8 00FF????
Skill 20202ED200 00FF????
Skill 21202ED208 00FF????
Skill 22202ED210 00FF????
Skill 23202ED218 00FF????
Skill 24202ED220 00FF????
Skill 25202ED228 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202ED16C 00078600
Skill 2202ED174 00078600
Skill 3202ED17C 00078600
Skill 4202ED184 00078600
Skill 5202ED18C 00078600
Skill 6202ED194 00078600
Skill 7202ED19C 00078600
Skill 8202ED1A4 00078600
Skill 9202ED1AC 00078600
Skill 10202ED1B4 00078600
Skill 11202ED1BC 00078600
Skill 12202ED1C4 00078600
Skill 13202ED1CC 00078600
Skill 14202ED1D4 00078600
Skill 15202ED1DC 00078600
Skill 16202ED1E4 00078600
Skill 17202ED1EC 00078600
Skill 18202ED1F4 00078600
Skill 19202ED1FC 00078600
Skill 20202ED204 00078600
Skill 21202ED20C 00078600
Skill 22202ED214 00078600
Skill 23202ED21C 00078600
Skill 24202ED224 00078600
Skill 25202ED22C 00078600
Character 32 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102ED338 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202ED338 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202ED394 0098967F
Infinite SP202ED398 0098967F
Max HP202ED3BC 0098967F
Max SP202ED3C0 0098967F
Max ATK202ED3C4 0098967F
Max DEF202ED3C8 0098967F
Max INT202ED3CC 0098967F
Max RES202ED3D0 0098967F
Max TEC202ED3D4 0098967F
Max Mana202ED3E4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002ED3F8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002ED3F9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002ED3FA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002ED3FB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002ED3FC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002ED3FD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002ED3FE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102ED418 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102ED41A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102ED41C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202ED540 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102ED440 0000????
Skill 2102ED448 0000????
Skill 3102ED450 0000????
Skill 4102ED458 0000????
Skill 5102ED460 0000????
Skill 6102ED468 0000????
Skill 7102ED470 0000????
Skill 8102ED478 0000????
Skill 9102ED480 0000????
Skill 10102ED488 0000????
Skill 11102ED490 0000????
Skill 12102ED498 0000????
Skill 13102ED4A0 0000????
Skill 14102ED4A8 0000????
Skill 15102ED4B0 0000????
Skill 16102ED4B8 0000????
Skill 17102ED4C0 0000????
Skill 18102ED4C8 0000????
Skill 19102ED4D0 0000????
Skill 20102ED4D8 0000????
Skill 21102ED4E0 0000????
Skill 22102ED4E8 0000????
Skill 23102ED4F0 0000????
Skill 24102ED4F8 0000????
Skill 25102ED500 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102ED442 000000FF
Skill 2102ED44A 000000FF
Skill 3102ED452 000000FF
Skill 4102ED45A 000000FF
Skill 5102ED462 000000FF
Skill 6102ED46A 000000FF
Skill 7102ED472 000000FF
Skill 8102ED47A 000000FF
Skill 9102ED482 000000FF
Skill 10102ED48A 000000FF
Skill 11102ED492 000000FF
Skill 12102ED49A 000000FF
Skill 13102ED4A2 000000FF
Skill 14102ED4AA 000000FF
Skill 15102ED4B2 000000FF
Skill 16102ED4BA 000000FF
Skill 17102ED4C2 000000FF
Skill 18102ED4CA 000000FF
Skill 19102ED4D2 000000FF
Skill 20102ED4DA 000000FF
Skill 21102ED4E2 000000FF
Skill 22102ED4EA 000000FF
Skill 23102ED4F2 000000FF
Skill 24102ED4FA 000000FF
Skill 25102ED502 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202ED440 00FF????
Skill 2202ED448 00FF????
Skill 3202ED450 00FF????
Skill 4202ED458 00FF????
Skill 5202ED460 00FF????
Skill 6202ED468 00FF????
Skill 7202ED470 00FF????
Skill 8202ED478 00FF????
Skill 9202ED480 00FF????
Skill 10202ED488 00FF????
Skill 11202ED490 00FF????
Skill 12202ED498 00FF????
Skill 13202ED4A0 00FF????
Skill 14202ED4A8 00FF????
Skill 15202ED4B0 00FF????
Skill 16202ED4B8 00FF????
Skill 17202ED4C0 00FF????
Skill 18202ED4C8 00FF????
Skill 19202ED4D0 00FF????
Skill 20202ED4D8 00FF????
Skill 21202ED4E0 00FF????
Skill 22202ED4E8 00FF????
Skill 23202ED4F0 00FF????
Skill 24202ED4F8 00FF????
Skill 25202ED500 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202ED444 00078600
Skill 2202ED44C 00078600
Skill 3202ED454 00078600
Skill 4202ED45C 00078600
Skill 5202ED464 00078600
Skill 6202ED46C 00078600
Skill 7202ED474 00078600
Skill 8202ED47C 00078600
Skill 9202ED484 00078600
Skill 10202ED48C 00078600
Skill 11202ED494 00078600
Skill 12202ED49C 00078600
Skill 13202ED4A4 00078600
Skill 14202ED4AC 00078600
Skill 15202ED4B4 00078600
Skill 16202ED4BC 00078600
Skill 17202ED4C4 00078600
Skill 18202ED4CC 00078600
Skill 19202ED4D4 00078600
Skill 20202ED4DC 00078600
Skill 21202ED4E4 00078600
Skill 22202ED4EC 00078600
Skill 23202ED4F4 00078600
Skill 24202ED4FC 00078600
Skill 25202ED504 00078600
Character 33 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102ED610 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202ED610 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202ED66C 0098967F
Infinite SP202ED670 0098967F
Max HP202ED694 0098967F
Max SP202ED698 0098967F
Max ATK202ED69C 0098967F
Max DEF202ED6A0 0098967F
Max INT202ED6A4 0098967F
Max RES202ED6A8 0098967F
Max TEC202ED6AC 0098967F
Max Mana202ED6BC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002ED6D0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002ED6D1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002ED6D2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002ED6D3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002ED6D4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002ED6D5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002ED6D6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102ED6F0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102ED6F2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102ED6F4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202ED818 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102ED718 0000????
Skill 2102ED720 0000????
Skill 3102ED728 0000????
Skill 4102ED730 0000????
Skill 5102ED738 0000????
Skill 6102ED740 0000????
Skill 7102ED748 0000????
Skill 8102ED750 0000????
Skill 9102ED758 0000????
Skill 10102ED760 0000????
Skill 11102ED768 0000????
Skill 12102ED770 0000????
Skill 13102ED778 0000????
Skill 14102ED780 0000????
Skill 15102ED788 0000????
Skill 16102ED790 0000????
Skill 17102ED798 0000????
Skill 18102ED7A0 0000????
Skill 19102ED7A8 0000????
Skill 20102ED7B0 0000????
Skill 21102ED7B8 0000????
Skill 22102ED7C0 0000????
Skill 23102ED7C8 0000????
Skill 24102ED7D0 0000????
Skill 25102ED7D8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102ED71A 000000FF
Skill 2102ED722 000000FF
Skill 3102ED72A 000000FF
Skill 4102ED732 000000FF
Skill 5102ED73A 000000FF
Skill 6102ED742 000000FF
Skill 7102ED74A 000000FF
Skill 8102ED752 000000FF
Skill 9102ED75A 000000FF
Skill 10102ED762 000000FF
Skill 11102ED76A 000000FF
Skill 12102ED772 000000FF
Skill 13102ED77A 000000FF
Skill 14102ED782 000000FF
Skill 15102ED78A 000000FF
Skill 16102ED792 000000FF
Skill 17102ED79A 000000FF
Skill 18102ED7A2 000000FF
Skill 19102ED7AA 000000FF
Skill 20102ED7B2 000000FF
Skill 21102ED7BA 000000FF
Skill 22102ED7C2 000000FF
Skill 23102ED7CA 000000FF
Skill 24102ED7D2 000000FF
Skill 25102ED7DA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202ED718 00FF????
Skill 2202ED720 00FF????
Skill 3202ED728 00FF????
Skill 4202ED730 00FF????
Skill 5202ED738 00FF????
Skill 6202ED740 00FF????
Skill 7202ED748 00FF????
Skill 8202ED750 00FF????
Skill 9202ED758 00FF????
Skill 10202ED760 00FF????
Skill 11202ED768 00FF????
Skill 12202ED770 00FF????
Skill 13202ED778 00FF????
Skill 14202ED780 00FF????
Skill 15202ED788 00FF????
Skill 16202ED790 00FF????
Skill 17202ED798 00FF????
Skill 18202ED7A0 00FF????
Skill 19202ED7A8 00FF????
Skill 20202ED7B0 00FF????
Skill 21202ED7B8 00FF????
Skill 22202ED7C0 00FF????
Skill 23202ED7C8 00FF????
Skill 24202ED7D0 00FF????
Skill 25202ED7D8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202ED71C 00078600
Skill 2202ED724 00078600
Skill 3202ED72C 00078600
Skill 4202ED734 00078600
Skill 5202ED73C 00078600
Skill 6202ED744 00078600
Skill 7202ED74C 00078600
Skill 8202ED754 00078600
Skill 9202ED75C 00078600
Skill 10202ED764 00078600
Skill 11202ED76C 00078600
Skill 12202ED774 00078600
Skill 13202ED77C 00078600
Skill 14202ED784 00078600
Skill 15202ED78C 00078600
Skill 16202ED794 00078600
Skill 17202ED79C 00078600
Skill 18202ED7A4 00078600
Skill 19202ED7AC 00078600
Skill 20202ED7B4 00078600
Skill 21202ED7BC 00078600
Skill 22202ED7C4 00078600
Skill 23202ED7CC 00078600
Skill 24202ED7D4 00078600
Skill 25202ED7DC 00078600
Character 34 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102ED8E8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202ED8E8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202ED944 0098967F
Infinite SP202ED948 0098967F
Max HP202ED96C 0098967F
Max SP202ED970 0098967F
Max ATK202ED974 0098967F
Max DEF202ED978 0098967F
Max INT202ED97C 0098967F
Max RES202ED980 0098967F
Max TEC202ED984 0098967F
Max Mana202ED994 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002ED9A8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002ED9A9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002ED9AA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002ED9AB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002ED9AC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002ED9AD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002ED9AE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102ED9C8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102ED9CA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102ED9CC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EDAF0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102ED9F0 0000????
Skill 2102ED9F8 0000????
Skill 3102EDA00 0000????
Skill 4102EDA08 0000????
Skill 5102EDA10 0000????
Skill 6102EDA18 0000????
Skill 7102EDA20 0000????
Skill 8102EDA28 0000????
Skill 9102EDA30 0000????
Skill 10102EDA38 0000????
Skill 11102EDA40 0000????
Skill 12102EDA48 0000????
Skill 13102EDA50 0000????
Skill 14102EDA58 0000????
Skill 15102EDA60 0000????
Skill 16102EDA68 0000????
Skill 17102EDA70 0000????
Skill 18102EDA78 0000????
Skill 19102EDA80 0000????
Skill 20102EDA88 0000????
Skill 21102EDA90 0000????
Skill 22102EDA98 0000????
Skill 23102EDAA0 0000????
Skill 24102EDAA8 0000????
Skill 25102EDAB0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102ED9F2 000000FF
Skill 2102ED9FA 000000FF
Skill 3102EDA02 000000FF
Skill 4102EDA0A 000000FF
Skill 5102EDA12 000000FF
Skill 6102EDA1A 000000FF
Skill 7102EDA22 000000FF
Skill 8102EDA2A 000000FF
Skill 9102EDA32 000000FF
Skill 10102EDA3A 000000FF
Skill 11102EDA42 000000FF
Skill 12102EDA4A 000000FF
Skill 13102EDA52 000000FF
Skill 14102EDA5A 000000FF
Skill 15102EDA62 000000FF
Skill 16102EDA6A 000000FF
Skill 17102EDA72 000000FF
Skill 18102EDA7A 000000FF
Skill 19102EDA82 000000FF
Skill 20102EDA8A 000000FF
Skill 21102EDA92 000000FF
Skill 22102EDA9A 000000FF
Skill 23102EDAA2 000000FF
Skill 24102EDAAA 000000FF
Skill 25102EDAB2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202ED9F0 00FF????
Skill 2202ED9F8 00FF????
Skill 3202EDA00 00FF????
Skill 4202EDA08 00FF????
Skill 5202EDA10 00FF????
Skill 6202EDA18 00FF????
Skill 7202EDA20 00FF????
Skill 8202EDA28 00FF????
Skill 9202EDA30 00FF????
Skill 10202EDA38 00FF????
Skill 11202EDA40 00FF????
Skill 12202EDA48 00FF????
Skill 13202EDA50 00FF????
Skill 14202EDA58 00FF????
Skill 15202EDA60 00FF????
Skill 16202EDA68 00FF????
Skill 17202EDA70 00FF????
Skill 18202EDA78 00FF????
Skill 19202EDA80 00FF????
Skill 20202EDA88 00FF????
Skill 21202EDA90 00FF????
Skill 22202EDA98 00FF????
Skill 23202EDAA0 00FF????
Skill 24202EDAA8 00FF????
Skill 25202EDAB0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202ED9F4 00078600
Skill 2202ED9FC 00078600
Skill 3202EDA04 00078600
Skill 4202EDA0C 00078600
Skill 5202EDA14 00078600
Skill 6202EDA1C 00078600
Skill 7202EDA24 00078600
Skill 8202EDA2C 00078600
Skill 9202EDA34 00078600
Skill 10202EDA3C 00078600
Skill 11202EDA44 00078600
Skill 12202EDA4C 00078600
Skill 13202EDA54 00078600
Skill 14202EDA5C 00078600
Skill 15202EDA64 00078600
Skill 16202EDA6C 00078600
Skill 17202EDA74 00078600
Skill 18202EDA7C 00078600
Skill 19202EDA84 00078600
Skill 20202EDA8C 00078600
Skill 21202EDA94 00078600
Skill 22202EDA9C 00078600
Skill 23202EDAA4 00078600
Skill 24202EDAAC 00078600
Skill 25202EDAB4 00078600
Character 35 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EDBC0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EDBC0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EDC1C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EDC20 0098967F
Max HP202EDC44 0098967F
Max SP202EDC48 0098967F
Max ATK202EDC4C 0098967F
Max DEF202EDC50 0098967F
Max INT202EDC54 0098967F
Max RES202EDC58 0098967F
Max TEC202EDC5C 0098967F
Max Mana202EDC6C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EDC80 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EDC81 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EDC82 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EDC83 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EDC84 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EDC85 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EDC86 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EDCA0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EDCA2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EDCA4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EDDC8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EDCC8 0000????
Skill 2102EDCD0 0000????
Skill 3102EDCD8 0000????
Skill 4102EDCE0 0000????
Skill 5102EDCE8 0000????
Skill 6102EDCF0 0000????
Skill 7102EDCF8 0000????
Skill 8102EDD00 0000????
Skill 9102EDD08 0000????
Skill 10102EDD10 0000????
Skill 11102EDD18 0000????
Skill 12102EDD20 0000????
Skill 13102EDD28 0000????
Skill 14102EDD30 0000????
Skill 15102EDD38 0000????
Skill 16102EDD40 0000????
Skill 17102EDD48 0000????
Skill 18102EDD50 0000????
Skill 19102EDD58 0000????
Skill 20102EDD60 0000????
Skill 21102EDD68 0000????
Skill 22102EDD70 0000????
Skill 23102EDD78 0000????
Skill 24102EDD80 0000????
Skill 25102EDD88 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EDCCA 000000FF
Skill 2102EDCD2 000000FF
Skill 3102EDCDA 000000FF
Skill 4102EDCE2 000000FF
Skill 5102EDCEA 000000FF
Skill 6102EDCF2 000000FF
Skill 7102EDCFA 000000FF
Skill 8102EDD02 000000FF
Skill 9102EDD0A 000000FF
Skill 10102EDD12 000000FF
Skill 11102EDD1A 000000FF
Skill 12102EDD22 000000FF
Skill 13102EDD2A 000000FF
Skill 14102EDD32 000000FF
Skill 15102EDD3A 000000FF
Skill 16102EDD42 000000FF
Skill 17102EDD4A 000000FF
Skill 18102EDD52 000000FF
Skill 19102EDD5A 000000FF
Skill 20102EDD62 000000FF
Skill 21102EDD6A 000000FF
Skill 22102EDD72 000000FF
Skill 23102EDD7A 000000FF
Skill 24102EDD82 000000FF
Skill 25102EDD8A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EDCC8 00FF????
Skill 2202EDCD0 00FF????
Skill 3202EDCD8 00FF????
Skill 4202EDCE0 00FF????
Skill 5202EDCE8 00FF????
Skill 6202EDCF0 00FF????
Skill 7202EDCF8 00FF????
Skill 8202EDD00 00FF????
Skill 9202EDD08 00FF????
Skill 10202EDD10 00FF????
Skill 11202EDD18 00FF????
Skill 12202EDD20 00FF????
Skill 13202EDD28 00FF????
Skill 14202EDD30 00FF????
Skill 15202EDD38 00FF????
Skill 16202EDD40 00FF????
Skill 17202EDD48 00FF????
Skill 18202EDD50 00FF????
Skill 19202EDD58 00FF????
Skill 20202EDD60 00FF????
Skill 21202EDD68 00FF????
Skill 22202EDD70 00FF????
Skill 23202EDD78 00FF????
Skill 24202EDD80 00FF????
Skill 25202EDD88 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EDCCC 00078600
Skill 2202EDCD4 00078600
Skill 3202EDCDC 00078600
Skill 4202EDCE4 00078600
Skill 5202EDCEC 00078600
Skill 6202EDCF4 00078600
Skill 7202EDCFC 00078600
Skill 8202EDD04 00078600
Skill 9202EDD0C 00078600
Skill 10202EDD14 00078600
Skill 11202EDD1C 00078600
Skill 12202EDD24 00078600
Skill 13202EDD2C 00078600
Skill 14202EDD34 00078600
Skill 15202EDD3C 00078600
Skill 16202EDD44 00078600
Skill 17202EDD4C 00078600
Skill 18202EDD54 00078600
Skill 19202EDD5C 00078600
Skill 20202EDD64 00078600
Skill 21202EDD6C 00078600
Skill 22202EDD74 00078600
Skill 23202EDD7C 00078600
Skill 24202EDD84 00078600
Skill 25202EDD8C 00078600
Character 36 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EDE98 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EDE98 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EDEF4 0098967F
Infinite SP202EDEF8 0098967F
Max HP202EDF1C 0098967F
Max SP202EDF20 0098967F
Max ATK202EDF24 0098967F
Max DEF202EDF28 0098967F
Max INT202EDF2C 0098967F
Max RES202EDF30 0098967F
Max TEC202EDF34 0098967F
Max Mana202EDF44 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EDF58 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EDF59 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EDF5A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EDF5B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EDF5C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EDF5D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EDF5E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EDF78 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EDF7A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EDF7C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EE0A0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EDFA0 0000????
Skill 2102EDFA8 0000????
Skill 3102EDFB0 0000????
Skill 4102EDFB8 0000????
Skill 5102EDFC0 0000????
Skill 6102EDFC8 0000????
Skill 7102EDFD0 0000????
Skill 8102EDFD8 0000????
Skill 9102EDFE0 0000????
Skill 10102EDFE8 0000????
Skill 11102EDFF0 0000????
Skill 12102EDFF8 0000????
Skill 13102EE000 0000????
Skill 14102EE008 0000????
Skill 15102EE010 0000????
Skill 16102EE018 0000????
Skill 17102EE020 0000????
Skill 18102EE028 0000????
Skill 19102EE030 0000????
Skill 20102EE038 0000????
Skill 21102EE040 0000????
Skill 22102EE048 0000????
Skill 23102EE050 0000????
Skill 24102EE058 0000????
Skill 25102EE060 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EDFA2 000000FF
Skill 2102EDFAA 000000FF
Skill 3102EDFB2 000000FF
Skill 4102EDFBA 000000FF
Skill 5102EDFC2 000000FF
Skill 6102EDFCA 000000FF
Skill 7102EDFD2 000000FF
Skill 8102EDFDA 000000FF
Skill 9102EDFE2 000000FF
Skill 10102EDFEA 000000FF
Skill 11102EDFF2 000000FF
Skill 12102EDFFA 000000FF
Skill 13102EE002 000000FF
Skill 14102EE00A 000000FF
Skill 15102EE012 000000FF
Skill 16102EE01A 000000FF
Skill 17102EE022 000000FF
Skill 18102EE02A 000000FF
Skill 19102EE032 000000FF
Skill 20102EE03A 000000FF
Skill 21102EE042 000000FF
Skill 22102EE04A 000000FF
Skill 23102EE052 000000FF
Skill 24102EE05A 000000FF
Skill 25102EE062 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EDFA0 00FF????
Skill 2202EDFA8 00FF????
Skill 3202EDFB0 00FF????
Skill 4202EDFB8 00FF????
Skill 5202EDFC0 00FF????
Skill 6202EDFC8 00FF????
Skill 7202EDFD0 00FF????
Skill 8202EDFD8 00FF????
Skill 9202EDFE0 00FF????
Skill 10202EDFE8 00FF????
Skill 11202EDFF0 00FF????
Skill 12202EDFF8 00FF????
Skill 13202EE000 00FF????
Skill 14202EE008 00FF????
Skill 15202EE010 00FF????
Skill 16202EE018 00FF????
Skill 17202EE020 00FF????
Skill 18202EE028 00FF????
Skill 19202EE030 00FF????
Skill 20202EE038 00FF????
Skill 21202EE040 00FF????
Skill 22202EE048 00FF????
Skill 23202EE050 00FF????
Skill 24202EE058 00FF????
Skill 25202EE060 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EDFA4 00078600
Skill 2202EDFAC 00078600
Skill 3202EDFB4 00078600
Skill 4202EDFBC 00078600
Skill 5202EDFC4 00078600
Skill 6202EDFCC 00078600
Skill 7202EDFD4 00078600
Skill 8202EDFDC 00078600
Skill 9202EDFE4 00078600
Skill 10202EDFEC 00078600
Skill 11202EDFF4 00078600
Skill 12202EDFFC 00078600
Skill 13202EE004 00078600
Skill 14202EE00C 00078600
Skill 15202EE014 00078600
Skill 16202EE01C 00078600
Skill 17202EE024 00078600
Skill 18202EE02C 00078600
Skill 19202EE034 00078600
Skill 20202EE03C 00078600
Skill 21202EE044 00078600
Skill 22202EE04C 00078600
Skill 23202EE054 00078600
Skill 24202EE05C 00078600
Skill 25202EE064 00078600
Character 37 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EE170 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EE170 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EE1CC 0098967F
Infinite SP202EE1D0 0098967F
Max HP202EE1F4 0098967F
Max SP202EE1F8 0098967F
Max ATK202EE1FC 0098967F
Max DEF202EE200 0098967F
Max INT202EE204 0098967F
Max RES202EE208 0098967F
Max TEC202EE20C 0098967F
Max Mana202EE21C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EE230 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EE231 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EE232 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EE233 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EE234 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EE235 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EE236 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EE250 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EE252 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EE254 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EE378 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EE278 0000????
Skill 2102EE280 0000????
Skill 3102EE288 0000????
Skill 4102EE290 0000????
Skill 5102EE298 0000????
Skill 6102EE2A0 0000????
Skill 7102EE2A8 0000????
Skill 8102EE2B0 0000????
Skill 9102EE2B8 0000????
Skill 10102EE2C0 0000????
Skill 11102EE2C8 0000????
Skill 12102EE2D0 0000????
Skill 13102EE2D8 0000????
Skill 14102EE2E0 0000????
Skill 15102EE2E8 0000????
Skill 16102EE2F0 0000????
Skill 17102EE2F8 0000????
Skill 18102EE300 0000????
Skill 19102EE308 0000????
Skill 20102EE310 0000????
Skill 21102EE318 0000????
Skill 22102EE320 0000????
Skill 23102EE328 0000????
Skill 24102EE330 0000????
Skill 25102EE338 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EE27A 000000FF
Skill 2102EE282 000000FF
Skill 3102EE28A 000000FF
Skill 4102EE292 000000FF
Skill 5102EE29A 000000FF
Skill 6102EE2A2 000000FF
Skill 7102EE2AA 000000FF
Skill 8102EE2B2 000000FF
Skill 9102EE2BA 000000FF
Skill 10102EE2C2 000000FF
Skill 11102EE2CA 000000FF
Skill 12102EE2D2 000000FF
Skill 13102EE2DA 000000FF
Skill 14102EE2E2 000000FF
Skill 15102EE2EA 000000FF
Skill 16102EE2F2 000000FF
Skill 17102EE2FA 000000FF
Skill 18102EE302 000000FF
Skill 19102EE30A 000000FF
Skill 20102EE312 000000FF
Skill 21102EE31A 000000FF
Skill 22102EE322 000000FF
Skill 23102EE32A 000000FF
Skill 24102EE332 000000FF
Skill 25102EE33A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EE278 00FF????
Skill 2202EE280 00FF????
Skill 3202EE288 00FF????
Skill 4202EE290 00FF????
Skill 5202EE298 00FF????
Skill 6202EE2A0 00FF????
Skill 7202EE2A8 00FF????
Skill 8202EE2B0 00FF????
Skill 9202EE2B8 00FF????
Skill 10202EE2C0 00FF????
Skill 11202EE2C8 00FF????
Skill 12202EE2D0 00FF????
Skill 13202EE2D8 00FF????
Skill 14202EE2E0 00FF????
Skill 15202EE2E8 00FF????
Skill 16202EE2F0 00FF????
Skill 17202EE2F8 00FF????
Skill 18202EE300 00FF????
Skill 19202EE308 00FF????
Skill 20202EE310 00FF????
Skill 21202EE318 00FF????
Skill 22202EE320 00FF????
Skill 23202EE328 00FF????
Skill 24202EE330 00FF????
Skill 25202EE338 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EE27C 00078600
Skill 2202EE284 00078600
Skill 3202EE28C 00078600
Skill 4202EE294 00078600
Skill 5202EE29C 00078600
Skill 6202EE2A4 00078600
Skill 7202EE2AC 00078600
Skill 8202EE2B4 00078600
Skill 9202EE2BC 00078600
Skill 10202EE2C4 00078600
Skill 11202EE2CC 00078600
Skill 12202EE2D4 00078600
Skill 13202EE2DC 00078600
Skill 14202EE2E4 00078600
Skill 15202EE2EC 00078600
Skill 16202EE2F4 00078600
Skill 17202EE2FC 00078600
Skill 18202EE304 00078600
Skill 19202EE30C 00078600
Skill 20202EE314 00078600
Skill 21202EE31C 00078600
Skill 22202EE324 00078600
Skill 23202EE32C 00078600
Skill 24202EE334 00078600
Skill 25202EE33C 00078600
Character 38 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EE448 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EE448 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EE4A4 0098967F
Infinite SP202EE4A8 0098967F
Max HP202EE4CC 0098967F
Max SP202EE4D0 0098967F
Max ATK202EE4D4 0098967F
Max DEF202EE4D8 0098967F
Max INT202EE4DC 0098967F
Max RES202EE4E0 0098967F
Max TEC202EE4E4 0098967F
Max Mana202EE4F4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EE508 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EE509 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EE50A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EE50B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EE50C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EE50D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EE50E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EE528 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EE52A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EE52C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EE650 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EE550 0000????
Skill 2102EE558 0000????
Skill 3102EE560 0000????
Skill 4102EE568 0000????
Skill 5102EE570 0000????
Skill 6102EE578 0000????
Skill 7102EE580 0000????
Skill 8102EE588 0000????
Skill 9102EE590 0000????
Skill 10102EE598 0000????
Skill 11102EE5A0 0000????
Skill 12102EE5A8 0000????
Skill 13102EE5B0 0000????
Skill 14102EE5B8 0000????
Skill 15102EE5C0 0000????
Skill 16102EE5C8 0000????
Skill 17102EE5D0 0000????
Skill 18102EE5D8 0000????
Skill 19102EE5E0 0000????
Skill 20102EE5E8 0000????
Skill 21102EE5F0 0000????
Skill 22102EE5F8 0000????
Skill 23102EE600 0000????
Skill 24102EE608 0000????
Skill 25102EE610 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EE552 000000FF
Skill 2102EE55A 000000FF
Skill 3102EE562 000000FF
Skill 4102EE56A 000000FF
Skill 5102EE572 000000FF
Skill 6102EE57A 000000FF
Skill 7102EE582 000000FF
Skill 8102EE58A 000000FF
Skill 9102EE592 000000FF
Skill 10102EE59A 000000FF
Skill 11102EE5A2 000000FF
Skill 12102EE5AA 000000FF
Skill 13102EE5B2 000000FF
Skill 14102EE5BA 000000FF
Skill 15102EE5C2 000000FF
Skill 16102EE5CA 000000FF
Skill 17102EE5D2 000000FF
Skill 18102EE5DA 000000FF
Skill 19102EE5E2 000000FF
Skill 20102EE5EA 000000FF
Skill 21102EE5F2 000000FF
Skill 22102EE5FA 000000FF
Skill 23102EE602 000000FF
Skill 24102EE60A 000000FF
Skill 25102EE612 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EE550 00FF????
Skill 2202EE558 00FF????
Skill 3202EE560 00FF????
Skill 4202EE568 00FF????
Skill 5202EE570 00FF????
Skill 6202EE578 00FF????
Skill 7202EE580 00FF????
Skill 8202EE588 00FF????
Skill 9202EE590 00FF????
Skill 10202EE598 00FF????
Skill 11202EE5A0 00FF????
Skill 12202EE5A8 00FF????
Skill 13202EE5B0 00FF????
Skill 14202EE5B8 00FF????
Skill 15202EE5C0 00FF????
Skill 16202EE5C8 00FF????
Skill 17202EE5D0 00FF????
Skill 18202EE5D8 00FF????
Skill 19202EE5E0 00FF????
Skill 20202EE5E8 00FF????
Skill 21202EE5F0 00FF????
Skill 22202EE5F8 00FF????
Skill 23202EE600 00FF????
Skill 24202EE608 00FF????
Skill 25202EE610 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EE554 00078600
Skill 2202EE55C 00078600
Skill 3202EE564 00078600
Skill 4202EE56C 00078600
Skill 5202EE574 00078600
Skill 6202EE57C 00078600
Skill 7202EE584 00078600
Skill 8202EE58C 00078600
Skill 9202EE594 00078600
Skill 10202EE59C 00078600
Skill 11202EE5A4 00078600
Skill 12202EE5AC 00078600
Skill 13202EE5B4 00078600
Skill 14202EE5BC 00078600
Skill 15202EE5C4 00078600
Skill 16202EE5CC 00078600
Skill 17202EE5D4 00078600
Skill 18202EE5DC 00078600
Skill 19202EE5E4 00078600
Skill 20202EE5EC 00078600
Skill 21202EE5F4 00078600
Skill 22202EE5FC 00078600
Skill 23202EE604 00078600
Skill 24202EE60C 00078600
Skill 25202EE614 00078600
Character 39 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EE720 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EE720 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EE77C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EE780 0098967F
Max HP202EE7A4 0098967F
Max SP202EE7A8 0098967F
Max ATK202EE7AC 0098967F
Max DEF202EE7B0 0098967F
Max INT202EE7B4 0098967F
Max RES202EE7B8 0098967F
Max TEC202EE7BC 0098967F
Max Mana202EE7CC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EE7E0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EE7E1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EE7E2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EE7E3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EE7E4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EE7E5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EE7E6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EE800 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EE802 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EE804 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EE928 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EE828 0000????
Skill 2102EE830 0000????
Skill 3102EE838 0000????
Skill 4102EE840 0000????
Skill 5102EE848 0000????
Skill 6102EE850 0000????
Skill 7102EE858 0000????
Skill 8102EE860 0000????
Skill 9102EE868 0000????
Skill 10102EE870 0000????
Skill 11102EE878 0000????
Skill 12102EE880 0000????
Skill 13102EE888 0000????
Skill 14102EE890 0000????
Skill 15102EE898 0000????
Skill 16102EE8A0 0000????
Skill 17102EE8A8 0000????
Skill 18102EE8B0 0000????
Skill 19102EE8B8 0000????
Skill 20102EE8C0 0000????
Skill 21102EE8C8 0000????
Skill 22102EE8D0 0000????
Skill 23102EE8D8 0000????
Skill 24102EE8E0 0000????
Skill 25102EE8E8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EE82A 000000FF
Skill 2102EE832 000000FF
Skill 3102EE83A 000000FF
Skill 4102EE842 000000FF
Skill 5102EE84A 000000FF
Skill 6102EE852 000000FF
Skill 7102EE85A 000000FF
Skill 8102EE862 000000FF
Skill 9102EE86A 000000FF
Skill 10102EE872 000000FF
Skill 11102EE87A 000000FF
Skill 12102EE882 000000FF
Skill 13102EE88A 000000FF
Skill 14102EE892 000000FF
Skill 15102EE89A 000000FF
Skill 16102EE8A2 000000FF
Skill 17102EE8AA 000000FF
Skill 18102EE8B2 000000FF
Skill 19102EE8BA 000000FF
Skill 20102EE8C2 000000FF
Skill 21102EE8CA 000000FF
Skill 22102EE8D2 000000FF
Skill 23102EE8DA 000000FF
Skill 24102EE8E2 000000FF
Skill 25102EE8EA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EE828 00FF????
Skill 2202EE830 00FF????
Skill 3202EE838 00FF????
Skill 4202EE840 00FF????
Skill 5202EE848 00FF????
Skill 6202EE850 00FF????
Skill 7202EE858 00FF????
Skill 8202EE860 00FF????
Skill 9202EE868 00FF????
Skill 10202EE870 00FF????
Skill 11202EE878 00FF????
Skill 12202EE880 00FF????
Skill 13202EE888 00FF????
Skill 14202EE890 00FF????
Skill 15202EE898 00FF????
Skill 16202EE8A0 00FF????
Skill 17202EE8A8 00FF????
Skill 18202EE8B0 00FF????
Skill 19202EE8B8 00FF????
Skill 20202EE8C0 00FF????
Skill 21202EE8C8 00FF????
Skill 22202EE8D0 00FF????
Skill 23202EE8D8 00FF????
Skill 24202EE8E0 00FF????
Skill 25202EE8E8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EE82C 00078600
Skill 2202EE834 00078600
Skill 3202EE83C 00078600
Skill 4202EE844 00078600
Skill 5202EE84C 00078600
Skill 6202EE854 00078600
Skill 7202EE85C 00078600
Skill 8202EE864 00078600
Skill 9202EE86C 00078600
Skill 10202EE874 00078600
Skill 11202EE87C 00078600
Skill 12202EE884 00078600
Skill 13202EE88C 00078600
Skill 14202EE894 00078600
Skill 15202EE89C 00078600
Skill 16202EE8A4 00078600
Skill 17202EE8AC 00078600
Skill 18202EE8B4 00078600
Skill 19202EE8BC 00078600
Skill 20202EE8C4 00078600
Skill 21202EE8CC 00078600
Skill 22202EE8D4 00078600
Skill 23202EE8DC 00078600
Skill 24202EE8E4 00078600
Skill 25202EE8EC 00078600
Character 40 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EE9F8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EE9F8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EEA54 0098967F
Infinite SP202EEA58 0098967F
Max HP202EEA7C 0098967F
Max SP202EEA80 0098967F
Max ATK202EEA84 0098967F
Max DEF202EEA88 0098967F
Max INT202EEA8C 0098967F
Max RES202EEA90 0098967F
Max TEC202EEA94 0098967F
Max Mana202EEAA4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EEAB8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EEAB9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EEABA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EEABB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EEABC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EEABD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EEABE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EEAD8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EEADA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EEADC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EEC00 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EEB00 0000????
Skill 2102EEB08 0000????
Skill 3102EEB10 0000????
Skill 4102EEB18 0000????
Skill 5102EEB20 0000????
Skill 6102EEB28 0000????
Skill 7102EEB30 0000????
Skill 8102EEB38 0000????
Skill 9102EEB40 0000????
Skill 10102EEB48 0000????
Skill 11102EEB50 0000????
Skill 12102EEB58 0000????
Skill 13102EEB60 0000????
Skill 14102EEB68 0000????
Skill 15102EEB70 0000????
Skill 16102EEB78 0000????
Skill 17102EEB80 0000????
Skill 18102EEB88 0000????
Skill 19102EEB90 0000????
Skill 20102EEB98 0000????
Skill 21102EEBA0 0000????
Skill 22102EEBA8 0000????
Skill 23102EEBB0 0000????
Skill 24102EEBB8 0000????
Skill 25102EEBC0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EEB02 000000FF
Skill 2102EEB0A 000000FF
Skill 3102EEB12 000000FF
Skill 4102EEB1A 000000FF
Skill 5102EEB22 000000FF
Skill 6102EEB2A 000000FF
Skill 7102EEB32 000000FF
Skill 8102EEB3A 000000FF
Skill 9102EEB42 000000FF
Skill 10102EEB4A 000000FF
Skill 11102EEB52 000000FF
Skill 12102EEB5A 000000FF
Skill 13102EEB62 000000FF
Skill 14102EEB6A 000000FF
Skill 15102EEB72 000000FF
Skill 16102EEB7A 000000FF
Skill 17102EEB82 000000FF
Skill 18102EEB8A 000000FF
Skill 19102EEB92 000000FF
Skill 20102EEB9A 000000FF
Skill 21102EEBA2 000000FF
Skill 22102EEBAA 000000FF
Skill 23102EEBB2 000000FF
Skill 24102EEBBA 000000FF
Skill 25102EEBC2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EEB00 00FF????
Skill 2202EEB08 00FF????
Skill 3202EEB10 00FF????
Skill 4202EEB18 00FF????
Skill 5202EEB20 00FF????
Skill 6202EEB28 00FF????
Skill 7202EEB30 00FF????
Skill 8202EEB38 00FF????
Skill 9202EEB40 00FF????
Skill 10202EEB48 00FF????
Skill 11202EEB50 00FF????
Skill 12202EEB58 00FF????
Skill 13202EEB60 00FF????
Skill 14202EEB68 00FF????
Skill 15202EEB70 00FF????
Skill 16202EEB78 00FF????
Skill 17202EEB80 00FF????
Skill 18202EEB88 00FF????
Skill 19202EEB90 00FF????
Skill 20202EEB98 00FF????
Skill 21202EEBA0 00FF????
Skill 22202EEBA8 00FF????
Skill 23202EEBB0 00FF????
Skill 24202EEBB8 00FF????
Skill 25202EEBC0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EEB04 00078600
Skill 2202EEB0C 00078600
Skill 3202EEB14 00078600
Skill 4202EEB1C 00078600
Skill 5202EEB24 00078600
Skill 6202EEB2C 00078600
Skill 7202EEB34 00078600
Skill 8202EEB3C 00078600
Skill 9202EEB44 00078600
Skill 10202EEB4C 00078600
Skill 11202EEB54 00078600
Skill 12202EEB5C 00078600
Skill 13202EEB64 00078600
Skill 14202EEB6C 00078600
Skill 15202EEB74 00078600
Skill 16202EEB7C 00078600
Skill 17202EEB84 00078600
Skill 18202EEB8C 00078600
Skill 19202EEB94 00078600
Skill 20202EEB9C 00078600
Skill 21202EEBA4 00078600
Skill 22202EEBAC 00078600
Skill 23202EEBB4 00078600
Skill 24202EEBBC 00078600
Skill 25202EEBC4 00078600
Character 41 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EECD0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EECD0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EED2C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EED30 0098967F
Max HP202EED54 0098967F
Max SP202EED58 0098967F
Max ATK202EED5C 0098967F
Max DEF202EED60 0098967F
Max INT202EED64 0098967F
Max RES202EED68 0098967F
Max TEC202EED6C 0098967F
Max Mana202EED7C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EED90 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EED91 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EED92 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EED93 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EED94 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EED95 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EED96 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EEDB0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EEDB2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EEDB4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EEED8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EEDD8 0000????
Skill 2102EEDE0 0000????
Skill 3102EEDE8 0000????
Skill 4102EEDF0 0000????
Skill 5102EEDF8 0000????
Skill 6102EEE00 0000????
Skill 7102EEE08 0000????
Skill 8102EEE10 0000????
Skill 9102EEE18 0000????
Skill 10102EEE20 0000????
Skill 11102EEE28 0000????
Skill 12102EEE30 0000????
Skill 13102EEE38 0000????
Skill 14102EEE40 0000????
Skill 15102EEE48 0000????
Skill 16102EEE50 0000????
Skill 17102EEE58 0000????
Skill 18102EEE60 0000????
Skill 19102EEE68 0000????
Skill 20102EEE70 0000????
Skill 21102EEE78 0000????
Skill 22102EEE80 0000????
Skill 23102EEE88 0000????
Skill 24102EEE90 0000????
Skill 25102EEE98 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EEDDA 000000FF
Skill 2102EEDE2 000000FF
Skill 3102EEDEA 000000FF
Skill 4102EEDF2 000000FF
Skill 5102EEDFA 000000FF
Skill 6102EEE02 000000FF
Skill 7102EEE0A 000000FF
Skill 8102EEE12 000000FF
Skill 9102EEE1A 000000FF
Skill 10102EEE22 000000FF
Skill 11102EEE2A 000000FF
Skill 12102EEE32 000000FF
Skill 13102EEE3A 000000FF
Skill 14102EEE42 000000FF
Skill 15102EEE4A 000000FF
Skill 16102EEE52 000000FF
Skill 17102EEE5A 000000FF
Skill 18102EEE62 000000FF
Skill 19102EEE6A 000000FF
Skill 20102EEE72 000000FF
Skill 21102EEE7A 000000FF
Skill 22102EEE82 000000FF
Skill 23102EEE8A 000000FF
Skill 24102EEE92 000000FF
Skill 25102EEE9A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EEDD8 00FF????
Skill 2202EEDE0 00FF????
Skill 3202EEDE8 00FF????
Skill 4202EEDF0 00FF????
Skill 5202EEDF8 00FF????
Skill 6202EEE00 00FF????
Skill 7202EEE08 00FF????
Skill 8202EEE10 00FF????
Skill 9202EEE18 00FF????
Skill 10202EEE20 00FF????
Skill 11202EEE28 00FF????
Skill 12202EEE30 00FF????
Skill 13202EEE38 00FF????
Skill 14202EEE40 00FF????
Skill 15202EEE48 00FF????
Skill 16202EEE50 00FF????
Skill 17202EEE58 00FF????
Skill 18202EEE60 00FF????
Skill 19202EEE68 00FF????
Skill 20202EEE70 00FF????
Skill 21202EEE78 00FF????
Skill 22202EEE80 00FF????
Skill 23202EEE88 00FF????
Skill 24202EEE90 00FF????
Skill 25202EEE98 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EEDDC 00078600
Skill 2202EEDE4 00078600
Skill 3202EEDEC 00078600
Skill 4202EEDF4 00078600
Skill 5202EEDFC 00078600
Skill 6202EEE04 00078600
Skill 7202EEE0C 00078600
Skill 8202EEE14 00078600
Skill 9202EEE1C 00078600
Skill 10202EEE24 00078600
Skill 11202EEE2C 00078600
Skill 12202EEE34 00078600
Skill 13202EEE3C 00078600
Skill 14202EEE44 00078600
Skill 15202EEE4C 00078600
Skill 16202EEE54 00078600
Skill 17202EEE5C 00078600
Skill 18202EEE64 00078600
Skill 19202EEE6C 00078600
Skill 20202EEE74 00078600
Skill 21202EEE7C 00078600
Skill 22202EEE84 00078600
Skill 23202EEE8C 00078600
Skill 24202EEE94 00078600
Skill 25202EEE9C 00078600
Character 42 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EEFA8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EEFA8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EF004 0098967F
Infinite SP202EF008 0098967F
Max HP202EF02C 0098967F
Max SP202EF030 0098967F
Max ATK202EF034 0098967F
Max DEF202EF038 0098967F
Max INT202EF03C 0098967F
Max RES202EF040 0098967F
Max TEC202EF044 0098967F
Max Mana202EF054 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EF068 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EF069 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EF06A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EF06B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EF06C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EF06D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EF06E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EF088 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EF08A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EF08C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EF1B0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EF0B0 0000????
Skill 2102EF0B8 0000????
Skill 3102EF0C0 0000????
Skill 4102EF0C8 0000????
Skill 5102EF0D0 0000????
Skill 6102EF0D8 0000????
Skill 7102EF0E0 0000????
Skill 8102EF0E8 0000????
Skill 9102EF0F0 0000????
Skill 10102EF0F8 0000????
Skill 11102EF100 0000????
Skill 12102EF108 0000????
Skill 13102EF110 0000????
Skill 14102EF118 0000????
Skill 15102EF120 0000????
Skill 16102EF128 0000????
Skill 17102EF130 0000????
Skill 18102EF138 0000????
Skill 19102EF140 0000????
Skill 20102EF148 0000????
Skill 21102EF150 0000????
Skill 22102EF158 0000????
Skill 23102EF160 0000????
Skill 24102EF168 0000????
Skill 25102EF170 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EF0B2 000000FF
Skill 2102EF0BA 000000FF
Skill 3102EF0C2 000000FF
Skill 4102EF0CA 000000FF
Skill 5102EF0D2 000000FF
Skill 6102EF0DA 000000FF
Skill 7102EF0E2 000000FF
Skill 8102EF0EA 000000FF
Skill 9102EF0F2 000000FF
Skill 10102EF0FA 000000FF
Skill 11102EF102 000000FF
Skill 12102EF10A 000000FF
Skill 13102EF112 000000FF
Skill 14102EF11A 000000FF
Skill 15102EF122 000000FF
Skill 16102EF12A 000000FF
Skill 17102EF132 000000FF
Skill 18102EF13A 000000FF
Skill 19102EF142 000000FF
Skill 20102EF14A 000000FF
Skill 21102EF152 000000FF
Skill 22102EF15A 000000FF
Skill 23102EF162 000000FF
Skill 24102EF16A 000000FF
Skill 25102EF172 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EF0B0 00FF????
Skill 2202EF0B8 00FF????
Skill 3202EF0C0 00FF????
Skill 4202EF0C8 00FF????
Skill 5202EF0D0 00FF????
Skill 6202EF0D8 00FF????
Skill 7202EF0E0 00FF????
Skill 8202EF0E8 00FF????
Skill 9202EF0F0 00FF????
Skill 10202EF0F8 00FF????
Skill 11202EF100 00FF????
Skill 12202EF108 00FF????
Skill 13202EF110 00FF????
Skill 14202EF118 00FF????
Skill 15202EF120 00FF????
Skill 16202EF128 00FF????
Skill 17202EF130 00FF????
Skill 18202EF138 00FF????
Skill 19202EF140 00FF????
Skill 20202EF148 00FF????
Skill 21202EF150 00FF????
Skill 22202EF158 00FF????
Skill 23202EF160 00FF????
Skill 24202EF168 00FF????
Skill 25202EF170 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EF0B4 00078600
Skill 2202EF0BC 00078600
Skill 3202EF0C4 00078600
Skill 4202EF0CC 00078600
Skill 5202EF0D4 00078600
Skill 6202EF0DC 00078600
Skill 7202EF0E4 00078600
Skill 8202EF0EC 00078600
Skill 9202EF0F4 00078600
Skill 10202EF0FC 00078600
Skill 11202EF104 00078600
Skill 12202EF10C 00078600
Skill 13202EF114 00078600
Skill 14202EF11C 00078600
Skill 15202EF124 00078600
Skill 16202EF12C 00078600
Skill 17202EF134 00078600
Skill 18202EF13C 00078600
Skill 19202EF144 00078600
Skill 20202EF14C 00078600
Skill 21202EF154 00078600
Skill 22202EF15C 00078600
Skill 23202EF164 00078600
Skill 24202EF16C 00078600
Skill 25202EF174 00078600
Character 43 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EF280 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EF280 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EF2DC 0098967F
Infinite SP202EF2E0 0098967F
Max HP202EF304 0098967F
Max SP202EF308 0098967F
Max ATK202EF30C 0098967F
Max DEF202EF310 0098967F
Max INT202EF314 0098967F
Max RES202EF318 0098967F
Max TEC202EF31C 0098967F
Max Mana202EF32C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EF340 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EF341 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EF342 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EF343 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EF344 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EF345 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EF346 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EF360 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EF362 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EF364 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EF488 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EF388 0000????
Skill 2102EF390 0000????
Skill 3102EF398 0000????
Skill 4102EF3A0 0000????
Skill 5102EF3A8 0000????
Skill 6102EF3B0 0000????
Skill 7102EF3B8 0000????
Skill 8102EF3C0 0000????
Skill 9102EF3C8 0000????
Skill 10102EF3D0 0000????
Skill 11102EF3D8 0000????
Skill 12102EF3E0 0000????
Skill 13102EF3E8 0000????
Skill 14102EF3F0 0000????
Skill 15102EF3F8 0000????
Skill 16102EF400 0000????
Skill 17102EF408 0000????
Skill 18102EF410 0000????
Skill 19102EF418 0000????
Skill 20102EF420 0000????
Skill 21102EF428 0000????
Skill 22102EF430 0000????
Skill 23102EF438 0000????
Skill 24102EF440 0000????
Skill 25102EF448 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EF38A 000000FF
Skill 2102EF392 000000FF
Skill 3102EF39A 000000FF
Skill 4102EF3A2 000000FF
Skill 5102EF3AA 000000FF
Skill 6102EF3B2 000000FF
Skill 7102EF3BA 000000FF
Skill 8102EF3C2 000000FF
Skill 9102EF3CA 000000FF
Skill 10102EF3D2 000000FF
Skill 11102EF3DA 000000FF
Skill 12102EF3E2 000000FF
Skill 13102EF3EA 000000FF
Skill 14102EF3F2 000000FF
Skill 15102EF3FA 000000FF
Skill 16102EF402 000000FF
Skill 17102EF40A 000000FF
Skill 18102EF412 000000FF
Skill 19102EF41A 000000FF
Skill 20102EF422 000000FF
Skill 21102EF42A 000000FF
Skill 22102EF432 000000FF
Skill 23102EF43A 000000FF
Skill 24102EF442 000000FF
Skill 25102EF44A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EF388 00FF????
Skill 2202EF390 00FF????
Skill 3202EF398 00FF????
Skill 4202EF3A0 00FF????
Skill 5202EF3A8 00FF????
Skill 6202EF3B0 00FF????
Skill 7202EF3B8 00FF????
Skill 8202EF3C0 00FF????
Skill 9202EF3C8 00FF????
Skill 10202EF3D0 00FF????
Skill 11202EF3D8 00FF????
Skill 12202EF3E0 00FF????
Skill 13202EF3E8 00FF????
Skill 14202EF3F0 00FF????
Skill 15202EF3F8 00FF????
Skill 16202EF400 00FF????
Skill 17202EF408 00FF????
Skill 18202EF410 00FF????
Skill 19202EF418 00FF????
Skill 20202EF420 00FF????
Skill 21202EF428 00FF????
Skill 22202EF430 00FF????
Skill 23202EF438 00FF????
Skill 24202EF440 00FF????
Skill 25202EF448 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EF38C 00078600
Skill 2202EF394 00078600
Skill 3202EF39C 00078600
Skill 4202EF3A4 00078600
Skill 5202EF3AC 00078600
Skill 6202EF3B4 00078600
Skill 7202EF3BC 00078600
Skill 8202EF3C4 00078600
Skill 9202EF3CC 00078600
Skill 10202EF3D4 00078600
Skill 11202EF3DC 00078600
Skill 12202EF3E4 00078600
Skill 13202EF3EC 00078600
Skill 14202EF3F4 00078600
Skill 15202EF3FC 00078600
Skill 16202EF404 00078600
Skill 17202EF40C 00078600
Skill 18202EF414 00078600
Skill 19202EF41C 00078600
Skill 20202EF424 00078600
Skill 21202EF42C 00078600
Skill 22202EF434 00078600
Skill 23202EF43C 00078600
Skill 24202EF444 00078600
Skill 25202EF44C 00078600
Character 44 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EF558 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EF558 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EF5B4 0098967F
Infinite SP202EF5B8 0098967F
Max HP202EF5DC 0098967F
Max SP202EF5E0 0098967F
Max ATK202EF5E4 0098967F
Max DEF202EF5E8 0098967F
Max INT202EF5EC 0098967F
Max RES202EF5F0 0098967F
Max TEC202EF5F4 0098967F
Max Mana202EF604 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EF618 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EF619 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EF61A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EF61B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EF61C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EF61D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EF61E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EF638 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EF63A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EF63C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EF760 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EF660 0000????
Skill 2102EF668 0000????
Skill 3102EF670 0000????
Skill 4102EF678 0000????
Skill 5102EF680 0000????
Skill 6102EF688 0000????
Skill 7102EF690 0000????
Skill 8102EF698 0000????
Skill 9102EF6A0 0000????
Skill 10102EF6A8 0000????
Skill 11102EF6B0 0000????
Skill 12102EF6B8 0000????
Skill 13102EF6C0 0000????
Skill 14102EF6C8 0000????
Skill 15102EF6D0 0000????
Skill 16102EF6D8 0000????
Skill 17102EF6E0 0000????
Skill 18102EF6E8 0000????
Skill 19102EF6F0 0000????
Skill 20102EF6F8 0000????
Skill 21102EF700 0000????
Skill 22102EF708 0000????
Skill 23102EF710 0000????
Skill 24102EF718 0000????
Skill 25102EF720 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EF662 000000FF
Skill 2102EF66A 000000FF
Skill 3102EF672 000000FF
Skill 4102EF67A 000000FF
Skill 5102EF682 000000FF
Skill 6102EF68A 000000FF
Skill 7102EF692 000000FF
Skill 8102EF69A 000000FF
Skill 9102EF6A2 000000FF
Skill 10102EF6AA 000000FF
Skill 11102EF6B2 000000FF
Skill 12102EF6BA 000000FF
Skill 13102EF6C2 000000FF
Skill 14102EF6CA 000000FF
Skill 15102EF6D2 000000FF
Skill 16102EF6DA 000000FF
Skill 17102EF6E2 000000FF
Skill 18102EF6EA 000000FF
Skill 19102EF6F2 000000FF
Skill 20102EF6FA 000000FF
Skill 21102EF702 000000FF
Skill 22102EF70A 000000FF
Skill 23102EF712 000000FF
Skill 24102EF71A 000000FF
Skill 25102EF722 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EF660 00FF????
Skill 2202EF668 00FF????
Skill 3202EF670 00FF????
Skill 4202EF678 00FF????
Skill 5202EF680 00FF????
Skill 6202EF688 00FF????
Skill 7202EF690 00FF????
Skill 8202EF698 00FF????
Skill 9202EF6A0 00FF????
Skill 10202EF6A8 00FF????
Skill 11202EF6B0 00FF????
Skill 12202EF6B8 00FF????
Skill 13202EF6C0 00FF????
Skill 14202EF6C8 00FF????
Skill 15202EF6D0 00FF????
Skill 16202EF6D8 00FF????
Skill 17202EF6E0 00FF????
Skill 18202EF6E8 00FF????
Skill 19202EF6F0 00FF????
Skill 20202EF6F8 00FF????
Skill 21202EF700 00FF????
Skill 22202EF708 00FF????
Skill 23202EF710 00FF????
Skill 24202EF718 00FF????
Skill 25202EF720 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EF664 00078600
Skill 2202EF66C 00078600
Skill 3202EF674 00078600
Skill 4202EF67C 00078600
Skill 5202EF684 00078600
Skill 6202EF68C 00078600
Skill 7202EF694 00078600
Skill 8202EF69C 00078600
Skill 9202EF6A4 00078600
Skill 10202EF6AC 00078600
Skill 11202EF6B4 00078600
Skill 12202EF6BC 00078600
Skill 13202EF6C4 00078600
Skill 14202EF6CC 00078600
Skill 15202EF6D4 00078600
Skill 16202EF6DC 00078600
Skill 17202EF6E4 00078600
Skill 18202EF6EC 00078600
Skill 19202EF6F4 00078600
Skill 20202EF6FC 00078600
Skill 21202EF704 00078600
Skill 22202EF70C 00078600
Skill 23202EF714 00078600
Skill 24202EF71C 00078600
Skill 25202EF724 00078600
Character 45 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EF830 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EF830 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EF88C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EF890 0098967F
Max HP202EF8B4 0098967F
Max SP202EF8B8 0098967F
Max ATK202EF8BC 0098967F
Max DEF202EF8C0 0098967F
Max INT202EF8C4 0098967F
Max RES202EF8C8 0098967F
Max TEC202EF8CC 0098967F
Max Mana202EF8DC 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EF8F0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EF8F1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EF8F2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EF8F3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EF8F4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EF8F5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EF8F6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EF910 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EF912 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EF914 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EFA38 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EF938 0000????
Skill 2102EF940 0000????
Skill 3102EF948 0000????
Skill 4102EF950 0000????
Skill 5102EF958 0000????
Skill 6102EF960 0000????
Skill 7102EF968 0000????
Skill 8102EF970 0000????
Skill 9102EF978 0000????
Skill 10102EF980 0000????
Skill 11102EF988 0000????
Skill 12102EF990 0000????
Skill 13102EF998 0000????
Skill 14102EF9A0 0000????
Skill 15102EF9A8 0000????
Skill 16102EF9B0 0000????
Skill 17102EF9B8 0000????
Skill 18102EF9C0 0000????
Skill 19102EF9C8 0000????
Skill 20102EF9D0 0000????
Skill 21102EF9D8 0000????
Skill 22102EF9E0 0000????
Skill 23102EF9E8 0000????
Skill 24102EF9F0 0000????
Skill 25102EF9F8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EF93A 000000FF
Skill 2102EF942 000000FF
Skill 3102EF94A 000000FF
Skill 4102EF952 000000FF
Skill 5102EF95A 000000FF
Skill 6102EF962 000000FF
Skill 7102EF96A 000000FF
Skill 8102EF972 000000FF
Skill 9102EF97A 000000FF
Skill 10102EF982 000000FF
Skill 11102EF98A 000000FF
Skill 12102EF992 000000FF
Skill 13102EF99A 000000FF
Skill 14102EF9A2 000000FF
Skill 15102EF9AA 000000FF
Skill 16102EF9B2 000000FF
Skill 17102EF9BA 000000FF
Skill 18102EF9C2 000000FF
Skill 19102EF9CA 000000FF
Skill 20102EF9D2 000000FF
Skill 21102EF9DA 000000FF
Skill 22102EF9E2 000000FF
Skill 23102EF9EA 000000FF
Skill 24102EF9F2 000000FF
Skill 25102EF9FA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EF938 00FF????
Skill 2202EF940 00FF????
Skill 3202EF948 00FF????
Skill 4202EF950 00FF????
Skill 5202EF958 00FF????
Skill 6202EF960 00FF????
Skill 7202EF968 00FF????
Skill 8202EF970 00FF????
Skill 9202EF978 00FF????
Skill 10202EF980 00FF????
Skill 11202EF988 00FF????
Skill 12202EF990 00FF????
Skill 13202EF998 00FF????
Skill 14202EF9A0 00FF????
Skill 15202EF9A8 00FF????
Skill 16202EF9B0 00FF????
Skill 17202EF9B8 00FF????
Skill 18202EF9C0 00FF????
Skill 19202EF9C8 00FF????
Skill 20202EF9D0 00FF????
Skill 21202EF9D8 00FF????
Skill 22202EF9E0 00FF????
Skill 23202EF9E8 00FF????
Skill 24202EF9F0 00FF????
Skill 25202EF9F8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EF93C 00078600
Skill 2202EF944 00078600
Skill 3202EF94C 00078600
Skill 4202EF954 00078600
Skill 5202EF95C 00078600
Skill 6202EF964 00078600
Skill 7202EF96C 00078600
Skill 8202EF974 00078600
Skill 9202EF97C 00078600
Skill 10202EF984 00078600
Skill 11202EF98C 00078600
Skill 12202EF994 00078600
Skill 13202EF99C 00078600
Skill 14202EF9A4 00078600
Skill 15202EF9AC 00078600
Skill 16202EF9B4 00078600
Skill 17202EF9BC 00078600
Skill 18202EF9C4 00078600
Skill 19202EF9CC 00078600
Skill 20202EF9D4 00078600
Skill 21202EF9DC 00078600
Skill 22202EF9E4 00078600
Skill 23202EF9EC 00078600
Skill 24202EF9F4 00078600
Skill 25202EF9FC 00078600
Character 46 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EFB08 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EFB08 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EFB64 0098967F
Infinite SP202EFB68 0098967F
Max HP202EFB8C 0098967F
Max SP202EFB90 0098967F
Max ATK202EFB94 0098967F
Max DEF202EFB98 0098967F
Max INT202EFB9C 0098967F
Max RES202EFBA0 0098967F
Max TEC202EFBA4 0098967F
Max Mana202EFBB4 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EFBC8 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EFBC9 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EFBCA 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EFBCB 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EFBCC 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EFBCD 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EFBCE 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EFBE8 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EFBEA 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EFBEC 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EFD10 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EFC10 0000????
Skill 2102EFC18 0000????
Skill 3102EFC20 0000????
Skill 4102EFC28 0000????
Skill 5102EFC30 0000????
Skill 6102EFC38 0000????
Skill 7102EFC40 0000????
Skill 8102EFC48 0000????
Skill 9102EFC50 0000????
Skill 10102EFC58 0000????
Skill 11102EFC60 0000????
Skill 12102EFC68 0000????
Skill 13102EFC70 0000????
Skill 14102EFC78 0000????
Skill 15102EFC80 0000????
Skill 16102EFC88 0000????
Skill 17102EFC90 0000????
Skill 18102EFC98 0000????
Skill 19102EFCA0 0000????
Skill 20102EFCA8 0000????
Skill 21102EFCB0 0000????
Skill 22102EFCB8 0000????
Skill 23102EFCC0 0000????
Skill 24102EFCC8 0000????
Skill 25102EFCD0 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EFC12 000000FF
Skill 2102EFC1A 000000FF
Skill 3102EFC22 000000FF
Skill 4102EFC2A 000000FF
Skill 5102EFC32 000000FF
Skill 6102EFC3A 000000FF
Skill 7102EFC42 000000FF
Skill 8102EFC4A 000000FF
Skill 9102EFC52 000000FF
Skill 10102EFC5A 000000FF
Skill 11102EFC62 000000FF
Skill 12102EFC6A 000000FF
Skill 13102EFC72 000000FF
Skill 14102EFC7A 000000FF
Skill 15102EFC82 000000FF
Skill 16102EFC8A 000000FF
Skill 17102EFC92 000000FF
Skill 18102EFC9A 000000FF
Skill 19102EFCA2 000000FF
Skill 20102EFCAA 000000FF
Skill 21102EFCB2 000000FF
Skill 22102EFCBA 000000FF
Skill 23102EFCC2 000000FF
Skill 24102EFCCA 000000FF
Skill 25102EFCD2 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EFC10 00FF????
Skill 2202EFC18 00FF????
Skill 3202EFC20 00FF????
Skill 4202EFC28 00FF????
Skill 5202EFC30 00FF????
Skill 6202EFC38 00FF????
Skill 7202EFC40 00FF????
Skill 8202EFC48 00FF????
Skill 9202EFC50 00FF????
Skill 10202EFC58 00FF????
Skill 11202EFC60 00FF????
Skill 12202EFC68 00FF????
Skill 13202EFC70 00FF????
Skill 14202EFC78 00FF????
Skill 15202EFC80 00FF????
Skill 16202EFC88 00FF????
Skill 17202EFC90 00FF????
Skill 18202EFC98 00FF????
Skill 19202EFCA0 00FF????
Skill 20202EFCA8 00FF????
Skill 21202EFCB0 00FF????
Skill 22202EFCB8 00FF????
Skill 23202EFCC0 00FF????
Skill 24202EFCC8 00FF????
Skill 25202EFCD0 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EFC14 00078600
Skill 2202EFC1C 00078600
Skill 3202EFC24 00078600
Skill 4202EFC2C 00078600
Skill 5202EFC34 00078600
Skill 6202EFC3C 00078600
Skill 7202EFC44 00078600
Skill 8202EFC4C 00078600
Skill 9202EFC54 00078600
Skill 10202EFC5C 00078600
Skill 11202EFC64 00078600
Skill 12202EFC6C 00078600
Skill 13202EFC74 00078600
Skill 14202EFC7C 00078600
Skill 15202EFC84 00078600
Skill 16202EFC8C 00078600
Skill 17202EFC94 00078600
Skill 18202EFC9C 00078600
Skill 19202EFCA4 00078600
Skill 20202EFCAC 00078600
Skill 21202EFCB4 00078600
Skill 22202EFCBC 00078600
Skill 23202EFCC4 00078600
Skill 24202EFCCC 00078600
Skill 25202EFCD4 00078600
Character 47 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102EFDE0 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202EFDE0 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202EFE3C 0098967F
Infinite SP202EFE40 0098967F
Max HP202EFE64 0098967F
Max SP202EFE68 0098967F
Max ATK202EFE6C 0098967F
Max DEF202EFE70 0098967F
Max INT202EFE74 0098967F
Max RES202EFE78 0098967F
Max TEC202EFE7C 0098967F
Max Mana202EFE8C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002EFEA0 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002EFEA1 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002EFEA2 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002EFEA3 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002EFEA4 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002EFEA5 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002EFEA6 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102EFEC0 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102EFEC2 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102EFEC4 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202EFFE8 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102EFEE8 0000????
Skill 2102EFEF0 0000????
Skill 3102EFEF8 0000????
Skill 4102EFF00 0000????
Skill 5102EFF08 0000????
Skill 6102EFF10 0000????
Skill 7102EFF18 0000????
Skill 8102EFF20 0000????
Skill 9102EFF28 0000????
Skill 10102EFF30 0000????
Skill 11102EFF38 0000????
Skill 12102EFF40 0000????
Skill 13102EFF48 0000????
Skill 14102EFF50 0000????
Skill 15102EFF58 0000????
Skill 16102EFF60 0000????
Skill 17102EFF68 0000????
Skill 18102EFF70 0000????
Skill 19102EFF78 0000????
Skill 20102EFF80 0000????
Skill 21102EFF88 0000????
Skill 22102EFF90 0000????
Skill 23102EFF98 0000????
Skill 24102EFFA0 0000????
Skill 25102EFFA8 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102EFEEA 000000FF
Skill 2102EFEF2 000000FF
Skill 3102EFEFA 000000FF
Skill 4102EFF02 000000FF
Skill 5102EFF0A 000000FF
Skill 6102EFF12 000000FF
Skill 7102EFF1A 000000FF
Skill 8102EFF22 000000FF
Skill 9102EFF2A 000000FF
Skill 10102EFF32 000000FF
Skill 11102EFF3A 000000FF
Skill 12102EFF42 000000FF
Skill 13102EFF4A 000000FF
Skill 14102EFF52 000000FF
Skill 15102EFF5A 000000FF
Skill 16102EFF62 000000FF
Skill 17102EFF6A 000000FF
Skill 18102EFF72 000000FF
Skill 19102EFF7A 000000FF
Skill 20102EFF82 000000FF
Skill 21102EFF8A 000000FF
Skill 22102EFF92 000000FF
Skill 23102EFF9A 000000FF
Skill 24102EFFA2 000000FF
Skill 25102EFFAA 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202EFEE8 00FF????
Skill 2202EFEF0 00FF????
Skill 3202EFEF8 00FF????
Skill 4202EFF00 00FF????
Skill 5202EFF08 00FF????
Skill 6202EFF10 00FF????
Skill 7202EFF18 00FF????
Skill 8202EFF20 00FF????
Skill 9202EFF28 00FF????
Skill 10202EFF30 00FF????
Skill 11202EFF38 00FF????
Skill 12202EFF40 00FF????
Skill 13202EFF48 00FF????
Skill 14202EFF50 00FF????
Skill 15202EFF58 00FF????
Skill 16202EFF60 00FF????
Skill 17202EFF68 00FF????
Skill 18202EFF70 00FF????
Skill 19202EFF78 00FF????
Skill 20202EFF80 00FF????
Skill 21202EFF88 00FF????
Skill 22202EFF90 00FF????
Skill 23202EFF98 00FF????
Skill 24202EFFA0 00FF????
Skill 25202EFFA8 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202EFEEC 00078600
Skill 2202EFEF4 00078600
Skill 3202EFEFC 00078600
Skill 4202EFF04 00078600
Skill 5202EFF0C 00078600
Skill 6202EFF14 00078600
Skill 7202EFF1C 00078600
Skill 8202EFF24 00078600
Skill 9202EFF2C 00078600
Skill 10202EFF34 00078600
Skill 11202EFF3C 00078600
Skill 12202EFF44 00078600
Skill 13202EFF4C 00078600
Skill 14202EFF54 00078600
Skill 15202EFF5C 00078600
Skill 16202EFF64 00078600
Skill 17202EFF6C 00078600
Skill 18202EFF74 00078600
Skill 19202EFF7C 00078600
Skill 20202EFF84 00078600
Skill 21202EFF8C 00078600
Skill 22202EFF94 00078600
Skill 23202EFF9C 00078600
Skill 24202EFFA4 00078600
Skill 25202EFFAC 00078600
Character 48 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102F00B8 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202F00B8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202F0114 0098967F
Infinite SP202F0118 0098967F
Max HP202F013C 0098967F
Max SP202F0140 0098967F
Max ATK202F0144 0098967F
Max DEF202F0148 0098967F
Max INT202F014C 0098967F
Max RES202F0150 0098967F
Max TEC202F0154 0098967F
Max Mana202F0164 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002F0178 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002F0179 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002F017A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002F017B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002F017C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002F017D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002F017E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102F0198 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102F019A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102F019C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202F02C0 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102F01C0 0000????
Skill 2102F01C8 0000????
Skill 3102F01D0 0000????
Skill 4102F01D8 0000????
Skill 5102F01E0 0000????
Skill 6102F01E8 0000????
Skill 7102F01F0 0000????
Skill 8102F01F8 0000????
Skill 9102F0200 0000????
Skill 10102F0208 0000????
Skill 11102F0210 0000????
Skill 12102F0218 0000????
Skill 13102F0220 0000????
Skill 14102F0228 0000????
Skill 15102F0230 0000????
Skill 16102F0238 0000????
Skill 17102F0240 0000????
Skill 18102F0248 0000????
Skill 19102F0250 0000????
Skill 20102F0258 0000????
Skill 21102F0260 0000????
Skill 22102F0268 0000????
Skill 23102F0270 0000????
Skill 24102F0278 0000????
Skill 25102F0280 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102F01C2 000000FF
Skill 2102F01CA 000000FF
Skill 3102F01D2 000000FF
Skill 4102F01DA 000000FF
Skill 5102F01E2 000000FF
Skill 6102F01EA 000000FF
Skill 7102F01F2 000000FF
Skill 8102F01FA 000000FF
Skill 9102F0202 000000FF
Skill 10102F020A 000000FF
Skill 11102F0212 000000FF
Skill 12102F021A 000000FF
Skill 13102F0222 000000FF
Skill 14102F022A 000000FF
Skill 15102F0232 000000FF
Skill 16102F023A 000000FF
Skill 17102F0242 000000FF
Skill 18102F024A 000000FF
Skill 19102F0252 000000FF
Skill 20102F025A 000000FF
Skill 21102F0262 000000FF
Skill 22102F026A 000000FF
Skill 23102F0272 000000FF
Skill 24102F027A 000000FF
Skill 25102F0282 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202F01C0 00FF????
Skill 2202F01C8 00FF????
Skill 3202F01D0 00FF????
Skill 4202F01D8 00FF????
Skill 5202F01E0 00FF????
Skill 6202F01E8 00FF????
Skill 7202F01F0 00FF????
Skill 8202F01F8 00FF????
Skill 9202F0200 00FF????
Skill 10202F0208 00FF????
Skill 11202F0210 00FF????
Skill 12202F0218 00FF????
Skill 13202F0220 00FF????
Skill 14202F0228 00FF????
Skill 15202F0230 00FF????
Skill 16202F0238 00FF????
Skill 17202F0240 00FF????
Skill 18202F0248 00FF????
Skill 19202F0250 00FF????
Skill 20202F0258 00FF????
Skill 21202F0260 00FF????
Skill 22202F0268 00FF????
Skill 23202F0270 00FF????
Skill 24202F0278 00FF????
Skill 25202F0280 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202F01C4 00078600
Skill 2202F01CC 00078600
Skill 3202F01D4 00078600
Skill 4202F01DC 00078600
Skill 5202F01E4 00078600
Skill 6202F01EC 00078600
Skill 7202F01F4 00078600
Skill 8202F01FC 00078600
Skill 9202F0204 00078600
Skill 10202F020C 00078600
Skill 11202F0214 00078600
Skill 12202F021C 00078600
Skill 13202F0224 00078600
Skill 14202F022C 00078600
Skill 15202F0234 00078600
Skill 16202F023C 00078600
Skill 17202F0244 00078600
Skill 18202F024C 00078600
Skill 19202F0254 00078600
Skill 20202F025C 00078600
Skill 21202F0264 00078600
Skill 22202F026C 00078600
Skill 23202F0274 00078600
Skill 24202F027C 00078600
Skill 25202F0284 00078600
Character 49 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102F0390 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202F0390 FFFFFFFF
202F0394 7FFFFFFF
Infinite HP202F03EC 0098967F
Infinite SP202F03F0 0098967F
Max HP202F0414 0098967F
Max SP202F0418 0098967F
Max ATK202F041C 0098967F
Max DEF202F0420 0098967F
Max INT202F0424 0098967F
Max RES202F0428 0098967F
Max TEC202F042C 0098967F
Max Mana202F043C 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002F0450 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002F0451 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002F0452 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002F0453 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002F0454 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002F0455 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002F0456 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102F0470 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102F0472 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102F0474 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202F0598 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102F0498 0000????
Skill 2102F04A0 0000????
Skill 3102F04A8 0000????
Skill 4102F04B0 0000????
Skill 5102F04B8 0000????
Skill 6102F04C0 0000????
Skill 7102F04C8 0000????
Skill 8102F04D0 0000????
Skill 9102F04D8 0000????
Skill 10102F04E0 0000????
Skill 11102F04E8 0000????
Skill 12102F04F0 0000????
Skill 13102F04F8 0000????
Skill 14102F0500 0000????
Skill 15102F0508 0000????
Skill 16102F0510 0000????
Skill 17102F0518 0000????
Skill 18102F0520 0000????
Skill 19102F0528 0000????
Skill 20102F0530 0000????
Skill 21102F0538 0000????
Skill 22102F0540 0000????
Skill 23102F0548 0000????
Skill 24102F0550 0000????
Skill 25102F0558 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102F049A 000000FF
Skill 2102F04A2 000000FF
Skill 3102F04AA 000000FF
Skill 4102F04B2 000000FF
Skill 5102F04BA 000000FF
Skill 6102F04C2 000000FF
Skill 7102F04CA 000000FF
Skill 8102F04D2 000000FF
Skill 9102F04DA 000000FF
Skill 10102F04E2 000000FF
Skill 11102F04EA 000000FF
Skill 12102F04F2 000000FF
Skill 13102F04FA 000000FF
Skill 14102F0502 000000FF
Skill 15102F050A 000000FF
Skill 16102F0512 000000FF
Skill 17102F051A 000000FF
Skill 18102F0522 000000FF
Skill 19102F052A 000000FF
Skill 20102F0532 000000FF
Skill 21102F053A 000000FF
Skill 22102F0542 000000FF
Skill 23102F054A 000000FF
Skill 24102F0552 000000FF
Skill 25102F055A 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202F0498 00FF????
Skill 2202F04A0 00FF????
Skill 3202F04A8 00FF????
Skill 4202F04B0 00FF????
Skill 5202F04B8 00FF????
Skill 6202F04C0 00FF????
Skill 7202F04C8 00FF????
Skill 8202F04D0 00FF????
Skill 9202F04D8 00FF????
Skill 10202F04E0 00FF????
Skill 11202F04E8 00FF????
Skill 12202F04F0 00FF????
Skill 13202F04F8 00FF????
Skill 14202F0500 00FF????
Skill 15202F0508 00FF????
Skill 16202F0510 00FF????
Skill 17202F0518 00FF????
Skill 18202F0520 00FF????
Skill 19202F0528 00FF????
Skill 20202F0530 00FF????
Skill 21202F0538 00FF????
Skill 22202F0540 00FF????
Skill 23202F0548 00FF????
Skill 24202F0550 00FF????
Skill 25202F0558 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202F049C 00078600
Skill 2202F04A4 00078600
Skill 3202F04AC 00078600
Skill 4202F04B4 00078600
Skill 5202F04BC 00078600
Skill 6202F04C4 00078600
Skill 7202F04CC 00078600
Skill 8202F04D4 00078600
Skill 9202F04DC 00078600
Skill 10202F04E4 00078600
Skill 11202F04EC 00078600
Skill 12202F04F4 00078600
Skill 13202F04FC 00078600
Skill 14202F0504 00078600
Skill 15202F050C 00078600
Skill 16202F0514 00078600
Skill 17202F051C 00078600
Skill 18202F0524 00078600
Skill 19202F052C 00078600
Skill 20202F0534 00078600
Skill 21202F053C 00078600
Skill 22202F0544 00078600
Skill 23202F054C 00078600
Skill 24202F0554 00078600
Skill 25202F055C 00078600
Character 50 Codes
Quick EXP Gain102F0668 0000FFFF
Hella Quick EXP Gain202F0668 FFFFFFFF
Infinite HP202F06C4 0098967F
Infinite SP202F06C8 0098967F
Max HP202F06EC 0098967F
Max SP202F06F0 0098967F
Max ATK202F06F4 0098967F
Max DEF202F06F8 0098967F
Max INT202F06FC 0098967F
Max RES202F0700 0098967F
Max TEC202F0704 0098967F
Max Mana202F0714 0098967F
Max Equip-HP Bonus002F0728 000000FF
Max Equip-SP Bonus002F0729 000000FF
Max Equip-ATK Bonus002F072A 000000FF
Max Equip-DEF Bonus002F072B 000000FF
Max Equip-INT Bonus002F072C 000000FF
Max Equip-RES Bonus002F072D 000000FF
Max Equip-TEC Bonus002F072E 000000FF
Max Fire Resistance102F0748 000003E7
Max Wind Resistance102F074A 000003E7
Max Ice Resistance102F074C 000003E7
Have Skills Number (00-19)202F0870 000000??
Skill Modifier Codes
Skill 1102F0770 0000????
Skill 2102F0778 0000????
Skill 3102F0780 0000????
Skill 4102F0788 0000????
Skill 5102F0790 0000????
Skill 6102F0798 0000????
Skill 7102F07A0 0000????
Skill 8102F07A8 0000????
Skill 9102F07B0 0000????
Skill 10102F07B8 0000????
Skill 11102F07C0 0000????
Skill 12102F07C8 0000????
Skill 13102F07D0 0000????
Skill 14102F07D8 0000????
Skill 15102F07E0 0000????
Skill 16102F07E8 0000????
Skill 17102F07F0 0000????
Skill 18102F07F8 0000????
Skill 19102F0800 0000????
Skill 20102F0808 0000????
Skill 21102F0810 0000????
Skill 22102F0818 0000????
Skill 23102F0820 0000????
Skill 24102F0828 0000????
Skill 25102F0830 0000????
Max Skill Level Codes
Skill 1102F0772 000000FF
Skill 2102F077A 000000FF
Skill 3102F0782 000000FF
Skill 4102F078A 000000FF
Skill 5102F0792 000000FF
Skill 6102F079A 000000FF
Skill 7102F07A2 000000FF
Skill 8102F07AA 000000FF
Skill 9102F07B2 000000FF
Skill 10102F07BA 000000FF
Skill 11102F07C2 000000FF
Skill 12102F07CA 000000FF
Skill 13102F07D2 000000FF
Skill 14102F07DA 000000FF
Skill 15102F07E2 000000FF
Skill 16102F07EA 000000FF
Skill 17102F07F2 000000FF
Skill 18102F07FA 000000FF
Skill 19102F0802 000000FF
Skill 20102F080A 000000FF
Skill 21102F0812 000000FF
Skill 22102F081A 000000FF
Skill 23102F0822 000000FF
Skill 24102F082A 000000FF
Skill 25102F0832 000000FF
Max Skill Level Modifier Codes
Skill 1202F0770 00FF????
Skill 2202F0778 00FF????
Skill 3202F0780 00FF????
Skill 4202F0788 00FF????
Skill 5202F0790 00FF????
Skill 6202F0798 00FF????
Skill 7202F07A0 00FF????
Skill 8202F07A8 00FF????
Skill 9202F07B0 00FF????
Skill 10202F07B8 00FF????
Skill 11202F07C0 00FF????
Skill 12202F07C8 00FF????
Skill 13202F07D0 00FF????
Skill 14202F07D8 00FF????
Skill 15202F07E0 00FF????
Skill 16202F07E8 00FF????
Skill 17202F07F0 00FF????
Skill 18202F07F8 00FF????
Skill 19202F0800 00FF????
Skill 20202F0808 00FF????
Skill 21202F0810 00FF????
Skill 22202F0818 00FF????
Skill 23202F0820 00FF????
Skill 24202F0828 00FF????
Skill 25202F0830 00FF????
Max Skill EXP Codes (Level 255)
Skill 1202F0774 00078600
Skill 2202F077C 00078600
Skill 3202F0784 00078600
Skill 4202F078C 00078600
Skill 5202F0794 00078600
Skill 6202F079C 00078600
Skill 7202F07A4 00078600
Skill 8202F07AC 00078600
Skill 9202F07B4 00078600
Skill 10202F07BC 00078600
Skill 11202F07C4 00078600
Skill 12202F07CC 00078600
Skill 13202F07D4 00078600
Skill 14202F07DC 00078600
Skill 15202F07E4 00078600
Skill 16202F07EC 00078600
Skill 17202F07F4 00078600
Skill 18202F07FC 00078600
Skill 19202F0804 00078600
Skill 20202F080C 00078600
Skill 21202F0814 00078600
Skill 22202F081C 00078600
Skill 23202F0824 00078600
Skill 24202F082C 00078600
Skill 25202F0834 00078600
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Money102E7AD0 0000FFFF
Max Money202E7AD0 107A3FFF
202E7AD4 00005AF3
Infinite Bonus Points (Character Creation)202AAE18 0098967F
Debug Mode20100540 8F848B84
20100544 34840002
20100548 1000000B
2010054C AF848B84
Quick Exp Gain20189CA8 3402270F
Super Quick Exp Gain20189CA8 3402FFFF
Ultra Quick Exp Gain20189CA8 3C0205F5
Insanely Quick Exp Gain20189CA8 3402270F
20189CAC 0002103C
Level 9,999 After 1 Kill20189CA8 3C020001
20189CAC 0002103C
Quick Skill Exp Gain2017F594 340603E7
Super Quick Skill Exp Gain2017F594 3406270F
Ultra Quick Skill Exp Gain2017F594 3406FFFF
Quick Mana Gain20189F20 340303E7
Super Quick Mana Gain20189F20 3403270F
Ultra Quick Mana Gain20189F20 3403FFFF
Insanely Quick Mana Gain20189F20 3C0305F5
In-Battle Codes
Move Cursor Over Character Codes
P1 Press L3 To Set HP To MaxE006FFFD 002BAFC2
200C0220 3C010098
200C0224 3421967F
200C0228 AE610988
200C022C 08044F6C
200C0230 AE6109A8
20163BBC 0C030088
20163BBC 0C044F6C
P1 Press R3 To Set HP To LowestE006FFFB 002BAFC2
200C0220 3C010000
200C0224 34210001
200C0228 AE610988
200C022C 08044F6C
200C0230 AE6109A8
20163BBC 0C030088
20163BBC 0C044F6C
P1 Press L3 To Set MP To MaxE006FFFD 002BAFC2
200C0240 3C010098
200C0244 3421967F
200C0248 AE610988
200C024C 08044F6C
200C0250 AE6109A8
20163F98 0C030090
20163F98 0C044F6C
P1 Press R3 To Set MP To LowestE006FFFB 002BAFC2
200C0240 3C010000
200C0244 34210001
200C0248 AE610988
200C024C 08044F6C
200C0250 AE6109A8
20163F98 0C030090
20163F98 0C044F6C