Madden NFL 2005 Collector's Edition

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F030A688 00668927
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90668924 0C16D498
Madden Card Codes
Have Madden Card Codes (Part 1)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21E309B4 00000119
Card 121E30A20 00FFE01F
Card 221E30A24 00FFE02F
Card 321E30A28 00FFE03F
Card 421E30A2C 00FFE04F
Card 521E30A30 00FFE05F
Card 621E30A34 00FFE06F
Card 721E30A38 00FFE07F
Card 821E30A3C 00FFE08F
Card 921E30A40 00FFE09F
Card 1021E30A44 00FFE0AF
Card 1121E30A48 00FFE0BF
Card 1221E30A4C 00FFE0CF
Card 1321E30A50 00FFE0DF
Card 1421E30A54 00FFE0EF
Card 1521E30A58 00FFE0FF
Card 1621E30A5C 00FFE10F
Card 1721E30A60 00FFE11F
Card 1821E30A64 00FFE12F
Card 1921E30A68 00FFE13F
Card 2021E30A6C 00FFE14F
Card 2121E30A70 00FFE15F
Card 2221E30A74 00FFE16F
Card 2321E30A78 00FFE17F
Card 2421E30A7C 00FFE18F
Card 2521E30A80 00FFE19F
Card 2621E30A84 00FFE1AF
Card 2721E30A88 00FFE1BF
Card 2821E30A8C 00FFE1CF
Card 2921E30A90 00FFE1DF
Card 3021E30A94 00FFE1EF
Card 3121E30A98 00FFE1FF
Card 3221E30A9C 00FFE20F
Card 3321E30AA0 00FFE21F
Card 3421E30AA4 00FFE22F
Card 3521E30AA8 00FFE23F
Card 3621E30AAC 00FFE24F
Card 3721E30AB0 00FFE25F
Card 3821E30AB4 00FFE26F
Card 3921E30AB8 00FFE27F
Card 4021E30ABC 00FFE28F
Card 4121E30AC0 00FFE29F
Card 4221E30AC4 00FFE2AF
Card 4321E30AC8 00FFE2BF
Card 4421E30ACC 00FFE2CF
Card 4521E30AD0 00FFE2DF
Card 4621E30AD4 00FFE2EF
Card 4721E30AD8 00FFE2FF
Card 4821E30ADC 00FFE30F
Card 4921E30AE0 00FFE31F
Card 5021E30AE4 00FFE32F
Card 5121E30AE8 00FFE33F
Card 5221E30AEC 00FFE34F
Card 5321E30AF0 00FFE35F
Card 5421E30AF4 00FFE36F
Card 5521E30AF8 00FFE37F
Card 5621E30AFC 00FFE38F
Card 5721E30B00 00FFE39F
Card 5821E30B04 00FFE3AF
Card 5921E30B08 00FFE3BF
Card 6021E30B0C 00FFE3CF
Card 6121E30B10 00FFE3DF
Card 6221E30B14 00FFE3EF
Card 6321E30B18 00FFE3FF
Card 6421E30B1C 00FFE40F
Card 6521E30B20 00FFE41F
Card 6621E30B24 00FFE42F
Card 6721E30B28 00FFE43F
Card 6821E30B2C 00FFE44F
Card 6921E30B30 00FFE45F
Card 7021E30B34 00FFE46F
Card 7121E30B38 00FFE47F
Card 7221E30B3C 00FFE48F
Card 7321E30B40 00FFE49F
Card 7421E30B44 00FFE4AF
Card 7521E30B48 00FFE4BF
Card 7621E30B4C 00FFE4CF
Card 7721E30B50 00FFE4DF
Card 7821E30B54 00FFE4EF
Card 7921E30B58 00FFE4FF
Card 8021E30B5C 00FFE50F
Card 8121E30B60 00FFE51F
Card 8221E30B64 00FFE52F
Card 8321E30B68 00FFE53F
Card 8421E30B6C 00FFE54F
Card 8521E30B70 00FFE55F
Card 8621E30B74 00FFE56F
Card 8721E30B78 00FFE57F
Card 8821E30B7C 00FFE58F
Card 8921E30B80 00FFE59F
Card 9021E30B84 00FFE5AF
Card 9121E30B88 00FFE5BF
Card 9221E30B8C 00FFE5CF
Card 9321E30B90 00FFE5DF
Card 9421E30B94 00FFE5EF
Card 9521E30B98 00FFE5FF
Card 9621E30B9C 00FFE60F
Card 9721E30BA0 00FFE61F
Card 9821E30BA4 00FFE62F
Card 9921E30BA8 00FFE63F
Card 10021E30BAC 00FFE64F
Have Madden Card Codes (Part 2)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21E309B4 00000119
Card 10121E30BB0 00FFE65F
Card 10221E30BB4 00FFE66F
Card 10321E30BB8 00FFE67F
Card 10421E30BBC 00FFE68F
Card 10521E30BC0 00FFE69F
Card 10621E30BC4 00FFE6AF
Card 10721E30BC8 00FFE6BF
Card 10821E30BCC 00FFE6CF
Card 10921E30BD0 00FFE6DF
Card 11021E30BD4 00FFE6EF
Card 11121E30BD8 00FFE6FF
Card 11221E30BDC 00FFE70F
Card 11321E30BE0 00FFE71F
Card 11421E30BE4 00FFE72F
Card 11521E30BE8 00FFE73F
Card 11621E30BEC 00FFE74F
Card 11721E30BF0 00FFE75F
Card 11821E30BF4 00FFE76F
Card 11921E30BF8 00FFE77F
Card 12021E30BFC 00FFE78F
Card 12121E30C00 00FFE79F
Card 12221E30C04 00FFE7AF
Card 12321E30C08 00FFE7BF
Card 12421E30C0C 00FFE7CF
Card 12521E30C10 00FFE7DF
Card 12621E30C14 00FFE7EF
Card 12721E30C18 00FFE7FF
Card 12821E30C1C 00FFE80F
Card 12921E30C20 00FFE81F
Card 13021E30C24 00FFE82F
Card 13121E30C28 00FFE83F
Card 13221E30C2C 00FFE84F
Card 13321E30C30 00FFE85F
Card 13421E30C34 00FFE86F
Card 13521E30C38 00FFE87F
Card 13621E30C3C 00FFE88F
Card 13721E30C40 00FFE89F
Card 13821E30C44 00FFE8AF
Card 13921E30C48 00FFE8BF
Card 14021E30C4C 00FFE8CF
Card 14121E30C50 00FFE8DF
Card 14221E30C54 00FFE8EF
Card 14321E30C58 00FFE8FF
Card 14421E30C5C 00FFE90F
Card 14521E30C60 00FFE91F
Card 14621E30C64 00FFE92F
Card 14721E30C68 00FFE93F
Card 14821E30C6C 00FFE94F
Card 14921E30C70 00FFE95F
Card 15021E30C74 00FFE96F
Card 15121E30C78 00FFE97F
Card 15221E30C7C 00FFE98F
Card 15321E30C80 00FFE99F
Card 15421E30C84 00FFE9AF
Card 15521E30C88 00FFE9BF
Card 15621E30C8C 00FFE9CF
Card 15721E30C90 00FFE9DF
Card 15821E30C94 00FFE9EF
Card 15921E30C98 00FFE9FF
Card 16021E30C9C 00FFEA0F
Card 16121E30CA0 00FFEA1F
Card 16221E30CA4 00FFEA2F
Card 16321E30CA8 00FFEA3F
Card 16421E30CAC 00FFEA4F
Card 16521E30CB0 00FFEA5F
Card 16621E30CB4 00FFEA6F
Card 16721E30CB8 00FFEA7F
Card 16821E30CBC 00FFEA8F
Card 16921E30CC0 00FFEA9F
Card 17021E30CC4 00FFEAAF
Card 17121E30CC8 00FFEABF
Card 17221E30CCC 00FFEACF
Card 17321E30CD0 00FFEADF
Card 17421E30CD4 00FFEAEF
Card 17521E30CD8 00FFEAFF
Card 17621E30CDC 00FFEB0F
Card 17721E30CE0 00FFEB1F
Card 17821E30CE4 00FFEB2F
Card 17921E30CE8 00FFEB3F
Card 18021E30CEC 00FFEB4F
Card 18121E30CF0 00FFEB5F
Card 18221E30CF4 00FFEB6F
Card 18321E30CF8 00FFEB7F
Card 18421E30CFC 00FFEB8F
Card 18521E30D00 00FFEB9F
Card 18621E30D04 00FFEBAF
Card 18721E30D08 00FFEBBF
Card 18821E30D0C 00FFEBCF
Card 18921E30D10 00FFEBDF
Card 19021E30D14 00FFEBEF
Card 19121E30D18 00FFEBFF
Card 19221E30D1C 00FFEC0F
Card 19321E30D20 00FFEC1F
Card 19421E30D24 00FFEC2F
Card 19521E30D28 00FFEC3F
Card 19621E30D2C 00FFEC4F
Card 19721E30D30 00FFEC5F
Card 19821E30D34 00FFEC6F
Card 19921E30D38 00FFEC7F
Card 20021E30D3C 00FFEC8F
Have Madden Card Codes (Part 3)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21E309B4 00000119
Card 20121E30D40 00FFEC9F
Card 20221E30D44 00FFECAF
Card 20321E30D48 00FFECBF
Card 20421E30D4C 00FFECCF
Card 20521E30D50 00FFECDF
Card 20621E30D54 00FFECEF
Card 20721E30D58 00FFECFF
Card 20821E30D5C 00FFED0F
Card 20921E30D60 00FFED1F
Card 21021E30D64 00FFED2F
Card 21121E30D68 00FFED3F
Card 21221E30D6C 00FFED4F
Card 21321E30D70 00FFED5F
Card 21421E30D74 00FFED6F
Card 21521E30D78 00FFED7F
Card 21621E30D7C 00FFED8F
Card 21721E30D80 00FFED9F
Card 21821E30D84 00FFEDAF
Card 21921E30D88 00FFEDBF
Card 22021E30D8C 00FFEDCF
Card 22121E30D90 00FFEDDF
Card 22221E30D94 00FFEDEF
Card 22321E30D98 00FFEDFF
Card 22421E30D9C 00FFEE0F
Card 22521E30DA0 00FFEE1F
Card 22621E30DA4 00FFEE2F
Card 22721E30DA8 00FFEE3F
Card 22821E30DAC 00FFEE4F
Card 22921E30DB0 00FFEE5F
Card 23021E30DB4 00FFEE6F
Card 23121E30DB8 00FFEE7F
Card 23221E30DBC 00FFEE8F
Card 23321E30DC0 00FFEE9F
Card 23421E30DC4 00FFEEAF
Card 23521E30DC8 00FFEEBF
Card 23621E30DCC 00FFEECF
Card 23721E30DD0 00FFEEDF
Card 23821E30DD4 00FFEEEF
Card 23921E30DD8 00FFEEFF
Card 24021E30DDC 00FFEF0F
Card 24121E30DE0 00FFEF1F
Card 24221E30DE4 00FFEF2F
Card 24321E30DE8 00FFEF3F
Card 24421E30DEC 00FFEF4F
Card 24521E30DF0 00FFEF5F
Card 24621E30DF4 00FFEF6F
Card 24721E30DF8 00FFEF7F
Card 24821E30DFC 00FFEF8F
Card 24921E30E00 00FFEF9F
Card 25021E30E04 00FFEFAF
Card 25121E30E08 00FFEFBF
Card 25221E30E0C 00FFEFCF
Card 25321E30E10 00FFEFDF
Card 25421E30E14 00FFEFEF
Card 25521E30E18 00FFEFFF
Card 25621E30E1C 00FFF00F
Card 25721E30E20 00FFF01F
Card 25821E30E24 00FFF02F
Card 25921E30E28 00FFF03F
Card 26021E30E2C 00FFF04F
Card 26121E30E30 00FFF05F
Card 26221E30E34 00FFF06F
Card 26321E30E38 00FFF07F
Card 26421E30E3C 00FFF08F
Card 26521E30E40 00FFF09F
Card 26621E30E44 00FFF0AF
Card 26721E30E48 00FFF0BF
Card 26821E30E4C 00FFF0CF
Card 26921E30E50 00FFF0DF
Card 27021E30E54 00FFF0EF
Card 27121E30E58 00FFF0FF
Card 27221E30E5C 00FFF10F
Card 27321E30E60 00FFF11F
Card 27421E30E64 00FFF12F
Card 27521E30E68 00FFF13F
Card 27621E30E6C 00FFF14F
Card 27721E30E70 00FFF15F
Card 27821E30E74 00FFF16F
Card 27921E30E78 00FFF17F
Card 28021E30E7C 00FFF18F
Card 28121E30E80 00FFF19F
Other Codes
Activate Madden Card Codes
Home Team Only Codes
1st And 520344A2C 38820001
2035292C 38820001
1st And 1520344A58 30820001
2035292C 30820001
5th Down203447B4 38820001
20351B94 38820001
20351C10 38820001
2037202C 38820001
204657C8 38820001
3rd Down203447D4 30820001
20351BB4 30820001
20351BF0 30820001
20372058 30820001
204657A4 30820001
Tight Fit2031A924 30820001
204456A4 30820001
20445D28 30820001
204461A8 30820001
Wind Gust2039046C 30820001
Away Team Only Codes
1st And 520344A2C 30820001
2035292C 30820001
1st And 1520344A58 38820001
2035292C 38820001
5th Down203447B4 30820001
20351B94 30820001
20351C10 30820001
2037202C 30820001
204657C8 30820001
3rd Down203447D4 38820001
20351BB4 38820001
20351BF0 38820001
20372058 38820001
204657A4 38820001
Tight Fit2031A924 38820001
204456A4 38820001
20445D28 38820001
204461A8 38820001
Wind Gust2039046C 38820001
Both Team Codes
1st And 520344A2C 24020001
2035292C 24020001
1st And 1520344A58 24020001
2035292C 24020001
5th Down203447B4 24020001
20351B94 24020001
20351C10 24020001
2037202C 24020001
204657C8 24020001
3rd Down203447D4 24020001
20351BB4 24020001
20351BF0 24020001
20372058 24020001
204657A4 24020001
Human Plow2035EAD8 24020001
2035EBE0 24020001
Super Dive203A7C60 24020001
Da Boot2036809C 24020001
2036816C 24020001
203681A0 24020001
204E12E0 24020001
Tight Fit2031A924 24020001
204456A4 24020001
20445D28 24020001
204461A8 24020001
Da Bomb203E1170 24020001
203E1874 24020001
Lame Duck203E1114 24020001
Mistake Free2047185C 24020001
20471BB4 24020001
20472B28 24020001
Fumblitis20471840 24020001
BINGO!20471B78 24020001
Unforced Errors203CCD48 24020001
Mr. Mobility2039C890 24020001
Extra Credit2047F6E8 24020001
2047FAF8 24020001
Touchy204782EC 24020001
Bad Spot20351244 24020001
Toast203B969C 24020001
203BA03C 24020001
Jam203B966C 24020001
203BA00C 24020001
Pocket Protectors2040BC70 24020001
Penetration2040BC28 24020001
QB On Target203DD6BC 24020001
Coffin Corner20368130 24020001
Wind Gust2039046C 24020001
Hands Of Glue20471B04 24020001
Hands Of Stone20471B30 24020001
Couch Potato2035A9CC 24020001
Time Out20474D80 24020001
20475FC0 24020001
Ouch!20365E44 24020001
Worker's Comp2036667C 24020001
Passerby20380200 24020001
203F9D4C 24020001
203FD01C 24020001
2046F480 24020001
Misc. Codes
P1 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07CFD82 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P1 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07CFD82 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P2 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07CFE82 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P2 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07CFE82 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P3 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07CFF82 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P3 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07CFF82 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P4 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07D0082 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P4 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07D0082 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P5 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07D0182 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P5 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07D0182 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P6 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07D0282 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P6 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07D0282 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P7 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07D0382 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P7 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07D0382 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P8 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD07D0482 0000FAFF
2080AB64 0000012C
P8 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD07D0482 0000F5FF
2080AB64 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07CFD82 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P1 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07CFD82 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P2 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07CFE82 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P2 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07CFE82 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P3 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07CFF82 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P3 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07CFF82 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P4 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0082 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P4 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0082 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P5 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0182 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P5 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0182 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P6 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0282 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P6 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0282 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P7 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0382 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P7 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0382 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
P8 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0482 0000FBFE
2080AB4C 00000001
P8 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD07D0482 0000F7FE
2080AB4C 00000028
Infinite Time To Choose Your Play2080AB4C 00000028
Always 1st Down1080AF10 00000001
Always 4th Down1080AF10 00000004
Always Start On 2nd DownD080AF10 00000001
1080AF10 00000002
Always Start On 3rd DownD080AF10 00000001
1080AF10 00000003
P1 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07CFD82 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P1 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07CFD82 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P2 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07CFE82 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P2 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07CFE82 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P3 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07CFF82 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P3 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07CFF82 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P4 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07D0082 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P4 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07D0082 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P5 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07D0182 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P5 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07D0182 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P6 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07D0282 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P6 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07D0282 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P7 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07D0382 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P7 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07D0382 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
P8 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD07D0482 0000FEFE
1080AF10 00000001
P8 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD07D0482 0000FDFE
1080AF10 00000004
Start On 2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080AB40 00000002
Start On 3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080AB40 00000003
Start On 4th QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080AB40 00000004
Home Team Always Has The Ball Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
0080AF18 00000000
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
0080AF18 00000000
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
0080AF18 00000000
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
0080AF18 00000000
All Game0080AF18 00000000
Away Team Always Has The Ball Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
0080AF18 00000001
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
0080AF18 00000001
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
0080AF18 00000001
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
0080AF18 00000001
All Game0080AF18 00000001
Home Team Infinite Challenges Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2076E57C 00000002
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2076E57C 00000002
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2076E57C 00000002
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2076E57C 00000002
All Game2076E57C 00000002
Home Team No Challenges Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2076E57C 00000000
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2076E57C 00000000
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2076E57C 00000000
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2076E57C 00000000
All Game2076E57C 00000000
Away Team Infinite Challenges Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2076E580 00000002
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2076E580 00000002
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2076E580 00000002
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2076E580 00000002
All Game2076E580 00000002
Away Team No Challenges Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2076E580 00000000
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2076E580 00000000
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2076E580 00000000
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2076E580 00000000
All Game2076E580 00000000
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080B01C 00000003
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2080B01C 00000003
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2080B01C 00000003
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2080B01C 00000003
All Game2080B01C 00000003
Home Team No Time-Outs Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080B01C 00000000
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2080B01C 00000000
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2080B01C 00000000
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2080B01C 00000000
All Game2080B01C 00000000
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080B020 00000003
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2080B020 00000003
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2080B020 00000003
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2080B020 00000003
All Game2080B020 00000003
Away Team No Time-Outs Codes
1st QuarterD080AB40 00000001
2080B020 00000000
2nd QuarterD080AB40 00000002
2080B020 00000000
3rd QuarterD080AB40 00000003
2080B020 00000000
4th QuarterD080AB40 00000004
2080B020 00000000
All Game2080B020 00000000
Touch Down's Score Modifier10351AE4 000000??
10351AB0 000000??
103844F8 000000??
Extra Point's Score Modifier10351D80 000000??
10384534 000000??
2-Point Conversion's Score Modifier10351D98 000000??
1038453C 000000??
Safety's Score Modifier10351EC8 0000FF??
103844EC 0000FF??
Max Tokens Earned21E308C0 05F5E0FF
No Tokens Earned21E308C0 00000000
Max Tokens Spent21E308C4 05F5E0FF
No Tokens Spent21E308C4 00000000
Infinite Tokens Remaining11E308C8 0000FFFF
Max Tokens Remaining21E308C8 05F5E0FF
Have All Cards (Version 7.0 Or Higher Needed!)21E309B4 00000119
41E30A20 01190001
00FFE01F 00000010