Madden NFL 2004

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00503017
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90503014 0C12CFC4
Madden Card Codes
Have Madden Card Codes (Part 1)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21DB3010 0000011D
Card 121DB3080 00022011
Card 221DB3084 00022021
Card 321DB3088 00022031
Card 421DB308C 00022041
Card 521DB3090 00022051
Card 621DB3094 00022061
Card 721DB3098 00022071
Card 821DB309C 00022081
Card 921DB30A0 00022091
Card 1021DB30A4 000220A1
Card 1121DB30A8 000220B1
Card 1221DB30AC 000220C1
Card 1321DB30B0 000220D1
Card 1421DB30B4 000220E1
Card 1521DB30B8 000220F1
Card 1621DB30BC 00022101
Card 1721DB30C0 00022111
Card 1821DB30C4 00022121
Card 1921DB30C8 00022131
Card 2021DB30CC 00022141
Card 2121DB30D0 00022151
Card 2221DB30D4 00022161
Card 2321DB30D8 00022171
Card 2421DB30DC 00022181
Card 2521DB30E0 00022191
Card 2621DB30E4 000221A1
Card 2721DB30E8 000221B1
Card 2821DB30EC 000221C1
Card 2921DB30F0 000221D1
Card 3021DB30F4 000221E1
Card 3121DB30F8 000221F1
Card 3221DB30FC 00022201
Card 3321DB3100 00022211
Card 3421DB3104 00022221
Card 3521DB3108 00022231
Card 3621DB310C 00022241
Card 3721DB3110 00022251
Card 3821DB3114 00022261
Card 3921DB3118 00022271
Card 4021DB311C 00022281
Card 4121DB3120 00022291
Card 4221DB3124 000222A1
Card 4321DB3128 000222B1
Card 4421DB312C 000222C1
Card 4521DB3130 000222D1
Card 4621DB3134 000222E1
Card 4721DB3138 000222F1
Card 4821DB313C 00022301
Card 4921DB3140 00022311
Card 5021DB3144 00022321
Card 5121DB3148 00022331
Card 5221DB314C 00022341
Card 5321DB3150 00022351
Card 5421DB3154 00022361
Card 5521DB3158 00022371
Card 5621DB315C 00022381
Card 5721DB3160 00022391
Card 5821DB3164 000223A1
Card 5921DB3168 000223B1
Card 6021DB316C 000223C1
Card 6121DB3170 000223D1
Card 6221DB3174 000223E1
Card 6321DB3178 000223F1
Card 6421DB317C 00022401
Card 6521DB3180 00022411
Card 6621DB3184 00022421
Card 6721DB3188 00022431
Card 6821DB318C 00022441
Card 6921DB3190 00022451
Card 7021DB3194 00022461
Card 7121DB3198 00022471
Card 7221DB319C 00022481
Card 7321DB31A0 00022491
Card 7421DB31A4 000224A1
Card 7521DB31A8 000224B1
Card 7621DB31AC 000224C1
Card 7721DB31B0 000224D1
Card 7821DB31B4 000224E1
Card 7921DB31B8 000224F1
Card 8021DB31BC 00022501
Card 8121DB31C0 00022511
Card 8221DB31C4 00022521
Card 8321DB31C8 00022531
Card 8421DB31CC 00022541
Card 8521DB31D0 00022551
Card 8621DB31D4 00022561
Card 8721DB31D8 00022571
Card 8821DB31DC 00022581
Card 8921DB31E0 00022591
Card 9021DB31E4 000225A1
Card 9121DB31E8 000225B1
Card 9221DB31EC 000225C1
Card 9321DB31F0 000225D1
Card 9421DB31F4 000225E1
Card 9521DB31F8 000225F1
Card 9621DB31FC 00022601
Card 9721DB3200 00022611
Card 9821DB3204 00022621
Card 9921DB3208 00022631
Card 10021DB320C 00022641
Have Madden Card Codes (Part 2)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21DB3010 0000011D
Card 10121DB3210 00022651
Card 10221DB3214 00022661
Card 10321DB3218 00022671
Card 10421DB321C 00022681
Card 10521DB3220 00022691
Card 10621DB3224 000226A1
Card 10721DB3228 000226B1
Card 10821DB322C 000226C1
Card 10921DB3230 000226D1
Card 11021DB3234 000226E1
Card 11121DB3238 000226F1
Card 11221DB323C 00022701
Card 11321DB3240 00022711
Card 11421DB3244 00022721
Card 11521DB3248 00022731
Card 11621DB324C 00022741
Card 11721DB3250 00022751
Card 11821DB3254 00022761
Card 11921DB3258 00022771
Card 12021DB325C 00022781
Card 12121DB3260 00022791
Card 12221DB3264 000227A1
Card 12321DB3268 000227B1
Card 12421DB326C 000227C1
Card 12521DB3270 000227D1
Card 12621DB3274 000227E1
Card 12721DB3278 000227F1
Card 12821DB327C 00022801
Card 12921DB3280 00022811
Card 13021DB3284 00022821
Card 13121DB3288 00022831
Card 13221DB328C 00022841
Card 13321DB3290 00022851
Card 13421DB3294 00022861
Card 13521DB3298 00022871
Card 13621DB329C 00022881
Card 13721DB32A0 00022891
Card 13821DB32A4 000228A1
Card 13921DB32A8 000228B1
Card 14021DB32AC 000228C1
Card 14121DB32B0 000228D1
Card 14221DB32B4 000228E1
Card 14321DB32B8 000228F1
Card 14421DB32BC 00022901
Card 14521DB32C0 00022911
Card 14621DB32C4 00022921
Card 14721DB32C8 00022931
Card 14821DB32CC 00022941
Card 14921DB32D0 00022951
Card 15021DB32D4 00022961
Card 15121DB32D8 00022971
Card 15221DB32DC 00022981
Card 15321DB32E0 00022991
Card 15421DB32E4 000229A1
Card 15521DB32E8 000229B1
Card 15621DB32EC 000229C1
Card 15721DB32F0 000229D1
Card 15821DB32F4 000229E1
Card 15921DB32F8 000229F1
Card 16021DB32FC 00022A01
Card 16121DB3300 00022A11
Card 16221DB3304 00022A21
Card 16321DB3308 00022A31
Card 16421DB330C 00022A41
Card 16521DB3310 00022A51
Card 16621DB3314 00022A61
Card 16721DB3318 00022A71
Card 16821DB331C 00022A81
Card 16921DB3320 00022A91
Card 17021DB3324 00022AA1
Card 17121DB3328 00022AB1
Card 17221DB332C 00022AC1
Card 17321DB3330 00022AD1
Card 17421DB3334 00022AE1
Card 17521DB3338 00022AF1
Card 17621DB333C 00022B01
Card 17721DB3340 00022B11
Card 17821DB3344 00022B21
Card 17921DB3348 00022B31
Card 18021DB334C 00022B41
Card 18121DB3350 00022B51
Card 18221DB3354 00022B61
Card 18321DB3358 00022B71
Card 18421DB335C 00022B81
Card 18521DB3360 00022B91
Card 18621DB3364 00022BA1
Card 18721DB3368 00022BB1
Card 18821DB336C 00022BC1
Card 18921DB3370 00022BD1
Card 19021DB3374 00022BE1
Card 19121DB3378 00022BF1
Card 19221DB337C 00022C01
Card 19321DB3380 00022C11
Card 19421DB3384 00022C21
Card 19521DB3388 00022C31
Card 19621DB338C 00022C41
Card 19721DB3390 00022C51
Card 19821DB3394 00022C61
Card 19921DB3398 00022C71
Card 20021DB339C 00022C81
Have Madden Card Codes (Part 3)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21DB3010 0000011D
Card 20121DB33A0 00022C91
Card 20221DB33A4 00022CA1
Card 20321DB33A8 00022CB1
Card 20421DB33AC 00022CC1
Card 20521DB33B0 00022CD1
Card 20621DB33B4 00022CE1
Card 20721DB33B8 00022CF1
Card 20821DB33BC 00022D01
Card 20921DB33C0 00022D11
Card 21021DB33C4 00022D21
Card 21121DB33C8 00022D31
Card 21221DB33CC 00022D41
Card 21321DB33D0 00022D51
Card 21421DB33D4 00022D61
Card 21521DB33D8 00022D71
Card 21621DB33DC 00022D81
Card 21721DB33E0 00022D91
Card 21821DB33E4 00022DA1
Card 21921DB33E8 00022DB1
Card 22021DB33EC 00022DC1
Card 22121DB33F0 00022DD1
Card 22221DB33F4 00022DE1
Card 22321DB33F8 00022DF1
Card 22421DB33FC 00022E01
Card 22521DB3400 00022E11
Card 22621DB3404 00022E21
Card 22721DB3408 00022E31
Card 22821DB340C 00022E41
Card 22921DB3410 00022E51
Card 23021DB3414 00022E61
Card 23121DB3418 00022E71
Card 23221DB341C 00022E81
Card 23321DB3420 00022E91
Card 23421DB3424 00022EA1
Card 23521DB3428 00022EB1
Card 23621DB342C 00022EC1
Card 23721DB3430 00022ED1
Card 23821DB3434 00022EE1
Card 23921DB3438 00022EF1
Card 24021DB343C 00022F01
Card 24121DB3440 00022F11
Card 24221DB3444 00022F21
Card 24321DB3448 00022F31
Card 24421DB344C 00022F41
Card 24521DB3450 00022F51
Card 24621DB3454 00022F61
Card 24721DB3458 00022F71
Card 24821DB345C 00022F81
Card 24921DB3460 00022F91
Card 25021DB3464 00022FA1
Card 25121DB3468 00022FB1
Card 25221DB346C 00022FC1
Card 25321DB3470 00022FD1
Card 25421DB3474 00022FE1
Card 25521DB3478 00022FF1
Card 25621DB347C 00023001
Card 25721DB3480 00023011
Card 25821DB3484 00023021
Card 25921DB3488 00023031
Card 26021DB348C 00023041
Card 26121DB3490 00023051
Card 26221DB3494 00023061
Card 26321DB3498 00023071
Card 26421DB349C 00023081
Card 26521DB34A0 00023091
Card 26621DB34A4 000230A1
Card 26721DB34A8 000230B1
Card 26821DB34AC 000230C1
Card 26921DB34B0 000230D1
Card 27021DB34B4 000230E1
Card 27121DB34B8 000230F1
Card 27221DB34BC 00023101
Card 27321DB34C0 00023111
Card 27421DB34C4 00023121
Card 27521DB34C8 00023131
Card 27621DB34CC 00023141
Card 27721DB34D0 00023151
Card 27821DB34D4 00023161
Card 27921DB34D8 00023171
Card 28021DB34DC 00023181
Card 28121DB34E0 00023191
Card 28221DB34E4 000231A1
Card 28321DB34E8 000231B1
Card 28421DB34EC 000231C1
Card 28521DB34F0 000231D1
All Cards200C0220 3C0101DB
200C0224 2404011D
200C0228 3C030002
200C022C 34632011
200C0230 AC243010
200C0234 AC233080
200C0238 2484FFFF
200C023C 24630010
200C0240 1C80FFFC
200C0244 24210004
200C0248 03E00008
200C024C 00000000
2050302C 08030088
Other Codes
Activate Madden Cheat Card Codes
Home Team Only Codes
1st And 152013F1B4 38820001
20149F08 38820001
5th Down2013EF20 30820001
201491CC 38820001
20149258 38820001
2015F3CC 38820001
2024B788 38820001
3rd Down2013EF40 38820001
201491E8 38820001
20149238 38820001
2015F3F8 38820001
2024B764 38820001
Human Plow20153878 38820001
20153978 38820001
Super Dive20190B90 38820001
Da Boot2015A380 38820001
2015A410 38820001
2015A444 38820001
202EC8D0 38820001
Da Bomb201C86E0 38820001
201C8D84 38820001
Lame Duck201C8684 38820001
Mistake Free20255F8C 38820001
202562B8 38820001
20257170 38820001
Fumblitis20255F70 38820001
Bingo!2025627C 38820001
Mr. Mobility20185BC0 92040001
20185BC4 38820001
Touchy2025BAF4 38820001
Bad Spot20148A84 38820001
Toast201A0AB8 38820001
Jam201A0A88 38820001
Pocket Protectors201F1458 38820001
Penetration201F1410 38820001
QB On Target201C5210 38820001
Coffin Corner2015A3F0 38820001
Wind Gust2017B330 38820001
Hands Of Glue20256208 38820001
Hands Of Stone20256234 38820001
Couch Potato2014FF3C 38820001
Time Out20258E90 38820001
20259FE8 38820001
Ouch!20158380 38820001
Worker's Comp20158B50 38820001
Passerby2016CC58 38820001
201E0D00 38820001
201E3DA0 38820001
20253C6C 38820001
Away Team Only Codes
1st And 152013F1B4 30820001
20149F08 30820001
5th Down2013EF20 38820001
201491CC 30820001
20149258 30820001
2015F3CC 30820001
2024B788 30820001
3rd Down2013EF40 30820001
201491E8 30820001
20149238 30820001
2015F3F8 30820001
2024B764 30820001
Human Plow20153878 30820001
20153978 30820001
Super Dive20190B90 30820001
Da Boot2015A380 30820001
2015A410 30820001
2015A444 30820001
202EC8D0 30820001
Da Bomb201C86E0 30820001
201C8D84 30820001
Lame Duck201C8684 30820001
Mistake Free20255F8C 30820001
202562B8 30820001
20257170 30820001
Fumblitis20255F70 30820001
Bingo!2025627C 30820001
Mr. Mobility20185BC0 92020001
20185BC4 30820001
Touchy2025BAF4 30820001
Bad Spot20148A84 30820001
Toast201A0AB8 30820001
Jam201A0A88 30820001
Pocket Protectors201F1458 30820001
Penetration201F1410 30820001
QB On Target201C5210 30820001
Coffin Corner2015A3F0 30820001
Wind Gust2017B330 30820001
Hands Of Glue20256208 30820001
Hands Of Stone20256234 30820001
Couch Potato2014FF3C 30820001
Time Out20258E90 30820001
20259FE8 30820001
Ouch!20158380 30820001
Worker's Comp20158B50 30820001
Passerby2016CC58 30820001
201E0D00 30820001
201E3DA0 30820001
20253C6C 30820001
Both Teams Codes
1st And 152013F1B4 24020001
20149F08 24020001
5th Down2013EF20 24020001
201491CC 24020001
20149258 24020001
2015F3CC 24020001
2024B788 24020001
3rd Down2013EF40 24020001
201491E8 24020001
20149238 24020001
2015F3F8 24020001
2024B764 24020001
Human Plow20153878 24020001
20153978 24020001
Super Dive20190B90 24020001
Da Boot2015A380 24020001
2015A410 24020001
2015A444 24020001
202EC8D0 24020001
Da Bomb201C86E0 24020001
201C8D84 24020001
Lame Duck201C8684 24020001
Mistake Free20255F8C 24020001
202562B8 24020001
20257170 24020001
Fumblitis20255F70 24020001
Bingo!2025627C 24020001
Mr. Mobility20185BC0 24020001
Touchy2025BAF4 24020001
Bad Spot20148A84 24020001
Toast201A0AB8 24020001
Jam201A0A88 24020001
Pocket Protectors201F1458 24020001
Penetration201F1410 24020001
QB On Target201C5210 24020001
Coffin Corner2015A3F0 24020001
Wind Gust2017B330 24020001
Hands Of Glue20256208 24020001
Hands Of Stone20256234 24020001
Couch Potato2014FF3C 24020001
Time Out20258E90 24020001
20259FE8 24020001
Ouch!20158380 24020001
Worker's Comp20158B50 24020001
Passerby2016CC58 24020001
201E0D00 24020001
201E3DA0 24020001
20253C6C 24020001
Misc. Codes
P1 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638642 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P1 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638642 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P2 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638742 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P2 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638742 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P3 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638842 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P3 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638842 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P4 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638942 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P4 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638942 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P5 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638A42 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P5 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638A42 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P6 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638B42 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P6 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638B42 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P7 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638C42 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P7 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638C42 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P8 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0638D42 0000FAFF
206611C4 0000012C
P8 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0638D42 0000F5FF
206611C4 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638642 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P1 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638642 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P2 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638742 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P2 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638742 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P3 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638842 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P3 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638842 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P4 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638942 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P4 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638942 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P5 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638A42 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P5 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638A42 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P6 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638B42 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P6 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638B42 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P7 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638C42 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P7 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638C42 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
P8 Press L1+Select For Very Low Time To Choose Your PlayD0638D42 0000FBFE
206611AC 00000001
P8 Press R1+Select For More Time To Choose Your PlayD0638D42 0000F7FE
206611AC 00000028
Infinite Time To Choose Your Play206611AC 00000028
Always 1st Down10661388 00000001
Always 4th Down10661388 00000004
Always Start On 2nd DownD0661388 00000001
10661388 00000002
Always Start On 3rd DownD0661388 00000001
10661388 00000003
P1 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638642 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P1 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638642 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P2 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638742 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P2 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638742 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P3 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638842 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P3 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638842 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P4 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638942 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P4 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638942 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P5 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638A42 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P5 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638A42 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P6 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638B42 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P6 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638B42 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P7 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638C42 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P7 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638C42 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
P8 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0638D42 0000FEFE
10661388 00000001
P8 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0638D42 0000FDFE
10661388 00000004
Touch Down's Score Modifier101490DC 000000??
101490A8 000000??
101704A8 000000??
Extra Point's Score Modifier101493DC 000000??
101704E8 000000??
2-Point Conversion's Score Modifier10149408 000000??
101704F0 000000??
Safety's Score Modifier10149518 0000FF??
101704A0 0000FF??
Max Madden Tokens Earned21DB2EF0 0098967F
Max Tokens Balance21DB2EF8 0098967F