Legend Of Spyro-A New Beginning, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)901A4130 0C06BEE6
Disable FMV2019F5F0 24020001
Infinite Health207D1100 42C80000
Max Health207D1104 42C80000
Infinite Breath207D1130 42C80000
Max Breath207D1134 42C80000
P1 Press X For Moon Jump200C0220 3C0143CB
200C0224 0809C630
200C0228 AE010374
D07BF31C 0000BFFF
202718B0 08030088
D07BF31C 0000FFFF
202718B0 10000003
Have Primary Breath Codes
Primary Breath 1707D1160 00000001
Primary Breath 2707D1180 00000001
Primary Breath 3707D11A0 00000001
Primary Breath 4707D11C0 00000001
Max Primary Breath Upgrade Codes
Primary Breath 1207D1164 00000003
Primary Breath 2207D1184 00000003
Primary Breath 3207D11A4 00000003
Primary Breath 4207D11C4 00000003
All Primary Breaths407D1164 00040008
00000003 00000000
Have Secondary Breath Codes
Secondary Breath 1707D1160 00000002
Secondary Breath 2707D1180 00000002
Secondary Breath 3707D11A0 00000002
Secondary Breath 4707D11C0 00000002
Max Secondary Breath Upgrade Codes
Secondary Breath 1207D1168 00000003
Secondary Breath 2207D1188 00000003
Secondary Breath 3207D11A8 00000003
Secondary Breath 4207D11C8 00000003
All Secondary Breaths407D1168 00040008
00000003 00000000