Legacy Of Kain-Defiance

🇺🇸 • Credit: CMX, Vampmaster, Ben Lincoln, GMO

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0025DD33
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9025DD30 0C090B0D
NTSC2PAL2013F9F4 24120003
00106FF0 00000003
00107130 00000003
Infinite Health201FB044 E60103A8
Infinite Telekinetic Meter20203DB0 E60105D8
Invincibility (Press R3 To Activate, L3 To De-Activate)D072551C 0000FFFB
10339724 00000000
D072551C 0000FFFD
10339724 00000800
Press X For Moon JumpD072551C 0000BFFF
20725958 42E00000
Display Fog Debug Info20133A40 00000000
Display Short Stats Debug Info20133B2C 00000000
Have All Moves/Max Combat EXP2023F1D0 2402270F
2023F1D8 ACA20A24
Have All Health Talismans2023F200 24050001
2023F204 A44503A6
2023F210 24020001
Have All Telekinetic Runes2023F228 24020008
2023F230 A46203BA
Have All Reavers2028EF68 FFFFFFFF
Have All Dark World Arcane Tomes207BAEA4 0000000A
Have All Light World Arcane Tomes207BAEB4 0000000A
Cape Stuck Behind You20152BD4 00000000
Red Objects/Character2016961C 00000000
Disable Snow2013E7D4 00000000
Activate Debug Cheat Codes
(Version 7 Or Higher Needed!)
Shift Any Time7028EF68 00000040
Draw Puzzle Cone7028EF70 00000001
Autoface Toggle Mode7028EF70 00000002
Show Tap And Hold7028EF70 00000004
Show Autoface Trail7028EF70 00000008
Show Collide Info7028EF70 00000010
Fast Puppet Shows7028EF70 00000040
Disable Interp7028EF70 00000080
Disable Foot Lock7028EF71 00000001
Disable Turn Anim7028EF71 00000002
Disable Jump Compression7028EF71 00000004
Disable Look Around7028EF71 00000020
Speedometer7028EF72 00000002
Altimeter7028EF72 00000004
Sound From Anim7028EF73 00000001
Noninverted Lookaround Z7028EF73 00000008
Short Short Stats70339723 00000004
Invincible70339726 00000010
Camera Override70339727 00000002
Keep Info Between Loads703397D2 00000020
Debug Menu Codes
HUGE THANX go out to Ben Lincoln for finding the original Debug Menu code. All I did was improve his code with the help of my hardware, but the original design & find was from Ben Lincoln. Visit his webpage at http://www.thelostworlds.net/ for more Soul Reaver & Legacy Of Kain goodies.
Enable Debug Menu10132080 00000040
20108298 24080020
E002FFFD 0028E1F0
20132BB0 0040F809
003397F0 00000004
E001FFFB 0028E1F0
20132BB0 0C054C00
Enable Options
Enable Yes/No Options10132A20 00000220
10132A38 00000020
Enable Activate Options10132A90 00000160
20132AB0 00021143
Enable Menu Options10132AD8 00000160
20132B0C 00021143
Enable Left/Right Numeric Options101322B8 00000040
1013235C 00000040
Enable Left/Right Decimal Options10132140 00000040
10132210 00000040
Have Dark World Artifact Modifier Codes
Enable Dark World Artifact Slot Modifier (00-03)207BAE6C 000000??
Slot 1207BAE54 000000??
Slot 2207BAE58 000000??
Slot 3207BAE5C 000000??
Have Light World Artifact Modifier Codes
Enable Light World Artifact Slot Modifier (00-03)207BAE90 000000??
Slot 1207BAE78 000000??
Slot 2207BAE7C 000000??
Slot 3207BAE80 000000??