Karaoke Revolution Party

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)902B0A8C 0C0BF6A9
Unlock Everything200C0220 24020001
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 AC82000C
2019AFF0 08030088
Quick Score Gain20131CFC 244203E7
Super Quick Score Gain20131CFC 2442270F
Hella Quick Score Gain20131CFC 24427FFF
Quick Max Score20131CF8 3C0205F5
20131CFC 3442E0FF
Crowd Always Happy20124A74 3C013F80
20125448 3C013F80
2012544C 44810000
Infinite Total Points103ECB68 0000FFFF
Max Total Points203ECB68 05F5E0FF
Have All 50 Songs Completed203ECBC4 00000032