Hypersonic Xtreme

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0023B96F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9023B96C 0C06ACFA
Infinite Restart Races20596948 00000006
Super Widescreen205969BC 40000000
Widescreen205969BC 3FAA0000
Normal Screen205969BC 3F800000
Lesser Widescreen205969BC 3F400000
Always Low Time20596AB4 00000000
20596AB8 00000000
Weather Always On20596A9C 00000001
205974AC 00000001
Weather Always Off20596A9C 00000000
205974AC 00000000
Have All Series20599118 FFFFFFFF
Infinite Damage P110371958 00000000
Infinite Turbo P10037196A 00000080
No Turbo P10037196A 00000000
Infinite Damage P210371DE4 00000000
Infinite Turbo P200371DF6 00000080
No Turbo P200371DF6 00000000
Max Points (Series Standings) Codes
Racer 1205AC010 000003E7
Racer 2205AC014 000003E7
Racer 3205AC018 000003E7
Racer 4205AC01C 000003E7
Racer 5205AC020 000003E7
Racer 6205AC024 000003E7
Racer 7205AC028 000003E7
Racer 8205AC02C 000003E7
Racer 9205AC030 000003E7
Racer 10205AC034 000003E7
No Points (Series Standings) Codes
Racer 1205AC010 00000000
Racer 2205AC014 00000000
Racer 3205AC018 00000000
Racer 4205AC01C 00000000
Racer 5205AC020 00000000
Racer 6205AC024 00000000
Racer 7205AC028 00000000
Racer 8205AC02C 00000000
Racer 9205AC030 00000000
Racer 10205AC034 00000000