Hobbit, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, tab

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 003D236F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
903D236C 0C0ED034
Max Silver Pennies2046C630 461C3C00
Infinite Rocks2046C634 41200000
Infinite Health2046C63C 42F00000
Max Total Courage Points Earned2046C648 461C3C00
Max Summary Courage Points2046C650 44960000
Max Health2046C64C 463B8000
Have Large Rock Bag2046C680 40000000
Have Large Medicine Chest2046C684 40000000
Infinite Skeleton Keys2046C688 42C60000
Max Summary Silver Pennies2046C68C 43C80000
Max Summary Chests2046C690 40A00000
Infinite Health Potions (5)D046C684 00000000
2046C6EC 40A00000
Infinite Health Potions (10)D046C684 00003F80
2046C6EC 41200000
Infinite Health Potions (15)D046C684 00004000
2046C6EC 41700000
Infinite Antidote Potions (5)D046C684 00000000
2046C6F0 40A00000
Infinite Antidote Potions (10)D046C684 00003F80
2046C6F0 41200000
Infinite Antidote Potions (15)D046C684 00004000
2046C6F0 41700000
Have Water Of Vigour (1)D046C682 00000000
2046C6F4 3F800000
Have Water Of Vigour (2)D046C682 00003F80
2046C6F4 40000000
Have Water Of Vigour (3)D046C682 00004000
2046C6F4 40400000
Walking-Stick Weapon Codes
Have Walking Stick2046C700 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 12046C6A0 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 22046C6A4 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 32046C6A8 3F800000
Have Jump Attack-Upgrade Level 12046C6AC 3F800000
Have Jump Attack-Upgrade Level 22046C6B0 3F800000
Have Jump Attack-Upgrade Level 32046C6B4 3F800000
Stick Weapon Codes
Have Sting2046C6F8 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 12046C6C4 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 22046C6C8 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 32046C6CC 3F800000
Have Jump Attack-Upgrade Level 12046C6D0 3F800000
Have Jump Attack-Upgrade Level 22046C6D4 3F800000
Have Jump Attack-Upgrade Level 32046C6D8 3F800000
Throwing Rock Weapon Codes
Have Upgrade Level 12046C6DC 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 22046C6E0 3F800000
Have Upgrade Level 32046C6E4 3F800000
Have Item Codes
Troll Key2046C718 3F800000
Witch-King Crystal2046C71C 3F800000
Burberry Plant2046C720 3F800000
Blue Urn2046C724 3F800000
Red Urn2046C728 3F800000
Yellow Urn2046C72C 3F800000
Unlit Torch2046C730 3F800000
Lit Torch2046C734 3F800000
Bellows2046C738 3F800000
Signet Ring2046C73C 3F800000
Can Of Oil2046C740 3F800000
Small Iron Gear2046C744 3F800000
Small Silver Gear2046C748 3F800000
Small Golden Gear2046C74C 3F800000
Small Copper Gear2046C750 3F800000
Small Metallic Gear2046C754 3F800000
Iron Gear2046C758 3F800000
Silver Gear2046C75C 3F800000
Golden Gear2046C760 3F800000
Copper Gear2046C764 3F800000
Metallic Gear2046C768 3F800000
Large Iron Gear2046C76C 3F800000
Large Silver Gear2046C770 3F800000
Large Golden Gear2046C774 3F800000
Large Copper Gear2046C778 3F800000
Large Metallic Gear2046C77C 3F800000
Iron Shank Head2046C780 3F800000
Silver Shank Head2046C784 3F800000
Gold Shank Head2046C788 3F800000
Copper Shank Arm2046C78C 3F800000
Metallic Shank Arm2046C790 3F800000
Iron Shank Arm2046C794 3F800000
Silver Shank Arm2046C798 3F800000
Gold Shank Arm2046C79C 3F800000
Copper Shank Arm2046C7A0 3F800000
Metallic Shank Arm2046C7A4 3F800000
Firewood2046C7A8 3F800000
Grit-Lift Key2046C7AC 3F800000
Dim-Lift Key2046C7B0 3F800000
Mugg-Lift Key2046C7B4 3F800000
Wart-Lift Lever2046C7C8 3F800000
Wart-Stone2046C7CC 3F800000
Thror's Golden Cup2046C7D0 3F800000
Necklace Of Girion2046C7D4 3F800000
Groin's Ruby2046C7D8 3F800000
King Bladorthin's Spears2046C7DC 3F800000
Golden Serving Dish2046C7E0 3F800000
Tea-Cakes2046C7E4 3F800000
Infinite Apples2046C7F0 41200000
Hammer2046C7F4 3F800000
Infinite Nails2046C7F8 41200000
Infinite Eggs2046C800 41200000
Infinite Berries2046C804 41200000
Sack Of Wheat2046C808 3F800000
Sugar2046C80C 3F800000
Spice2046C810 3F800000
Sauasage2046C814 3F800000
Wheat2046C818 3F800000
Quilting Needle2046C820 3F800000
Elvish Opening Crystal 12046C824 3F800000
Elvish Opening Crystal 22046C828 3F800000
Elvish Opening Crystal 32046C82C 3F800000
Elvish Opening Crystal 42046C830 3F800000
Deep Cellar Key 12046C838 3F800000
Deep Cellar Key 22046C83C 3F800000
Deep Cellar Key 32046C840 3F800000
Deep Cellar Key 42046C844 3F800000
Moonleaf2046C84C 3F800000
Willowweed2046C850 3F800000
Spidersbane2046C854 3F800000
Web Potion2046C858 3F800000
Gear Belt2046C85C 3F800000
Treasury Chain2046C860 3F800000
Treasury Key Mold2046C864 3F800000
Throne Key Mold 12046C868 3F800000
Throne Key Mold 22046C86C 3F800000
Treasure Key2046C870 3F800000
Throne Key 12046C874 3F800000
Throne Key 22046C878 3F800000
Arkenstone2046C87C 3F800000
City Warehouse Key2046C880 3F800000
Black Arrow2046C884 3F800000
Malloc's Golden Dagger2046C888 3F800000
Black Wine Bottle2046C88C 3F800000
Blue Wine Bottle2046C890 3F800000
Purple Wine Bottle2046C894 3F800000
Red Wine Bottle2046C898 3F800000
Yellow Wine Bottle2046C89C 3F800000
Gandalf's Message2046C8A0 3F800000
Healing Draught2046C8A4 3F800000
Troll Key 82046C8A8 3F800000
Ladder Switch Lever2046C8AC 3F800000
Rennar's Key2046C8B0 3F800000