🇺🇸 • Credit: GMO, Lajos Szalay, Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90450C0C 0C1172ED
Disable FMV20455C28 24020001
Never Reload2020F9B4 00000000
Infinite Health203A3990 00000000
Saves Left Dont Decrease When Saving2037BDA0 00000000
Extra Saves When Saving1037BD94 00000001
Save Once For 99 Saves Left2037BD94 24050063
Always Have 99 Saves Left200C0220 24070063
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 AE670C00
2042EA1C 0C030088
P1 Press R1+Right For God Mode OnD0483D42 0000F7DF
20507318 3F800000
P1 Press R1+Left For God Mode OnD0483D42 0000F77F
20507318 3F800000
P1 Press R1+Up For Invisible Mode OnD0483D42 0000F7EF
20506A40 3F800000
P1 Press R1+Down For Invisible Mode OffD0483D42 0000F7BF
20506A40 00000000
P1 Press L3+R3 For Level Select (Main Menu)D0483D42 0000FFF9
2041F9F0 00000000
D0483D42 0000FFFF
2041F9F0 10400032
Slow Motion (R2+Up=On & R2+Down=Off)200C0240 3C0800A0
200C0244 00000000
200C0248 00000000
200C024C 00000000
200C0250 00000000
200C0254 00000000
200C0258 1D00FFFD
200C025C 2508FFFF
200C0260 03E00008
200C0264 00000000
D0483D42 0000FDEF
20450C24 08030090
D0483D42 0000FDBF
20450C24 03E00008