🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)902838C4 0C0A6D47
Disable FMV2028A318 24020001
Max Health203B1BF8 447A0000
Infinite Health203B1BFC 447A0000
Max Shield203B1C04 447A0000
Infinite Shield203B1C08 447A0000
Max Beat203B1C14 000003E7
Max Art203B1C30 000003E7
Quick Score Gain103B23A8 0000FFFF
Max Score203B23A8 05F5E0FF
Quick Demolition Shot GainD03B23B2 002044E0
203B23B0 44E10000
Infinite Demolition Shots203B23B4 00000004
Have Demolition Shot-Level 1 Codes
Forward Attack103B23D4 00000001
Surrounding Attack103B23D6 00000001
Slow Time Attack103B23D8 00000001
Have Demolition Shot-Level 2 Codes
Forward Attack103B23D4 00000002
Surrounding Attack103B23D6 00000002
Slow Time Attack103B23D8 00000002
Have Demolition Shot-Max Level Codes
Forward Attack103B23D4 00000003
Surrounding Attack103B23D6 00000003
Slow Time Attack103B23D8 00000003
Always Low Time203B23C4 00000000
Stage Results Codes
Max Beat Count203B23B8 0000270F
Max Kills203B23BC 0000270F
Max Artistic Points203B23C8 0000270F
Max Jackpots203B23CC 0000270F
Unlock Customize Codes
Shot Level 1-4002A8576 00000003
Close Range Level 1-4002A8577 00000003
Invincible002A8578 00000000
Unlimited Demolition002A8579 00000000
Secret Character002A857A 00000000
High Speed002A857B 00000000
All Explode002A857C 00000000
Camera Angle002A857D 00000000
Alternate Characters002A857E 00000000
All Customize102A8576 00000303
202A8578 00000000
102A857C 00000000
002A857E 00000000
Unlock Extras Codes
Stage Select002A857F 00000000
Boss Rush002A8580 00000000
Enemy Rush002A8581 00000000
Play Movies002A8582 00000000
Play Conversations002A8583 00000000
Play Sound Effects002A8584 00000000
All Customize002A857F 00000000
202A8580 00000000
002A8584 00000000
Activate Customize Codes
Invinicible002A8578 00000001
Unlimited Demolition002A8579 00000001
Secret Character002A857A 00000001
High Speed002A857B 00000001
All Explode002A857C 00000001
Camera Angle-Near002A857D 00000001
Alternate Characters002A857E 00000001
Data-Grave Codes
Max Score202A82C4 05F5E0FF
Max Beat Count202A82C8 05F5E0FF
Life Remaining 100%202A82CC 00000064
Max Kills202A82D0 05F5E0FF
Max Art Points202A82D8 05F5E0FF
Max Bullets202A82DC 05F5E0FF
Max Jackpot202A8330 05F5E0FF
Data-Kabane Codes
Max Score202A82E4 05F5E0FF
Max Beat Count202A82E8 05F5E0FF
Life Remaining 100%202A82EC 00000064
Max Kills202A82F0 05F5E0FF
Max Art Points202A82F8 05F5E0FF
Max Bullets202A82FC 05F5E0FF
Max Jackpot202A8344 05F5E0FF
Data-Billy Codes
Max Score202A8304 05F5E0FF
Max Beat Count202A8308 05F5E0FF
Life Remaining 100%202A830C 00000064
Max Kills202A8310 05F5E0FF
Max Art Points202A8318 05F5E0FF
Max Bullets202A831C 05F5E0FF
Max Jackpot202A8358 05F5E0FF