Guitar Hero

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, phnord

Enable Code (Must Be On)90273744 0C0A2461
Quick Max Score20117274 3C02000F
2011727C 3442423F
Always Rock Great20117200 AE010008
Unlock All Arenas/Characters200C0220 24010001
200C0224 AC41000C
200C0228 0804F594
200C022C 8C42000C
2013D648 08030088
Unlock All Songs/Guitars201551F8 24020001
201551FC AE02000C
Have All Venue Songs Completed200C0230 24010001
200C0234 AC410014
200C0238 0804F59C
200C023C 8C420014
2013D668 0803008C
Have All Venue Max Song Scores200C0240 3C01000F
200C0244 3421423F
200C0248 AC410018
200C024C 0804FB5A
200C0250 8C420018
2013ED60 08030090
Have All Venue 5 Star Ratings200C0260 24010005
200C0264 A041001C
200C0268 0804FB62
200C026C 9042001C
2013ED80 08030098
Max Cash200C0270 3C0205F5
200C0274 3442E0FF
200C0278 03E00008
200C027C AC820010
2013E770 0803009C
Buying Shtore Items Doesnt Decrease Cash2013E7CC 00000000
Buying Items Increases Cash2013E7C8 00511021
Guitar Hero Song Changes To Trippolette2044CD38 64612F73
2044CD3C 72616876
2044CD40 796E6F6D
2044CD44 7664612F
2044CD48 6D726168
2044CD4C 00796E6F
2044CD54 64612F73
2044CD58 72616876
2044CD5C 796E6F6D
2044CD60 7664612F
2044CD64 6D726168
2044CD68 2E796E6F
2044CD6C 0064696D
205CBAF0 6E656857
205CBAF4 646E4120
205CBAF8 73692079
205CBAFC 2074276E
205CBB00 6B636168
205CBB04 2C676E69
205CBB08 20656820
205CBB0C 706D6F63
205CBB10 7365736F
205CBB14 20746120
205CBB18 6B726542
205CBB1C 0065656C
205CAD20 00796F4A
20545760 72646E41
20545764 42207765
20545768 00686375
205459D0 6972542A
205459D4 6C6F7070
205459D8 65747465