Guilty Gear X2

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002486EB
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902486E8 0C094831
Infinite Time102B1AC0 00001770
Always Low Time (Survival Mode)202E71EC 00000000
Start On Level Modifier (Survival Mode)D02E71F8 00000001
102E71F8 0000????
Press L1+Select For Max Special Item (M.O.M.)D038601C 0000FBFE
1028696C 00000400
Infinite Health P111E6D016 000001A4
75% Health P1D1E6D016 000001A4
11E6D016 0000013B
50% Health P1D1E6D016 000001A4
11E6D016 000000D2
25% Health P1D1E6D016 000001A4
11E6D016 00000069
No Health P111E6D016 00000000
1-Hit Death P1D1E6D016 000001A4
11E6D016 00000001
Max Guard P110284AAA 00000080
No Guard P110284AAA 00000000
Max Burst P110284B68 00003A98
No Burst P110284B68 00000000
Max Combo P110284C52 000003E7
No Combo P110284C52 00000000
P1 Hit Anywhere/P2 Cant Hit P12013D9A4 00000000
2013D9AC 0291102B
2013D9B0 1440000A
2013D9B4 00000000
2013D9B8 00000000
2013D9BC 10000007
Quick Score Gain P110286938 0000FFFF
Max Score P120286938 05F5E0FF
Always Full Tension Gauge P110284A90 0000270F
10284B5C 0000270F
Always Empty Tension Gauge P110284A90 00000000
10284B5C 00000000
P1 Infinite Upward Jumps10284AF4 00000101
P1 Cant Jump Very High10284AF4 00000000
P1 Always Has Trails10284A9A 00000001
Infinite Health P211E6D11A 000001A4
75% Health P2D1E6D11A 000001A4
11E6D11A 0000013B
50% Health P2D1E6D11A 000001A4
11E6D11A 000000D2
25% Health P2D1E6D11A 000001A4
11E6D11A 00000069
No Health P211E6D11A 00000000
1-Hit Death P2D1E6D11A 000001A4
11E6D11A 00000001
Max Guard P210284B8E 00000080
No Guard P210284B8E 00000000
Max Burst P210284C4C 00003A98
No Burst P210284C4C 00000000
Max Combo P210284B6E 000003E7
No Combo P210284B6E 00000000
P2 Hit Anywhere/P1 Cant Hit P22013D9A4 00000000
2013D9AC 0234102B
2013D9B0 1440000A
2013D9B4 00000000
2013D9B8 00000000
2013D9BC 10000007
Quick Score Gain P21028693C 0000FFFF
Max Score P22028693C 05F5E0FF
Always Full Tension Gauge P210284B74 0000270F
10284C40 0000270F
Always Empty Tension Gauge P210284B74 00000000
10284C40 00000000
P2 Infinite Upward Jumps10284BD8 00000101
P2 Cant Jump Very High10284BD8 00000000
P2 Always Has Trails10284B7E 00000001
Infinite Health P1 & P22017CEB0 03E00008
2017CEB4 00000000
Hit Anywhere (Both Players)2013D9A4 00000000
2013D9B0 00000000
2013D9BC 00000000
2013D9C8 00000000