Gretzky NHL 2006

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)904B7F80 00832021
Home Score Scores 50109EE390 00000032
Home Score Scores 20109EE390 00000014
Home Score Scores 0109EE390 00000000
Home Score Starts With 50D09EE390 00000000
109EE390 00000032
Home Score Starts With 20D09EE390 00000000
109EE390 00000014
Home Score Starts With 10D09EE390 00000000
109EE390 0000000A
Home Score Starts With 5D09EE390 00000000
109EE390 00000005
Away Score Scores 50109EE394 00000032
Away Score Scores 20109EE394 00000014
Away Score Scores 0109EE394 00000000
Away Score Starts With 50D09EE394 00000000
109EE394 00000032
Away Score Starts With 20D09EE394 00000000
109EE394 00000014
Away Score Starts With 10D09EE394 00000000
109EE394 0000000A
Away Score Starts With 5D09EE394 00000000
109EE394 00000005
All Goal's Score For Home Team2027B9B8 24060000
All Goal's Score For Away Team2027B9B8 24060004
Goal's Score 101027B9C8 0000000A
Goal's Score 51027B9C8 00000005
Goal's Score 21027B9C8 00000002
P1 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A77B42 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A77B42 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P2 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A77C42 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P2 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A77C42 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P3 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A77D42 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P3 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A77D42 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P4 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A77E42 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P4 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A77E42 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P5 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A77F42 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P5 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A77F42 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P6 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A78042 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P6 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A78042 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P7 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A78142 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P7 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A78142 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
P8 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0A78242 0000FBFE
209F057C 00000000
P8 Press L2+Select For More TimeD0A78242 0000FEFE
209F057C 4495E000
Home Team Stats Codes
Max Time Of Possession109F0350 0000EA5F
No Time Of Possession109F0350 00000000
Max Offense Zone Time109F0354 0000EA5F
No Offense Zone Time109F0354 00000000
Max Scoring Chances109F0364 0000270F
No Scoring Chances109F0364 00000000
Max Passes Attempted109F0370 0000270F
No Passes Attempted109F0370 00000000
Max Passes Completed109F0374 0000270F
No Passes Completed109F0374 00000000
Away Team Stats Codes
Max Time Of Possession109F0352 0000EA5F
No Time Of Possession109F0352 00000000
Max Offense Zone Time109F0356 0000EA5F
No Offense Zone Time109F0356 00000000
Max Scoring Chances109F0366 0000270F
No Scoring Chances109F0366 00000000
Max Passes Attempted109F0372 0000270F
No Passes Attempted109F0372 00000000
Max Passes Completed109F0376 0000270F
No Passes Completed109F0376 00000000
View Challenges To Have Them Completed20229884 240500FF
2022988C 00A21024
20229890 03E00008
20229894 A0850000
Buying Unlockables Doesnt Decrease Gretzky Points2022F024 00000000
Buying Unlockables Increases Gretzky Points2022F014 00721021
Create Player Codes
Infinite Skill PointsD1044258 0000102A
1104425E 00001000
Profile 1 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E2DE4 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E2DE4 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E2CC8 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E2DD8 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 2 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E2F90 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E2F90 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E2E74 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E2F84 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 3 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E313C 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E313C 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E3020 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E3130 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 4 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E32E8 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E32E8 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E31CC 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E32DC 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 5 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E3494 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E3494 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E3378 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E3488 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 6 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E3640 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E3640 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E3524 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E3634 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 7 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E37EC 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E37EC 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E36D0 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E37E0 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 8 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E3998 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E3998 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E387C 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E398C 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 9 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E3B44 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E3B44 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E3A28 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E3B38 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Profile 10 Codes
Infinite Gretzky Points109E3CF0 0000FFFF
Max Gretzky Points209E3CF0 05F5E0FF
Have All Challenges Completed409E3BD4 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock All Unlockables409E3CE4 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000