Grand Theft Auto-Vice City (Version 1.0)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, DA, GFCC, GMO

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00122217
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90122214 0C041F54
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Health200C0220 3C0142C8
200C0224 AC410368
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C 44020000
202D2034 0C030088
Infinite Armor200C0230 3C0142C8
200C0234 AC41036C
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 46000836
202D220C 0C03008C
Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (Inside Car)20158100 00000000
20158164 00000000
Infinite Ammo-All Weapons20158874 00000000
201588CC 00000000
Quick Money Gain105C6F5C 0000FFFF
105C6F60 0000FFFF
Max Money205C6F5C 05F5E0FF
205C6F60 05F5E0FF
Have All Weapons205C6F64 00000064
Infinite Run005C6FFC 00000001
Walk & Drive Through Most Walls2013E46C 00000000
2013E488 00000000
Disable All Weapons20158CD0 03E00008
20158CD4 00000000
Pedestrians Cant Fight You2034FAD8 1040028D
Pedestrians Cant Fire Weapons2035191C 104005C0
No Damage From Collisions (All Cars)2016F690 03E00008
2016F694 00000000
Idiot AI-Civilians20196110 03E00008
20196114 00000000
Can Not Be Arrested20198D60 03E00008
20198D64 00000000
20198F30 03E00008
20198F34 00000000
Cops Get Out And Walk Away20199410 03E00008
20199414 00000000
Idiot AI-Cops20199760 03E00008
20199764 00000000
Idiot AI-Firemen2019BD00 03E00008
2019BD04 00000000
Idiot AI-Medics2019BF10 03E00008
2019BF14 00000000
Idiot AI-Medics & Firemen2019CE10 03E00008
2019CE14 00000000
Pedestrians Never Feel Threatened201C3990 03E00008
201C3994 00000000
Cars Dont Stop For Other Cars201EC0E0 03E00008
201EC0E4 00000000
Cars Dont Stop For Pedestrians201EC260 03E00008
201EC264 00000000
Infinite Time202B5140 03E00008
202B5144 00000000
Infinite Health & Armor (Everyone)2034AAA0 03E00008
2034AAA4 00000000
No Damage From Collisions2016FAF8 00000000
2016FB0C 00000000
Everyone Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)201A3D60 03E00008
201A3D64 24020001
Noone Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)201A3D60 03E00008
201A3D64 24020000
Riot Mode101C7C8C 00000008
Cars Dont Make Way For Cars With Sirens201DEE20 03E00008
201DEE24 00000000
All Law Enforcement Vehicles Cant Move201DF5C0 03E00008
201DF5C4 24020000
Emergency Vehicles Never Come201E2620 03E00008
201E2624 00000000
Pedestrians Dont Stop For Traffic Lights201F2900 03E00008
201F2904 24020000
Cars Dont Stop For Traffic Lights20212020 03E00008
20212024 24020000
Disable Sirens & Alarms Sounds1022E1FE 00001000
Disable Horn Sound1022E54A 00001000
Disable Hud202D0CF0 03E00008
202D0CF4 00000000
Invisible Sky2032A930 03E00008
2032A934 00000000
Glass Does Not Break If Shot2037B600 03E00008
2037B600 00000000
Cannot Drive Through Glass2037B7C0 03E00008
2037B7C4 00000000
Press Select For Car Modifier ( 0000001A
10275F9C 00000042
20275FB0 0C09E528
20275FB4 240400??
Cars Float On Water004B02D0 00000001
Chick Magnet004B03DC 00000001
Aggressive Traffic004B04FC 00000001
Pink Traffic004B0E48 00000000
004B0E4C 00000001
Black Traffic004B0E48 00000001
004B0E4C 00000000
Sunny Weather204B11BC 00000000
204B11C0 00000000
204B11C4 00000000
Overcast Skies Weather204B11BC 00000001
204B11C0 00000001
204B11C4 00000001
Rainy Weather204B11BC 00000002
204B11C0 00000002
204B11C4 00000002
Foggy Weather204B11BC 00000003
204B11C0 00000003
204B11C4 00000003
Normal Weather204B11BC 00000004
204B11C0 00000004
204B11C4 00000004
100x Game Speed204B0DD8 42C80000
4x Game Speed204B0DD8 40800000
2x Game Speed204B0DD8 40000000
1/2 Game Speed204B0DD8 3F000000
Space Shuttle Mode2013EA54 00000000
Cars & Helicopters Never Blow Up2015CBE0 03E00008
2015CBE4 00000000
Tires Always Generate Sparks2015E780 00000000
All Vehicles Have Firetruck Properties2016839C 00000000
All Vehicles Tank Properties1016839E 00001000
201683B4 00000000
Disable Water For Cars & Pedestrians2016D8B0 03E00008
2016D8B4 00000000
201BFAD0 03E00008
201BFAD4 00000000
Super Nitro Boost2016996C 00000000
2017E9A8 00000000
2017E8A4 00000000
All Helicopters Have Hunter Properties2016BF44 00000000
Boats & Planes Never Blow Up20174740 03E00008
20174744 00000000
No Visual Car Damage2017C420 03E00008
2017C424 00000000
Tires Never Pop2017C6B8 00000000
All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions10184B5A 00001000
All Vehicles Have Wacky Sirens101855AA 00001000
Vehicles Are Immune To Weapons (All Cars)201864F0 03E00008
201864F4 00000000
Vehicles Are Immune To Weapons (Only Your Car)201865A4 00000000
201865B8 00000000
Do Not Render Water2018D380 03E00008
2018D384 00000000
Super Jump1019E978 00004208
Mega Jump1019E978 00004308
Ultra Jump1019E978 00004408
Never Lose Your Weapons When Wasted Or Busted201B2AD0 03E00008
201B2AD4 00000000
Take No Damage From Falling From High Places201BA090 00000000
201BA144 00000000
Sniper Rockets202586DC 0C094244
Freeze Daily Time2025BE20 03E00008
2025BE24 00000000
Do Not Render Roads2029EFF0 03E00008
2029EFF4 00000000
Most Cars Are Black202AC410 03E00008
202AC414 00000000
Gangs Never Feel Threatened202EEB90 03E00008
202EEB94 00000000
Bikes Never Blow Up2038B530 03E00008
2038B534 00000000
Press Select For Motorcycle Modifier202795B0 0C0E5C74
10275F8C 0000001A
10275F9C 00000042
20275FB0 0C09E528
20275FB4 240400??
Always Have Helicopters After You Codes
None2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020000
1 Helicopter2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020001
2 Helicopters2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020002
3 Helicopters2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020003
4 Helicopters2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020004
5 Helicopters2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020005
6 Helicopters2029E230 03E00008
2029E234 24020006
Never Wanted2029E5F0 03E00008
2029E5F4 00000000
Always Wanted Level Codes
None2029E5FC 24060000
Lowest Level 12029E5FC 24060096
Lowest Level 22029E5FC 2406012C
Lowest Level 32029E5FC 24060258
Lowest Level 42029E5FC 240604B0
Lowest Level 52029E5FC 24060960
Lowest Level 62029E5FC 240612C0
Highest Level 62029E5FC 24062580
Press L1 For Mega Jump200C0000 3C01005C
200C0004 94210182
200C0008 30210400
200C000C 14200004
200C0010 3C030040
200C0014 8FA104D0
200C0018 00230821
200C001C AFA104D0
200C0020 0804BB50
200C0024 00000000
201BE694 0C030000
Press L1 For Ultra Jump200C0000 3C01005C
200C0004 94210182
200C0008 30210400
200C000C 14200004
200C0010 3C030080
200C0014 8FA104D0
200C0018 00230821
200C001C AFA104D0
200C0020 0804BB50
200C0024 00000000
201BE694 0C030000
Press L1 For Super Ultra Jump200C0000 3C01005C
200C0004 94210182
200C0008 30210400
200C000C 14200004
200C0010 3C030100
200C0014 8FA104D0
200C0018 00230821
200C001C AFA104D0
200C0020 0804BB50
200C0024 00000000
201BE694 0C030000
Stats Modifier Codes
People You've Wasted Modifier204B1390 ????????
People Wasted By Others Modifier204B1394 ????????
Road Vehicles Destroyed Modifier204B1398 ????????
Boats Destroyed Modifier204B139C ????????
Tires Popped With Gunfire Modifier204B13A0 ????????
Bullets Fired Modifier204B13A4 ????????
Planes & Helicopters Destroyed Modifier204B13A8 ????????
Criminal Rating Modifier204B13AC ????????
Max Percentage Completed204B13B0 42200000
Kgs Of Explosives Used Modifier204B13B4 ????????
Bullets That Hit Modifier204B13B8 ????????
Number Of Head Shots Modifier204B13BC ????????
Total Number Of Wanted Stars Obtained Modifier204B13C0 ????????
Total Number Of Wanted Stars Evaded Modifier204B13C4 ????????
Times Busted Modifier204B13C8 ????????
Hospital Visits Modifier204B13CC ????????
Days Passed In Game Modifier204B13D0 ????????
Safehouse Visits Modifier204B13D4 ????????
Sprayings Modifier204B13D8 ????????
Max INSANE Jump Dist. (M) Modifier204B13DC ????????
Max INSANE Jump Height (M) Modifier204B13E0 ????????
Max INSANE Jump Flips Modifier204B13E4 ????????
Max INSANE Jump Rotation Modifier204B13E8 ????????
Best INSANE Stunt So Far Modifier (00-08)204B13EC 000000??
Have All Unique Jumps Completed204B13F0 00000024
Mission Attempts Modifier204B13F8 ????????
Passenters Dropped Off Modifier204B1400 ????????
Cash Made In Taxi Modifier204B1404 ????????
Dist. Traveled On Foot (Miles) Modifier204B1408 ????????
Dist. Traveled By Car (Miles) Modifier204B140C ????????
Dist. Traveled By Bike (Miles) Modifier204B1410 ????????
Dist. Traveled By Boat (Miles) Modifier204B1414 ????????
Dist. Traveled By Golf Cart (Miles) Modifier204B1418 ????????
Dist. Traveled By Helicopter (Miles) Modifier204B141C ????????
People Saved In An Ambulance Modifier204B1424 ????????
Criminals Killed On Vigilante Mission Modifier204B1428 ????????
Total Fires Extinguished Modifier204B142C ????????
Highest Vigilante Mission Level Modifier204B1430 ????????
Highest Paramedic Mission Level Modifier204B1434 ????????
Fire Truck Mission Level Modifier204B1438 ????????
Photographs Taken Modifier204B143C ????????
Have All Rampages Passed204B1440 00000023
Flight Hours Modifier204B144C ????????
Fishes Red Modifier204B1450 ????????
Visits From Loan Sharks Modifier204B1460 ????????
Have All Stores Knocked Off204B1464 41700000
Have All Assassination Contracts Completed204B146C 40A00000
Pizza's Delivered Modifier204B1470 ????????
Garbage Pickups Made Modifier204B1474 ????????
'Ice Cream' Sold Modifier204B1478 ????????
Top Shooting Range Score Modifier204B147C ????????
Shooting Range Rank Modifier204B1480 ????????
Number Of Bloodring Kills Modifier204B1488 ????????
Longest Time In Bloodring (Secs) Modifier204B148C ????????
Longest Wheelie Time (Secs) Modifier204B1490 ????????
Longest Stoppie Time (Secs) Modifier204B1494 ????????
Longest 2 Wheels Time (Secs) Modifier204B1498 ????????
Longest Wheelie Distance (M) Modifier204B149C ????????
Longest Stoppie Distance (M) Modifier204B14A0 ????????
Longest 2 Wheels Distance (M) Modifier204B14A4 ????????
Property Budget Modifier204B14A8 ????????
Auto Repair And Painting Budget Modifier204B14AC ????????
Property Destroyed Modifier204B14B0 ????????
Highest Media Attention Modifier204B14B8 ????????
Weapon Attribute Modifier Codes
Melee Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D59A8 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D59AC ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000008)204D59B4 ????????
Brass Knuckle Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D5A0C ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5A10 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D5A18 ????????
Screw Driver Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D5A70 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5A74 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D5A7C ????????
Golf Club Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D5AD4 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5AD8 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D5AE0 ????????
Night Stick Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D5B38 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5B3C ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000015)204D5B44 ????????
Knife Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D5B9C ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5BA0 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D5BA8 ????????
Baseball Bat Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D5C00 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5C04 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D5C0C ????????
Hammer Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D5C64 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5C68 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000015)204D5C70 ????????
Cleaver Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D5CC8 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5CCC ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000018)204D5CD4 ????????
Machete Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D5D2C ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5D30 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000018)204D5D38 ????????
Katana Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D5D90 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5D94 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000001E)204D5D9C ????????
Chainsaw Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000384)204D5DF4 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5DF8 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000023)204D5E00 ????????
Grenade Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5E58 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000001)204D5E5C ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000004B)204D5E64 ????????
Detonate Grenade Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5EBC ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000001)204D5EC0 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000004B)204D5EC8 ????????
Tear Gas Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5F20 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000001)204D5F24 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000004B)204D5F2C ????????
Molotov Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5F84 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000001)204D5F88 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000004B)204D5F90 ????????
Rocket Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D5FE8 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000001)204D5FEC ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000004B)204D5FF4 ????????
Colt 45 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000D1)204D604C ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D6050 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000019)204D6058 ????????
Python Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000275)204D60B0 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D60B4 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000087)204D60BC ????????
Shotgun Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D6114 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001C2)204D6118 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000050)204D611C ????????
Spas 12 Shotgun Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D6178 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000002EE)204D617C ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000064)204D6184 ????????
Stubby Shotgun Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000FA)204D61DC ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000002EE)204D61E0 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000078)204D61E8 ????????
Tec 9 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000078)204D6240 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001F4)204D6244 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000014)204D624C ????????
Uzi Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0000003B)204D62A4 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001F4)204D62A8 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000014)204D62B0 ????????
Silenced Ingram Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0000003C)204D6308 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001F4)204D630C ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000000F)204D6314 ????????
MP5 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0000005A)204D636C ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001F4)204D6370 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000023)204D6378 ????????
M4 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000059)204D63D0 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D63D4 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000028)204D63DC ????????
Ruger Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000095)204D6434 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000003E8)204D6438 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000023)204D6440 ????????
Sniper Rifle Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000059)204D6498 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000579)204D649C ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000007D)204D64A4 ????????
Laser Scope Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 000000B4)204D64FC ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000579)204D6500 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000007D)204D6508 ????????
Rocket Launcher Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D6560 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000004B0)204D6564 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000004B)204D656C ????????
Flame Thrower Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000064)204D65C4 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D65C8 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000019)204D65D0 ????????
M60 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000078)204D6628 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 000001F4)204D662C ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000082)204D6634 ????????
Minigun Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0000001E)204D668C ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 0000015E)204D6690 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 0000008C)204D6698 ????????
Detonator Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0000012C)204D66F0 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000001)204D66F4 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000000)204D66FC ????????
Heli Cannon Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00000078)204D6754 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000064)204D6758 ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000064)204D6760 ????????
Camera Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0000012C)204D67B8 ????????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 00000579)204D67BC ????????
Damage Modifier (Default 00000000)204D67C4 ????????