Grand Theft Auto 3

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, GXP, Fiber, GMO, Fugitive, Dark-Agent, Mr. DNA, GodOfWine, Garkel, Bouncer62, rotagivaN ehT, brainlord, gta3 masta, JDoubleT123, Lil Pimp, Garkel, PumPMaster, hellion00, GTA_LIVE_TO_PLAY, Unknown, routine_error, Floydfan, The GFCC

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0011F347
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9011F344 0C04202E
Other Codes
Misc. Codes (Part 1)
Infinite Health200C0220 3C0142C8
200C0224 AC410300
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C 44020000
202D012C 0C030088
Infinite Armor200C0230 3C0142C8
200C0234 AC410304
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C 46000836
202D0328 0C03008C
Max Money20510428 05F5E0FF
2051042C 05F5E0FF
Have All Weapons00510430 00000064
Cars In Garage Modifier Codes (00-94)
Portland-Car 1006774A0 000000??
Staunton-Car 100677590 000000??
Staunton-Car 2006775B8 000000??
Staunton-Car 3006775E0 000000??
Shoreside Vale-Car 100677680 000000??
Press L3 For Car Modifier ( 00000000
005F5768 00000001
102809DC 00000024
102809EC 0000004C
2028264C 86020024
20282658 10400070
10282680 000000??
Always Have Helicopters After You Codes
None202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020000
1 Helicopter202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020001
2 Helicopters202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020002
3 Helicopters202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020003
4 Helicopters202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020004
5 Helicopters202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020005
6 Helicopters202A2870 03E00008
202A2874 24020006
Never Wanted202A2BD0 03E00008
202A2BD4 00000000
Always Wanted Codes
Never202A2BDC 24060000
Level 1202A2BDC 24060028
Level 2202A2BDC 240600C8
Level 3202A2BDC 24060190
Level 4202A2BDC 24060320
Level 5202A2BDC 24060640
Level 6202A2BDC 24060C80
Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (Inside Car)201A2FB4 00000000
201A2FD4 00000000
Infinite Ammo-All Weapons201A34E8 00000000
201A3508 00000000
Disable All Weapons201A36A0 03E00008
201A36A4 00000000
Pedestrians Cant Fight You20341368 104003CE
Pedestrians Cant Fire Weapons20343078 104002A0
All Cars Are Immune To Weapons201BF600 03E00008
201BF604 00000000
Hella Explosions201BF730 00000000
Makes Cars Bullet Proof201BF730 100000B0
Invisible Water (Use With Disable Water)201C25F0 03E00008
201C25F4 00000000
Trippin' Mode201C25F0 03E00008
201C25F4 00000000
2029EFF0 03E00008
2029EFF4 00000000
203174B0 03E00008
203174B4 00000000
Idiot AI-Civilians201C7D70 03E00008
201C7D74 00000000
Pedestrians Cant Open Car Doors201C9104 00000000
201D19BC 00000000
201D1AAC 00000000
Cops Get Out And Walk Away201C9A90 03E00008
201C9A94 00000000
Idiot AI-Cops201C9DF0 03E00008
201C9DF4 00000000
Idiot AI-Firemen201CB870 03E00008
201CB874 00000000
Idiot AI-Medics201CBA60 03E00008
201CBA64 00000000
Idiot AI-Medics & Firemen201CC920 03E00008
201CC924 00000000
Everyone Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)201D0E50 03E00008
201D0E54 24020001
Noone Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)201D0E50 03E00008
201D0E54 24020000
Invisible People201D7C30 03E00008
201D7C34 00000000
Pedestrians Never Feel Threatened201E4D00 03E00008
201E4D04 00000000
Riot Mode101E7DD0 00000008
101E7DD4 00000000
Cars Dont Make Way For Cars With Sirens201F3DE0 03E00008
201F3DE4 00000000
All Law Enforcement Vehicles Cant Move201F4410 03E00008
201F4414 24020000
Cars Dont Stop For Other Cars201FE290 03E00008
201FE294 00000000
Cars Dont Stop For Pedestrians201FE830 03E00008
201FE834 00000000
Pedestrians Dont Stop For Traffic Lights20203790 03E00008
20203794 24020000
Cars Dont Stop For Bridges202213C0 03E00008
202213C4 00000000
Cars Dont Stop For Traffic Lights202220C0 03E00008
202220C4 24020000
Disable Sirens & Alarms Sounds1023EDE2 00001000
Disable Horn Sound1023F08A 00001000
Freeze Daily Time20268860 03E00008
20268864 00000000
Disable Between-City Load Screen2027D2C0 03E00008
2027D2C4 00000000
Invisible Ground2029EFF0 03E00008
2029EFF4 00000000
No Colors On Cars (All Cars Black)202AFFD0 03E00008
202AFFD4 00000000
Futuristic Vehicles202B1DB8 00000000
Infinite Time202B88F0 03E00008
202B88F4 00000000
Disable Hud202CF5F0 03E00008
202CF5F4 00000000
Default Level Geometry202E1170 03E00008
202E1174 00000000
Gangs Never Feel Threatened202E7700 03E00008
202E7704 00000000
Invisible Sky203174B0 03E00008
203174B4 00000000
Infinite Health & Armor (Everyone)2033E690 03E00008
2033E694 00000000
Glass Does Not Break If Shot20372270 03E00008
20372274 00000000
Cannot Drive Through Glass20372450 03E00008
20372454 00000000
Misc. Codes (Part 2)
Polygon Mode (No Textures)2017249C 00000000
Abstract World (Extremely Wild Effects)2017339C 00000000
Green Light Special2017389C 00000000
Insane World2017419C 00000000
Floating Mangled People20179CD0 00000000
Up Side Down With Backward Limbs People20179CD4 00000000
Funny Runners2017AC18 00000000
On Your Side2017AC78 00000000
Slip Speed-(Warp9)2017ACC8 000028EA
Go Ahead2017ACFC 00000000
Frog Mode2017AE24 00000000
Bouncy Shocks2017B23C 00000000
Head Between My Legz2017B338 00000000
Stiff As A Rock2017B33C 00000000
Look Up In The Sky2017B34C 00000000
Heavy Car2017B370 00000000
Out Of Control Arms2017BCA8 00000000
Better Head Between Legs2017C040 00000000
Weird Running2017C880 00000000
Freaky Feet2017C928 00000000
Boxed In2017C934 00000000
Head In The Clouds2017C938 00000000
Fidgetting People2017C98C 00000000
Double Vision2017C990 00000000
HEY! Look At Me (Backward Arms)2017C994 00000000
I Can Bend All The Way Back2017C998 00000000
Retarded People2017C9A0 00000000
Weird Feet People2017C9A4 00000000
Silly People2017C9A8 00000000
Spider Mode2017C9AC 00000000
Solid Arm Between Legz Mode2017C9B0 00000000
Gremlin Mode2017C9B4 00000000
Backwards People2017C9B8 00000000
Hands Up2017C9F8 00000000
Body Mangler2017D644 00000000
Cars Tip Easily20183370 00000000
DA's Funk EFX201871D8 00000000
201872D8 00000000
201875D8 00000000
Absorbing Ground2018E29C 00000000
Walls Eat You2018F25C 00000000
Air Cushion2018F260 00000000
Walk & Drive Through Most Walls2018F264 00000000
2018F27C 00000000
Mini Launch Pads2018F35C 00000000
Space Shuttle Mode2018F854 00000000
Screwed Up Cars2018FAF4 00000000
Raining People (Around The Stadium Only)2018FB54 00000000
Spiderman Ability2018FBE4 00000000
Cops Dont Get Out201A5EB8 00000000
Cars Will Never Explode201A67E0 03E00008
201A67E4 00000000
All Cars Chrome Or White201A8CE8 00000000
Faster Cars201AF704 00000000
Warp Speed201AF704 00000000
201BD504 00000000
201BD604 00000000
Your Car Is Slow201AF724 00000000
Psycho Day201AF730 00000000
Psy Powers Lite201AF730 00008756
Instant Speed201AF738 00010000
Slick Roads201AF738 24050000
Teleporting UFO Cars201AF740 000028EA
All Cars Stopped201AF744 00000000
Bad Handling201AF7E8 00000000
Infinite Car Burn201B145C 00000000
Disable Water For Cars (Boats Work)201B1A70 03E00008
201B1A74 00000000
Levitating Car201B239C 00000000
No Car Damage From Collisions (All Cars)201B32A0 03E00008
201B32A4 00000000
No Car Damage From Collisions (Your Car Only)201B3558 00000000
201B3568 00000000
Vehicles Are Immune To Weapons (All Cars)201BF600 03E00008
201BF604 00000000
Vehicles Are Immune To Weapons (Only Your Car)201BF64C 00000000
201BF65C 00000000
Cars Really Sensitive201B4340 0000001A
Black Smokies201B4398 00000000
Semi-Monster Truck Suspension201B6E24 00000000
Custom Suspension (Lowrider Style)201B6E24 00000000
201BD6B4 00000000
201BD728 00000000
Back To The Future201B6E28 00000000
Rocky Shocks201B6E34 00000000
Wheels Fall Off Some Cars When You Touch A Car201B6E44 00000000
Cars Underground Dissapear When You Touch Some Of Them201B6E54 00000000
Freaky Wheels201B6E9C 00000000
Cars In The Ground201B6EE4 00000000
Cars In The Ground 2201B6EF4 00000000
Cars In The Ground 3201B6F34 00000000
Weird Wheels201B6F54 00000000
Awesome Cars201B738C 00000000
201B758C 00000000
Doors On Cars Open Cool201B758C 00000000
Boats Will Never Explode201B84D0 03E00008
201B84D4 00000000
Smoking Rides201BC160 00000000
Smoking Rides 2201BC164 00000000
Rapid Opening & Shutting Doors/Hoods/Trunks201BC954 00000000
Automatic Rotating Doors/Hoods/Trunks201BC964 00000000
201BC9B4 00000000
Rotating Doors/Hoods/Trunks201BC9B4 00000000
Stiff Doors/Hoods/Trunks201BC9F4 00000000
Disable Water For Cars/Player/No Boats201BD1F4 00000000
Rock'n Rides201BD6B4 00000000
Extreme Turning201BD57C 00000000
Hot Rides201BD6E4 00000000
Lowrider Suspension201BD714 00000000
Lower Front End Suspension (Front End Scrapes The Ground)201BD728 00000000
Weak Rockets201BF50C 00000000
Power Bombs201BF514 00000000
Rocket Rides201BF514 00000000
201BF730 00000000
Makes Cars Semi-Bullet Proof (Bot EP Or FP)201BF728 00000000
Autodrive When Shot201BF770 00000000
Misc. Codes (Part 3)
Infinite Run20510492 00000064
Unlock All Cars201BC4E4 00000000
Can Not Be Arrested201C9410 03E00008
201C9410 00000000
201C95C0 03E00008
201C95C4 00000000
Tons Of Rampage Time10416E3E 000000FF
One Kill Needed To Complete Rampage00416E38 00000001
HeadShot Needed In Rampage00416E58 00000001
HeadShot Not Needed In Rampage00416E58 00000000
Pedestrians Shut Up202286B0 03E00008
202286B4 00000000
P1 Press R1+L3 For Normal CameraD0508DC2 0000F7FD
20416388 00000000
P1 Press X+Square For Bad CameraD0508DC2 00003FFF
20416388 00000004
P1 Press O+Triangle For Backseat CameraD0508DC2 0000CFFF
20416388 00000013
P1 Press L3+X For Backseat Camera 2D0508DC2 0000BFFD
20416388 00000014
P1 Press L3+Circle For Rotating CameraD0508DC2 0000DFFD
20416388 00000015
Walkman202F6BD8 1000003C
Everything Proof Garage Cars006774BC 0000000F
006775AC 0000000F
006775D4 0000000F
0067769C 0000000F
006776C4 0000000F
006776EC 0000000F
Sniper Rockets20267A48 0C09702C
Portland Base Color Modifier006774C0 000000??
Portland Other Color Modifier006774C1 000000??
Staunton Base Color Modifier006775B0 000000??
006775D8 000000??
Staunton Other Color Modifier006775B1 000000??
006775D9 000000??
Shoreside Base Color Modifier006776A0 000000??
006776C8 000000??
006776F0 000000??
Shoreside Other Color Modifier006776A1 000000??
006776C9 000000??
006776F1 000000??
Taxi Light Always On00415DD4 00000001
Activate Wheels Only Cheat00415E44 00000001
Activate All Cars Fly Cheat00415E48 00000001
Activate Great Handling Cheat00415E4C 00000001
Gore Code Always On00415EB0 00000001
No Pedestrians At All00415EE8 000000EB
No Traffic In Streets00415F3C 00000063
No Traffic Or Parked Cars00415F48 00000063
People You've Wasted Modifier20416E60 ????????
People Wasted By Others Modifier20416E64 ????????
Cars Exploded Modifier20416E68 ????????
Helicopters Destroyed Modifier20416E70 ????????
100% Complete10416E74 000002FF
Kgs Of Explosives Used Modifier20416E7C ????????
100% Accuracy20416E80 00000064
20416E84 00000064
Cars Crushed Modifier20416E88 ????????
Times Busted Modifier20416E90 ????????
Hospital Visits Modifier20416E94 ????????
Days Passed In Game Modifier20416E98 ????????
Mm Rain Fallen Modifier20416E9C ????????
Max. INSANE Jump Dist. (Ft) Modifier20416EA0 ????????
Max. INSANE Jump Height (Ft) Modifier20416EA4 ????????
Max. INSANE Jump Flips Modifier20416EA8 ????????
Max. INSANE Jump Rotation Modifier20416EAC ????????
Insane Stunt Modifier00416EB0 000000??
All 20 Unique Jumps Completed00416EB4 00000014
Mission Attempts Modifier20416EBC ????????
All 73 Missions Passed00416EC0 00000049
Taxi Passengers Dropped Off Modifier20416EC4 ????????
Money Earned In Taxi Modifier20416EC8 ????????
Best Turismo Time In Secs Modifier20416ECC ????????
Dist. Traveled On Foot (Miles) Modifier20416ED0 ????????
Dist. Traveled By Car (Miles) Modifier20416ED4 ????????
Patriot Playground In Secs Modifier20416ED8 ????????
A Ride In The Park In Secs Modifier20416EDC ????????
Gripped! In Secs Modifier20416EE0 ????????
Multistorey Mayhem In Secs Modifier20416EE4 ????????
People Saved In Ambulance Missioni Modifier20416EE8 ????????
Criminals Killed On Vigilante Mission Modifier20416EEC ????????
Highest Paramedic Mission Level Modifier20416EF0 ????????
Total Fires Extinguished Modifier20416EF4 ????????
Longest Fight In Dodo Modifier20416EF8 ????????
Best Time For Bomb Defusal Modifier20416EFC ????????
All 20 Rampages Passed00416F00 00000014
Free Bombs00416F8C 00000001
Free Resprays00416F90 00000001
Helicopters Are Disabled00417014 00000003
Turn On The Helicopter00417020 00000001
Weapon Attributes Modifier Codes
Unarmed Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 02EE)1043F778 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 012C)1043F77C 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0008)1043F784 0000????
Baseball Bat Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 02EE)1043F7CC 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 012C)1043F7D0 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0015)1043F7D8 0000????
Handgun Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00FA)1043F820 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 015E)1043F824 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 000C)1043F828 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0019)1043F82C 0000????
Uzi Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00FA)1043F874 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 01F4)1043F878 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 0019)1043F87C 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0014)1043F880 0000????
Shotgun Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 00FA)1043F8C8 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 02EE)1043F8CC 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 03E8)1043F8D0 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0064)1043F8D4 0000????
AK-47 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0001)1043F91C 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 03E8)1043F920 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 001E)1043F924 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0013)1043F928 0000????
M-16 Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0001)1043F970 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 03E8)1043F974 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 003C)1043F978 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0034)1043F97C 0000????
Sniper Rifle Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 01F4)1043F9C4 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 0579)1043F9C8 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 0001)1043F9CC 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 007D)1043F9D0 0000????
Rocket Launcher Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0064)1043FA18 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 04B0)1043FA1C 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 0001)1043FA20 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 004B)1043FA24 0000????
Flame Thrower Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0064)1043FA6C 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 0064)1043FA70 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 01F4)1043FA74 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 0019)1043FA78 0000????
Molotov Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0064)1043FAC0 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 0001)1043FAC4 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 0001)1043FAC8 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 004B)1043FACC 0000????
Grenade Codes
Firing Rate Modifier (Default 0064)1043FB14 0000????
Reload Time Modifier (Default 0001)1043FB18 0000????
Amount Of Ammunition Modifier (Default 0001)1043FB1C 0000????
Damage Modifier (Default 004B)1043FB20 0000????