Goldeneye-Rogue Agent

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9057683C 0C14DC95
Disable FMV20552F88 24020001
Infinite Health200C0220 3C0142C8
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 AC410000
201B5520 08030088
Infinite Armor200C0230 3C0142C8
200C0234 03E00008
200C0238 AC410004
201B5648 0803008C
Infinite Ammo201AF018 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo201AF010 240303E7
Extra Ammo201AF010 02361823
Idiot AI2022B720 03E00008
2022B724 00000000
Infinite Mechanical Juice201CF740 00000000
Enemies Cant Move201656F0 03E00008
201656F4 00000000
Enemies Move Very Slowly2059C09C 3E000000
Invisible Weapons2059C2C4 00000000
P1 Press L1+Up For Game Speed x1/8E002FBEF 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C013E00
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press L1+Right For Game Speed x1/4E002FBDF 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C013E80
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press L1+Down For Game Speed x1/2E002FBBF 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C013F00
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press L1+Left For Game Speed NormalE002FB7F 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C013F80
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press R1+Up For Game Speed x2E002F7EF 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C014000
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press R1+Right For Game Speed x4E002F7DF 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C014080
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press R1+Down For Game Speed x8E002F7BF 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C014100
202EA5E0 44810800
P1 Press R1+Left For Game Speed x16E002F77F 0076E202
202EA5DC 3C014180
202EA5E0 44810800
Never Reload/Infinite Grenades202A8100 00000000
Limb Shot Multiplier x22059C434 40000000
Limb Shot Multiplier x42059C434 40800000
Limb Shot Multiplier x82059C434 41000000
Limb Shot Multiplier x162059C434 41800000
Limb Shot Multiplier x322059C434 42000000
Limb Shot Multiplier x502059C434 42480000
Limb Shot Multiplier x1002059C434 42C80000
Limb Shot Multiplier x10002059C434 447A0000
Limb Shot Multiplier xMax2059C434 4CBEBC20
Head Shot Multiplier x22059C438 40000000
Head Shot Multiplier x42059C438 40800000
Head Shot Multiplier x82059C438 41000000
Head Shot Multiplier x162059C438 41800000
Head Shot Multiplier x322059C438 42000000
Head Shot Multiplier x502059C438 42480000
Head Shot Multiplier x1002059C438 42C80000
Head Shot Multiplier x10002059C438 447A0000
Head Shot Multiplier xMax2059C438 4CBEBC20
Body Shot Multiplier x22059C43C 40000000
Body Shot Multiplier x42059C43C 40800000
Body Shot Multiplier x82059C43C 41000000
Body Shot Multiplier x162059C43C 41800000
Body Shot Multiplier x322059C43C 42000000
Body Shot Multiplier x502059C43C 42480000
Body Shot Multiplier x1002059C43C 42C80000
Body Shot Multiplier x10002059C43C 447A0000
Body Shot Multiplier xMax2059C43C 4CBEBC20
Unlock All Missions20100044 FFFFFFFF
Have Unlocked Content Codes
Fort Knox Art Pack 100100FEC 00000002
Fort Knox Art Pack 200100FED 00000002
Auric Art Pack 100100FEE 00000002
Auric Art Pack 200100FEF 00000002
Hong Kong Art Pack 100100FF0 00000002
Hong Kong Art Pack 200100FF1 00000002
Midas Casino Art Pack 100100FF2 00000002
Midas Casino Art Pack 200100FF3 00000002
Hoover Dam Art Pack 100100FF4 00000002
Hoover Dam Art Pack 200100FF5 00000002
Octopus Art Pack 100100FF6 00000002
Octopus Art Pack 200100FF7 00000002
Crab Key Art Pack 100100FF8 00000002
Crab Key Art Pack 200100FF9 00000002
Volcano Lair Art Pack 100100FFA 00000002
Volcano Lair Art Pack 200100FFB 00000002
All Unlocked Content40100FEC 00040001
02020202 00000000
Stats Codes
Max Rogue Bonuses20100EF8 4CBEBC20
No Rogue Bonuses20100EF8 00000000
Max Your Accuracy20100EFC 00000064
No Your Accuracy20100EFC 00000000
Max Accuracy Bonus20100F04 05F5E0FF
No Accuracy Bonus20100F04 00000000
Max Difficulty Bonus20100F08 05F5E0FF
No Difficulty Bonus20100F08 00000000
Quick Score Gain10100F0C 0000FFFF
Max Total Score20100F0C 05F5E0FF
Eliminations Codes
Max Overall10100E92 0000270F
No Overall10100E92 00000000
Max AR4 Commando10100D78 0000270F
No AR4 Commando10100D78 00000000
Max Jackal .35710100D88 0000270F
No Jackal .35710100D88 00000000
Max Mk2 Detonator10100D98 0000270F
No Mk2 Detonator10100D98 00000000
Max Type-S Frag10100DA8 0000270F
No Type-S Frag10100DA8 00000000
Max Predator MG10100DB8 0000270F
No Predator MG10100DB8 00000000
Max Omen XR10100DC8 0000270F
No Omen XR10100DC8 00000000
Max Tesla EM10100DD8 0000270F
No Tesla EM10100DD8 00000000
Max HS-9010100DE8 0000270F
No HS-9010100DE8 00000000
Max Harpoon RL10100DF8 0000270F
No Harpoon RL10100DF8 00000000
Max Mag-Rail10100E08 0000270F
No Mag-Rail10100E08 00000000
Max Longbow SR10100E18 0000270F
No Longbow SR10100E18 00000000
Max Mamba 12g10100E28 0000270F
No Mamba 12g10100E28 00000000
Max Venom 200ml10100E38 0000270F
No Venom 200ml10100E38 00000000
Max Spec 910100E48 0000270F
No Spec 910100E48 00000000
Rogue Bonuses Codes
Max Perfect Shots10100E70 0000270F
No Perfect Shots10100E70 00000000
Max Machine Traps10100E72 0000270F
No Machine Traps10100E72 00000000
Max Melee Throws10100E74 0000270F
No Melee Throws10100E74 00000000
Max Hostages10100E76 0000270F
No Hostages10100E76 00000000
Max Intimidations10100E78 0000270F
No Intimidations10100E78 00000000
Max Knockouts10100E7A 0000270F
No Knockouts10100E7A 00000000
Max In Transit10100E7C 0000270F
No In Transit10100E7C 00000000
Max Explosions10100E7E 0000270F
No Explosions10100E7E 00000000
Max Shield Bash10100E82 0000270F
No Shield Bash10100E82 00000000
Max Magnetic Field10100E84 0000270F
No Magnetic Field10100E84 00000000
Max Cheap Shots10100E86 0000270F
No Cheap Shots10100E86 00000000
Max Hack10100E88 0000270F
No Hack10100E88 00000000