Golden Compass, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)9033D838 0C0CF5B6
Freeze Timer (Timed Events/Battles)202CCCC0 46180801
Infinite HP (Lyra)2027737C 08028006
20277380 00000000
200A0018 C6C303CC
200A001C E6C303C8
200A0020 C6C003CC
200A0024 0809DCE0
200A0028 E6C303C8
Bear Codes
Infinite HP20277684 C6D703CC
20277688 E6D703C8
Quick Max Rage Claws202A63F8 24020009
Max Infinite Rage Claws202775D0 08028000
202775D4 00000000
200A0000 34020009
200A0004 AE021304
200A000C 8E021544
200A0010 0809DD75
200A0014 00021283
Quick Max Sky Armor202A5F04 244203E8
Infinite Sky Armor202A6604 00000000
Max Infinite Sky Armor202A6600 240203E8