Godfather-The Game, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)904D2D18 00832021
Infinite Health201EF19C C654104C
201EF1A4 E6541048
Infinite Ammo20156C4C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo20156C44 240203E7
Extra Ammo20156C44 00461021
Never Reload201582C4 00000000
Never Reload With Max Clip Size201582BC 24020063
Max Skill Points200C0200 3C014CBE
200C0204 3421BC20
200C0208 44816000
200C020C 080B6856
200C0210 AD410008
202CC294 0C030080
Buying Upgrades Doesnt Decrease Skill Points20290754 24110000
Buying Upgrades Increases Skill Points20290754 2411FFFF
Rap Sheet Codes
Activation Code (Must Be On)200C0000 3C03005C
200C0004 8C630740
200C0008 1060001B
200C0078 03E00008
200C007C 00000000
204D2D5C 08030000
Max Wealth200C000C 3C0105F5
200C0010 3421E0FF
200C0014 AC61001C
No Wealth200C0010 24010000
200C0014 AC61001C
Max Total Income200C0018 3C0105F5
200C001C 3421E0FF
200C0020 AC610020
No Total Income200C001C 24010000
200C0020 AC610020
Max Total Spent200C0024 3C0105F5
200C0028 3421E0FF
200C002C AC610024
No Total Spent200C0024 3C0105F5
200C0028 24010000
200C002C AC610024
Max Tributes Paid200C0030 3C0105F5
200C0034 3421E0FF
200C0038 AC610028
No Tributes Paid200C0034 24010000
200C0038 AC610028
Max Extortion Income200C003C 3C0105F5
200C0040 3421E0FF
200C0044 AC61002C
No Extortion Income200C0040 24010000
200C0044 AC61002C
Max Racket Income200C0048 3C0105F5
200C004C 3421E0FF
200C0050 AC610030
No Racket Income200C004C 24010000
200C0050 AC610030
Advanced Game Variable Codes
Activation Code (Must Be On)200C0100 3C04000F
200C0104 24060000
200C0108 8C810000
200C010C 14250002
200C0110 8C810004
200C0114 AC410008
200C0118 24C60001
200C011C 2CC10032
200C0120 1420FFF9
200C0124 24840008
200C0128 080A3EF0
200C012C C4400008
2028FBBC 08030040
Max Respect Level200F0000 C96BA6EB
200F0004 42480000
Max Skill Points200F0008 48EA4531
200F000C 4CBEBC20
Max Fighting Level200F0010 01F24959
200F0014 41200000
Max Shooting Level200F0018 57B16748
200F001C 41200000
Max Health Level200F0020 D5FC1905
200F0024 41200000
Max Speed Level200F0028 6C62528C
200F002C 41200000
Max Street Smarts Level200F0030 D878E3E4
200F0034 41200000
Collectables Codes
Crack All Safes200F0038 AAFB4DC0
200F003C 42C80000
Crack No Safes200F0038 AAFB4DC0
200F003C 00000000
Own All Safehouses200F0040 4E6A0986
200F0044 41C00000
Own No Safehouses200F0040 4E6A0986
200F0044 00000000
Have All Execution Styles200F0048 6C6F8186
200F004C 41B00000
Have No Execution Styles200F0048 6C6F8186
200F004C 00000000
Have All Film Feels (Bonus)200F0050 D1515D40
200F0054 42C80000
Have No Film Feels (Bonus)200F0050 D1515D40
200F0054 00000000
Public Records Codes
Max Jail Visits200F0058 156A04C2
200F005C 4CBEBC20
No Jail Visits200F0058 156A04C2
200F005C 00000000
Max Hospital Visits200F0060 CC2F81AF
200F0064 4CBEBC20
No Hospital Visits200F0060 CC2F81AF
200F0064 00000000
Suspected Crimes Codes
Max Arson Cases200F0068 BEE8A0F7
200F006C 4CBEBC20
No Arson Cases200F0068 BEE8A0F7
200F006C 00000000
Max Murder Cases200F0070 00666F0A
200F0074 4CBEBC20
No Murder Cases200F0070 00666F0A
200F0074 00000000
Max Stolen Vehicles200F0078 810002DF
200F007C 4CBEBC20
No Stolen Vehicles200F0078 810002DF
200F007C 00000000
Have All Fronts Seized200F0080 7A8C3257
200F0084 42600000
Have No Fronts Seized200F0080 7A8C3257
200F0084 00000000
Have All Warehouses Seized200F0088 0FA16771
200F008C 41000000
Have No Warehouses Seized200F0088 0FA16771
200F008C 00000000
Have All Hubs Seized200F0090 596BA003
200F0094 40800000
Have No Hubs Seized200F0090 596BA003
200F0094 00000000
Have All Compounds Taken200F0098 B2B37350
200F009C 40800000
Have No Compounds Taken200F0098 B2B37350
200F009C 00000000
Max Mob Wars Started200F00A0 CB92BE2A
200F00A4 4CBEBC20
No Mob Wars Started200F00A0 CB92BE2A
200F00A4 00000000
Max Mob Wars Won200F00A8 A85CBD2C
200F00AC 4CBEBC20
No Mob Wars Won200F00A8 A85CBD2C
200F00AC 00000000
Max Mob Wars Lost200F00B0 256529F5
200F00B4 4CBEBC20
No Mob Wars Lost200F00B0 256529F5
200F00B4 00000000