God Of War II

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Skiller, Floydfan

Enable Code (Must Be On)902B7B60 0C0B1AB3
P1 Press Select To Skip FMVD032F45C 0000FFFE
202AC060 24020001
D032F45C 0010FFFE
202AC060 8C620000
Infinite Health20213760 C440017C
20213768 E4400178
Always Low Total Play Time202D86E8 00000000
Max Red Orbs2071C3BC 000F423F
Infinite Magic Usage20216514 00000000
Infinite Double Jumps2022662C 00000000
Have All Magic/Moves20335834 FFFFFFFF
Infinite Magic20335840 43480000
P1 Press L1+Right To Refill Rage Of The Gods MeterD032F45C 0000FBDF
20335848 42C80000
Have All Gorgon Eyes00335876 00000012
Have All Phoenix Feathers00335877 00000012
Have All Cyclops Eyes0033587C 00000014
P1 Press R2+Right To Enable Enemies Die InstantlyD032F45C 0000FDDF
2036B5C0 00000000
P1 Press R2+Left To Disable Enemies Die InstantlyD032F45C 0000FD7F
2036B5C0 0000003C
Max Combo Hits2036B0F4 0000270F
Have Power-Up Codes
Poseidon's Rage70335834 00000001
Cronos' Rage70335834 00000002
Typhon's Bane70335834 00000004
Atlas Quake70335834 00000020
Spear Of Destiny70335835 00000020
Barbarian Hammer70335835 00000040
Head Of Euryale70335835 00000080
Blade Of Olympus70335836 00000001
Have Moves Codes
Relic-Golden Fleece70335834 00000010
Magic-Atlas Quake70335834 00000020
Relic-Icarus Wings70335834 00000040
Relic-Rage Of The Titans70335835 00000002
Relic-Amulet Of The Fates70335835 00000004
Have Urns Of Power Codes
Urn Of Gaia70335836 00000004
Urn Of Gorgons70335836 00000008
Urn Of Olympus70335836 00000010
Urn Of Prometheus70335836 00000020
Urn Of The Fates70335836 00000040
Urn Of Poseidon70335836 00000080
All Urns70335836 000000FC
Max Power-Up Level Codes
Athena's Blade2071C3E4 00000004
Atlas Quake2071C3E8 00000002
Poseidon's Rage2071C3F0 00000002
Head Of Euryale2071C3F4 00000002
Typhon's Bane2071C3F8 00000002
Spear Of Destiny2071C3FC 00000004
Barbarian Hammer2071C400 00000002
Game Speed Modifier Codes
P1 Press L1+Up For Ultra Hyper SpeedD032F45C 0000FBEF
202D80BC 40800000
P1 Press L1+Right For Hyper SpeedD032F45C 0000FBDF
202D80BC 40000000
P1 Press L1+Down For Normal SpeedD032F45C 0000FBBF
202D80BC 3F000000
P1 Press L1+Left For Slow Motion SpeedD032F45C 0000FB7F
202D80BC 3F000000