God Hand

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90397D48 00832021
Infinite Life202C3554 84410548
202C355C A441054A
Max Gold205686F0 000F423F
Max Lv 11056875C 0000270F
Max Lv 21056875E 0000270F
Max Lv 310568760 0000270F
Max Lv 410568764 0000270F
Infinite Roulette Orbs20568778 01010101
Have All Roulette20568800 FFFFFFFF
Max Tension Gauge205CB000 43480000
Infinite Tension Gauge205CB004 43480000
Always Max Difficulty Level Mete105686EC 00001400
Always Low Difficulty Level Meter105686EC 00000000
Always Low Play Time2061A990 00000000
Have All Techniques202C912C 34420007
202C9130 AC62000C