Getaway, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0030E6BF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9030E6BC 0C0C4639
Idiot AI2015D644 00000000
Infinite Ammo201751C0 00000000
Enemies Dont Shoot20178E70 03E00008
20178E74 00000000
Never Reload201AD938 00000000
201AD9D0 00000000
Infinite Health2018E4CC 3C0140C0
2018E4DC AE010360
Immune To Bullets201ACBA0 03E00008
201ACBA4 00000000
Unlock Extra Features20392708 00000002
Drive Thru Cars202EA530 00000000
Drive Thru Telephone Polls/Stop Lights/Lamp Posts202F4814 00000000
Walk Thru Walls101CE69E 00001000
101D0D9E 00001000
Drive Thru Walls101C15B6 00001000
Walk & Drive Thru Walls001C60E4 00000000
Load Game To Access All Levels103932B2 00000018
Civilians Turn Into Cops On Foot00104EB4 00000002
Civilians Turn Into Cops In Cars00104EB4 00000003
Civilians Turn Into Nurses00104EB4 00000004
Civilians Turn Into Pure Generics00104EB4 00000005
Cops On Foot Turn Into Civilians00104F24 00000001
Cops On Foot Turn Into Cops In Cars00104F24 00000003
Cops On Foot Turn Into Nurses00104F24 00000004
Cops On Foot Turn Into Pure Generics00104F24 00000005
Cops In Cars Turn Into Civilians00104EF0 00000001
Cops In Cars Turn Into Cops On Foot00104EF0 00000002
Cops In Cars Turn Into Nurses00104EF0 00000004
Cops In Cars Turn Into Pure Generics00104EF0 00000005
Nurses Turn Into Civilians00104ED4 00000001
Nurses Turn Into Cops On Foot00104ED4 00000002
Nurses Turn Into Cops In Cars00104ED4 00000003
Nurses Turn Into Pure Generics00104ED4 00000005
Pure Generics Turn Into Civilians00104F14 00000001
Pure Generics Turn Into Cops On Foot00104F14 00000002
Pure Generics Turn Into Cops In Cars00104F14 00000003
Pure Generics Turn Into Nurses00104F14 00000004
Load Game For Level Modifier1039270C 000000??
Faster Characters203741F8 42000000
Ultra Fast Characters203741F8 41C00000
Hella Ultra Fast Characters203741F8 42C80000
Super Slow Characters203741F8 3F000000
Character Movement Toggle Codes
Faster Characters ToggleD03DCD42 0000FBFE
203741F8 42000000
D03DCD42 0000FEFE
203741F8 42700000
Ultra Fast Characters ToggleD03DCD42 0000F7FE
203741F8 41C00000
D03DCD42 0000FDFE
203741F8 42700000
Ultra Fast Characters ToggleD03DCD42 0000FFEE
203741F8 41400000
D03DCD42 0000FFBE
203741F8 42700000
Super Slow Characters ToggleD03DCD42 0000FF7E
203741F8 42C80000
D03DCD42 0000FFDE
203741F8 42700000