Gauntlet-Seven Sorrows

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90129E3C 0C04C036
Infinite Health200C0220 3C0143FE
200C0224 AC610180
200C0228 080DD690
200C022C C4600180
20375A3C 08030088
Infinite Magic200C0230 3C013F80
200C0234 AC610064
200C0238 080DD69B
200C023C C4600064
20375A68 0803008C
Infinite Magic Usage202045C8 00000000
Infinite Lives201E05D8 00000000
Max Infinite Lives201E05D4 24030063
Extra Lives101E05D4 00000001
Quick Max Hit Combo Gain103E76FC 00000064
Super Quick Max Hit Combo Gain103E76FC 000003E8
Ultra Quick Max Hit Combo Gain103E76FC 00002710
Activate Cheat Codes
Invincible Always On1020A4FE 00001000
P1 Press L2+Up To Enable InvincibilityD050C042 0000FEEF
1020A4FE 00001000
P1 Press L2+Down To Disable InvincibilityD050C042 0000FEBF
1020A4FE 00001000
Always Disable HUD10374D3E 00001000
P1 Press L1+Up To Disable HUDD050C042 0000FBEF
10374D3E 00001000
P1 Press L1+Down To Enable HUDD050C042 0000FBBF
10374D3E 00001060
Idiot AI Always On207A3838 00000001
P1 Press L1+Right To Enable Idiot AID050C042 0000FBDF
207A3838 00000001
P1 Press L1+Left To Enable Idiot AID050C042 0000FB7F
207A3838 00000000
Purchase Stat Codes
Points Dont Decrease When Purchasing Stats203EBA88 00000000
203EBB08 00000000
203EBB90 00000000
Points Increase When Purchasing Stats103EBA80 00000001
103EBB00 00000001
103EBB88 00000001
Max Damage200C0240 0804CB56
200C0244 AE0701F0
20377170 0C030090
Max Mana Regen200C0248 0804CB56
200C024C AE0701F8
20377194 0C030092
Max Health200C0250 0804CB56
200C0254 AE0701F4
203771B8 0C030094
Max Points To Spend200C0258 0804CB56
200C025C AE07020C
203771E0 2407270F
203771F0 0C030096
Purchase New Attack Codes
View Attack To Own It20377480 2401FFFF
10377486 00001000
20377488 AC410008
Gold Dont Decrease When Purchasing Attacks203EBE10 00000000
Gold Increases When Purchasing Attacks203EBE08 46140000
Max Gold200C0260 3C0147C3
200C0264 34214F80
200C0268 0804CB56
200C026C AE010314
20377380 0C030098