Fullmetal Alchemist-And The Broken Angel

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)901169E4 0C046FEC
Character Codes
Alphonse Elric Codes
Level 99102CDA64 00000063
Infinite HP102CDA66 000003E7
Max HP102CDA68 000003E7
Max ATK102CDA6A 000003E7
Max DEF102CDA6C 000003E7
Max ALC102CDA6E 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CDA70 00000001
Have ALC Up102CDA70 00000002
Have DEF Up102CDA70 00000004
Have AGL Up102CDA70 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CDA70 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CDA72 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CDA74 000003E7
Max EXP202CDA78 000F423F
Character 3 Codes
Level 99102CDC60 00000063
Infinite HP102CDC62 000003E7
Max HP102CDC64 000003E7
Max ATK102CDC66 000003E7
Max DEF102CDC68 000003E7
Max ALC102CDC6A 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CDC6C 00000001
Have ALC Up102CDC6C 00000002
Have DEF Up102CDC6C 00000004
Have AGL Up102CDC6C 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CDC6C 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CDC6E 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CDC70 000003E7
Max EXP202CDC74 000F423F
Character 4 Codes
Level 99102CDE5C 00000063
Infinite HP102CDE5E 000003E7
Max HP102CDE60 000003E7
Max ATK102CDE62 000003E7
Max DEF102CDE64 000003E7
Max ALC102CDE66 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CDE68 00000001
Have ALC Up102CDE68 00000002
Have DEF Up102CDE68 00000004
Have AGL Up102CDE68 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CDE68 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CDE6A 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CDE6C 000003E7
Max EXP202CDE70 000F423F
Character 5 Codes
Level 99102CE058 00000063
Infinite HP102CE05A 000003E7
Max HP102CE05C 000003E7
Max ATK102CE05E 000003E7
Max DEF102CE060 000003E7
Max ALC102CE062 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CE064 00000001
Have ALC Up102CE064 00000002
Have DEF Up102CE064 00000004
Have AGL Up102CE064 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CE064 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CE066 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CE068 000003E7
Max EXP202CE06C 000F423F
Character 6 Codes
Level 99102CE254 00000063
Infinite HP102CE256 000003E7
Max HP102CE258 000003E7
Max ATK102CE25A 000003E7
Max DEF102CE25C 000003E7
Max ALC102CE25E 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CE260 00000001
Have ALC Up102CE260 00000002
Have DEF Up102CE260 00000004
Have AGL Up102CE260 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CE260 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CE262 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CE264 000003E7
Max EXP202CE268 000F423F
Character 7 Codes
Level 99102CE450 00000063
Infinite HP102CE452 000003E7
Max HP102CE454 000003E7
Max ATK102CE456 000003E7
Max DEF102CE458 000003E7
Max ALC102CE45A 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CE45C 00000001
Have ALC Up102CE45C 00000002
Have DEF Up102CE45C 00000004
Have AGL Up102CE45C 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CE45C 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CE45E 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CE460 000003E7
Max EXP202CE464 000F423F
Character 8 Codes
Level 99102CE64C 00000063
Infinite HP102CE64E 000003E7
Max HP102CE650 000003E7
Max ATK102CE652 000003E7
Max DEF102CE654 000003E7
Max ALC102CE656 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CE658 00000001
Have ALC Up102CE658 00000002
Have DEF Up102CE658 00000004
Have AGL Up102CE658 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CE658 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CE65A 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CE65C 000003E7
Max EXP202CE660 000F423F
Character 9 Codes
Level 99102CE848 00000063
Infinite HP102CE84A 000003E7
Max HP102CE84C 000003E7
Max ATK102CE84E 000003E7
Max DEF102CE850 000003E7
Max ALC102CE852 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CE854 00000001
Have ALC Up102CE854 00000002
Have DEF Up102CE854 00000004
Have AGL Up102CE854 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CE854 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CE856 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CE858 000003E7
Max EXP202CE85C 000F423F
Character 10 Codes
Level 99102CEA44 00000063
Infinite HP102CEA46 000003E7
Max HP102CEA48 000003E7
Max ATK102CEA4A 000003E7
Max DEF102CEA4C 000003E7
Max ALC102CEA4E 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CEA50 00000001
Have ALC Up102CEA50 00000002
Have DEF Up102CEA50 00000004
Have AGL Up102CEA50 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CEA50 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CEA52 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CEA54 000003E7
Max EXP202CEA58 000F423F
Character 11 Codes
Level 99102CEC40 00000063
Infinite HP102CEC42 000003E7
Max HP102CEC44 000003E7
Max ATK102CEC46 000003E7
Max DEF102CEC48 000003E7
Max ALC102CEC4A 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CEC4C 00000001
Have ALC Up102CEC4C 00000002
Have DEF Up102CEC4C 00000004
Have AGL Up102CEC4C 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CEC4C 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CEC4E 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CEC50 000003E7
Max EXP202CEC54 000F423F
Edward Elric Codes
Level 99102CD868 00000063
Infinite HP102CD86A 000003E7
Max HP102CD86C 000003E7
Max ATK102CD86E 000003E7
Max DEF102CD870 000003E7
Max ALC102CD872 000003E7
Have ATK Up102CD874 00000001
Have ALC Up102CD874 00000002
Have DEF Up102CD874 00000004
Have AGL Up102CD874 00000008
Have ATK/ALC/DEF/AGL Up102CD874 00000010
Infinite Bonus Points102CD876 000003E7
Max Bonus Points102CD878 000003E7
Max EXP202CD87C 000F423F
Other Codes
Have Accessory Codes
Lead Ring-Slot 1202CD914 00010009
Silver Ring-Slot 2202CD918 0001000A
Gold Ring-Slot 3202CD91C 0001000B
Fullmetal Ring-Slot 4202CD920 0001000C
Lead Bangle-Slot 5202CD924 0001000F
Silver Bangle-Slot 6202CD928 00010010
Gold Bangle-Slot 7202CD92C 00010011
Fullmetal Bangle-Slot 8202CD930 00010012
Lead Plate-Slot 9202CD934 00010015
Silver Plate-Slot 10202CD938 00010016
Gold Plate-Slot 11202CD93C 00010017
Fullmetal Plate-Slot 12202CD940 00010018
Lead Earrings-Slot 13202CD944 0001001B
Silver Earrings-Slot 14202CD948 0001001C
Gold Earrings-Slot 15202CD94C 0001001D
Fullmetal Earrings-Slot 16202CD950 0001001E
Double-Edged Ring-Slot 17202CD954 00010021
Double-Edged Bangle-Slot 18202CD958 00010022
Double-Edged Armor-Slot 19202CD95C 00010023
Double-Edged Earrings-Slot 20202CD960 00010024
Moon Medal-Slot 21202CD964 00010027
Sun Medal-Slot 22202CD968 00010028
Armlet Of Accuracy-Slot 23202CD96C 0001002B
Armlet Of Strength-Slot 24202CD970 0001002C
Armlet Of Prowess-Slot 25202CD974 0001002D
Armlet Of Penetration-Slot 26202CD978 0001002E
Armlet Of Absorption-Slot 27202CD97C 0001002F
Armlet Of Consecution-Slot 28202CD980 00010030
Armlet Of Debilitation-Slot 29202CD984 00010031
Steel Armor-Slot 30202CD988 00010034
Bulletproof Vest-Slot 31202CD98C 00010035
Alchemy Armor-Slot 32202CD990 00010036
Alchemic Crystal-Slot 33202CD994 00010039
Tall Boots-Slot 34202CD998 0001003A
Glass Samurai-Slot 35202CD99C 0001003B
Grindstone-Slot 36202CD9A0 0001003E
Demon Fist-Slot 37202CD9A4 0001003F
Red Loincloth-Slot 38202CD9A8 00010040
White Loincloth-Slot 39202CD9AC 00010041
Ripped Loincloth-Slot 40202CD9B0 00010042
Bond Of Brotherhood-Slot 41202CD9B4 00010045
Cologne-Slot 42202CD9B8 00010046
Cloak-Slot 43202CD9BC 00010047
Amulet-Slot 44202CD9C0 00010048
Lucky Bag-Slot 45202CD9C4 00010049
Training Manual-Slot 46202CD9C8 0001004A
Brawling Guide-Slot 47202CD9CC 0001004D
Alchemy Guide-Slot 48202CD9D0 0001004E
Combo Guide-Slot 49202CD9D4 0001004F
Ultra Combo Guide-Slot 50202CD9D8 00010050
Flurry Guide-Slot 51202CD9DC 00010051
Have Item Codes
Elixir (S)-Slot 1002CD898 00000001
Elixir (M)-Slot 2002CD89B 00000002
Elixir (L)-Slot 3002CD89E 00000003
Elixir (X)-Slot 4002CD8A1 00000004
Doubalixir (S)-Slot 5002CD8A4 00000006
Doubalixir (M)-Slot 6002CD8A7 00000007
Doubalixir (S)-Slot 7002CD8AA 00000008
Doubalixir (S)-Slot 8002CD8AD 00000009
Waker-Upper-Slot 9002CD8B0 0000000B
Relax-Herb-Slot 10002CD8B3 0000000D
Detox-Herb-Slot 11002CD8B6 0000000E
Equip-Herb-Slot 12002CD8BB 0000000F
ALC-Herb-Slot 13002CD8BC 00000010
ATK-Caps-Slot 14002CD8BF 00000013
ALC-Caps-Slot 15002CD8C2 00000014
DEF-Caps-Slot 16002CD8C5 00000015
AGL-Caps-Slot 17002CD8C8 00000016
Magic-Caps-Slot 18002CD8CB 00000017
Frenzy Potion-Slot 19002CD8CE 00000018
Special Potion-Slot 20002CD8D1 00000019
Growth Seed-Slot 21002CD8D4 0000001A
Reloader (Wood)-Slot 22002CD8D7 0000001C
Reloader (Metal)-Slot 23002CD8DA 0000001D
Fire Element-Slot 24002CD8DD 00000020
Wind Element-Slot 25002CD8E0 00000021
Lightning-Slot 26002CD8E3 00000022
Max Item Codes
Slot 1002CD899 00000063
Slot 2002CD89C 00000063
Slot 3002CD89F 00000063
Slot 4002CD8A2 00000063
Slot 5002CD8A5 00000063
Slot 6002CD8A8 00000063
Slot 7002CD8AB 00000063
Slot 8002CD8AE 00000063
Slot 9002CD8B1 00000063
Slot 10002CD8B4 00000063
Slot 11002CD8B7 00000063
Slot 12002CD8BA 00000063
Slot 13002CD8BD 00000063
Slot 14002CD8C0 00000063
Slot 15002CD8C3 00000063
Slot 16002CD8C6 00000063
Slot 17002CD8C9 00000063
Slot 18002CD8CC 00000063
Slot 19002CD8CF 00000063
Slot 20002CD8D2 00000063
Slot 21002CD8D5 00000063
Slot 22002CD8D8 00000063
Slot 23002CD8DB 00000063
Slot 24002CD8DE 00000063
Slot 25002CD8E1 00000063
Slot 26002CD8E4 00000063
Slot 27002CD8E7 00000063
Slot 28002CD8EA 00000063
Slot 29002CD8ED 00000063
Slot 30002CD8F0 00000063
Slot 31002CD8F3 00000063
Slot 32002CD8F6 00000063
Slot 33002CD8F9 00000063
Slot 34002CD8FC 00000063
Slot 35002CD8FF 00000063
Slot 36002CD902 00000063
Slot 37002CD905 00000063
Slot 38002CD908 00000063
Slot 39002CD90B 00000063
Slot 40002CD90E 00000063
Misc. Codes
Infinite HP (In-Battle)200C0220 240503E7
200C0224 0804DBC4
200C0228 AE85037C
2012DE04 0C030088
Infinite Frenzy Gauge102CEE40 00000064
Always Frenzy Mode002CEE42 00000003
Infinite Ammo201F3A9C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo201F3A98 240503E7
Extra Ammo101F3A98 00000001