Finny The Fish & The Seven Waters

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90168364 0C08D6A8
Infinite Life200C0220 8E0115E4
200C0224 0807DD04
200C0228 AE0115EC
20190710 0C030088
Infinite Tummy200C0230 8E0115E8
200C0234 0807B8D8
200C0238 AE0115F0
20190728 0C03008C
Have All Green Scales207D25B4 FFFFFFFF
Have All Yellow Scales207D25B8 FFFFFFFF
Have All Blue Scales207D25BC FFFFFFFF
Have All Red Scales207D25C0 FFFFFFFF
Have All White Scales207D25C4 000003FF
Max Driftline Crab Eaten207D25E0 000003E7
No Driftline Crab Eaten207D25E0 00000000
Max Fire Bell Newt Eaten207D25E4 000003E7
Max Fire Bell Newt Eaten207D25E4 00000000
Max Silver Crucian Carp Eaten207D264C 000003E7
No Silver Crucian Carp Eaten207D264C 00000000
Max Water Beetle Eaten207D2674 000003E7
No Water Beetle Eaten207D2674 00000000
Max Shiokara Dragonfly Eaten207D268C 000003E7
No Shiokara Dragonfly Eaten207D268C 00000000
Max Spotted Sunfish Eaten207D26AC 000003E7
No Spotted Sunfish Eaten207D26AC 00000000
Max Black-Spotted Pond Frog Eaten207D26CC 000003E7
No Black-Spotted Pond Frog Eaten207D26CC 00000000
Max Nigoro-buna Eaten207D26E4 000003E7
No Nigoro-buna Eaten207D26E4 00000000
Max Japanese Crawfish Eaten207D26EC 000003E7
No Japanese Crawfish Eaten207D26EC 00000000
Max Hiratetenagaebi Eaten207D2704 000003E7
No Hiratetenagaebi Eaten207D2704 00000000
Max Bitterling Eaten207D2708 000003E7
No Bitterling Eaten207D2708 00000000
Max Siberian Stone Loach Eaten207D2714 000003E7
No Siberian Stone Loach Eaten207D2714 00000000
Max Honmoroko Eaten207D2738 000003E7
No Honmoroko Eaten207D2738 00000000
Max Topmouth Gudgeon Eaten207D2764 000003E7
No Topmouth Gudgeon Eaten207D2764 00000000
Max Amur Goby Eaten207D276C 000003E7
No Amur Goby Eaten207D276C 00000000
Max Northern Snakehead Eaten207D2770 000003E7
No Northern Snakehead Eaten207D2770 00000000
Max Pond Smelt Eaten207D2780 000003E7
No Pond Smelt Eaten207D2780 00000000