Finding Nemo

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0027D37F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9027D37C 0C0A3D15
Quick Score Gain1043493C 0000FFFF
Max Score2043493C 05F5E0FF
Infinite Health00434940 00000001
Invincible20441A04 42C80000
Unlock Level Codes
Field Trip00438CB6 000000FF
The Drop Off00438CC2 000000FF
Mask Chase00438CCE 000000FF
Catch Dory00438CDA 000000FF
Minefield00438CE6 000000FF
Submarine00438CF2 000000FF
Hide And Seek00438CFE 000000FF
Mask Search00438D0A 000000FF
Anglerish Chase00438D16 000000FF
Mount Wannahockaloogie00438D22 000000FF
Jellyfish Race00438D2E 000000FF
Training With Gill00438D3A 000000FF
East Australian Current00438D46 000000FF
The Plan00438D52 000000FF
Whale Chase00438D5E 000000FF
Treatment Plant00438D6A 000000FF
Fishing Net Rescue00438D76 000000FF
Max Score Codes
Going To School20438CA4 05F5E0FF
Field Trip20438CB0 05F5E0FF
The Drop Off20438CBC 05F5E0FF
Mask Chase20438CC8 05F5E0FF
Catch Dory20438CD4 05F5E0FF
Minefield20438CE0 05F5E0FF
Submarine20438CEC 05F5E0FF
Hide And Seek20438CF8 05F5E0FF
Mask Search20438D04 05F5E0FF
Anglerish Chase20438D10 05F5E0FF
Mount Wannahockaloogie20438D1C 05F5E0FF
Jellyfish Race20438D28 05F5E0FF
Training With Gill20438D34 05F5E0FF
East Australian Current20438D40 05F5E0FF
The Plan20438D4C 05F5E0FF
Whale Chase20438D58 05F5E0FF
Treatment Plant20438D64 05F5E0FF
Fishing Net Rescue20438D70 05F5E0FF
Have Level Completed Codes
Going To School10438CA8 0000FFFF
10438D80 0000FFFF
Field Trip10438CB4 0000FFFF
10438D8C 0000FFFF
The Drop Off10438CC0 0000FFFF
10438D98 0000FFFF
Mask Chase10438CCC 0000FFFF
10438DA4 0000FFFF
Catch Dory10438CD8 0000FFFF
10438DB0 0000FFFF
Minefield10438CE4 0000FFFF
10438DBC 0000FFFF
Submarine10438CF0 0000FFFF
10438DC8 0000FFFF
Hide And Seek10438CFC 0000FFFF
10438DD4 0000FFFF
Mask Search10438D08 0000FFFF
10438DE0 0000FFFF
Anglerish Chase10438D14 0000FFFF
10438DEC 0000FFFF
Mount Wannahockaloogie10438D20 0000FFFF
10438DF8 0000FFFF
Jellyfish Race10438D2C 0000FFFF
10438E04 0000FFFF
Training With Gill10438D38 0000FFFF
10438E10 0000FFFF
East Australian Current10438D44 0000FFFF
10438E1C 0000FFFF
The Plan10438D50 0000FFFF
10438E28 0000FFFF
Whale Chase10438D5C 0000FFFF
10438E34 0000FFFF
Treatment Plant10438D68 0000FFFF
10438E40 0000FFFF
Fishing Net Rescue10438D74 0000FFFF
10438E4C 0000FFFF