Final Fight-Streetwise

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012F260 0C049F78
Infinite Health/Instinct/Money20151100 00000000
Quick Max Respect20151308 3406270F
Tension Earned Worth 5000020155238 3406C350
Tension Earned Worth 2500020155238 340661A8
Tension Earned Worth 1000020155238 34062710
Tension Earned Worth 100020155238 340603E8
Tension Earned Worth 50020155238 340601F4
Enemies Defeated Worth 502015524C 34060032
Enemies Defeated Worth 202015524C 34060014
Enemies Defeated Worth 102015524C 3406000A
Enemies Defeated Worth 52015524C 34060005
Enemies Defeated Worth 22015524C 34060002
Money Picked Up Worth 50000201650D8 3406C350
Money Picked Up Worth 25000201650D8 340661A8
Money Picked Up Worth 10000201650D8 34062710
Money Picked Up Worth 1000201650D8 340603E8
Money Picked Up Worth 500201650D8 340601F4
Money Gained From Enemies Worth 500002022DB00 3406C350
Money Gained From Enemies Worth 250002022DB00 340661A8
Money Gained From Enemies Worth 100002022DB00 34062710
Money Gained From Enemies Worth 10002022DB00 340603E8
Money Gained From Enemies Worth 5002022DB00 340601F4
Camera Always Reverse20311AB0 00000001
Camera Always Normal20311AB0 00000000
Vibration Always On20311ACC 00000001
Vibration Always Off20311ACC 00000000
Mono Mode Always On20311C70 00000001
Mono Mode Always Off20311C70 00000000
Unlock Bonus Codes
Original Final Fight20311B58 00000001
Fear Factory--Archetype20311B74 00000001
Shadows Falls--What Drives The Weak20311B90 00000001
Shadows Fall--Inspiration On Demand20311BAC 00000001
Unlock Haggar20311BE4 00000001
Unlock Guy20311C00 00000001
Activate Cheat Codes
Auto Parry20391410 00000001
1-Hit Kills20391418 00000001
God Mode2039141C 00000001
Poly Debug20391420 00000001
Weapon Debug Mode20391424 00000001
No Damage For CPU Characters20391428 00000001
Instinct Auto Add2039142C 00000001
Final Attack Slow Motion20391430 00000001
Give Player All Moves20391434 00000001
Always Counter Attack20391438 00000001
Infinite Instinct20391440 00000001
Max Respect20391444 0000270F
Infinite Cash10391448 0000FFFF
Max Cash20391448 05F5E0FF
Quick Tension Gain1039144C 0000FFFF
Max Tension Earned2039144C 05F5E0FF
Original Final Fight Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)901EE850 0C04A0C4
Infinite Time00A12D6E 00000099
Infinite Health P110A13240 00000090
Infinite Lives P100A132A9 0000000A
Quick Score Gain P110A132AE 00009999
Max Score P120A132AC 99999909
Infinite Health P110A13330 00000090
Infinite Lives P200A13369 0000000A
Quick Score Gain P210A1336E 00009999
Max Score P220A1336C 99999909
Quick High Score Gain10A12D62 00009999
Max High Score20A12D60 99999909