Final Fantasy XII

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9045C190 0C117A69
21780C20 03E00008
21780C24 24020001
Character Codes
Character 2 Codes
Max Strength2054A2DC 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054A2E0 42C80000
Max Vitality2054A2E4 42C80000
Max Speed2054A2E8 42C80000
Max HP2054A2F0 0000270F
Max MP1054A2F4 000003E7
Infinite HP2054A314 0000270F
Infinite MP1054A318 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054A458 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054A458 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054A45C 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054A460 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054A48D 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054A308 002000FE
Never Stone7054A308 002000FD
Never Petrify7054A308 002000FB
Never Stop7054A308 002000F7
Never Sleep7054A308 002000EF
Never Confuse7054A308 002000DF
Never Doom7054A308 002000BF
Never Blind7054A308 0020007F
Never Poison7054A309 002000FE
Never Silence7054A309 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054A309 002000FB
Never Oil7054A309 002000F7
Never Reverse7054A309 002000EF
Never Disable7054A309 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054A309 002000BF
Never Slow7054A309 0020007F
Never Disease7054A30A 002000FE
Always Lure7054A30A 00000002
Always Protect7054A30A 00000004
Always Shell7054A30A 00000008
Always Haste7054A30A 00000010
Always Bravery7054A30A 00000020
Always Faith7054A30A 00000040
Always Reflect7054A30A 00000080
Always Invisible7054A30B 00000001
Always HP Regen7054A30B 00000002
Always Float7054A30B 00000004
Always Berserk7054A30B 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054A30B 00000010
Never HP Critical7054A30B 002000DF
Always Libra7054A30B 00000040
Never X-Zone7054A30B 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054A308 00000000
Always Best Status2054A308 7FFE0000
Character 3 Codes
Max Strength2054A4A0 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054A4A4 42C80000
Max Vitality2054A4A8 42C80000
Max Speed2054A4AC 42C80000
Max HP2054A4B4 0000270F
Max MP1054A4B8 000003E7
Infinite HP2054A4D8 0000270F
Infinite MP1054A4DC 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054A61C 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054A61C 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054A620 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054A624 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054A651 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054A4CC 002000FE
Never Stone7054A4CC 002000FD
Never Petrify7054A4CC 002000FB
Never Stop7054A4CC 002000F7
Never Sleep7054A4CC 002000EF
Never Confuse7054A4CC 002000DF
Never Doom7054A4CC 002000BF
Never Blind7054A4CC 0020007F
Never Poison7054A4CD 002000FE
Never Silence7054A4CD 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054A4CD 002000FB
Never Oil7054A4CD 002000F7
Never Reverse7054A4CD 002000EF
Never Disable7054A4CD 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054A4CD 002000BF
Never Slow7054A4CD 0020007F
Never Disease7054A4CE 002000FE
Always Lure7054A4CE 00000002
Always Protect7054A4CE 00000004
Always Shell7054A4CE 00000008
Always Haste7054A4CE 00000010
Always Bravery7054A4CE 00000020
Always Faith7054A4CE 00000040
Always Reflect7054A4CE 00000080
Always Invisible7054A4CF 00000001
Always HP Regen7054A4CF 00000002
Always Float7054A4CF 00000004
Always Berserk7054A4CF 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054A4CF 00000010
Never HP Critical7054A4CF 002000DF
Always Libra7054A4CF 00000040
Never X-Zone7054A4CF 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054A4CC 00000000
Always Best Status2054A4CC 7FFE0000
Character 4 Codes
Max Strength2054A664 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054A668 42C80000
Max Vitality2054A66C 42C80000
Max Speed2054A670 42C80000
Max HP2054A678 0000270F
Max MP1054A67C 000003E7
Infinite HP2054A69C 0000270F
Infinite MP1054A6A0 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054A7E0 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054A7E0 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054A7E4 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054A7E8 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054A815 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054A690 002000FE
Never Stone7054A690 002000FD
Never Petrify7054A690 002000FB
Never Stop7054A690 002000F7
Never Sleep7054A690 002000EF
Never Confuse7054A690 002000DF
Never Doom7054A690 002000BF
Never Blind7054A690 0020007F
Never Poison7054A691 002000FE
Never Silence7054A691 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054A691 002000FB
Never Oil7054A691 002000F7
Never Reverse7054A691 002000EF
Never Disable7054A691 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054A691 002000BF
Never Slow7054A691 0020007F
Never Disease7054A692 002000FE
Always Lure7054A692 00000002
Always Protect7054A692 00000004
Always Shell7054A692 00000008
Always Haste7054A692 00000010
Always Bravery7054A692 00000020
Always Faith7054A692 00000040
Always Reflect7054A692 00000080
Always Invisible7054A693 00000001
Always HP Regen7054A693 00000002
Always Float7054A693 00000004
Always Berserk7054A693 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054A693 00000010
Never HP Critical7054A693 002000DF
Always Libra7054A693 00000040
Never X-Zone7054A693 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054A690 00000000
Always Best Status2054A690 7FFE0000
Character 5 Codes
Max Strength2054A828 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054A82C 42C80000
Max Vitality2054A830 42C80000
Max Speed2054A834 42C80000
Max HP2054A83C 0000270F
Max MP1054A840 000003E7
Infinite HP2054A860 0000270F
Infinite MP1054A864 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054A9A4 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054A9A4 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054A9A8 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054A9AC 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054A9D9 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054A854 002000FE
Never Stone7054A854 002000FD
Never Petrify7054A854 002000FB
Never Stop7054A854 002000F7
Never Sleep7054A854 002000EF
Never Confuse7054A854 002000DF
Never Doom7054A854 002000BF
Never Blind7054A854 0020007F
Never Poison7054A855 002000FE
Never Silence7054A855 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054A855 002000FB
Never Oil7054A855 002000F7
Never Reverse7054A855 002000EF
Never Disable7054A855 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054A855 002000BF
Never Slow7054A855 0020007F
Never Disease7054A856 002000FE
Always Lure7054A856 00000002
Always Protect7054A856 00000004
Always Shell7054A856 00000008
Always Haste7054A856 00000010
Always Bravery7054A856 00000020
Always Faith7054A856 00000040
Always Reflect7054A856 00000080
Always Invisible7054A857 00000001
Always HP Regen7054A857 00000002
Always Float7054A857 00000004
Always Berserk7054A857 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054A857 00000010
Never HP Critical7054A857 002000DF
Always Libra7054A857 00000040
Never X-Zone7054A857 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054A854 00000000
Always Best Status2054A854 7FFE0000
Character 6 Codes
Max Strength2054A9EC 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054A9F0 42C80000
Max Vitality2054A9F4 42C80000
Max Speed2054A9F8 42C80000
Max HP2054AA00 0000270F
Max MP1054AA04 000003E7
Infinite HP2054AA24 0000270F
Infinite MP1054AA28 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054AB68 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054AB68 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054AB6C 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054AB70 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054AB9D 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054AA18 002000FE
Never Stone7054AA18 002000FD
Never Petrify7054AA18 002000FB
Never Stop7054AA18 002000F7
Never Sleep7054AA18 002000EF
Never Confuse7054AA18 002000DF
Never Doom7054AA18 002000BF
Never Blind7054AA18 0020007F
Never Poison7054AA19 002000FE
Never Silence7054AA19 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054AA19 002000FB
Never Oil7054AA19 002000F7
Never Reverse7054AA19 002000EF
Never Disable7054AA19 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054AA19 002000BF
Never Slow7054AA19 0020007F
Never Disease7054AA1A 002000FE
Always Lure7054AA1A 00000002
Always Protect7054AA1A 00000004
Always Shell7054AA1A 00000008
Always Haste7054AA1A 00000010
Always Bravery7054AA1A 00000020
Always Faith7054AA1A 00000040
Always Reflect7054AA1A 00000080
Always Invisible7054AA1B 00000001
Always HP Regen7054AA1B 00000002
Always Float7054AA1B 00000004
Always Berserk7054AA1B 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054AA1B 00000010
Never HP Critical7054AA1B 002000DF
Always Libra7054AA1B 00000040
Never X-Zone7054AA1B 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054AA18 00000000
Always Best Status2054AA18 7FFE0000
Character 7 Codes
Max Strength2054ABB0 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054ABB4 42C80000
Max Vitality2054ABB8 42C80000
Max Speed2054ABBC 42C80000
Max HP2054ABC4 0000270F
Max MP1054ABC8 000003E7
Infinite HP2054ABE8 0000270F
Infinite MP1054ABEC 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054AD2C 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054AD2C 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054AD30 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054AD34 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054AD61 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054ABDC 002000FE
Never Stone7054ABDC 002000FD
Never Petrify7054ABDC 002000FB
Never Stop7054ABDC 002000F7
Never Sleep7054ABDC 002000EF
Never Confuse7054ABDC 002000DF
Never Doom7054ABDC 002000BF
Never Blind7054ABDC 0020007F
Never Poison7054ABDD 002000FE
Never Silence7054ABDD 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054ABDD 002000FB
Never Oil7054ABDD 002000F7
Never Reverse7054ABDD 002000EF
Never Disable7054ABDD 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054ABDD 002000BF
Never Slow7054ABDD 0020007F
Never Disease7054ABDE 002000FE
Always Lure7054ABDE 00000002
Always Protect7054ABDE 00000004
Always Shell7054ABDE 00000008
Always Haste7054ABDE 00000010
Always Bravery7054ABDE 00000020
Always Faith7054ABDE 00000040
Always Reflect7054ABDE 00000080
Always Invisible7054ABDF 00000001
Always HP Regen7054ABDF 00000002
Always Float7054ABDF 00000004
Always Berserk7054ABDF 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054ABDF 00000010
Never HP Critical7054ABDF 002000DF
Always Libra7054ABDF 00000040
Never X-Zone7054ABDF 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054ABDC 00000000
Always Best Status2054ABDC 7FFE0000
Character 8 Codes
Max Strength2054AD74 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054AD78 42C80000
Max Vitality2054AD7C 42C80000
Max Speed2054AD80 42C80000
Max HP2054AD88 0000270F
Max MP1054AD8C 000003E7
Infinite HP2054ADAC 0000270F
Infinite MP1054ADB0 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054AEF0 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054AEF0 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054AEF4 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054AEF8 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054AF25 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054ADA0 002000FE
Never Stone7054ADA0 002000FD
Never Petrify7054ADA0 002000FB
Never Stop7054ADA0 002000F7
Never Sleep7054ADA0 002000EF
Never Confuse7054ADA0 002000DF
Never Doom7054ADA0 002000BF
Never Blind7054ADA0 0020007F
Never Poison7054ADA1 002000FE
Never Silence7054ADA1 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054ADA1 002000FB
Never Oil7054ADA1 002000F7
Never Reverse7054ADA1 002000EF
Never Disable7054ADA1 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054ADA1 002000BF
Never Slow7054ADA1 0020007F
Never Disease7054ADA2 002000FE
Always Lure7054ADA2 00000002
Always Protect7054ADA2 00000004
Always Shell7054ADA2 00000008
Always Haste7054ADA2 00000010
Always Bravery7054ADA2 00000020
Always Faith7054ADA2 00000040
Always Reflect7054ADA2 00000080
Always Invisible7054ADA3 00000001
Always HP Regen7054ADA3 00000002
Always Float7054ADA3 00000004
Always Berserk7054ADA3 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054ADA3 00000010
Never HP Critical7054ADA3 002000DF
Always Libra7054ADA3 00000040
Never X-Zone7054ADA3 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054ADA0 00000000
Always Best Status2054ADA0 7FFE0000
Character 9 Codes
Max Strength2054AF38 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054AF3C 42C80000
Max Vitality2054AF40 42C80000
Max Speed2054AF44 42C80000
Max HP2054AF4C 0000270F
Max MP1054AF50 000003E7
Infinite HP2054AF70 0000270F
Infinite MP1054AF74 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054B0B4 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054B0B4 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054B0B8 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054B0BC 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054B0E9 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054AF64 002000FE
Never Stone7054AF64 002000FD
Never Petrify7054AF64 002000FB
Never Stop7054AF64 002000F7
Never Sleep7054AF64 002000EF
Never Confuse7054AF64 002000DF
Never Doom7054AF64 002000BF
Never Blind7054AF64 0020007F
Never Poison7054AF65 002000FE
Never Silence7054AF65 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054AF65 002000FB
Never Oil7054AF65 002000F7
Never Reverse7054AF65 002000EF
Never Disable7054AF65 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054AF65 002000BF
Never Slow7054AF65 0020007F
Never Disease7054AF66 002000FE
Always Lure7054AF66 00000002
Always Protect7054AF66 00000004
Always Shell7054AF66 00000008
Always Haste7054AF66 00000010
Always Bravery7054AF66 00000020
Always Faith7054AF66 00000040
Always Reflect7054AF66 00000080
Always Invisible7054AF67 00000001
Always HP Regen7054AF67 00000002
Always Float7054AF67 00000004
Always Berserk7054AF67 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054AF67 00000010
Never HP Critical7054AF67 002000DF
Always Libra7054AF67 00000040
Never X-Zone7054AF67 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054AF64 00000000
Always Best Status2054AF64 7FFE0000
Vaan Codes
Max Strength2054A118 42C80000
Max Magick Power2054A11C 42C80000
Max Vitality2054A120 42C80000
Max Speed2054A124 42C80000
Max HP2054A12C 0000270F
Max MP1054A130 000003E7
Infinite HP2054A150 0000270F
Infinite MP1054A154 000003E7
Quick Exp Gain1054A294 0000FFFF
Max Exp2054A294 05F5E0FF
Max LP2054A298 0001869F
Have All Licenses4054A29C 000A0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Level 990054A2C9 00000063
Status Ailment Codes
Never KO7054A144 002000FE
Never Stone7054A144 002000FD
Never Petrify7054A144 002000FB
Never Stop7054A144 002000F7
Never Sleep7054A144 002000EF
Never Confuse7054A144 002000DF
Never Doom7054A144 002000BF
Never Blind7054A144 0020007F
Never Poison7054A145 002000FE
Never Silence7054A145 002000FD
Never HP Sap7054A145 002000FB
Never Oil7054A145 002000F7
Never Reverse7054A145 002000EF
Never Disable7054A145 002000DF
Never Immobilize7054A145 002000BF
Never Slow7054A145 0020007F
Never Disease7054A146 002000FE
Always Lure7054A146 00000002
Always Protect7054A146 00000004
Always Shell7054A146 00000008
Always Haste7054A146 00000010
Always Bravery7054A146 00000020
Always Faith7054A146 00000040
Always Reflect7054A146 00000080
Always Invisible7054A147 00000001
Always HP Regen7054A147 00000002
Always Float7054A147 00000004
Always Berserk7054A147 00000008
Always HPx2 Bubble7054A147 00000010
Never HP Critical7054A147 002000DF
Always Libra7054A147 00000040
Never X-Zone7054A147 0020007F
Always Normal Status2054A144 00000000
Always Best Status2054A144 7FFE0000
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Gil10547F08 0000FFFF
Max Gil20547F08 05F5E0FF
Always Low Game Time20547F10 00000000
Max Walking Distance2054FB2C 05F5E0FF
Have All Spells4054EF70 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Infinity HP2030C108 00000000
2030C110 AE620048
Max Infinite HP2030C108 2402270F
2030C10C AE620024
2030C110 AE620048
Infinity MP2030C154 00000000
2030C170 86620028
2030C174 A662004C
2030C180 AE020028
Always Full Action Gauge2030C6C4 AEB5070C
2030C6C8 AE150030
Max LP Gained (After Battle)202EC6BC 00000000
Max Exp Gained (After Battle)202EC698 00000000
Enemies Drop More Items202EC810 00000000
203162A8 00000000
203162F0 109E0004
20316314 109E0004
Max Chocobo Time203018D0 3C01461C
Quick Max LP (With License)203157CC 00000000
Max Chain Level Up2031604C 244203E7
Quick Max Walking Distance20317B94 00000000
Quick Max Gil20323D18 03E00008
20323D1C 0080102D
Max Enemy Damage203C6510 80990005
203C6514 13200004
203C65DC 17200003
203C7300 80990005
203C7304 13200004
203C73CC 17200003
P1 Press L3 To Have All SummonsE008FFFD 0056BADC
1054EFE2 00007FFC
1054A29E 00007FFC
1054A462 00007FFC
1054A626 00007FFC
1054A7EA 00007FFC
1054A9AE 00007FFC
1054AB72 00007FFC
1054AD36 00007FFC
Speed Modifier Codes
P1 press R3 For Normal SpeedD056BADC 0000FFFB
1025C7E8 000042D7
P1 Press R3+R1 For Fast SpeedD056BADC 0000F7FB
1025C7E8 0000424B
P1 Press R3+L1 For Super Fast SpeedD056BADC 0000FBFB
1025C7E8 000041F7