Fantastic 4

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Enable Code (Must Be On)90269E14 0C09CEF5
Infinite Energy2017EF18 24500000
2017EF1C A602000E
2017EF20 44822000
2017EF2C 00000000
Upgrades Are Free2012EC70 AC400000
2012EC74 24020001
Using Upgrade Points Doesnt Decrease Upgrade Points201B5EA0 00000000
201B5EA4 00000000
Use Upgrade Points For Max Upgrade Points201B5E94 3C0205F5
201B5E98 3442E0FF
Using Upgrade Points Doesnt Increases Upgrade Points201B5E98 00521023
Infinite Upgrade Points10320324 0000FFFF
Max Upgrade Points20320324 05F5E0FF
Unlock All Levels20320328 0000000A
All Characters Codes
Have All Upgrades Available For Purchase403201B8 00040008
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Max Supers Available403201C0 00040008
00000063 00000000
Max Cosmic Power403201D0 00040008
00000B54 00000000
Infinite Lives201B3C30 00000000
Extra Lives101B3C2C 00000001
Infinite Cosmic Power Bars418A07F0 00040024
03E803E8 00000000
Infinite Supers Available018A0862 00000063
3-Hit Combos Count As 25101FCEC4 00000019
3-Hit Combos Count As 10101FCEC4 0000000A
3-Hit Combos Count As 5101FCEC4 00000005
3-Hit Combos Count As 2101FCEC4 00000002
4-Hit Combos Count As 25101FCED4 00000019
4-Hit Combos Count As 10101FCED4 0000000A
4-Hit Combos Count As 5101FCED4 00000005
4-Hit Combos Count As 2101FCED4 00000002
Level Completion Stats Codes
Always Low Time219FECB0 00000000
Max Total Defeated219FECB8 0000270F
No Total Defeated219FECB8 00000000
Max Lives Lost219FECBC 0000270F
No Lives Lost219FECBC 00000000
Max Supers Used219FECC0 0000270F
No Supers Used219FECC0 00000000
Max Objects Destroyed219FECC4 0000270F
No Objects Destroyed219FECC4 00000000
Max 3-Hit Combos Landed219FECD0 0000270F
No 3-Hit Combos Landed219FECD0 00000000
Max 4-Hit Combos Landed219FECD4 0000270F
No 4-Hit Combos Landed219FECD4 00000000
Reed Codes
Infinite Cosmic Power218A07F0 03E803E8
Infinite Lives018A0861 00000064
Have All Upgrades Available For Purchase203201B8 FFFFFFFF
Max Supers Available203201C0 00000063
Max Health203201CC 000019A7
Max Cosmic Power203201D0 00000B54
Max Upgrade Codes
Foot Slam003267A7 00000001
Hearth Punch003267A8 00000001
Mallet003267A9 00000001
Rubber Band003267AA 00000001
Bludgeoner003267AB 00000001
Jackhammer003267AC 00000001
Stretch Punch003267AD 00000002
Spinning Fists003267AE 00000002
Spider Mines003267AF 00000002
Sue Codes
Infinite Cosmic Power218A0880 03E803E8
Infinite Lives018A08F1 00000064
Have All Upgrades Available For Purchase203201D8 FFFFFFFF
Max Supers Available203201E0 00000063
Max Health203201EC 00001EDC
Max Cosmic Power203201F0 00000B54
Max Upgrade Codes
Flip Kick00326795 00000001
Freeze00326796 00000001
Air Strike00326797 00000001
Silent Roar00326798 00000001
Wishbone00326799 00000001
Whiplash0032679A 00000001
Force Blind0032679B 00000002
Force Burst0032679C 00000002
Force Wall0032679D 00000002
Johnny Codes
Infinite Cosmic Power218A0910 03E803E8
Infinite Lives018A0981 00000064
Have All Upgrades Available For Purchase203201F8 FFFFFFFF
Max Supers Available20320200 00000063
Max Health2032020C 000026AC
Max Cosmic Power20320210 00000B54
Max Upgrade Codes
Burn003267B0 00000001
Charred003267B1 00000001
Back Draft003267B2 00000001
Fire Bolt003267B3 00000001
Incinerator003267B4 00000001
Aftermath003267B5 00000001
Fireball003267B6 00000002
Fire Vortex003267B7 00000002
Firewall003267B8 00000002
Ben Codes
Infinite Cosmic Power218A09A0 03E803E8
Infinite Lives018A0A11 00000064
Have All Upgrades Available For Purchase20320218 FFFFFFFF
Max Supers Available20320220 00000063
Max Health2032022C 00001324
Max Cosmic Power20320230 00000B54
Max Upgrade Codes
Power Toss0032679E 00000001
Skull Crusher0032679F 00000001
Rockslide003267A0 00000001
Anvil Smash003267A1 00000001
Meteor Strike003267A2 00000001
Super Fly003267A3 00000001
Bull Rush003267A4 00000002
Elbow Drop003267A5 00000002
Thunderclap003267A6 00000002
Have Level Completed Codes
Intro-Easy20320234 00000001
Brooklyn-Easy20320238 00000001
Underground-Easy2032023C 00000001
Tikal-Easy20320240 00000001
Museum-Easy20320244 00000001
Times Square-Easy20320248 00000001
Vault-Easy2032024C 00000001
Shield-Easy20320250 00000001
Space-Easy20320254 00000001
Doom-Easy20320258 00000001
All Easy Levels40320234 000A0001
00000001 00000000
Intro-Medium20320284 00000001
Brooklyn-Medium20320288 00000001
Underground-Medium2032028C 00000001
Tikal-Medium20320290 00000001
Museum-Medium20320294 00000001
Times Square-Medium20320298 00000001
Vault-Medium2032029C 00000001
Shield-Medium203202A0 00000001
Space-Medium203202A4 00000001
Doom-Medium203202A8 00000001
All Medium Levels40320284 000A0001
00000001 00000000
Intro-Hard203202D4 00000001
Brooklyn-Hard203202D8 00000001
Underground-Hard203202DC 00000001
Tikal-Hard203202E0 00000001
Museum-Hard203202E4 00000001
Times Square-Hard203202E8 00000001
Vault-Hard203202EC 00000001
Shield-Hard203202F0 00000001
Space-Hard203202F4 00000001
Doom-Hard203202F8 00000001
All Hard Levels403202D4 000A0001
00000001 00000000
Unlock Bonus Level7032032D 00000001
Unlock Latveria 17032032E 00000001
Unlock Latveria 27032032F 00000001
Unlock Arena Fight-Guard Granny703203D4 00000004
Unlock Concepts Codes
Enemy Concept Drawings703203EF 00000001
Boss Monster Concept Drawings703203EF 00000002
Character Pencil SKetches By Marvel Artists703203EF 00000004
'Ultimate Fantasy Four' Concepts By Marvel Artists703203EF 00000008
Panels From The 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' Comics703203EF 00000010
All Concepts703203EF 0000001F
Unlock Ultimates Codes
Selected Panels From 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' #1703203F0 00000001
Selected Panels From 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' #2703203F0 00000002
Selected Panels From 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' #3703203F0 00000004
Selected Panels From 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' #4703203F0 00000008
Selected Panels From 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' #5703203F0 00000010
All Ultimates703203F0 0000001F
Unlock Covers Codes
Selected Covers From Classic 'Fantastic Four' Comics 1703203F1 00000001
Selected Covers From Classic 'Fantastic Four' Comics 2703203F1 00000002
Selected Covers From Classic 'Fantastic Four' Comics 3703203F1 00000004
Selected Covers From Classic 'Fantastic Four' Comics 4703203F1 00000008
Selected Covers From Classic 'Fantastic Four' Comics 5703203F1 00000010
Selected Covers From Classic 'Fantastic Four' Comics 6703203F1 00000020
All Covers703203F1 0000003F
Unlock Bios Codes
Biographies Of The Fantastic Four703203F2 00000001
Biographies Of The Classic Fantastic Four Villians 1703203F2 00000002
Biographies Of The Classic Fantastic Four Villians 2703203F2 00000004
Biographies Of Original 'Fantastic Four' Enemies 1703203F2 00000008
Biographies Of Original 'Fantastic Four' Enemies 2703203F2 00000010
All Bios703203F2 0000001F
Unlock Interviews Codes
Interview With Michael Chiklis. 'The Thing'703203F3 00000001
Interview With Loan Gruffudd. 'Mr. Fantastic'703203F3 00000002
Interview With Zak Penn And Marty Signore. Writers703203F3 00000004
Interview With Chris Evans. 'the Human Torch'703203F3 00000008
Interview With Jessica Alba. 'The Invisible Woman'703203F3 00000010
Interview With Zak Penn And Marty Signore. Writers 2703203F3 00000020
Interview With Julian McMahon. 'Dr. Doom'703203F3 00000040
All Interviews703203F3 0000007F
Unlock F4 Secrets Codes
Stan Lee Interview #1703203F4 00000001
Stan Lee Interview #2703203F4 00000002
Developer Interview #1703203F4 00000004
Stan Lee Interview #3703203F4 00000008
Stan Lee Interview #4703203F4 00000010
Developer Interview #2703203F4 00000020
Stan Lee Interview #5703203F4 00000040
All F4 Secrets703203F4 0000007F
Have All F4 Secrets Completed Codes
Intro00320368 0000001F
Brooklyn00320369 00000007
Underground0032036A 0000000F
Tikal0032036B 0000000F
Museum0032036C 0000000F
Times Square0032036D 00000007
Vault0032036E 0000000F
Shield0032036F 00000003
Space00320370 00000007
Doom00320371 0000003F
All F4 Secrets20320368 0F0F071F
2032036C 030F070F
10320370 00003F07
Have Goals Completed COdes
Intro00320372 0000001F
Brooklyn00320373 00000007
Underground00320374 0000000F
Tikal00320375 0000000F
Museum00320376 0000000F
Times Square00320377 00000007
Vault00320378 0000000F
Shield00320379 00000003
Space0032037A 00000007
Doom0032037B 0000003F
All Levels10320372 0000071F
20320374 070F0F0F
20320378 3F07030F