Fairly Odd Parents!-Shadow Showdown, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)903C1884 0C0F37E7
Infinite Sprint2016A81C 00000000
Max Crowns200C0220 2401270F
200C0224 AC413414
200C0228 08068D6B
200C022C C44C3414
201A35A8 08030088
Infinite Luck200C0230 24020008
200C0234 03E00008
200C0238 ACA20380
201C52D4 0C03008C
Infinite Double Jumps20169AE8 00000000
Fairly Disastrous Codes
Have All Crowns205C2554 0000012C
Have All Clover Leaves205C2558 00000002
Have All Stickers205C255C 00000006
Have All Video Clips205C2560 00000001
Dad's Dream Codes
Have All Crowns205C25F4 0000012C
Have All Clover Leaves205C25F8 00000002
Have All Stickers205C25FC 00000006
Have All Video Clips205C2600 00000001
Take It On The Chin Codes
Have All Crowns205C2694 0000012C
Have All Clover Leaves205C2698 00000002
Have All Stickers205C269C 00000006
Have All Video Clips205C26A0 00000001
Get A Clue Codes
Have All Crowns205C2734 0000012C
Have All Clover Leaves205C2738 00000002
Have All Stickers205C273C 00000006
Have All Video Clips205C2740 00000001
Vicky Strikes Back Codes
Have All Crowns205C27D4 0000012C
Have All Clover Leaves205C27D8 00000002
Have All Stickers205C27DC 00000006
Have All Video Clips205C27E0 00000001
The Great Esc-Ape Codes
Have All Crowns205C2874 0000012C
Have All Clover Leaves205C2878 00000002
Have All Stickers205C287C 00000006
Have All Video Clips205C2880 00000001
Multiplayer Codes
Max Score P1205D6938 000003E7
No Score P1205D6938 00000000
Max Score P2205D693C 000003E7
No Score P2205D693C 00000000