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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 001C4D1B
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
901C4D18 0C07698C
Character Codes
Darius Codes
Max Money201F716C 05F5E0FF
Have Item Codes
Serrated Blade L1101F2E90 00004081
Serrated Blade L2101F2E98 00004081
Serrated Blade L3101F2EA0 00004081
Majestic Sword L1101F2EA8 00004081
Majestic Sword L2101F2EB0 00004081
Majestic Sword L3101F2EB8 00004081
Degutla L1101F2EC0 00004081
Degutla L2101F2EC8 00004081
Degutla L3101F2ED0 00004081
Tear Blade L1101F2ED8 00004081
Tear Blade L2101F2EE0 00004081
Tear Blade L3101F2EE8 00004081
Defender L1101F2EF0 00004081
Defender L2101F2EF8 00004081
Defender L3101F2F00 00004081
Alterstar L1101F2F08 00004081
Alterstar L2101F2F10 00004081
Alterstar L3101F2F18 00004081
Moonlight Sword L1101F2F20 00004081
Moonlight Sword L2101F2F28 00004081
Moonlight Sword L3101F2F30 00004081
Katana L1101F2F38 00004081
Katana L2101F2F40 00004081
Katana L3101F2F48 00004081
Club L1101F2F50 00004081
Club L2101F2F58 00004081
Club L3101F2F60 00004081
Cleaver L1101F2F68 00004081
Cleaver L2101F2F70 00004081
Cleaver L3101F2F78 00004081
Olden Warhammer L1101F2F80 00004081
Olden Warhammer L2101F2F88 00004081
Azure Headband L1101F30D8 0000C089
Azure Headband L2101F30E0 0000C089
Azure Headband L3101F30E8 0000C089
Blessed Mask L1101F30F0 0000C089
Blessed Mask L2101F30F8 0000C089
Blessed Mask L3101F3100 0000C089
Paldio Helmet L1101F3108 0000C089
Infinite Paldio Helmet Palmira Power101F310E 000003E7
Paldio Helmet L2101F3110 0000C089
Paldio Helmet L3101F3118 0000C089
Tylissa's Mask L1101F3120 0000C089
Tylissa's Mask L2101F3128 0000C089
Tylissa's Mask L3101F3130 0000C089
Astute Turban L1101F3138 0000C089
Astute Turban L2101F3140 0000C089
Astute Turban L3101F3148 0000C089
Pot L1101F3150 0000C089
Pot L2101F3158 0000C089
Pot L3101F3160 0000C089
Swan Beret L1101F3168 0000C089
Swan Beret L2101F3170 0000C089
Swan Beret L3101F3178 0000C089
Rabbit Helmet L1101F3180 0000C089
Rabbit Helmet L2101F3188 0000C089
Rabbit Helmet L3101F3190 0000C089
Devine Halo L1101F3198 0000C089
Devine Halo L2101F31A0 0000C089
Devine Halo L3101F31A8 0000C089
Armor Of Frost L1101F3230 00004091
Armor Of Frost L2101F3238 00004091
Armor Of Frost L3101F3240 00004091
Flayed Skin Armor L1101F3248 00004091
Flayed Skin Armor L2101F3250 00004091
Flayed Skin Armor L3101F3258 00004091
Royal Robe L1101F3260 00004091
Royal Robe L2101F3268 00000490
Royal Robe L3101F3270 00000490
Paldio Breastplate L1101F3278 00004091
Infinite Paldio Breastplate Palmira Power101F327E 000003E7
Paldio Breastplate L2101F3280 00004091
Paldio Breastplate L3101F3288 00004091
War Cry Armor L1101F3290 00004091
War Cry Armor L2101F3298 00004091
War Cry Armor L3101F32A0 00000491
Volt Suit L1101F32A8 00000491
Volt Suit L2101F32B0 00000491
Volt Suit L3101F32B8 00000491
Absorbtion Armor L1101F32C0 00000491
Absorbtion Armor L2101F32C8 00000491
Absorbtion Armor L3101F32D0 00000491
Armor Of Valor L1101F32D8 00000491
Armor Of Valor L2101F32E8 00000491
Darkforge Armor L1101F32F0 00000491
Darkforge Armor L2101F32F8 00000491
Darkforge Armor L3101F3300 00000491
Guard Boots L1101F3310 0000C099
Guard Boots L2101F3318 0000C099
Guard Boots L3101F3320 0000C099
Royal Boots L1101F3328 0000C099
Royal Boots L2101F3330 0000C099
Royal Boots L3101F3338 0000C099
Armored Boots L1101F3340 0000C099
Armored Boots L2101F3348 0000C099
Armored Boots L3101F3350 0000C099
Dragolos Boots L1101F3358 0000C099
Dragolos Boots L2101F3360 0000C099
Dragolos Boots L3101F3368 0000C099
Speed Boots L1101F3370 0000C099
Speed Boots L2101F3378 0000C099
Speed Boots L3101F3380 0000C099
Hover Boots L1101F3388 0000C099
Woven Boots L2101F3388 0000C099
Hover Boots L2101F3390 0000C099
Woven Boots L2101F3390 0000C099
Hover Boots L3101F3398 0000C099
Woven Boots L3101F3398 0000C099
Paldio Boots L1101F33A0 0000C099
Paldio Boots L2101F33A8 0000C099
Paldio Boots L3101F33B0 0000C099
Heroic Necklace101F33C0 000040A1
Star Necklace101F33C8 000040A1
Pendant Of Hope101F33D0 000040A1
Icon Of Divinity101F33D8 000040A1
Icon Of Loyalty101F33E0 000040A1
Band Of Clarity101F33E8 000040A1
Ring Of Blessing101F33F0 000040A1
Elder's Ring101F33F8 000040A1
Amulet Of Purity101F3400 000040A1
Ring Of Resist101F3408 000040A1
Infinite Item Codes
Life Extract101F3410 000004C1
Antidote101F3418 000004C1
Billiana Leaf101F3420 000004C1
Release Emblem101F3428 000004C1
Orb Of Atonement101F3430 000004C1
Billiana Extract101F3438 000004C1
Red Fruit101F3440 000004C1
Blue Fruit101F3448 000004C1
Mushrooms101F3450 000004C1
Palmira Ore101F3458 000004C1
Sword Star101F3460 000004C1
Royal Medal101F3468 000004C1
Red Sphere101F3470 000004C1
Blue Sphere101F3478 000004C1
Master Key 2F101F3480 000004C1
Billiana Fruit101F3488 000004C1
Right Winged Key101F3490 000004C1
Left Winged Key101F3498 000004C1
Red Sphere (B)101F34A0 000004C1
Blue Sphere (B)101F34A8 000004C1
Scarlet Sphere101F34B0 000004C1
Azure Sphere101F34B8 000004C1
Dark Guide Post101F34C0 000004C1
Caped Statue Body101F34C8 000004C1
Caped Statue Head101F34D0 000004C1
Treasure Key101F34D8 000004C1
Soul Of Goddess101F34E0 000004C1
Small Flower101F34E8 000004C1
Transpot Palmira101F34F0 000004C1
Sealed Key101F34F8 000004C1
Sharline Codes
Max Money201F7170 05F5E0FF
Have Item Codes
Premier Spear L1101F3580 00004085
Premier Spear L2101F3588 00004085
Premier Spear L3101F3590 00004085
Sacred Rod L1101F3598 00004085
Sacred Rod L2101F35A0 00004085
Sacred Rod L3101F35A8 00004085
Velancer L1101F35B0 00004085
Velancer L2101F35B8 00004085
Velancer L3101F35C0 00004085
Bloodclaw L1101F35C8 00004085
Bloodclaw L2101F35D0 00004085
Bloodclaw L3101F35D8 00004085
Solta Bow L1101F35E0 00004085
Solta Bow L2101F35E8 00004085
Solta Bow L3101F35F0 00004085
Elite Bow L1101F35F8 00004085
Elite Bow L2101F3600 00004085
Elite Bow L3101F3608 00004085
Frying Pan L1101F3610 00004085
Frying Pan L2101F3618 00004085
Frying Pan L3101F3620 00004085
Tiger Claw L1101F3628 00004085
Tiger Claw L2101F3630 00004085
Tiger Claw L3101F3638 00004085
Avenger L1101F3640 00004085
Avenger L2101F3648 00004085
Avenger L3101F3650 00004085
Zul's Toy L1101F3658 00004085
Zul's Toy L2101F3660 00004085
Zul's Toy L3101F3668 00004085
Azure Headband L1101F3678 0000408D
Azure Headband L2101F3680 0000408D
Azure Headband L3101F3688 0000408D
Kanzashi L1101F36D8 0000408D
Kanzashi L2101F36E0 0000408D
Kanzashi L3101F36E8 0000408D
Billiana Hood L1101F36F0 0000408D
Billiana Hood L2101F36F8 0000408D
Billiana Hood L3101F3700 0000408D
Pot L1101F3708 0000408D
Pot L2101F3710 0000408D
Pot L3101F3718 0000408D
Swan Beret L1101F3720 0000408D
Swan Beret L2101F3728 0000408D
Swan Beret L3101F3730 0000408D
Cat Ears L1101F3738 0000408D
Cat Ears L2101F3740 0000408D
Cat Ears L3101F3748 0000408D
Rabbit Helmet L1101F3750 0000408D
Rabbit Helmet L2101F3758 0000408D
Rabbit Helmet L3101F3760 0000408D
Armor Of Frost L1101F3818 00004095
Armor Of Frost L2101F3820 00004095
Armor Of Frost L3101F3828 00004095
Flayed Skin Armor L1101F3830 00004095
Flayed Skin Armor L2101F3838 00004095
Flayed Skin Armor L3101F3840 00004095
Paldio Breastplate L1101F3848 00004095
Paldio Breastplate L2101F3850 00004095
Paldio Breastplate L3101F3858 00004095
Volt Suit L1101F3860 00004095
Volt Suit L2101F3868 00004095
Volt Suit L3101F3870 00004095
Absorption Armor L1101F3878 00004095
Absorption Armor L2101F3880 00004095
Absorption Armor L3101F3888 00004095
Dragolos Armor L1101F3890 00004095
Dragolos Armor L2101F3898 00004095
Dragolos Armor L3101F38A0 00004095
Armor of Valor L1101F38A8 00004095
Armor of Valor L2101F38B0 00004095
Armor of Valor L3101F38B8 00004095
HRL-000-A L1101F38C0 00004095
HRL-000-A L2101F38C8 00004095
HRL-000-A L3101F38D0 00004095
Armored Boots L1101F38F8 0000409D
Armored Boots L2101F3900 0000409D
Armored Boots L3101F3908 0000409D
Dragolos Boots L1101F3910 0000409D
Dragolos Boots L2101F3918 0000409D
Dragolos Boots L3101F3920 0000409D
Speed Boots L1101F3928 0000409D
Speed Boots L2101F3930 0000409D
Speed Boots L3101F3938 0000409D
Woven Boots L1101F3940 0000409D
Woven Boots L2101F3948 0000409D
Woven Boots L3101F3950 0000409D
Paldio Boots L1101F3958 0000409D
Paldio Boots L2101F3960 0000409D
Paldio Boots L3101F3968 0000409D
HRL-000-B L1101F3970 0000409D
HRL-000-B L2101F3978 0000409D
HRL-000-B L3101F3980 0000409D
Cat Feet L1101F3988 0000409D
Cat Feet L2101F3990 0000409D
Cat Feet L3101F3998 0000409D
Star Necklace101F39B0 000040A5
Pendant Of Hope101F39B8 000040A5
Icon Of Divinity101F39C0 000040A5
Icon Of Loyalty101F39C8 000040A5
Band Of Clarity101F39D0 000040A5
Ring Of Blessing101F39D8 000040A5
Elder's Ring101F39E0 000040A5
Amulet Of Purity101F39E8 000040A5
Ring Of Resist101F39F0 000040A5
Infinite Item Codes
Life Extract101F39F8 000004C5
Antidote101F3A00 000004C5
Billiana Leaf101F3A08 000004C5
Release Emblem101F3A10 000004C5
Orb Of Atonement101F3A18 000004C5
Billiana Extract101F3A20 000004C5
Red Fruit101F3A28 000004C5
Blue Fruit101F3A30 000004C5
Mushrooms101F3A38 000004C5
Palmira Ore101F3A40 000004C5
Sword Star101F3A48 000004C5
Royal Medal101F3A50 000004C5
Red Sphere101F3A58 000004C5
Blue Sphere101F3A60 000004C5
Master Key 2F101F3A68 000004C5
Billiana Fruit101F3A70 000004C5
Right Winged Key101F3A78 000004C5
Left Winged Key101F3A80 000004C5
Red Sphere (B)101F3A88 000004C5
Blue Sphere (B)101F3A90 000004C5
Scarlet Sphere101F3A98 000004C5
Azure Sphere101F3AA0 000004C5
Dark Guide Post101F3AA8 000004C5
Caped Stat Body101F3AB0 000004C5
Caped Stat Head101F3AB8 000004C5
Treasure Key101F3AC0 000004C5
Soul Of Goddess101F3AC8 000004C5
Small Flower101F3AD0 000004C5
Transpot Palmira101F3AD8 000004C5
Sealed Key101F3AE0 000004C5
Other Codes
Both Character Codes
Max Str101F7110 000003E7
Max Sta101F7112 000003E7
Max Int101F7114 000003E7
Max Res101F7116 000003E7
Max Luk101F7118 000003E7
Max Atk Slash101F712E 000003E7
Max Atk Hit101F7130 000003E7
Max Atk Lunge101F7132 000003E7
Max Atk Lightning101F7134 000003E7
Max Atk Tree101F7136 000003E7
Max Atk Flame101F7138 000003E7
Max Atk Ice101F713A 000003E7
Max Def Slash101F7140 000003E7
Max Def Hit101F7142 000003E7
Max Def Lunge101F7144 000003E7
Max Def Lightning101F7146 000003E7
Max Def Tree101F7148 000003E7
Max Def Flame101F714A 000003E7
Max Def Ice101F714C 000003E7
Infinite Health & Power101F7E60 00000428
101F7E66 00000428