ESPN College Hoops 2K5

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)909D99FC 0C0400B4
Created Character Codes
1st Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96CEB 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96CEC 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96CED 00000064
Free Throws00C96CEE 00000064
Layups00C96CEF 00000064
Dunking00C96CF0 00000064
Ballhanding00C96CF1 00000064
Passing00C96CF2 00000064
Clutch00C96CF3 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96CF4 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96CF5 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96CF6 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96CF7 00000064
Blocking00C96CF8 00000064
Stealing00C96CF9 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96CFA 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96CFB 00000064
Speed00C96CFC 00000064
Stamina00C96CFD 00000064
Durability00C96CFE 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96CFF 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96D00 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96CEB 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96CEC 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96CED 000000FF
Free Throws00C96CEE 000000FF
Layups00C96CEF 000000FF
Dunking00C96CF0 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96CF1 000000FF
Passing00C96CF2 000000FF
Clutch00C96CF3 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96CF4 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96CF5 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96CF6 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96CF7 000000FF
Blocking00C96CF8 000000FF
Stealing00C96CF9 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96CFA 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96CFB 000000FF
Speed00C96CFC 000000FF
Stamina00C96CFD 000000FF
Durability00C96CFE 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96CFF 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96D00 000000FF
2nd Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96D47 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96D48 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96D49 00000064
Free Throws00C96D4A 00000064
Layups00C96D4B 00000064
Dunking00C96D4C 00000064
Ballhanding00C96D4D 00000064
Passing00C96D4E 00000064
Clutch00C96D4F 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96D50 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96D51 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96D52 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96D53 00000064
Blocking00C96D54 00000064
Stealing00C96D55 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96D56 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96D57 00000064
Speed00C96D58 00000064
Stamina00C96D59 00000064
Durability00C96D5A 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96D5B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96D5C 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96D47 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96D48 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96D49 000000FF
Free Throws00C96D4A 000000FF
Layups00C96D4B 000000FF
Dunking00C96D4C 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96D4D 000000FF
Passing00C96D4E 000000FF
Clutch00C96D4F 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96D50 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96D51 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96D52 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96D53 000000FF
Blocking00C96D54 000000FF
Stealing00C96D55 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96D56 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96D57 000000FF
Speed00C96D58 000000FF
Stamina00C96D59 000000FF
Durability00C96D5A 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96D5B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96D5C 000000FF
3rd Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96DA3 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96DA4 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96DA5 00000064
Free Throws00C96DA6 00000064
Layups00C96DA7 00000064
Dunking00C96DA8 00000064
Ballhanding00C96DA9 00000064
Passing00C96DAA 00000064
Clutch00C96DAB 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96DAC 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96DAD 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96DAE 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96DAF 00000064
Blocking00C96DB0 00000064
Stealing00C96DB1 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96DB2 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96DB3 00000064
Speed00C96DB4 00000064
Stamina00C96DB5 00000064
Durability00C96DB6 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96DB7 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96DB8 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96DA3 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96DA4 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96DA5 000000FF
Free Throws00C96DA6 000000FF
Layups00C96DA7 000000FF
Dunking00C96DA8 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96DA9 000000FF
Passing00C96DAA 000000FF
Clutch00C96DAB 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96DAC 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96DAD 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96DAE 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96DAF 000000FF
Blocking00C96DB0 000000FF
Stealing00C96DB1 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96DB2 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96DB3 000000FF
Speed00C96DB4 000000FF
Stamina00C96DB5 000000FF
Durability00C96DB6 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96DB7 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96DB8 000000FF
4th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96DFF 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96E00 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96E01 00000064
Free Throws00C96E02 00000064
Layups00C96E03 00000064
Dunking00C96E04 00000064
Ballhanding00C96E05 00000064
Passing00C96E06 00000064
Clutch00C96E07 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96E08 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96E09 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96E0A 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96E0B 00000064
Blocking00C96E0C 00000064
Stealing00C96E0D 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96E0E 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96E0F 00000064
Speed00C96E10 00000064
Stamina00C96E11 00000064
Durability00C96E12 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96E13 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96E14 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96DFF 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96E00 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96E01 000000FF
Free Throws00C96E02 000000FF
Layups00C96E03 000000FF
Dunking00C96E04 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96E05 000000FF
Passing00C96E06 000000FF
Clutch00C96E07 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96E08 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96E09 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96E0A 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96E0B 000000FF
Blocking00C96E0C 000000FF
Stealing00C96E0D 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96E0E 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96E0F 000000FF
Speed00C96E10 000000FF
Stamina00C96E11 000000FF
Durability00C96E12 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96E13 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96E14 000000FF
5th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96E5B 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96E5C 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96E5D 00000064
Free Throws00C96E5E 00000064
Layups00C96E5F 00000064
Dunking00C96E60 00000064
Ballhanding00C96E61 00000064
Passing00C96E62 00000064
Clutch00C96E63 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96E64 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96E65 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96E66 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96E67 00000064
Blocking00C96E68 00000064
Stealing00C96E69 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96E6A 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96E6B 00000064
Speed00C96E6C 00000064
Stamina00C96E6D 00000064
Durability00C96E6E 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96E6F 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96E70 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96E5B 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96E5C 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96E5D 000000FF
Free Throws00C96E5E 000000FF
Layups00C96E5F 000000FF
Dunking00C96E60 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96E61 000000FF
Passing00C96E62 000000FF
Clutch00C96E63 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96E64 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96E65 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96E66 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96E67 000000FF
Blocking00C96E68 000000FF
Stealing00C96E69 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96E6A 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96E6B 000000FF
Speed00C96E6C 000000FF
Stamina00C96E6D 000000FF
Durability00C96E6E 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96E6F 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96E70 000000FF
6th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96EB7 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96EB8 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96EB9 00000064
Free Throws00C96EBA 00000064
Layups00C96EBB 00000064
Dunking00C96EBC 00000064
Ballhanding00C96EBD 00000064
Passing00C96EBE 00000064
Clutch00C96EBF 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96EC0 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96EC1 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96EC2 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96EC3 00000064
Blocking00C96EC4 00000064
Stealing00C96EC5 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96EC6 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96EC7 00000064
Speed00C96EC8 00000064
Stamina00C96EC9 00000064
Durability00C96ECA 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96ECB 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96ECC 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96EB7 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96EB8 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96EB9 000000FF
Free Throws00C96EBA 000000FF
Layups00C96EBB 000000FF
Dunking00C96EBC 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96EBD 000000FF
Passing00C96EBE 000000FF
Clutch00C96EBF 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96EC0 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96EC1 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96EC2 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96EC3 000000FF
Blocking00C96EC4 000000FF
Stealing00C96EC5 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96EC6 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96EC7 000000FF
Speed00C96EC8 000000FF
Stamina00C96EC9 000000FF
Durability00C96ECA 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96ECB 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96ECC 000000FF
7th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96F13 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96F14 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96F15 00000064
Free Throws00C96F16 00000064
Layups00C96F17 00000064
Dunking00C96F18 00000064
Ballhanding00C96F19 00000064
Passing00C96F1A 00000064
Clutch00C96F1B 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96F1C 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96F1D 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96F1E 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96F1F 00000064
Blocking00C96F20 00000064
Stealing00C96F21 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96F22 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96F23 00000064
Speed00C96F24 00000064
Stamina00C96F25 00000064
Durability00C96F26 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96F27 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96F28 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96F13 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96F14 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96F15 000000FF
Free Throws00C96F16 000000FF
Layups00C96F17 000000FF
Dunking00C96F18 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96F19 000000FF
Passing00C96F1A 000000FF
Clutch00C96F1B 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96F1C 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96F1D 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96F1E 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96F1F 000000FF
Blocking00C96F20 000000FF
Stealing00C96F21 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96F22 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96F23 000000FF
Speed00C96F24 000000FF
Stamina00C96F25 000000FF
Durability00C96F26 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96F27 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96F28 000000FF
8th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96F6F 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96F70 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96F71 00000064
Free Throws00C96F72 00000064
Layups00C96F73 00000064
Dunking00C96F74 00000064
Ballhanding00C96F75 00000064
Passing00C96F76 00000064
Clutch00C96F77 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96F78 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96F79 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96F7A 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96F7B 00000064
Blocking00C96F7C 00000064
Stealing00C96F7D 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96F7E 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96F7F 00000064
Speed00C96F80 00000064
Stamina00C96F81 00000064
Durability00C96F82 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96F83 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96F84 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96F6F 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96F70 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96F71 000000FF
Free Throws00C96F72 000000FF
Layups00C96F73 000000FF
Dunking00C96F74 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96F75 000000FF
Passing00C96F76 000000FF
Clutch00C96F77 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96F78 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96F79 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96F7A 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96F7B 000000FF
Blocking00C96F7C 000000FF
Stealing00C96F7D 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96F7E 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96F7F 000000FF
Speed00C96F80 000000FF
Stamina00C96F81 000000FF
Durability00C96F82 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96F83 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96F84 000000FF
9th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96FCB 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C96FCC 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96FCD 00000064
Free Throws00C96FCE 00000064
Layups00C96FCF 00000064
Dunking00C96FD0 00000064
Ballhanding00C96FD1 00000064
Passing00C96FD2 00000064
Clutch00C96FD3 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C96FD4 00000064
Low Post Off.00C96FD5 00000064
Low Post Def.00C96FD6 00000064
On Ball Defense00C96FD7 00000064
Blocking00C96FD8 00000064
Stealing00C96FD9 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C96FDA 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C96FDB 00000064
Speed00C96FDC 00000064
Stamina00C96FDD 00000064
Durability00C96FDE 00000064
Def. Awareness00C96FDF 00000064
Off. Awareness00C96FE0 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C96FCB 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C96FCC 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C96FCD 000000FF
Free Throws00C96FCE 000000FF
Layups00C96FCF 000000FF
Dunking00C96FD0 000000FF
Ballhanding00C96FD1 000000FF
Passing00C96FD2 000000FF
Clutch00C96FD3 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C96FD4 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C96FD5 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C96FD6 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C96FD7 000000FF
Blocking00C96FD8 000000FF
Stealing00C96FD9 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C96FDA 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C96FDB 000000FF
Speed00C96FDC 000000FF
Stamina00C96FDD 000000FF
Durability00C96FDE 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C96FDF 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C96FE0 000000FF
10th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97027 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C97028 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97029 00000064
Free Throws00C9702A 00000064
Layups00C9702B 00000064
Dunking00C9702C 00000064
Ballhanding00C9702D 00000064
Passing00C9702E 00000064
Clutch00C9702F 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C97030 00000064
Low Post Off.00C97031 00000064
Low Post Def.00C97032 00000064
On Ball Defense00C97033 00000064
Blocking00C97034 00000064
Stealing00C97035 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C97036 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C97037 00000064
Speed00C97038 00000064
Stamina00C97039 00000064
Durability00C9703A 00000064
Def. Awareness00C9703B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C9703C 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97027 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C97028 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97029 000000FF
Free Throws00C9702A 000000FF
Layups00C9702B 000000FF
Dunking00C9702C 000000FF
Ballhanding00C9702D 000000FF
Passing00C9702E 000000FF
Clutch00C9702F 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C97030 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C97031 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C97032 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C97033 000000FF
Blocking00C97034 000000FF
Stealing00C97035 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C97036 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C97037 000000FF
Speed00C97038 000000FF
Stamina00C97039 000000FF
Durability00C9703A 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C9703B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C9703C 000000FF
11th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97083 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C97084 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97085 00000064
Free Throws00C97086 00000064
Layups00C97087 00000064
Dunking00C97088 00000064
Ballhanding00C97089 00000064
Passing00C9708A 00000064
Clutch00C9708B 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C9708C 00000064
Low Post Off.00C9708D 00000064
Low Post Def.00C9708E 00000064
On Ball Defense00C9708F 00000064
Blocking00C97090 00000064
Stealing00C97091 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C97092 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C97093 00000064
Speed00C97094 00000064
Stamina00C97095 00000064
Durability00C97096 00000064
Def. Awareness00C97097 00000064
Off. Awareness00C97098 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97083 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C97084 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97085 000000FF
Free Throws00C97086 000000FF
Layups00C97087 000000FF
Dunking00C97088 000000FF
Ballhanding00C97089 000000FF
Passing00C9708A 000000FF
Clutch00C9708B 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C9708C 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C9708D 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C9708E 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C9708F 000000FF
Blocking00C97090 000000FF
Stealing00C97091 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C97092 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C97093 000000FF
Speed00C97094 000000FF
Stamina00C97095 000000FF
Durability00C97096 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C97097 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C97098 000000FF
12th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C970DF 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C970E0 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C970E1 00000064
Free Throws00C970E2 00000064
Layups00C970E3 00000064
Dunking00C970E4 00000064
Ballhanding00C970E5 00000064
Passing00C970E6 00000064
Clutch00C970E7 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C970E8 00000064
Low Post Off.00C970E9 00000064
Low Post Def.00C970EA 00000064
On Ball Defense00C970EB 00000064
Blocking00C970EC 00000064
Stealing00C970ED 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C970EE 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C970EF 00000064
Speed00C970F0 00000064
Stamina00C970F1 00000064
Durability00C970F2 00000064
Def. Awareness00C970F3 00000064
Off. Awareness00C970F4 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C970DF 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C970E0 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C970E1 000000FF
Free Throws00C970E2 000000FF
Layups00C970E3 000000FF
Dunking00C970E4 000000FF
Ballhanding00C970E5 000000FF
Passing00C970E6 000000FF
Clutch00C970E7 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C970E8 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C970E9 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C970EA 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C970EB 000000FF
Blocking00C970EC 000000FF
Stealing00C970ED 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C970EE 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C970EF 000000FF
Speed00C970F0 000000FF
Stamina00C970F1 000000FF
Durability00C970F2 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C970F3 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C970F4 000000FF
13th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C9713B 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C9713C 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C9713D 00000064
Free Throws00C9713E 00000064
Layups00C9713F 00000064
Dunking00C97140 00000064
Ballhanding00C97141 00000064
Passing00C97142 00000064
Clutch00C97143 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C97144 00000064
Low Post Off.00C97145 00000064
Low Post Def.00C97146 00000064
On Ball Defense00C97147 00000064
Blocking00C97148 00000064
Stealing00C97149 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C9714A 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C9714B 00000064
Speed00C9714C 00000064
Stamina00C9714D 00000064
Durability00C9714E 00000064
Def. Awareness00C9714F 00000064
Off. Awareness00C97150 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C9713B 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C9713C 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C9713D 000000FF
Free Throws00C9713E 000000FF
Layups00C9713F 000000FF
Dunking00C97140 000000FF
Ballhanding00C97141 000000FF
Passing00C97142 000000FF
Clutch00C97143 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C97144 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C97145 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C97146 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C97147 000000FF
Blocking00C97148 000000FF
Stealing00C97149 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C9714A 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C9714B 000000FF
Speed00C9714C 000000FF
Stamina00C9714D 000000FF
Durability00C9714E 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C9714F 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C97150 000000FF
14th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97197 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C97198 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97199 00000064
Free Throws00C9719A 00000064
Layups00C9719B 00000064
Dunking00C9719C 00000064
Ballhanding00C9719D 00000064
Passing00C9719E 00000064
Clutch00C9719F 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C971A0 00000064
Low Post Off.00C971A1 00000064
Low Post Def.00C971A2 00000064
On Ball Defense00C971A3 00000064
Blocking00C971A4 00000064
Stealing00C971A5 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C971A6 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C971A7 00000064
Speed00C971A8 00000064
Stamina00C971A9 00000064
Durability00C971AA 00000064
Def. Awareness00C971AB 00000064
Off. Awareness00C971AC 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97197 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C97198 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97199 000000FF
Free Throws00C9719A 000000FF
Layups00C9719B 000000FF
Dunking00C9719C 000000FF
Ballhanding00C9719D 000000FF
Passing00C9719E 000000FF
Clutch00C9719F 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C971A0 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C971A1 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C971A2 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C971A3 000000FF
Blocking00C971A4 000000FF
Stealing00C971A5 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C971A6 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C971A7 000000FF
Speed00C971A8 000000FF
Stamina00C971A9 000000FF
Durability00C971AA 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C971AB 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C971AC 000000FF
15th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C971F3 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C971F4 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C971F5 00000064
Free Throws00C971F6 00000064
Layups00C971F7 00000064
Dunking00C971F8 00000064
Ballhanding00C971F9 00000064
Passing00C971FA 00000064
Clutch00C971FB 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C971FC 00000064
Low Post Off.00C971FD 00000064
Low Post Def.00C971FE 00000064
On Ball Defense00C971FF 00000064
Blocking00C97200 00000064
Stealing00C97201 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C97202 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C97203 00000064
Speed00C97204 00000064
Stamina00C97205 00000064
Durability00C97206 00000064
Def. Awareness00C97207 00000064
Off. Awareness00C97208 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C971F3 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C971F4 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C971F5 000000FF
Free Throws00C971F6 000000FF
Layups00C971F7 000000FF
Dunking00C971F8 000000FF
Ballhanding00C971F9 000000FF
Passing00C971FA 000000FF
Clutch00C971FB 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C971FC 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C971FD 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C971FE 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C971FF 000000FF
Blocking00C97200 000000FF
Stealing00C97201 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C97202 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C97203 000000FF
Speed00C97204 000000FF
Stamina00C97205 000000FF
Durability00C97206 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C97207 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C97208 000000FF
16th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C9724F 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C97250 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97251 00000064
Free Throws00C97252 00000064
Layups00C97253 00000064
Dunking00C97254 00000064
Ballhanding00C97255 00000064
Passing00C97256 00000064
Clutch00C97257 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C97258 00000064
Low Post Off.00C97259 00000064
Low Post Def.00C9725A 00000064
On Ball Defense00C9725B 00000064
Blocking00C9725C 00000064
Stealing00C9725D 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C9725E 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C9725F 00000064
Speed00C97260 00000064
Stamina00C97261 00000064
Durability00C97262 00000064
Def. Awareness00C97263 00000064
Off. Awareness00C97264 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C9724F 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C97250 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97251 000000FF
Free Throws00C97252 000000FF
Layups00C97253 000000FF
Dunking00C97254 000000FF
Ballhanding00C97255 000000FF
Passing00C97256 000000FF
Clutch00C97257 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C97258 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C97259 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C9725A 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C9725B 000000FF
Blocking00C9725C 000000FF
Stealing00C9725D 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C9725E 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C9725F 000000FF
Speed00C97260 000000FF
Stamina00C97261 000000FF
Durability00C97262 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C97263 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C97264 000000FF
17th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C972AB 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C972AC 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C972AD 00000064
Free Throws00C972AE 00000064
Layups00C972AF 00000064
Dunking00C972B0 00000064
Ballhanding00C972B1 00000064
Passing00C972B2 00000064
Clutch00C972B3 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C972B4 00000064
Low Post Off.00C972B5 00000064
Low Post Def.00C972B6 00000064
On Ball Defense00C972B7 00000064
Blocking00C972B8 00000064
Stealing00C972B9 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C972BA 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C972BB 00000064
Speed00C972BC 00000064
Stamina00C972BD 00000064
Durability00C972BE 00000064
Def. Awareness00C972BF 00000064
Off. Awareness00C972C0 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C972AB 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C972AC 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C972AD 000000FF
Free Throws00C972AE 000000FF
Layups00C972AF 000000FF
Dunking00C972B0 000000FF
Ballhanding00C972B1 000000FF
Passing00C972B2 000000FF
Clutch00C972B3 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C972B4 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C972B5 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C972B6 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C972B7 000000FF
Blocking00C972B8 000000FF
Stealing00C972B9 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C972BA 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C972BB 000000FF
Speed00C972BC 000000FF
Stamina00C972BD 000000FF
Durability00C972BE 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C972BF 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C972C0 000000FF
18th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97307 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C97308 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97309 00000064
Free Throws00C9730A 00000064
Layups00C9730B 00000064
Dunking00C9730C 00000064
Ballhanding00C9730D 00000064
Passing00C9730E 00000064
Clutch00C9730F 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C97310 00000064
Low Post Off.00C97311 00000064
Low Post Def.00C97312 00000064
On Ball Defense00C97313 00000064
Blocking00C97314 00000064
Stealing00C97315 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C97316 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C97317 00000064
Speed00C97318 00000064
Stamina00C97319 00000064
Durability00C9731A 00000064
Def. Awareness00C9731B 00000064
Off. Awareness00C9731C 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97307 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C97308 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97309 000000FF
Free Throws00C9730A 000000FF
Layups00C9730B 000000FF
Dunking00C9730C 000000FF
Ballhanding00C9730D 000000FF
Passing00C9730E 000000FF
Clutch00C9730F 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C97310 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C97311 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C97312 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C97313 000000FF
Blocking00C97314 000000FF
Stealing00C97315 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C97316 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C97317 000000FF
Speed00C97318 000000FF
Stamina00C97319 000000FF
Durability00C9731A 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C9731B 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C9731C 000000FF
19th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97363 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C97364 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97365 00000064
Free Throws00C97366 00000064
Layups00C97367 00000064
Dunking00C97368 00000064
Ballhanding00C97369 00000064
Passing00C9736A 00000064
Clutch00C9736B 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C9736C 00000064
Low Post Off.00C9736D 00000064
Low Post Def.00C9736E 00000064
On Ball Defense00C9736F 00000064
Blocking00C97370 00000064
Stealing00C97371 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C97372 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C97373 00000064
Speed00C97374 00000064
Stamina00C97375 00000064
Durability00C97376 00000064
Def. Awareness00C97377 00000064
Off. Awareness00C97378 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C97363 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C97364 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C97365 000000FF
Free Throws00C97366 000000FF
Layups00C97367 000000FF
Dunking00C97368 000000FF
Ballhanding00C97369 000000FF
Passing00C9736A 000000FF
Clutch00C9736B 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C9736C 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C9736D 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C9736E 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C9736F 000000FF
Blocking00C97370 000000FF
Stealing00C97371 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C97372 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C97373 000000FF
Speed00C97374 000000FF
Stamina00C97375 000000FF
Durability00C97376 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C97377 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C97378 000000FF
20th Created Character Codes
Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C973BF 00000064
Shooting (Med.)00C973C0 00000064
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C973C1 00000064
Free Throws00C973C2 00000064
Layups00C973C3 00000064
Dunking00C973C4 00000064
Ballhanding00C973C5 00000064
Passing00C973C6 00000064
Clutch00C973C7 00000064
Shot Aggressiveness00C973C8 00000064
Low Post Off.00C973C9 00000064
Low Post Def.00C973CA 00000064
On Ball Defense00C973CB 00000064
Blocking00C973CC 00000064
Stealing00C973CD 00000064
Off. Rebounding00C973CE 00000064
Def. Rebounding00C973CF 00000064
Speed00C973D0 00000064
Stamina00C973D1 00000064
Durability00C973D2 00000064
Def. Awareness00C973D3 00000064
Off. Awareness00C973D4 00000064
Super Max Stats Codes
Shooting (Close)00C973BF 000000FF
Shooting (Med.)00C973C0 000000FF
Shooting (3 Pt.)00C973C1 000000FF
Free Throws00C973C2 000000FF
Layups00C973C3 000000FF
Dunking00C973C4 000000FF
Ballhanding00C973C5 000000FF
Passing00C973C6 000000FF
Clutch00C973C7 000000FF
Shot Aggressiveness00C973C8 000000FF
Low Post Off.00C973C9 000000FF
Low Post Def.00C973CA 000000FF
On Ball Defense00C973CB 000000FF
Blocking00C973CC 000000FF
Stealing00C973CD 000000FF
Off. Rebounding00C973CE 000000FF
Def. Rebounding00C973CF 000000FF
Speed00C973D0 000000FF
Stamina00C973D1 000000FF
Durability00C973D2 000000FF
Def. Awareness00C973D3 000000FF
Off. Awareness00C973D4 000000FF
Other Codes
Away Team Energy Codes
Infinite Energy Codes
P120914A78 3F800000
P220914C88 3F800000
P320914E98 3F800000
P4209150A8 3F800000
P5209152B8 3F800000
P6209154C8 3F800000
P7209156D8 3F800000
P8209158E8 3F800000
P920915AF8 3F800000
P1020915D08 3F800000
P1120915F18 3F800000
P1220916128 3F800000
No Energy Codes
P120914A78 00000000
P220914C88 00000000
P3209150A8 00000000
P4209150A8 00000000
P5209152B8 00000000
P6209154C8 00000000
P7209156D8 00000000
P8209158E8 00000000
P920915AF8 00000000
P1020915D08 00000000
P1120915F18 00000000
P1220916128 00000000
Away Team Score Codes
P1 Scores 100209148F4 00000064
P1 Scores 50209148F4 00000032
P1 Scores 20209148F4 00000014
P1 Scores 0209148F4 00000000
P2 Scores 10020914B04 00000064
P2 Scores 5020914B04 00000032
P2 Scores 2020914B04 00000014
P2 Scores 020914B04 00000000
P3 Scores 10020914D14 00000064
P3 Scores 5020914D14 00000032
P3 Scores 2020914D14 00000014
P3 Scores 020914D14 00000000
P4 Scores 10020914F24 00000064
P4 Scores 5020914F24 00000032
P4 Scores 2020914F24 00000014
P4 Scores 020914F24 00000000
P5 Scores 10020915134 00000064
P5 Scores 5020915134 00000032
P5 Scores 2020915134 00000014
P5 Scores 020915134 00000000
P6 Scores 10020915344 00000064
P6 Scores 5020915344 00000032
P6 Scores 2020915344 00000014
P6 Scores 020915344 00000000
P7 Scores 10020915554 00000064
P7 Scores 5020915554 00000032
P7 Scores 2020915554 00000014
P7 Scores 020915554 00000000
P8 Scores 10020915764 00000064
P8 Scores 5020915764 00000032
P8 Scores 2020915764 00000014
P8 Scores 020915764 00000000
P9 Scores 10020915974 00000064
P9 Scores 5020915974 00000032
P9 Scores 2020915974 00000014
P9 Scores 020915974 00000000
P10 Scores 10020915B84 00000064
P10 Scores 5020915B84 00000032
P10 Scores 2020915B84 00000014
P10 Scores 020915B84 00000000
P11 Scores 10020915D94 00000064
P11 Scores 5020915D94 00000032
P11 Scores 2020915D94 00000014
P11 Scores 020915D94 00000000
P12 Scores 10020915FA4 00000064
P12 Scores 5020915FA4 00000032
P12 Scores 2020915FA4 00000014
P12 Scores 020915FA4 00000000
Away Team Turbo Codes
Infinite Turbo Codes
P120914A74 3F800000
P220914C84 3F800000
P320914E94 3F800000
P4209150A4 3F800000
P5209152B4 3F800000
P6209154C4 3F800000
P7209156D4 3F800000
P8209158E4 3F800000
P920915AF4 3F800000
P1020915D04 3F800000
P1120915F14 3F800000
P1220916124 3F800000
No Turbo Codes
P120914A74 00000000
P220914C84 00000000
P3209150A4 00000000
P4209150A4 00000000
P5209152B4 00000000
P6209154C4 00000000
P7209156D4 00000000
P8209158E4 00000000
P920915AF4 00000000
P1020915D04 00000000
P1120915F14 00000000
P1220916124 00000000
Home Team Energy Codes
Infinite Energy Codes
P1209131B8 3F800000
P2209133C8 3F800000
P3209135D8 3F800000
P4209137E8 3F800000
P5209139F8 3F800000
P620913C08 3F800000
P720913E18 3F800000
P820914028 3F800000
P920914238 3F800000
P1020914448 3F800000
P1120914658 3F800000
P1220914868 3F800000
No Energy Codes
P1209131B8 00000000
P2209133C8 00000000
P3209137E8 00000000
P4209137E8 00000000
P5209139F8 00000000
P620913C08 00000000
P720913E18 00000000
P820914028 00000000
P920914238 00000000
P1020914448 00000000
P1120914658 00000000
P1220914868 00000000
Home Team Score Codes
P1 Scores 10020913034 00000064
P1 Scores 5020913034 00000032
P1 Scores 2020913034 00000014
P1 Scores 020913034 00000000
P2 Scores 10020913244 00000064
P2 Scores 5020913244 00000032
P2 Scores 2020913244 00000014
P2 Scores 020913244 00000000
P3 Scores 10020913454 00000064
P3 Scores 5020913454 00000032
P3 Scores 2020913454 00000014
P3 Scores 020913454 00000000
P4 Scores 10020913664 00000064
P4 Scores 5020913664 00000032
P4 Scores 2020913664 00000014
P4 Scores 020913664 00000000
P5 Scores 10020913874 00000064
P5 Scores 5020913874 00000032
P5 Scores 2020913874 00000014
P5 Scores 020913874 00000000
P6 Scores 10020913A84 00000064
P6 Scores 5020913A84 00000032
P6 Scores 2020913A84 00000014
P6 Scores 020913A84 00000000
P7 Scores 10020913C94 00000064
P7 Scores 5020913C94 00000032
P7 Scores 2020913C94 00000014
P7 Scores 020913C94 00000000
P8 Scores 10020913EA4 00000064
P8 Scores 5020913EA4 00000032
P8 Scores 2020913EA4 00000014
P8 Scores 020913EA4 00000000
P9 Scores 100209140B4 00000064
P9 Scores 50209140B4 00000032
P9 Scores 20209140B4 00000014
P9 Scores 0209140B4 00000000
P10 Scores 100209142C4 00000064
P10 Scores 50209142C4 00000032
P10 Scores 20209142C4 00000014
P10 Scores 0209142C4 00000000
P11 Scores 100209144D4 00000064
P11 Scores 50209144D4 00000032
P11 Scores 20209144D4 00000014
P11 Scores 0209144D4 00000000
P12 Scores 100209146E4 00000064
P12 Scores 50209146E4 00000032
P12 Scores 20209146E4 00000014
P12 Scores 0209146E4 00000000
Home Team Turbo Codes
Infinite Turbo Codes
P1209131B4 3F800000
P2209133C4 3F800000
P3209135D4 3F800000
P4209137E4 3F800000
P5209139F4 3F800000
P620913C04 3F800000
P720913E14 3F800000
P820914024 3F800000
P920914234 3F800000
P1020914444 3F800000
P1120914654 3F800000
P1220914864 3F800000
No Turbo Codes
P1209131B4 00000000
P2209133C4 00000000
P3209137E4 00000000
P4209137E4 00000000
P5209139F4 00000000
P620913C04 00000000
P720913E14 00000000
P820914024 00000000
P920914234 00000000
P1020914444 00000000
P1120914654 00000000
P1220914864 00000000
Legacy Mode Codes
Infinite Coach Attributes Points Usage102F9356 00001000
202F8FCC 00000000
202F908C 00000000
202F914C 00000000
202F920C 00000000
202F92CC 00000000
Max Infinite Coach Attributes Points Usage102F9356 00001000
202F8FC4 24020063
202F9084 24020063
202F9144 24020063
202F9204 24020063
202F92C4 24020063
Extra Coach Attributes Points Usage102F9356 00001000
102F8FC4 00000001
102F9084 00000001
102F9144 00000001
102F9204 00000001
102F92C4 00000001
Max Rct Points200C0220 2402270F
200C0224 A4C2013C
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C 3C050081
202FC300 0C030088
Infinite Rct Points Usage20304F8C 00000000
Max Infinite Rct Points20304F84 2410270F
Extra Rct Points20304F84 02028021
Max Interest-All Recruits200C0230 3C01FFF0
200C0234 342103FF
200C0238 8E030010
200C023C 00611824
200C0240 03E00008
200C0244 AE030010
201716D0 0C03008C
Can Redshirt Players That Have Already Been Redshirted103AD002 00001000
Can Redshirt Other Teams Players103ACF6E 00001000
Max Game Coach Points200C0250 240203E7
200C0254 03E00008
200C0258 A482002E
2016AD80 08030094
Max Train Coach Points200C0260 240203E7
200C0264 03E00008
200C0268 A4820030
2016AD90 08030098
Max Recrt Coach Points200C0270 240203E7
200C0274 03E00008
200C0278 A482002C
2016AD70 0803009C
Max Free Coach Points200C0280 240203E7
200C0284 03E00008
200C0288 A482002A
2016AD60 080300A0
Start With 500 Scholarships Available20177DE8 240201F4
Start With 200 Scholarships Available20177DE8 240200C8
Start With 100 Scholarships Available20177DE8 24020064
Start With 50 Scholarships Available20177DE8 24020032
Start With 20 Scholarships Available20177DE8 24020014
Start With 10 Scholarships Available20177DE8 2402000A
Misc. Codes
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs20A23D40 00000006
Home Team No Time-Outs20A23D40 00000000
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs20A23D5C 00000006
Away Team No Time-Outs20A23D5C 00000000
Infinite Time-Outs (Both Teams)20156CA0 00000000
Only Allowed 1 Time-Out (Both Teams)20156CA0 AC600010
Infinite Turbo (Both Teams)201EEE90 00000000
Infinite Energy (Both Teams)201EEDDC 00000000
3-Pointer's Score 10 Points20A24178 0000000A
3-Pointer's Score 5 Points20A24178 00000005
3-Pointer's Score 1 Point20A24178 00000001
2-Pointer's Score 10 Points20A2417C 0000000A
2-Pointer's Score 5 Points20A2417C 00000005
2-Pointer's Score 1 Point20A2417C 00000001
Free Throw's Score 10 Points20A24180 0000000A
Free Throw's Score 5 Points20A24180 00000005
Free Throw's Score 1 Point20A24180 00000001
Unlock All Unlockables40926B6C 00050001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Infinite Store Points1092767C 0000FFFF
Max Store Points2092767C 05F5E0FF
Infinite Store Points Usage20213AB0 00000000
Using Store Points Increases Points20213AAC 00701823
P1 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD08340C2 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P1 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD08340C2 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P2 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0834442 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P2 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0834442 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P3 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD08347C2 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P3 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD08347C2 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P4 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0834B42 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P4 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0834B42 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P5 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0834EC2 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P5 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0834EC2 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P6 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0835242 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P6 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0835242 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P7 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD08355C2 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P7 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD08355C2 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
P8 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0835942 0000FAFF
2087D560 43960000
P8 Press R1+R2 To End QuarterD0835942 0000F5FF
2087D560 00000000
Infinite Shot Clock2087D580 41C00000
P1 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD08340C2 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P1 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD08340C2 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P2 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0834442 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P2 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0834442 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P3 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD08347C2 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P3 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD08347C2 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P4 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0834B42 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P4 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0834B42 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P5 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0834EC2 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P5 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0834EC2 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P6 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0835242 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P6 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0835242 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P7 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD08355C2 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P7 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD08355C2 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
P8 Press L1+R1 For More Shot Clock TimeD0835942 0000F3FF
2087D580 41C00000
P8 Press L2+R2 For No Shot Clock TimeD0835942 0000FCFF
2087D580 00000000
Start On 2nd QuarterD087D53C 00000001
1087D53C 00000002
Start On 3rd QuarterD087D53C 00000001
1087D53C 00000003
Start On 4th QuarterD087D53C 00000001
1087D53C 00000004